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Buckets of Emergency Food
Supersize your food storage with buckets of food

What's in a prepper's pantry? Variety! Indeed variety is key. Once preppers have
stored enough canned foods, it's time to supersize to emergency buckets of food
and #10 cans of freeze dried foods! Most shelf-stable foods have a three-year shelf
life, so eventually preppers realize that it's time to start rotating food supplies and
to invest in long term bulk food in buckets and pails. The prepper food supply,
includes rice and other grains, beans and legumes, dehydrated vegetables, sugar,
powdered milk and even ready made meals.

Your emergency food storage plan should eventually include 11 kinds of buckets:
  1. Buckets of rice (brown rice and long grain white rice)
  2. Buckets of Beans and Legumes (Pinto, black turtle beans and Lentils)
  3. Buckets of Oats (rolled oats and quick oats)
  4. Bucket of cornmeal
  5. Buckets of Pasta (pictured right is a bucket of elbow macaroni that lasts 25
  6. Buckets of Milk and Buckets of Whey Milk
  7. Buckets of Sugar
  8. Buckets of hard red wheat (and a grinder)
  9. Bucket of vegetables (vegetable stew, split peas, green beans, etc.)
  10. Bucket of fruit (freeze dried strawberries, or a variety pack to enhance
    breakfast cereals)
  11. Entree' Food Buckets

Buckets of Emergency Food
We've gathered our favorite emergency food pails and buckets, a variety of
selections from Augason Farms, Thrive, Food Supply and Wise Foods:

  • Auguson Farms: A leading supplier of emergency food buckets, Augason
    Farms has an amazing selection of dehydrated potatoes in buckets. Pictured
    above center, the Augason Farms dehydrated potato bucket is a welcome
    addition to the traditional staple of rice and beans. Imagine being able to
    serve scalloped potatoes as comfort food when others are suffering on rice or
    nothing at all! Other favorites include the pancake mix, pictured above right,
    or cornmeal pictured top left, and vegetable stew bucket. And for breakfast
    and muffin making the Augason Farms quick rolled oats emergency bulk food
    bucket will come in might handy.

  • Augason Farms Buttermilk pancakes bucket: Imagine the comfort of
    being able to make pancake by the batches and without eggs! Yummy
    Augason Farms pancake batter requires only water.

  • Food Supply. Food Supply Emergency buckets are an easy way to store a
    variety of meals and snacks for survival. The 275 Servings bucket, pictured
    right includes 55 pouches per kit (5 servings in each product): Tuscan butter
    noodles, 25 servings; Cheesy Broccoli Rice, 25 servings; Creamy Vegetable
    Rice, 30 servings; Creamy Potato Soup, 35 servings; Italian Tomato Pasta, 25
    servings; Vegetable Barley, 35 servings' Brown Sugar Oatmeal 50 servings;
    and Whey Milk, 50 servings.

  • Legacy Foods Emergency Buckets of Coffee. Looking for non-GMO
    emergency food? Legacy Foods emergency preparedness meals are 100%
    certified GMO-free and have a variety of emergency meals. An honest to
    goodness, made in the USA food storage product, the highlight is their coffee

  • Mountain House Buckets. The leader in freeze dried foods for backpackers
    and outdoor enthusiasts, Mountain House emergency food buckets pack the
    goodness of best selling backpacking foods into convenient buckets. The
    Mountain House Just in Case emergency food pail includes 12 pouches per
    bucket for a total of 29 gourmet meals. You get 2 Beef Stroganoff, 2 Chicken
    Teriyaki, 2 Beef Stew, 2 Lasagna with meat, 2 Noodles and Chicken, and 2
    Granola with Blueberries. The shelf life (if stored properly) is 25 years. Mind
    you, these are hearty meals, not just survival food!

  • Relief Foods Breakfast Bucket. Made in the U.S.A., Relief Foods buckets of
    emergency foods are 100% Certified GMO Free with no preservatives or MSG.
    Stock up with the most important meal of the day for up to 4 weeks with the
    Relief Foods Breakfast bucket. This strong stackable bucket is packed full with
    six individual Mylar pouches of Pancake Mix and six individual Mylar pouches of
    Strawberry Creamy Wheat.

  • Thrive Milk Bucket. The Happy Prepper favorite product from Thrive is their
    bucket of milk, which includes 648 servings of milk. Got milk in your preps?
    Having milk in emergency food buckets is an absolute necessity if you have

  • Sunrise Skillet Bucket. Pictured at the bottom of the page, why not pair it
    with other breakfast buckets, such as the Sunrise Skillet bucket, pictured
    immediate right.

  • Wise Foods Company. A sponsor of Doomsday Preppers, the emergency food
    buckets from Wise Foods often include textured vegetable proteins, which
    Happy Preppers like to avoid. Variety is the spice of life, and they do offer
    something good: freeze dried snacks and side dishes. The wisest choice of
    buckets from Wise Foods include the freeze dried fruits or veggies pictured
    left. Be aware, however, that freeze dried fruits and vegetables do get
    powdery and may settle in transit. On a positive note, the foods are
    inexpensive. On the flip side, they don't get good reviews on Amazon.

How to store your own Emergency food
Bag your own sugar, white rice, beans, legumes, and other dried goods into mylar
with oxygen absorbers, then seal them and secure them for long term storage into
your own food grade buckets and pails. Selecting food grade buckets is important
as other buckets leach toxic chemicals during storage. Never store foods in a used
bucket as it may have contained toxic substances as well.

Some foods do not store for the long run. Unfortunately, brown rice does not have a
good shelf life, for example, and either does flour or egg noodles. If you love brown
rice, then you can stock up, but beware that sealed it could last up to 7 years, and
not a full 20 or 25 years. Right is a long grain brown rice packed by Auguson Farms,
a trusted provider of emergency food buckets and pails. Instead of buying flour,
you'll want to buy hard white wheat and a grain mill, pictured below. Also, some
foods do not do well with oxygen absorbers: brown sugar for example, will get hard
with an oxygen absorber.

Remember your Gamma seal lid (for most bucket types - excludes Wise Foods and
Mountain House) and bucket opener! Without a bucket opener you'll find it
extremely difficult to open your stored goods. If you have more than a dozen food
storage buckets, you deserve the Champion Lid Lifter, pictured immediate right! The
Champion Lid Lifter is made of aluminum, so you can also use this tool also to shut
off the gas main of your house! It's
made in America!

So what's in your emergency food bucket?
Whatever emergency food pail you choose, let us know! We'd love to connect with
other preppers and survivalists on social media sites.

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