Ten Tips to Survive Doomsday
Preppers "top ten" list of how to survive an apocalypse

Top ten tips to survive doomsday:
We don't know what doomsday will look like ~ it could be
asteroids, an alien invasion, a nuclear holocaust, a pandemic or a
geomagnetic storm that wipes out all the worlds electricity. It
could be the prolonged effects of socialism, an economic collapse,
famine or drought. The common element is that the devastation
will cause loss of life.

Are you ready for what lies ahead? Doomsday is when you don't
have enough food, water or healthy living conditions for the
population. It's about being cut off from modern conveniences,
such as electricity, medical supplies or even gas. A world without
electricity also means a world without supermarkets, pharmacies,
cars, communication or a water supply ~ these things are inter-
related for survival.

So how can you prepare? What supplies do you need? Below are
the top ten tips for surviving...

Top Ten Tips for Surviving Doomsday
A mantra in the prepping community on survival is the rule of
three: you can survive three minutes without air, three days
without water, and three weeks without food, so let's begin how
to survive doomsday with a discussion on the air you breathe.

Preppers "top ten" list of how to survive doomsday:

Rule #1: Prepare for the Air you Breathe.  
You can't have life without air! The air you breathe in crisis can
transport suffocating smoke, contagion, volcanic ash chemicals or
radiation, enough to kill you. After a building collapses, there
could be asbestos dust. That's why preppers value a gas mask
and many are adding a
HEPA filter to their list of preps.

Here's how to help prepare for quality air to breathe:

  • NBC Gas mask: A Gas mask is the iconic prepper supply
    item. Look for an NBC gas mask ~ that’s a gas mask that
    provides you with protection against Nuclear, Biological or
    Chemical threats. There's much to know about gas masks.
    Here are the top 8 things to know before buying a gas mask.

  • NIOSH-approved N95: During the massive California fires
    you may have seen the intelligent survivors wearing an N-95
    mask. An N95 is ideal for helping you breath through
    unhealthy air or dangerous air quality conditions from
    massive fires. An N95 gas mask is for everyday particles
    which might come from sanding, sweeping, sawing bagging
    or processing minerals, coal, iron, ore, flour metal, wood,
    pollen and some other substances. It’s also appropriate for
    liquid or non-oil based particles from sprays that do not also
    emit oil aerosols or vapors.

  • Antiviral mask. Get ready for cold and flu season with a
    basic antiviral mask. An antiviral mask is a type of respirator
    that can help protect the wearer from others who are
    infected and it can also help protect others if the wearer is
    infected. Anti-viral masks help rapidly absorb potentially
    infectious droplets away from the surface. Think of an
    antiviral mask as a surgical mask to protect the infected and
    to protect from infection.

  • Pandemic mask. Another type of respirator is a pandemic
    mask ~ this kind of mask goes beyond a disposable antiviral
    mask. Sundstrom Pandemic Flu Respirator kit includes the SR
    100 silicone half mask air purifying respirator that's intended
    for use when your life requires maximum safety and
    breathing comfort. This kit offers up to 18 months of
    protection and you can disinfect it over and over again to get
    you through a pandemic.

  • HEPA Filter. Dust, pollen, pet dander, mold spores in the air
    ~ there are lots of everyday good reasons to get a quality
    HEPA filter, but from a prepper's perspective a HEPA filter
    can also save your family in crisis, particularly if you live in
    the city to help protect your home from the toxins following
    a biological attack. Learn why you should get a HEPA filter.

Rule #2: Make sure you have water and filtration.
Assuming you're breathing for the moment, water is the next
most urgent of emergency preparedness areas to concentrate to
help you survive. You'll need more water than you think to survive

  • How much water do you need? A family of four needs 270
    gallons of water, according to Utah State University, which is
    enough for a three-month supply. That's 90 gallons of water
    PER PERSON = three-month supply.

The top three water filters are:

  • Lifestraw Family is one of the best water purifiers you can
    buy for your family. This gravity fed water purification system
    is capable of purifying up to 4755 gallons of water.

  • Katadyn Pocket Water Filter, pictured right, is a long lasting
    for personal or small group camping, backpacking or
    emergency preparedness. It's well worth the investment if
    you're a prepper. Filter's silver-impregnated ceramic element
    is effective against bacteria and protozoa.

