unusual preps


Unusual Pantry Preps
Weird stuff for your prepper's pantry

Say, what's that? A Bison Bacon Cranberry bar, you say?!
That's epic! Canned alligator? I'll take a bite of that!
Following is a list of the crazy foods you can hoard in the
name of prepping...

Nine weird shelf-stable foods!
Here's a list of the most unusual shelf-stable foods we've
found. They are so weird that you may just want to get your
hands on them.

Unusual Prep #1: Cajun Style Alligator in can.
Get your chompers on this emergency food: alligator in a
can! The Cajun style Alligator is simmered in a spirited Cajun
gravy that highlights the taste of the alligator. Heat & serve
over rice or add it in your favorite recipe. (Pictured left,
packaging may vary.) If serving alligators isn't weird
enough, read on...

Unusual Prep #2: Rattlesnake in a can.
This is no joke or trick can. Contestants on episodes of Naked
and Afraid, the survival show by the Discovery Channel, eat
various venomous snakes -- and now you can sample some
for yourself. Try Rattlesnake in a can (pictured left,
packaging may vary.) The gourmet exotic meat is smoked
and canned for your convenience. Tastes like chicken!

  • Plan on eating fresh snake? All snakes are edible.  
    (Venom is dangerous only in the bloodstream.) Just be
    sure how you handle the creature even after it's dead,
    as fangs that may even slightly rub your skin could
    cause you to become deathly ill. The trick in cooking
    snake is to cut off the head and thereby avoid the
    glands which excretes venom. Save the skin as it could
    be a water container in a survival situation.

Unusual Prep #3: Epic Grass-fed animal protein
Yes, now you can buy 100% natural beef and bison bars that
are both 100% grass-fed and organic. EPIC bars are loaded
with high levels of omega-3 fatty acids, as well as
significantly high values of vitamins A and E, and are loaded
with antioxidants.

Strange but true. The EPIC bar is a 100% grass fed animal
based protein bar designed as nature intended. Nutritious,
gluten free, soy free and dairy free, these bars have a
nutrient dense protein for greater satiety, which will be
mighty convenient when the apocalypse (or your lunch
break) comes.

Maybe this isn't so weird. Convenient EPIC Bars are perfect
for on the go. Whether after working out or when hiking,
simply pull out an EPIC Bar and fulfill your hunger. EPIC Bar
is perfectly packaged and packed with nutrients. EPIC Taste
By combining delicious tasting and lightly smoked animal
protein with savory nuts and dehydrated fruits, EPIC Bars
taste amazing! EPIC foods are unique in the sense that they
are more savory, tender, and flavor-forward than jerky
without the high carbohydrate and sugar load of other bars.

What's in the Package? One box of twelve (12) individually
wrapped Epic Bars. You get:
  • 3 Bison Bacon Cranberry
  • 3 Beef Habanero Cherry
  • 3 Lamb Currant Mint
  • 3 Turkey Almond Cranberry

Not totally sold? No worries! These bars come with a full
100% satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are not
satisfied email them and they will make the situation right.

Unusual Prep #4: Pork Brains with Milk Gravy.
The content description reads, "Try Rose's Pork Brains in a
traditional American manner by cooking with your scrambled
eggs." Not every American household has been so lucky!
Well, at least not the happy prepper's household.

Unusual Prep #5: Pickled Eggs.
Prefer your eggs "naked?" Then this is the pickled egg for
you. This egg will satisfy your need for the best pickled eggs
in the country. These eggs are pickled in the heart of
Louisiana in a commericial kitchen and delivered straight to
your door. You'll find approximately 50 eggs in a gallon

Unusual Prep #6: Pickled Pig Lips.
Yes, that's right. Pork Lips, also called Pickled Pig Lips, are
one of the cornerstones of pickled pork products. These
pickled lips are made deep in the heart of Cajun Country in
Amite, Louisiana at the plant of Farm Fresh Food Suppliers.
The recipe dates back to 1933 and these lips have been
enjoyed by thousands upon thousands of pickled lip lovers.
The best thing about pig lips is that you can kiss 'em before
you eat them!

Unusual Prep #7: Lunch Tongue.
Cat got your tongue? Didn't know lunch tongue was
available? Yes, they're not just for dinner any more. If you're
hungry for ox tongue or lunch tongue, then look to Princes,
pictured right. This royal lunch meat is hand-packed! They
say it's lip-smacking good, but it just might be the last can
standing on the super market shelves.

Unusual Prep #8: Pickled Pork Hocks in jar.
A high-protein treat, these boneless pork hocks are pickled,
cured, cooked to perfection, and made in Wisconsin! Order
them two at a time.

Unusual Prep #9: Turkey Gizzards in jar.
Also made in Wisconsin, Turkey Gizzards are pickled in a
special brine sauce to enhance the flavor. The manufacturer
says they are Grade A gizzards! (Who knew there were other
grades out there.) These gizzards are uniformly graded in
size and cooked under careful supervision. Like their pickled
pork hock cousins, order them two at a time.

What's a matter? Ox got your tongue?
Write us if you can muster these meals. We're available for
chatting on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Happy endings...
No survival tool is too weird if it saves your life! Take the potty
pants, pictured right. Safely stash important documents, money
or other small preps in a pair of briefs that looks as though it's
a stained version of the real thing. This one makes a great
prepper gag gift.

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