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Flashlights for preppers
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#3: Weather-ready rechargeable flashlights.
Weather ready flashlights stow in a light socket, so that when
the lights go out, you'll have a beam of light which will help you
find your way.

  • Energizer Weather Ready compact LED light. The
    Energizer Weather Ready Compact Rechargeable LED light is
    compact, stows out of the way in a light socket, and
    automatically turns on when the power goes out. An ultra-
    bright Nichia LED, with a two-hour run time on high, and 15
    hours on low. Its NiMH battery can be recharged hundreds of
    times, keeping you prepared for power outages and other
    weather-related issues.

#4: Hybrid flashlights.
Hand crank and solar powered flashlights area available for your
emergency needs with the addition of weather radio. Some even
have the ability to recharge your cell phone.

Solar hybrid flashlights.
A hybrid solar powered flashlight is one that doesn't need to be
left in the sun! Once you charge it you can store it anywhere and
it will hold a full charge. Just leave it out for a full day. After
that, a hybrid solar powered flashlight, like the ones pictured
right ,can last for more than three years in your glove
compartment and be ready for use without renewing in the sun!
The backup battery has a seven-year shelf life. That means you
can roll it up in a sleeping  bag and forget about it for seven
years and it will still work.

This exceptional flashlight generates power from sunlight and
then stores it (and also has a backup batter for seven years).  
This  environmentally friendly and durable flashlight comes in a
pack of two and has a guarantee for life!

  • Size and weight. 12 ounces
  • Light output.  Super Bright 1-Watt 2X LED.  11 continuous
    years of burn time on LED or 22 years of burn time when in
    the on position only at night.
  • Beam distance. eee
  • Run time. 16 hours of runtime.
  • Impact resistance. eee
  • Water resistance.  Yes, 100% water proof up to depths of
    80 fefet and it floats!
  • Battery type. eee
  • Features: Has a seven-year shelf life!

#5: Headlamps.
Headlamps have grown in popularity and there's an amazing
variety, including a torch built directly into a beanie cap,
immediate right. There are also headlamps for kids, also pictured
right. The Fenix headlamp, pictured left gets a 4.8 out of 5 stars!

What are the key factors to consider when comparing headlamps?
  • Comfort: Many headlamps that strap to your head just
    aren't comfortable. Also, some are sized just right for kids
    and will meet their needs.

Fenix headlamp
  • Size and weight. 15-gram weight (excluding batteries).
    84mm (Length) × 46mm (Width) × 48mm (Height) .
  • Light output. LED with a lifespan of 50,000 hours. Digitally
    regulated output maintains constant brightness.
  • Beam distance. 900-lumen burst mode
  • Run time. 150-hour runtime from one 18650 battery or two
    CR123A batteries.
  • Impact resistance. Made from durable aluminum alloy.
    Premium Type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish.
    Toughened ultra-clear glass lens with anti-reflective coating
  • Water resistance. Yes, waterproof by IPX8 standards.
  • Battery type. Uses one 18650 or two CR123A batteries.
    (Batteries are not included.) Reverse polarity protection
    guards against improper battery installation.

Weapon Mounted flashlight.
The proper use of a weapon mounted flashlight is simply to
dentify threats. You'll want to own a palm-sized flashlight for
other tasks.

A flashlight: it's in the palm of your hands or in your pocket. Now
you have a grasp of some of the key factors to compare when
selecting a flashlight. The best values on flashlight and lanterns
for prepper are on Amazon, and there's a huge variety of price

Happy endings...
Next to a pocket knife, a flashlight can be the most practical of
tools to own. Be a Boy Scout in spirit: be prepared with a
flashlight.cStay safe when camping or hunting and keep several
kinds of flashlights handy for emergencies. Always carry a
flashlight when walking by night.

Finally, never be without a light source: make sure the batteries
for your flashlight will outlast the darkness. Make sure also that
when flying TSA won't confiscate it from you. Even a toothed
bezel flashlight may be deemed a striking tool and taken from
your possession. If you have any doubts, it's better to check in
the flashlight at the counter, than to carry it with you in flight.

