preppers must avoid GMO corn

Avoid GMO Corn
Learn why Genetically Modified Corn is dangerous

You've always known that organic products are better for you than ordinary
produce; however, sometimes you choose not to buy them because the non-
organics are cheaper. It's time to listen to your inner voice and buy only organic,
especially when it comes to corn and soy. That's because 86-90% of all corn and
soy products are genetically modified organisms. It's dangerous to play with mother

In the important video below, Dr. Leonard Coldwell explains how GMO foods are
toxic. You won't want to eat a single bite of GMO corn or any product after you see
this video of special importance for preppers:

Mind you, genetically modified foods are not hybrids: they are bio-engineered
(modified in the laboratory to enhance desired traits, one gene at a time). The risks
of ingesting genetically modified organisms are varied and include:

  • Infertility. Whether you have kids or want them, you and your loved ones
    need to stop eating GMO corn and soy products. Feeding your kids GMO
    products, such as the big brand name cornflakes, could render them infertile!
    If you want grand-babies, then you simply must become a label reader and
    start looking for the NON-GMO project seal. Buy only organic fruits and
    veggies, as well as only grass-fed beef (because other cattle have been fed
    GMO corn). In studies of animals, such as hamsters who were fed GMO soy
    products, they lost the ability to have offspring by the third generation.

  • Allergens and toxins. In messing with mother nature new allergens and
    toxins could be introduced. These new allergens and toxins could be
    extremely dangerous because they will have unpredictable side effects, which
    could include new diseases. Genetically modified corn has been inserted with
    Bt toxins, and if this toxin were to transfer to humans, the intestinal bacteria
    in our bodies could turn into toxic pesticide factories.

  • Immune problems. Immune deregulation is a huge concern. Antibiotics have
    been inserted to the genetically modified crops. If the antibiotics from
    genetically modified food transfers to humans, it could create a resistance to
    antibiotics and also super diseases.

  • Aging. Accelerated aging has occurred in the testing of animals. Naturally, it is
    possible that the same effect could happen to humans.

  • Other medical conditions:
  • liver, kidney, spleen and gastrointestinal system complications

What is GMO and why is so bad?
Genetically Modified organisms have been defined by the World Health Organization
as "Organisms in which the genetic material (DNA) has been altered in such a way
that does not occur naturally."

Aren't GMO & Hybrid the same thing?
No! Hybrid & GMO are not the same.

  • Hybrids are safe because they are commonly produced and selected plants
    that have desirable characteristics. In other words, man introduces two
    natural entities together (the best of the best), and nature does the rest.

  • GMOs are unsafe because they are bio-engineered in the laboratory to
    enhance desired traits, one gene at a time. Genetic material (DNA) has been
    altered in such a way that does not occur naturally. The DNA molecules are
    from different sources, which are combined into one molecule to create a new
    set of genes. GMO crops are "frankenfood" that include pesticides, bacteria
    and viruses. For example:
  • GMO squash contains coat protein genes of viruses!
  • GMO corn and maize contains bacterium Bacillus thuringiensis (these
    are proteins, previously used as pesticides in organic crop production!

Why is GMO corn bad?
Corn as a genetically modified organism (GMO) is bad for farmers and for the people
and livestock who eat them. Here's why genetically modified corn is dangerous for
your body...

  • GMO corn is bad for people (and the livestock who eat them) because they
    are modified to include a dangerous pesticide in them. This crazy pesticide is
    now part of the corn, so if you eat the corn, you're eating the pesticide! The
    toxin, called Bacillus thuringiensis or Bt is intended to kill off insects, the
    pesticide is supposedly "natural" but it's not. It's an artificially inserted
    pesticide that kills.  Nature would never allow this pesticide to enter corn.
    Logic has it that if it kills the insects, it is also killing humans. According to
    Natural News, GMO corn fed to rats produced loads of health problems,
    including infertility and damage to the DNA of embryos and sperm.

    What's more, GMO corn has been linked to weight gain. No wonder Americans
    have become the fattest nation.  It's in everything from baking powder to

  • GMO corn is bad for farmers too, because they are patented. The U.S.
    Government enabled a monopoly of nature! A big bad company called
    Monsanto has engineered a corn product so that farmers must buy their
    special seeds every year from them. Now it costs them more to produce corn.
    Monsanto has virtually guaranteed repeat customers!  You see, in addition to
    modifying the corn to include a pesticide, Monsanto has modified 88% of the
    corn on the market, so that it won't produce a seed (it's sterile). Without a
    seed that, the farmer can't plant crops in the following year. Instead, they
    must again go to Monsanto to buy their corn seeds.

Learn How you Can Bupport Non-GMO companies.
The lesson clearly is to seer clear of non-organic products made with ingredients
that are most likely GMO: corn, soy, canola oil, cottonseed oil, and sugar (unless it's
pure cane sugar). Visit for more information.

  • Buy organic corn products:
  • Buy only organic popcorn. Right, the stovetop popcorn popper will help you
    make theater style popcorn the even healthier way (no microwave):

Avoid these GMO corn derived foods:
Corn Refiners Association will now be labeling high fructose corn syrup products as
“fructose” on the ingredient list.
Corn products hidden in your everyday food ingredients include:
  • ascorbic acid
  • caramel coloring
  • calcium citrate
  • cellulose
  • citric acid
  • cornmeal in baked in the crusts of bagels and pizza.
  • baking powder (cornstarch is in there!)
  • beef (unless it's grass fed). Try Yoder's grass-fed hamburger in a can!
  • corn starch
  • corn syrup
  • corn oil
  • dextrin,
  • dextrose
  • ferrous gluconate
  • high fructose corn syrup
  • honey and vanilla extract may contain corn syrup!
  • malodextrin
  • malt flavoring
  • maize (unless organic, they're 88% guaranteed to be modified product)
  • margarine
  • masa harina (unless they are organic, they're 88% guaranteed to be modified
  • modified corn starch
  • mono and triglycerides
  • mono sodium glutamate
  • powdered sugar (cornstarch is in there!)
  • sorbitol
  • sucralose
  • sugar (unless it says pure cane sugar, then it's derived from GMO beets or
  • hydrolyzed vegetable protein: if it says "vegetable" instead of the actual
    vegetable, you can pretty much bet it's got corn in it)
  • xanthum gum
  • Even aspirin, lozenges, ointments suppositories, vitamins, laxatives may
    contain cornstarch or corn syrup!

Virtually every food on the market contains corn or soy. When you start read labels
you'll be shocked at what foods contain them. And this dangerous practice has been
going on for the past decade. Buy non-GMO foods to prepare for tomorrow's
survival. Buy organic whenever you can.

Happy Endings...
Buy organic corn and you'll feel better about your family's health.

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