morale-boosting foods for prepping

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Morale Boosting Food #6: Hard candy.
Sweeten your survival life with gum and hard candies. Any candy
that's mostly made of sugar will have a long shelf life.

Candies with a long shelf life include:
  • Butterscotch
  • Good & plenty licorice
  • Life savers
  • Lemon drops
  • Jolly Ranchers
  • Jelly beans

Morale Boosting Food #7: Cheese.
Bread and butter ~ there is no more simple pleasure, but imagine
the boost of morale you'll feel when others are barely getting by
and you're able to provide your family or group with cheese and
butter. Imagine how much better the home preserves you've
made will taste with butter also on your toast.

Morale Boosting Food #8: Potatoes.
Rice and beans are sure to get boring eventually, and while many
preppers stock up on pasta, few think of potatoes. A serving of
potatoes offers satisfying carbohydrates and preppers will love
the astonishing health benefits of potatoes! Best of all, having
potatoes in the pantry is so easy and affordable.

Morale Boosting Food #9. Freeze dried Desserts.
Freeze dried desserts are a necessity and not just a luxury!
Brownies and muffins in #10 cans are yours for the baking: just
add water. Be sure to add freeze dried ice cream sandwiches to
the lineup, too, pictured right. If you've never had one try it! They
are a bit chalky at first, but then the taste grows on you and
you'll even start craving them! The kids will feel like astronauts.

Morale Boosting Food #10: Chewing gum.
Chewing gum is a stress releaser. People addicted to nicotine or
trying to lose weight will often chew gum in an effort to ease
their withdrawal symptoms.
Gum also has many uses in survival.

Morale Boosting Food #11: Alcohol.
Technically speaking, alcohol is a depressant, though initial use
may provide a euphoria or intoxication. Even if alcohol doesn't
enhance your mood (because you don't drink),  consider stocking
alcohol for the many prepper uses it has. Alcohol is valuable for
bartering purposes, as well alcohol is useful in first aid or you
could make a Molitov cocktail to defend yourself. Vodka is on the
list of the
37 Foods to Hoard in Crisis.

Morale Boosting Food #12: Drink Mixes.
Having a variety of drinks handy (in addition to alcohol and
coffee) will certainly improve morale. The bonus is that  when
your team is hydrated, they will be less likely to have headaches
or to feel fatigued. In short, hydration serves up a boost of
concentration. Read the full list of
8 Emergency drinks to stock.

Morale Boosting Food #13: Cakes and cookies.
Stash cookies with a long shelf life in your prepper's pantry, along
with ingredients to make your own cookies.
Get into dry-canning
your favorite cake and cookie mix recipes.

Morale boosting food #14: Turmeric.
It may strike you as odd, because turmeric isn't the kind of food
that someone jumps up and down for, but turmeric really is a
morale boosting food.

You see,
turmeric promotes mood balance. You can potentially
put away the Prozac in favor of turmeric to supplement to your
dietary regimen. Learn about the benefits of turmeric and talk
with your doctor to see if it's right for you.

So there you have it: certainly you can prepare to live happily
ever after with food (and a little help from

Food isn't the only way to boost morale. Another way to improve
morale is walking ~ even just half an hour a day can improve your
mood. The walk stimulates a rise of seratonin levels in your
brain, which increases your feelings of well-being and also your
happiness. And seratonin plays a role in the healing of wounds,
which is an important point for preppers.

A note about seratonin and your food
Many of the foods in this article about how food affects your
mood and morale. What we're really talking about is how some
foods can make you feel happier.

Serotonin is a neurotransmitter or the "happy molecule" that
gives you a good mood. It's a powerful natural substance found in
Food rich in seratonin producing:
  • banana and plantain
  • hickory
  • kiwi fruit
  • tomatoes
  • plums
  • pineapples
  • walnuts

Seratonin has an affect on mood, along with appetite, sleep,
memory, social behavior and more. Thanks to mood boosting
seratonin contained in some plants, you can be happier eating.