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Vizeri, LED Tactical Flashlight.
Pop some batteries into the Vizeri Focusing LED Tactical
Flashlight and you'll immediately note its powerful beam. Pictured
right, it's one of the best flashlights for
preppers everyday carry.
This one crams loads of power into a compact package. Among
the best values, this flashlight grips nicely in your hand. Attach
the diffuser and you'll see how the focused beam scatters about
the room like a lantern. With five modes to experiment and a
memory feature that remembers the last mode, you're sure to
give this a thumbs up for your everyday carry. Slide the light into
the included belt holster and think how handy it will be in an

What sets this light apart from competition is that it has zoom
focusing, yet is stil IPX7 waterproof. Most truly waterproof lights
have a fixed focal length where  only one beam has a forced fit all
applications. The Vizeri Focusing LED Tactical Flashlight,one of
the best values on flashlights you'll find and it's among the best
flashlights for peppers. Here are some key factors when
comparing this flashlight to others:

  • Size and weight. Palm sized.
  • Light output: LED with a focusing beam. The twist focus
    stays where you put it even when bumped. The strobe and
    diffuser make a good flasher.
  • Beam distance. Brighter than other lights claiming higher
    lumens. Also comes with a light-dispersion cone.
  • Run time.
  • Impact resistance. Yes. Military grade aluminum and
    hardened anodized finish.
  • Water resistance. This flashlight is waterproof! It's
    submergable to a depth of 3 feet.
  • Battery type:  Takes low-cost AAA or CR123 alkaline
    batteries (you can use rechargeable versions). Best of all, it
    comes with a llithium-ion battery end-cap adapter as well as
    the AAA battery adapter.
  • Features: Tactical capabilities -- this torch creates a
    dangerously bright intense beam beam qualifying it as a
    tactical flashlight.
  • Options: With an optional weapon mount, it can rail mount
    on an AR-15, rifle, shotgun, or airsoft gun

The Vizeri Focusing LED Tactical Flashlight gets five happy faces!
You've just found the best survival flashlight for your
bugout bag.
Now that you've found one of the best flashlights on the market
for preppers for everyday carry, are you ready to learn about the
others? Selecting the right flashlight is in the palm of your hands.

#8: Know flashlights play an important part of
everyday survival...
A flashlight should be part of your everyday carry (EDC). In
purchasing a flashlight for prepping, think about how this piece of
your survival gear will help you. A flashlight can help you in five
ways. For example, it can:

  • Extend the day. Obviously, any light can help you perform
    simple tasks by night. Headlamps are extremely useful for
    cooking in the dark to free your hands to tend to the fire and
    food. Stash a headlamp in your vehicle because it will be
    extremely useful for looking under the hood or for helping
    you change a tire by night. A headlamp will keep your hands
    free for such emergencies. a lumen is measure of the total
    quantity of visible light emitted by a source.

  • Offer surveiliance. Night vision goggles can help with
    surveillance as you defend your turf or help with hunting by
    night. An ordinary flashlight can also help identify threats.

  • Give an edge on self defense. A flashlight is for fighting!
    Tactical flashlights can provide an edge on self defense -
    both in terms of providing a blunt object with which to strike
    and in sending a blinding light to incapacitate your
    opponent. In a few seconds you can disorient an attacker to
    give you the edge to flee or fight. Some tactical flashlights

  • Mount to a weapon to enhance defense. For low-light
    shooting, a tactical flashlight can support your ability to
    defend yourself in an off-grid world or help you hunt.

  • Allieviate fear. Any flashlight can help alleviate fear of the
    unknown that might otherwise lurk in the darkness. With
    light comes a feeling of control and restores confidence.
    Without a light source, you might make a critical and
    irrational mistake.

Best of all, while the government is busy restricting guns, there's
currently no law on the books subject to restriction. There are
many kinds of flashlights to have as part of your survival plan and
with prices ranging from $5 to $200, there's a chasm of
differences, even though they could be approximately the same
weight. So how to decide which flashlight is best for you? Here's
everything a prepper needs to know about flashlights...

