Water Pouches?

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Are water pouches worth the expense?
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Water pouches
Water pouches for your bugout bag, car and boat

What's the deal with emergency water pouches?
Is it worthwhile to get emergency drinking water pouches?
Emergency water pouches serve a life-saving and vital purpose.
To put it simply, water is life! They are expensive.

Emergency water pouches aren't practical for every situation and
they aren't a solution for all your emergency water needs. What's
more, they are expensive. Even so, they are extremely valuable if
you live in or travel to arid parts of the nation. They are equally
valuable if you live in or travel to remote parts of the country with
extreme weather patterns. And they should definitely be a
consideration as part of your overall survival plan for many

This article should help you understand how and when to use
water pouches in an emergency and to see if they are right for

Are water pouches worth the expense?
Yes, a thoughtful survival plan will make use of emergency
drinking water pouches. They are worth the expense provided you
use them properly and you can afford them.

Why stocking water pouches are a good idea:
Most people carry a water bottle for school, work and travel, but
what if an emergency happens after you've consumed that water
and you have to stay put for an extended period? If you don't
have water to drink in an emergency it can quickly lead to
dehydration, confusion and death. One way to ensure you have
water is to have emergency water pouches on hand for use in
such times. They provide peace of mind.

You can stash emergency water pouches in your car, boat, office,
school, RV as well as the get home bag, office kit, 72-hour bags,
and bugout bags. They are also comforting to have if you hike in
the dessert or to take with you on camping trips to help you
through unforeseen circumstances.

Here are some things to keep in mind...

#1: Water pouches aren't for every situation.
Emergency water pouches have a limited scope of use. They are
not intended to be the major source of long-term water storage:

  • They aren't practical for use in cooking ~ reconstituting your
    freeze dried and dehydrated foods, cooking rice and beans or
    making coffee or tea.

  • They aren't intended for cleaning dishes, brushing your teeth
    or washing hands and face or most other hygienic uses.
    (Though they can be used to irrigate a wound should it be a
    problem in securing potable water.)

In other words, you must have a long term water storage plan!

#2: Water pouches are for rationing.
The small pouches enable you to ration in much the same way
ration bars help you avoid total starvation. If you have ration bars
as part of your survival plan, then you should consider stashing
these emergency water pouches with them. While ration bars are
non-thirst provoking, you will still need water.

    depends on rationing two pouches per person, per day to get
    you through an catastrophic situation. Do not use the water
    pouches until the first 24 hours following a crisis unless you
    feel sick. You will need a minimum of six pouches of
    emergency water to sustain one individual for 72-hours
    following a disaster situation.

    Lightweight and easy to open, these 4-oz. Emergency water
    pouches are compact and durable. They are not intended for
    cooking purposes or hygiene, but only for meeting the
    minimum hydration needs of your family or group.

  • Why not a water bottle? Having a prepackaged emergency
    water supply may seem unnecessary if you have a plastic
    water bottles, but here's the deal: plastic water bottles are
    not meant to withstand heat. You will be taking in
    unnecessary chemicals. As well, if you have the pouches you
    won't use them until you really need them. The metallized
    sachets of an emergency water pouch, such as S.O.S. brand,
    right are easy to dispense and easy to store. Unlike bottled
    water which must be rotated and replaced every six months,
    these water packets last for years!

  • Why not just pack CapriSun? Emergency water in the
    packets include purified water that's sealed in durable and
    yet flexible containers. These pouches are not the same as
    you'd find in the CapriSun kiddie drinks. First, water pouches
    are much more durable ~ the CapriSun would more easily
    burst in your pack leaving you not only with a sticky mess,
    but without lifesaving water! CapriSun or similar kiddie drink
    will also more likely evaporate. With emergency water
    pouches there's no straw to poke through and risk the
    integrity of your water source. Instead, with an emergency
    water pouch you get an extremely durable, puncture-
    resistant, BPA-free packet that won't evaporate.

  • What about Blue-Can Water? Not only are the cans bulky,
    but they are overpriced. You will pay about $2 a can for the
    Blue Can Pure water. A better option for your food storage is
    seltzer water. It is much cheaper and will accomplish the
    same objective. You might keep one of these in your bugout
    bag along with a only because you can also use the can to
    make yourself a mini lantern.
Allstate Blog shows you how to make a survival lantern
Above, Allstate shows you how to make a mini survival lantern from a soda,
selter water or water can.

#3. Kids drink pouches aren't a substitute.
A frugal prepper might think of saving money in buying kiddie drink
pouches. At first glance it seems like a better deal ~ a kiddie drink
pouch has 6-ounces of fluid while an emergency water pouch has
only 4-ounces of water ~ but here's the real deal... you are paying
for the container.

Emergency water pouches are much more durable than the
CapriSun or Honest branded kiddie juice drinks. It's all about the
construction of the container!

  • Emergency water pouches are puncture resistant. They do not
    contain a straw or a thin plastic hole.

  • Water pouches are BPA-free and filled with purified and
    bacteria free water. There is no sugar, no additives and no

  • Emergency water packets are designed to withstand extreme
    weather conditions (heat and frozen temperatures).

  • Emergency Water pouches are U.S. Coast Guard approved
    because they are non-leaking pouches of purified water with
    durable packaging.

In short, emergency water pouches are convenient, impact
resistant and hermetically sealed packs of potable water. Pre-
measured packets make emergency water pouches easy to
dispense and ration, and potential for loss is minimized. If a
packet is destroyed, you would loose only 4 ounces of water.

A CapriSun or other kiddie drink could be a poor-man's emergency
water packet, but remember that you get what you pay for. With a
kiddie drink you may experience evaporation, punctures and a
sticky mess.

