How to use bentonite clay in prepping

Now you know how to use bentonite clay in prepping and
homesteading ~ we've given you six good ways to improve your
home and garden with bentonite clay. Add it your preps.

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read all about Diatomaceous earth!

Happy endings...
What are you waiting for? You now have six great reasons to add
bentonite clay to your list of first aid and cosmetic supplies, pest
control supplies, cleaning supplies, gardening and prepping
supplies. Bentonite clay is the secret multi-use survival supply

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How to use bentonite clay in prepping
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NOTE: The video above recommends Zeolite, a naturally
occurring, negatively charged product of sea water and hot
magma. It's unique porous, cage-like structure works to adsorb
unwanted, positively charged ions and molecules and trap them.
Zeolite is  widely used as a soil amendment for it's ability to
increase water retention in the soil and allow plants to more
easily access it. Unbelievably, it can hold up to 55% of it's weight
in water and slowly releases it to the plant as needed!

  • NOTE: The Zeolite pictured right is a soil amendments a
    organic fertilizer ; however it is not food grade.

Bentonite Clay is useful around your home for health and beauty,
and around the garden, but there's so much more than this
natural substance offers.

#7: Use Bentontite clay around the house.
Once you start using bentonite clay for health reasons, you'll
wonder how you ever lived without it around the house. There's
so many reasons to try bentonite clay and here are some ways to
use it around your home:
  • freshen trash bins with bentonite clay
  • spread benonite clay to clean oil spots in the garage.
  • use bentonite clay to freshen pet bedding (you can also use
    Diatomaceous earth for this purpose),
  • sprinkle bentonite clay in your carpeting to get rid of musty
  • clean faucet fixtures

Below, Healthy Preparedness shares many uses of bentonite clay:
#3: use of bentonite Clay: to reduce pain for burns.
To use bentonite clay for burns, you make a paste and apply it to
a wound and then apply a plastic saran wrap to keep the wound
moist. Apply it for about fifteen minutes, and the remove the clay
with cold water. Don't allow it to dry as this would make your
situation with the burn worse.

How to use bentonite clay to soothe a burn:
As a moist poultice for a burn, bentonite clay is ideal to soothe a
burn. The recipe is two parts water to one part clay. Mix and seal
it into a mason jar.

  • IMPORTANT: Do NOT let clay dry on a burn! If you make a
    poultice for a burn, you must keep the clay mixture moist.
    You can accomplish this by tying a bag around the hand, if
    the injury is there. Or by wrapping the poultice with Saran
    wrap to trap the moisture. Keep a close eye on the moisture
    content of the clay because dry clay on a wound will do more
    harm than good.

How to use bentonite clay as a mud bath:
Buy bentonite clay powder in bulk so you have enough for the
bath. You'll need two cups of the powder mixed into a warm bath.

#4: Use of bentonite clay: to support digestive health.
Eat dirt! It may seem odd to eat bentonite clay, but indeed it
does promote digestive health.

Eating dirt (pure healing clay of Korum - the edible brand calcium
bentonite clay, pictured at the top of the page) is very healthy for
a few reasons. It has a nutritive value and can draw toxins out of
your digestive track.

To restore digestive health, Korum pure healing clay adsorbs
toxins, which essentially means it grabs a hold of the toxins such
as chemicals, pollutants, microorganisms (parasites, bacteria) or
heavy metals, and drags them out of your system. It binds to the
toxins and ejects them from your body.

Edible calcium bentonite clay can help relieve:
  • diarrhea
  • loose stools
  • leaky gut
  • food poisoning

  • How to use bentonite clay for digestive health: To use
    bentonite clay to support digestive health*, you can take up
    to teaspoon a day of edible clay mixed with water. It's ideal
    to take the clay supplement just before bedtime as your
    body works through the night to get rid of toxins. Always do
    it about an hour from a meal.

    * Note: Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay is not for internal
    use. Please use it externally only.