#9: Select the right flashlight by the features you
What are the key factors to consider when comparing flashlights?
The top features to look for in a flashlight are:
  1. Size and weight. Some flashlights are too big for the
    average pocket, but there are many excellent palm-sized LED
    lights that are perfect for the job, including the Coast 220
    Lumen LED Flashlight, pictured right.
  2. Light output. Energy-efficient LED has the brightest light.
  3. Beam distance. How many meters will the flashlight
    illuminate? Is the light fixed or a flood light? Does it have a
    single beam spotlight? If so it can beam at a long distance.
    A quality flashlight can harness light into useful beam
  4. Run time. Run time is how many hours of continuous run a
    flashlight can sustain before the lights go out. A flashlight
    with 220 lumens will provide around an hour and half
    continuous running time.How long will the flashlight last?
    LED has a long run time and energy efficiency.
  5. Impact resistance. LED again, wins for impact resistance.
  6. Water resistance.
  7. Battery type. Flashlight batteries are available in
    disposable, rechargeable, or renewable varieties. If possible,
    look for a flashlight that takes AA batteries, which is the
    most common battery available. Should the stuff hit the fan,
    and you run out of batteries, you'll want to replace them.
    Since AA batteries are the most widely used battery, you'll
    have a better shot at replacing them. A close second is AAA
    batteries.The most common types of batteries are AA or
    AAA. Baton-type flashlights usually have a D-cell. Also look
    for rechargeable batteries, which have a USB connection or
    AC/DC outlet.
  8. Features. Some flashlights come with a special grip or clip,
    others have gun mounts, or have special functions like

Illuminating questions to ask yourself about a flashlight
Choosing the right flashlight for prepping is a personal choice,
based on budget and design, size and how you're going to use it.
You pay for what you get. For example an inexpensive flashlight
usually will not be as bright as a more expensive model. Begin by
asking yourself some questions.

  • Will the flashlight be part of your everyday carry? Pick a
    palm-sized LED flashlight for your everyday carry.

  • Will you be using your flashlight under extremely cold
    conditions? Need a torch for the bunker? Lithium-ion
    powered flashlights are ideal for use in extremely cold
    weather. Put such flashlights in your disaster shelter and
    pack extra batteries and a way to recharge. Lithium-ion will
    work under more harsh circumstances, but if you can find a
    flashlight that can handle different kinds of batteries, all the
    better for replacing them when push comes to shove.

  • Need a flashlight for camping, bugging out, or both? Some
    flashlights are light enough for your bugout bag, but not
    sturdy enough for camping. Be sure to pack your bugout bag
    flashlight as though it is the last man-made item you'll ever

  • Will you mount the flashlight to a rifle? Gun mounts are

  • Is the flashlight for outdoor use and wet conditions? In
    selecting a flashlight, look for a waterproof flashlight. Also
    make sure the flashlight has a good grip whether it's wet or
    dry. Among the best flashlights on the market are those that
    are waterproof, because they are equipped to deal with all
    kinds of weather.

  • Does the flashlight require a tool to change the batteries?

Now that you've asked yourself some basic questions about
flashlights, it's time to get into the nitty gritty of how to pick a
flashlight for your specific needs.

Shedding light on how to pick a flashlight
Here are some highlights on various kinds of flashlights...

#1: Palm-sized LED Flashlight.
Never be without a light source - LED flashlights can last for
about 10,000 hours! The power is in the palm of your hands or in
your pocket with a palm-sized LED flashlight. Did you know that
most electronic devices and toys use LED (short for light emitting
diode) because they draw very little electrical current. Because
they operate with very little heat, they have no filiment to burn

There are few quick highlights of design to look for in an Everyday
Carry (EDC) flashlight:

  • Clip: Your everyday carry flashlight should have a clip to help
    secure it in place.