Apparently, just because a food has seratonin in it doesn't mean
you'll boost your mood. That's because seratonin doesn't pass teh
blood-brain barrier. So what foods to choose? Dr. Josh Axe wrote
an article on foods that bring true happiness:

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Stockpiling morale boosting foods for survival

Survival Foods that provide a morale boost...
Food is a basic need and comfort, but when levels of stress are
high, having the right kinds of foods can help at a subconscious
level to improve morale and even help you survive. Certain
survival foods can provide a morale boost that can provide an
edge for survive.

Below are suggestions for morale boosting foods to stockpile in
the prepper's pantry along with the reasons why you should add
them to your supplies...

Morale Boosting Foods to Stockpile
Want to have an edge on survival the way the military does?
Food  has been used to impact mood at the military and large
corporations, so take note. Follow the lead of the U.S. Army and
take a few hints on morale boosting foods from Google:

  • Wartime morale boosting food: The U.S. Army recognized
    the science of foods during World War II, and relied on a
    steady stream of supplies including coffee, gum, hard candy
    and chocolate to help boost the morale of the troops. M&Ms
    debuted during World War II to help boost morale of the
    men and women overseas. Certainly, an army marches on its
    stomach! These constants helped provide a sense of
    normalcy in an otherwise disparaging routine of going to war.

  • Employee morale boosting food. Google also recognizes
    the value of maintaining employee morale through foods.
    Google employees enjoy a steady stream of free food and
    snacks! This employment perk builds camaraderie among the
    pool of colleagues and because they need not leave the
    campus. In short the employees are happy, and Google gets
    more work out of them.

Which morale boosting foods top the prepper's list?
Preppers can help plan for a sense of well being and normalcy in
uncertain times by stocking a variety of morale boosting foods.
Here are the top ten morale boosting foods that will make
preppers happier in uncertain times:

Morale Boosting Food #1: Bacon.
Certainly, Bacon tops the list for prepper morale boosting foods if
social media is a guide. Bacon contains choline, according to, which boosts your brain power. Choline also
helps the body produce HDL (good cholesterol).  

That alone is good reason to stock bacon, but bacon also boasts
iron, magnesium and a full dose of B vitamins, including B1
(thiamine), B2 (riboflavin), and B3 (niacin). Forget the bad rap
bacon having too many nitrates, because even vegetables have
nitrates. For preppers,
bacon is happiness in a can!

Morale Boosting Food #2: Bread and butter.
Bread is a staple, and yet without it you'll feel quite deprived.
With the abundance of options available to preppers today for
baking survival bread, there's no excuse!
Butter is not so shelf stable to stock for emergencies, but if you
look closely you will find canned butter!

Morale Boosting Food #3: Chocolate syrups and
Chocolate is a high fat food and it doesn't have a long shelf life.
You can get the satisfaction of chocolate; however, in storing
Brownie Mix, Hershey's Syrup and cocoa powders. Having cocoa
powder and syrups can help you bake.

Part of the U.S. soldier diet since
World War II, chocolate
continues to be a ration that energizes and motivates. Chocolate
must withstand melting conditions of places such as Afghanistan
and Iraq.

Why is chocolate such an important part of boosting morale?
Eating chocolate releases endorphins, which is a natural morphine
like substance that your body produces. It may also mimic
marijuana, according the CNN article. Even better: chocolates
contain antioxidants as well as mood enhancing dopamine and
seratonin. In addition to elevating happiness, chocolate contains
natural caffeine to stimulate and improve concentration.
Unfortunately, dark chocolate won't last forever, so consider also
stocking hot chocolate or cocoa, brownie mixes, and Hershey's
syrup. But before you rush out to stock up on chocolate, make
sure it's the right kind of chocolate: dark chocolate is best.  

Morale Boosting Food #4: Coffee and tea.
To some coffee isn't just a luxury, it's a necessity and a true
lifesaver in the morning. When the coffee runs out at the grocery
store, only those who've prepared can enjoy the real "perks" of

Coffee and tea both many positive effects on your health:

  • Coffee is a survival tool. It can provide better blood sugar
    regulation to improved cardiovascular and gastrointestinal
    health. In short, coffee reduces mortality.

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Happy endings...
Enjoy your morale boosting foods, but don't over do it when it
comes to the sugary snacks. Food can change a mood and be
healthy, too.

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