#5: Use bentonite clay as a multivitamin.
Eating clay is a habit that you can benefit from as it's loaded with
minerals and surprisingly also probiotics. It's alkanizing minerals,
such as iron, magnesium and zinc, which reduces the acidity and
in turn alkalize your body. It allows your body to get more
nutrients from the foods you eat.

This fulfills the purpose of giving the body the soil-based
microbes, which our ancestors readily received when they pulled
root vegetables from the dirt. Much of the soil based organisms
(SBOs) or microbes remained, but today everything is washed in
chlorine and these beneficial microbes (SBOs) have been depleted.

#6: Use calcium bentonite clay in the yard.
Bentonite clay has many uses in your garden or greenhouse and
as a pest control.

How to use Calcium Bentonite to protect plants:
Mix together:
  • 4 cups of clay
  • 2 gallons of water and
  • 1 tablespoon of biodegradable liquid soap, such as
    Campsuds, pictured right.

Spray your natural pest control to repel insects. It will form a
white mineral film, but do wonders for your fruit crops in

  • Fertilizer. Calcium bentonite clay can replace chemical
    fertilizers. It's a soil supplement that's extremely healthy for
    the earth. With calcium bentonite you can protect crops
    against insects, disease and even sunburn.

  • Ponds. While sodium bentonite clay has cosmetic value, it's
    also a valuable natural sealant for the homestead for use in
    ponds, dairy and sewage lagoons.

For the garden you should use Calcium Bentonite Clay.
Calcium bentonite is better suited for crops, such as grapes, than
is sodium bentonite clay. Sodium bentonite may leave colloidal
material in suspension, resulting in wines with higher sodium
content, which is not favored in crop production.

Best of all, bentonite clay changes the  soil texutre enabling it to
hold more water. It literally changes your sand into soil! Here's
more on how to prepare bentonite clay in a vegetable garden in
concert with mushroom compost, coco peat (coconut fiber), and
Zeolite from
#2: Use of Bentonite Clay: Anti inflammatory to
promote skin health.
The same principle of detoxification for cancer applies to
promoting skin health. It draws out the toxins which cause
blemishes and a host of other skin problems:

  • Treats Eczema (Dermatitus), psoriasis, and rashes. The
    best way to use bentonite clay for skin health is to make a
    paste and apply it as a facial mask or poultice for the area of
    skin that ails you, but you can also make a detox bath.

  • Helps heal cuts and bruises. Much in the same way you'd
    used bentonite clay to heal skin ailments, you'd make a
    poultice. It speeds the healing process in dispersing the
    tiniest blood vessels that have broken under the skin.
    tissues of your body have been bumped. .

  • Rejuvenates tired and aging skin. Bentonite clay
    stimulates circulation to restore a natural radiance to skin.
    The negative ions of the clay draws excess oils and
    impurities embedded deep within the layers of the skin. It
    pulls residual toxins from the skin as it gentle exfoliates.
    The deep pore cleansing tightens and reduces the size of
    pores, leaving skin soft and silky. It diminishes blemishes,
    fine lines, and wrinkles and reveals your smooth glowing
    skin. Enjoy a weekly skin treatment mask for smoother
    glowing skin. With Aztec secret you will "feel your face
    pulsate," if you use it correctly.

  • Soothes bug bites. Bentonite clay can help soothe skin after
    insect bites and bee stings. Make a paste, then wrap it in
    breathable fabric.

  • Provides an acne detox. Bentoninte clay makes a great
    facial mask for shrinking pores, tightening and toning skin
    and removing impurities all on its own. It binds to the bad
    bacteria and chemicals that cause acne. It has
    electromagnetic properties to draw out metals and toxins.

    How to use bentonite clay as a poultice or facial mask:
    Make a paste by slowly adding Braggs Apple Cider vinegar to
    the powder in a glass container (never mix in plastic). Create
    a smooth mixture, then apply to the area you'd like to treat.
    A redness may occur, so if you have sensitive skin, you
    should leave the clay on only for a few minutes. The longer
    you can tolerate the "pulsing" the more the poultice is
    working to remove toxins.
Bentonite Clay
How to use bentonite clay in prepping

Get in on the secret healing powers of bentonite clay.
Bentonite clay, also sometimes called Montmorillonite clay, is the
most important clay you never heard about. That is until now!
Bentonite clay has been a secret of the cosmetic industry with
the true therapeutic properties hidden from the general public.
They wanted to lead you to believe the beneficial properties were
propreitary only to their brand of cosmetics. They wanted to hide
their secret...

