How to prepare for an attack from Russia

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Happy endings...
While it's true that a nuclear panic will always ebb and flow based
on political tensions, the good and happy news is that most of
what you're doing as a prepper will be of benefit to you and your
family in the event of an attack from Russia. Educate yourself on
how to survive a nuclear attack and keep on prepping!

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Foods with the best shelf life
Above, Russia's State television instructs citizens to prepare for Judgement
day. You can live off canned meats for up to five years, they explain.

Incidentally, buckwheat can be stored for ten years or more under
the proper circumstances, such as in food grade buckets from
Augason Farms, right.

They are mocking us a bit in sending us their propaganda videos,
but it certainly doesn't hurt to prepare. It's possible that Russia
could aim nuclear warheads into the atmosphere to create an
ElectroMagnetic pulse. The implications of an EMP are so
devastating that it's hard to imagine, but it means there will be
no gas because the gas stations can't pump. Without cars and
trucks operating, the grocery stores will empty in three days or
less, which could mean that America starves to death. There will
be no helicopter and airplane deliveries. Trains operate from the
electrical grid as well. Forget the ships, too. It will be every man
for himself scurrying to get the last of the food.

As a prepper likely your best investment, next to your guns, is
your food. The mainstay of emergency preparedness supplies is
what you stock in your
prepper's pantry including

Food storage has many layers and we have many popular articles
on the best foods to store.

Remember that for all the freeze dried and dehydrated foods you
store, you'll need to store enough water for cooking it. Again,
this is why it's good to have a filter that can rid your water of the
radiological contaminants. Learn more about a

#3: Vodka.
Russians are stockpiling Vodka and it's not just because it's
Russia's favorite alcohol. Vodka has bartering value, medicinal
value and more.
Vodka has many surprising survival uses.

#4: Take stock on supplies for a Nuclear Attack.
While we've been in a cold war with Russia, ultimately the threat
from Russia is from a nuclear attack, instead of a trade war like
we're having with China. To that end, there are things you should
be doing even if you can't afford expensive bunkers:

  • Bomb shelters. Not everyone can afford to build a bomb
    shelter nor is it practical for all; however, there are things
    you can do to set up a zone of shelter. You can build a crude
    fallout shelter. With sandbags you create a barrier against a
    nuclear blast. Granted you will need to set up the sandbags
    well in advance of a threat, but they are great to have not
    only for floods, but for nuclear blast protection. You can also
    add Cinderblock to your home. Many mid-century modern
    homes feature cinderblock, which by design was incorporated
    not only because it is inexpensive, but because it provides a
    layer of protection against radioactivity and fallout. Here's

  • Gas mask. An icon of the doomsday prepper, the gas mask
    is one of the first things that many survivalist buy for
    themselves and their loved ones and yet there is another
    faction of preppers who have yet to buy a gas mask. Price
    and budget is sometimes an issue. There's lots to consider.
    Here are eight considerations before buying a gas mask.

  • IOSAT Nuke Pills. One tiny pill could save your life (or at
    least your thyroid). Anyone who lives on the West coast or
    near a nuclear power plant should particularly invest in the
    life-saving pill. The teensy tiny IOSAT nuke pills will save
    your thyroid. The normal cost of the pill is around $7, but
    the price went up to as much as $12 during a recent
    escalation with the United States and North Korea. Price
    gouging isn't quite there yet, but you may see the cost of
    this little set of pills going up. It's better to buy when the
    threat is low and the costs are as well.

  • Geiger counter. A Geiger counter helps detect ionizing
    radiation including alpha particles, beta particles and
    gamma rays. It uses ionization to detect it. Having a Geiger
    counter will help you determine how safe it is for you to go
    outside or at least determine your best options.

  • Communications. You will need a way to contact the
    outside world following a nuclear attack from North Korea.
    Plan to have an NOAA weather radio, which will provide
    important details of the weather conditions and your
    evacuation prospects.

  • Books. Everyone must prepare for a long term catastrophe
    with the hopes that such a day will never come; however, in
    the event of a nuclear attack, you will need help no matter
    where you live. Two ideal books to help you prepare for long
    term survival are from the same man. Jim Cobb's
    preparedness guides are powerful, but here is a two part

  • Prepper's Long-term Survival Guide is a significant 12-
    chapter book detailing community survival planning and
    long term solutions for food, shelter and first aid. It
    discloses life-saving strategies for self-sufficient living
    so you will know how deal with a grid-down, no power

  • Prepper's Long Term Survival Guide ~book 2 will help
    keep you alive in the event of widespread social
    collapse caused by pandemic, grid failure or other long-
    term crises, like an attack from North Korea.
    Government pamphlets and other prepping books tell
    how to hold out through an emergency until services
    are restored this guide goes well beyond.
War with Russia
How to prepare for the looming threat of attack

The cold war with Russia is heating up.
Russia, Russia, Russia ~ that's all you'll hear if you watch CNN
during the entire trump Administration
. While CNN is so focused
on the whole
Russian meddling thing, and trying to nail President
Trump with collusion, Russia has been preparing for war with the
United States.

Russia is stockpiling canned foods, bottled water, gas masks and
supplies in preparation for "Judgement Day." Add to the list
vodka. If they are preparing, shouldn't you?

How to prepare for an attack from Russia
Now's the time to prepare for an attack from Russia. Unlike North
Korea who may some day have the ability to launch an
intercontinental ballistic missile, Russia has the power to do so
now. Prepare for nuclear war by stocking up on food and supplies.

Here's how to prepare for the growing threat from Russia:

#1: Stockpile water and learn to filter it.
Potable drinking water is critical following a nuclear since all
water exposed to fallout will be virtually undrinkable. The trick is
you need a filtration. In addition to having plenty of bottled water
on hand, and storage of water in drums and bricks, preppers must
have a
way to filter radiation out of the water. The answer is a
Seychelle water filter, or water bottles pictured right. Water in
your bunker or home that's sealed should provide safe drinking
water, though you may need to wipe away any fallout. You can
also fill your bathtub as a reservoir using a
WaterBob, since the
first water in the pipes should be safe from the fallout, since they
are underground.

#2: Ensure your prepper's pantry is filled to the hilt!
The Russians are stockpiling food and water in preparation for
"judgement day." Shouldn't you prepare as well?

The Russian state-owned TV news channel ran a segment on how
to stock bunkers with water and basic foods. (See the video
below. )In a sense, Moscow is mocking the United States with
propaganda, but the presentation itself is not in jest.

"Powdered milk lasts five years, while sugar, rice and oats can
last up to eight years," the newscaster explains, "while
buckwheat can only be stored for a year." The commentator
suggests stocking more water than sweets.

"Those with a sweet tooth won't be living the sweet life in the
underground world," he says, claiming sweets will make you
thirsty. Incidentally, that tidbit simply isn't true, unless you're a
diabetic. It's your body's way of regulating what it perceives to be
an excess sugar in the blood.
Stockpiling sweets can be a real
morale booster. Besides, the commentator contradicts himself
suggesting citizens should stockpile sugar.
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