  • Waterproof. A simple requirement for an everyday carry
    flashlight is that it is waterproof, since you'll be carrying it
    with you outside.

Three LED flashlights to consider in various price ranges:

Coast (inexpensive, pictured top right is around $12-$16
depending on shipping):
Patented Pure Beam Focusing Optic System harnesses and shapes
the light into exceptionally useful beam patterns and is easy to
adjust between spot and flood. Built tough, an impact-resistant,
lightweight aluminum casing resists rust and corrosion.
  • Size and weight. Lightweight aluminum casing: Size; 4.13
  • Light output. Lumens available from 190-1132!
  • Beam distance. Patented focusing system provides quality
    beam wit slide focus. Adjusts between spot and flood.
  • Run time. 1 hour 15 minute runtime using Li-ion battery
  • Impact resistance. Yes
  • Water resistance.
  • Battery type. Li-ion, not included - can use 1 AA alkaline,
    NiMH rechargeable and 14500 lithium batteries
  • Features. Resists rust and corrosion. ANSI FL1 Flashlight
    Standards. Has a removable metal pocket clip.

Vizeri (Mid range):
If you own just one flashlight, the Vizeri Focusing LED Tactical
Flashlight, is the one to own. Highlighted at the top of the page,
the Vizeri LED Tactical Flashlight creates a dangerously bright and
intense beam! Many accessories are available, including a bike
moute, remote tactical switch, weapons mount, orange diffuser
and lithium batteries.
  • Size and weight. eee
  • Light output. Yes, LED with focusing lens.
  • Beam distance. 5 modes: high, medium, low, stobe and SOS.
  • Run time.
  • Impact resistance. Yes. Military grade aluminum and
    hardened anodized finish.
  • Water resistance. Yes Submergable to a dept of 3 feet.
  • Battery type. most flexible battery options -- low-cost AAA
    or CR13 alklaine batteires and you can use rechargeable
  • Features: Includes a lamp diffuser and holder with D-ring
    along with a carabiner that you can use to create a hanging
    lamp in your tent. This flashlight comes with a lifetime
    manufacturer warranty. Should anything ever go wrong, just
    contact for a new one.

SuperNova Tactical (quality torch):
Supernova Guardian tactical flashlight, pictured left, is a self
defense torch that features a disorienting strobe mode and
stainless steel ridged strike bezel -- two important distinctions of
a tactical flashlight from an ordinary one.

#2: Tactical flashlight.
If you don't own a tactical flashlight: you should, because they
can stack the odds in your favor should a survival scenario
present itself. Of all the flashlights for preppers to own, a tactical
flashlight is a weapon that you can combine with martial arts,
Krav Maga and other self defense options.

Do you know the real value of a tactical flashlight?
We'll shine a light on the three things, which make a tactical
  1. Bezel: Use a tactical flashlight as a club to deliver a smack
    of blow. Thanks to the special design (it should have a sharp
    front edged bezel), you can wham the nose and eyes!
  2. Weapon mount: A tactical flashlight can be mounted to a
    weapon for low-light shooting to simultaneously aim and
  3. Blinding light: Finally, a tactical flashlight has an intense
    light, which you can aim directly into the eyes to blind your
    assailant. This blinding light should do the trick of
    disorienting your assailant and thereby giving you the
    advantage to provide a swift kick to the groin with your knee.

NOTE: Because the tactical flashlight has the power to
temporarily blind, it's not something to allow kids to play. Be
responsible and save your family's vision.

An excellent tactical flashlight is Olight's Warrior tactical
flashlight, which features a crennelated bezel, what you need to
fight off an attacker. Beware that a tooth bezel on a flashlight
may not be allowed on airplanes, which means that a TSA
(Transportation Security Administration) agent may swipe it from
you. Also, it is not eligible for shipment outside of the United
States, as it could be illegal to carry such a flashlight in certain
countries (the UK for example) where it may be considered an
offensive weapon.