Bentonite clay, this secret and miraculous stuff, will draw toxins
from your body and perform many near miracles.

What is Bentonite clay?
The short answer is that it's volcanic ash used by ancient
societies for its miraculous healing powers. The long answer is
that there are many kinds of
bentonite clay and similar clays.
Preppers and homesteaders who are uncovering natural options
for their health are looking to bentonite clay (and similarly
montmorillonite clay):

  • Bentonite clay is comprised of aged volcanic ash. The largest
    known deposit of Bentonite clay is in Fort Benton, Wyoming.

  • Montmorillonite clay also is comprised of aged volcanic ash,
    but it comes from the Montmorillon region of France.

Comparing two kinds of bentonite clay:
Within the realm of bentonite clay, there are actually two kinds,
which are calcium bentonite clay and sodium bentonite clay:

Calcium Bentonite clay (Aztec Secret and Korum).
Two good brands of calcium bentonite clay are:

  • Aztec Secret - Indian Healing Clay. Made of calcium
    bentonite clay, Aztec Secret is better at re-mineralizing the
    body with calcium and silica than other clays. Ideal for acne
    because it helps remove toxins, popular uses for Aztec
    Secret Indian Healing Clay is also for spa bodywraps, clay
    baths, foot soaks, insect bites, or even as chilled as a knee
    pack. By far, Aztec Secret is the most popular natural calcium
    bentonite clay sold with more than 10,000 customer reviews,
    it has a 4.5/5 star rating. Not for internal use.

  • Korum pure healing clay - edible. Korum calcium bentonite
    clay is the premium brand. It's milled to an ultra fine powder
    that's highly porous, adsorbent and luxurious. It's pure food
    grade and safe for internal or external use.

Sodium Bentonite clay (Anjou).
Sodium Bentonite has a higher pH, thanks to the sodium content.
You'll find that
baking soda also has a high pH  thanks to sodium,
but there's more to it. Sodium bentonite clay is much more
dsorbent, much like activated charcoal. This makes sodium
bentonite clay best for detoxing purposes as it has a stronger
negative charge which causes it to pull more toxins.

Anjou Bentonite Clay Mask, which is made of sodium bentonite
clay exfoliates, tones, and power cleans your skin with 100% of
the best bentonite from the mountainous Wyoming region. With
no chemical additives or other artificial ingredients added, your
skin will experience a 100% natural, revitalizing treatment. It's
for external use only.

How to use Bentonite Clay in Prepping

#1 Use of Bentonite Clay: Detoxification.
The Gerson Therapy, an alternative method of cancer treatment,
uses bentonite clay to help draw out toxins from the body. Taking
this lead, use bentonite clay to help you stay as healthy as
possible! Bentonite clay can help detoxify and heal a variety of  
conditions, including certain kinds of cancer.

  • Breast cancer detox: Bentonite Clay can help prevent
    breast cancer through detoxification. Here's how to make an
    armpit detox using bentonite clay....

How to make an armpit detox using bentonite clay
  • 1 tablespoon bentonite clay
  • 1 tablespoon Braggs organic apple cider vinegar
  • 5 drops Frankincense essential oil
  • 3 drops Rosemary essential oil

Mix ingredients in a mason jar until smooth. It should look like a
well mixed dip. Now you're ready to spread a thin layer of the
mud under your arm in the pit. Leave it on for five minutes, the
wash with warm wash cloth.

Slight redness of skin immediately after taking off the mask is
normal. The process removes impurities and dirt from your pores
and leaves it feeling refreshed. You are sure to feel your face
pulsate! This is natural and good for your skin:
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