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Augason Farms Potato slices
Augason Farms potato slices
Lessons from the potato famine
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Above, The Irish Potato Famine Explained: World History Review!

Happy endings...
Potatoes are easy to grow and to store. Below are some happy
ideas for potatoes:

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Potato famine
Prepper lessons from the potato famine

You got it wrong about the potato famine, prepper!
Did you know the people who endured the Irish potato famine
didn't die for lack of food? It's a common misconception to think
that the Irish peasants starved to death. They did, but it's not
how you think and when you discover the truth, it will make you
hold steadfast to the idea of prepping!

Lessons from the Potato Famine
The Irish Potato famine of 1845 lasted nearly six years. It killed
more than a million people, but not for lack of food. It's true that
a mysterious fungus destroyed the crops, but the wealthy land
owners are the ones who wouldn't budge.

The tenant workers had to pay rent and live off the land. They
raised sheep and cattle and exported the rest to Great Britain.
The rest of the land was for the farmer and his family and they
grew potatoes because they were cheap, grow in just about any
soil, and were abundant. They lived on potatoes and water, until
the problem of "the great blight" infecting the potato crop. About
75% of the potatoes were affected!

The Irish lived on seaweed and grass, and eventually sold all
their material goods for food. All the while Ireland had plenty of
other crops, unfortunately those crops were being sent back to
Great Britain for a profit, and the farmers were not being fed.
They were starving! Approximately a million people perished.

Ireland lost about 25% of its population as landlords evicted their
tenants, and as the people rebelled. They moved to Canada and
the United States.

The Irish Potato Famine Explained: World History Review:
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