  • Big Berkey Water filter. One of the best emergency supplies
    you can have is a Big Berkey. The Big Berkey water filtration
    system is ideal for off grid living and a "must have" in hostile
    environments where electricity, water pressure or treated
    water may not be available. The Berkey water system
    purifies your water without the use of obnoxious chemicals
    like iodine or chlorine that was the standard procedure. In
    fact, it helps filter out those chemicals from your tap water.
    And you can use your Big Berkey to filter raw well water.

Another consideration with your water storage is that you'll also
need to store water for reconstituting dried foods (cooking
pastas, rice and beans), cleaning dishes and utensils, and
providing adequate hygiene, along with water intended for
drinking. Remember also your pets, the livestock, and garden.

Rule #3: Stock up on Food.
If the world is ending you'll want to stock up on food! Back to the
rule of three, a three-month supply of food is bare minimum for a
survival plan. Newbies will find it easiest to first gather shelf
stable foods that they can buy at the grocery stores.

  • Advanced preppers also will learn much from the pioneers
    who forged the American Northwest. Discover the pioneer
    provision list.

Rule #4: Prepare Adequate Shelter.
Location, location, location that's what a Realtor emphasizes
when you're picking your first home. The idea is to buy the
cheapest home in the best location you can afford. The same
principle applies to prepping.

Before you start thinking of preparing your home for disaster,
you'll need to pick the best location.

The best prepper location is your homestead because you already
know the lay of the land and you can hide your food and secure
the contents; however, the day may come when absolutely
necessary to bug out.

Rule #5: Ensure you know how to fuel the fire.
Building a fire requires five things: a safe place, tinder, kindling,
fuel and a fire starter.
Building a fire is an essential survival skill.

Fire provides, light, warmth, water purification and a means to
cook your food. A fire has many other benefits, including keeping
mosquitoes away and deterring other pests from entering your
campsite, and providing a cozy atmosphere. Learn how to build a
campfire as it's a critical prepper skill.

Here are some related articles on firebuilding:

Rule #6: Gear.
Gear up for leaving home, communicating with the outside world,
and defending the homestead.

Here are the
survival items to own.

  • Communications gear. To some communications is gear:
    just buy a two way radio and a hand-crank radio and all is
    well. To others emergency preparedness goes beyond
    communications gear. It means getting a HAM license.

Rule #7: Security.
Security goes beyond bullets. Defending the homestead means
you'll know self defense

Rule #8: Skills.
Preppers must continually educate themselves on new products,
new ideas and develop new skills. Start your quest with an
assessment of your own
survival skills.

Preppers know what food to store, they have several water
purification methods, they know how to build a fire, and they
know what is the most suitable shelter and what makes the
perfect location for a shelter. In addition to these

Rule #9: Health.
Preppers go beyond the ordinary first aid kit ~ they gather the
skills and emergency medical supplies necessary to ensure their

How will you prepare for a world without medical professionals?
You're nothing without your health. Be sure to have regular
checkups with your physician and dentist, while these are still

Rule #10: Faith, hope and determination.
Faith in yourself is the ultimate survival tool! Hope is one of the
most misunderstood of emotional forces that you can harness if
you fully understand its powers. We're not talking blind optimism,
but rather: hope, which is an openness to accepting the

Ultimately your survival depends on your ability to focus on hope.
When you have hope, your mind and body reacts along with your
thoughts and feelings. Hope opens the mind for survival, making
it possible.

In his book,
Hawke's Special Forces Survival Handbook, pictured
immediate right, Mykel Hawke says "When you lack everything
but misery, you are surviving."

In a doomsday scenario, however, preppers and their families will
survive and maybe even prosper because they've planned ahead.
Survival is an instinct combined with knowledge,
determination and
hope ~ and you'll fare a whole lot better when
you have the
right survival gear on hand.

Happy endings...
Your ancestors prepared for doomsday, shouldn't you? They
prepared for drought, famine, long winters, war and more. You are
alive today because they prepared.

Armageddon Preppin': The Doomsday Readiness Game. A card
time for the end of the world, is educational and fun to play.
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