Emergency water pouches are worth the expense!
Water pouches are worth the expense because they provide a
valuable solution for survival, and yet they aren't a water storage
end all solution. You must know how and when to use them.

When to use water pouches...
Emergency drinking water pouches give clean water when you need
it most in a disaster or survival situation. The best time to use a
water pouch is when you need to ration water because clean
drinking water is in short supply or unavailable.  

  • Include emergency water pouches in your car survival kit.
    You can keep them in your vehicles even in winter! The
    pouches have enough room and are durable enough if they
    should freeze. They can thaw and refreeze again!

  • Consider bringing water pouches for hiking. Always bring
    bottled water, but put water pouches in your day backpack as
    an extra measure of protection to ensure adequate hydration
    should you be lost in the wilderness.

  • Pack ration bars and water pouches in your bunker, safe
    room or office. While you should have other sources of water
    handy (store one or two gallons per person, per day), these
    water pouches can provide a last ditch resource of water.

  • Stuff them in go bags. Be sure to stash emergency water
    pouches in your get home bag and bugout bags. Because they
    are puncture resistant and flexible, you will be able to fit
    them nicely into your packs.

  • Take emergency water pouches with you on vacation ~
    whether travelling by cruise ship, plane or train, nationally or
    internationally, it's nice to have these water pouches handy
    for when you are not fully in control of the water resources
    during travel.

Where a water pouch is most useful...

  • If you live in Arizona, Nevada, Texas or other arid region.
    Having water pouches accessible at home (part of your 72-
    hour kit*), office, school and in your vehicles will provide
    peace of mind that water is always within reach.

  • If you are stranded in your car. If you are ever in a remote
    area without water ~ for example if your car is broken down in
    the desert, but also if you are stuck in a storm on a remote

  • If your watercraft is stranded. The U.S. Coast Guard
    approves emergency water pouches.

* Why should you have water pouches as part of your 72-hour kit.
A 72-hour kit is not only for use at home, but as a grab and go kit.
If you are at home and have run out of water because it may not
be safe or possible to boil water due to broken gas lines, it's good
to have these water pouches. Most preppers will rely on their long
term water storage, but having these ration packs can provide
added peace of mind. Think of them as the last water resource.

Best water pouches for preppers
So now you know the true value of an emergency water pouch for
your survial. Emergency water pouches are extremely durable,
compact, lightweight, and easy to open.

Here are the top brands...

#1: Datrex water pouches.
U.S. Coast Guard approved and with a five-year shelf life, Datrex
are the leading
emergency drinking water packets on the market.
Datrex emergency water pouches are extremely durable and
watertight even under pressure, and are ready until you tear and
open them.  They are BPA-free and can be left in a hot car in the
summer or a freezing cold car in winter.

The box of 64 Datrex Emergency Water Pouches are 4.227-oz. for a
2.11 gallons total (or around 8 liters). This provides a three day
minimum supply of hydration for up to 10 people.

  • A note about the Datrex water expiration date: Look at the
    expiration date and you will see that the water pouches have
    a five-year shelf life. All water pouches will have a similar
    expiration date, given my the manufacturers. This is because
    the water will take on the metallic taste overtime. After five
    years you can keep them as ice packs instead. They will

#2: Mainstay Emergency Water Pouches.
Mainstay Emergency Water Pouches come in packs of 60, right and
intended to last one person 30 days. Again, the ration is two packs
per day.

With Mainstay, there's no special storage required - can withstand
temperatures from (-40°F to 210°F) (-40°C to 99°C. As well there's
no oxygen transfer and no chance of bacterial contamination.

#3: Mayday emergency water pouches.
MayDay Emergency Water Pouches come in sets of 100, pictured
right. Manufactured in Vista CA, Mayday Emergency Drinking Water
is U.S. Coast Guard approved.

#4: SOS Emergency water pouches.
SOS emergency drinking water pouches come in a variety of
quantity packs. Right is a 16-pack, which comes with tips for

SOS Emergency Water Pouches are purified and bacteria free water
products. S.O.S® emergency water ration pouches can withstand
temperatures ranging from -40° F to 230° F. Can be frozen without
any adverse effects, and it can also be used as cold compress. U.S.
Coast Guard approved. They are also Coast guard and Transport
Canada approved!

Unexpected uses of water pouches...
Emergency water pouches have a five year shelf life, but just
because you're past the expiration date, it doesn't mean you
should throw them away.

Here are some unexpected uses for emergency water pouches:
  • Freeze them and use them as ice packs for camping.
  • Keep the water pouches in your cooler for camping or sporting
    events as a cold pack for injuries as well.
  • Put them in your first aid kit to irrigate wounds.
  • Have them handy for general sanitation while camping.
  • Use them as water for your MRE heaters! Interestingly, MREs
    (Meals Ready To Eat) do not require potable water for cooking.

  • Tip on using water pouches in an emergency: Don't drink in
    the first 24 hours of an emergency unless you are feeling sick.
    Remember to ration. That is the purpose of emergency water
    pouches. They are much like ration bars in the fact that they
    help keep you honest about your last supply

Remember this:
ration two packets per person, per day.

Happy endings...
Are water pouches worth the expense? Yes, emergency drinking
water pouches have a place in your emergency preparedness plans
for school or office, car or boat, bug-out bag or get home bag,
bunker or bugout location. Just remember to rotate your supply
every five years and be sure to test for leakage.

Did you know that even a small degree of dehydration adversely
affects your ability to think? You need water to improve your
survival mindset.

In a long term emergency, when the electricity goes out, water
treatment plants may stop working and cause tapwater to become
unsafe for consumption. If you've exhausted your other water
sources, a water pouch may save your life!

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