Here's one way to use a flashlight for self-defense (shine and
move away):
#7: Equip everyone in your group with a palm-sized
You're a prepper and the cell phone flashlight won't do. Get every
member of your group a quality pocket or palm-sized flashlight
and get solar rechargeable batteries.
#6: Make a flashlight work, even without the correct
Crazy Russian Hacker is a riot with his bullet proof glasses and
kitchy accent, but he loads up practical advice on how to "survive
a zombie apocalypse" with flashlight. Well, at least he shows you
how to make it operate with just one battery and aluminum foil:
Flashlights for preppers
Choosing the right torch for your prepping needs

Don't be in the dark about prepping!
Preparedness is defeating darkness with the correct flashlight for
the task. Choose your torch carefully, because the flashlight you
choose could be among the last man-made items you'll own.
Flashlights play a critical role in your survival gear from
illuminating your way to safety, to deterring animals and
intruders, to signaling for help and much more.

A quality flashlight is a fundamental part of your preparedness
gear. Its main functional benefit is to alleviate fear of what's
lurking in the darkness. Equip everyone in your family or group
with a quality flashlight.

Flashlight Tips and Tricks for Preppers
Below are some Flashlight tips and tricks just for preppers...

#1: Israeli Flashlight Street Survival Trick.
In his book, Secrets of Street Survival Israeli Style - stayling
alive in a civilian war zone
, by Eugene Sockut, pictured left, the
author advises to carry a small flashlight in anticipation of
getting to a vehicle at night. As in the photo of the Vizeri
Focusing Tactical Flashlight, pictured immediate left, he advises
you hold the flashlight in your left hand (if you are right-handed).

The book discloses the Israeli flashlight street survival trick on
the correct technique to juggle flashlight, keys and handgun (or
other self-defense weapon)..

Secret Israeili Flashlight Street Survival Tricks:

  • Hold the flashlight in your weak hand. Always approach
    your vehicle at night with keys and a flashlight in your weak
    hand (this is left for most) to keep your right hand free for a

  • Survey the car ~ inside and out. With your flashlight,
    illuminate the car's exterior, and then its interior. Never
    enter your vehicle without surveying it!

  • Put the flashlight in your mouth. Next, if all looks well,
    place the flashlight in your mouth at the opposite end of the
    light. You read that correctly, place it in your mouth!

  • Direct the beam. Using your mouth, direct the beam to look
    at the lock.

  • Unlock the vehicle. Open the car door with your weak hand.

  • Keep an upper hand. Remember to keep your strong hand
    ready with the handgun (or leave it free so you can easily
    reach it).

  • Listen and stay alert. Now if you hear steps approaching,
    you have both your hands free and you can turn towards the
    approaching direction so that the beam follows your eyes
    and face.

  • Face the attacker. This will deliver a blinding light that
    would not have been otherwise possible.

  • Make your move.

#2: Eye index technique (similar toIsraeli flashlight
survival trick).
Similarly, the Artofmanliness.com, in the illustration left,
recommends holding the flashlight at eye level using your weak
hand and calls it the "eye index technique." Doing so frees your
strong arm for use of a handgun or other weapon.

Do you see the value in owning a palm-sized flashlight for self
defense? Obviously this method won't work if you were planning
on using the flashlight from your cell phone, so nix the idea of
relying on a cellphone flashlight.

#3: Use a flashlight defensively, only if you need to
see something.
In use of flashlight with a defense handgun, the first rule is that
you don't have to use your flashlight don't. With a trajectory
indicator, you'll give away your position!
If you need to use a flashlight with your handgun, use the F.B.I.

#4: F.B.I. technique.
Modifying the "eye index technique" above, is the F.B.I.
technique. Rather than doing as the picture illustrates, you
should hold the light at eye level, biut away from your body. In
this way you will offset the trajectory.

#5: Harries technique, syringe technique, combat
ring technique.
Learn the Harries Technique (locking the wrist for proper
isometric tension), syringe technique (requires a flashlight with a
rubber grommet), the combat ring technique (requires a combat
ring) which locks the flashlight under the gun, and neck index or
pucker technique.
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