37 non-food items to hoard
37 non-food items to hoard
"The future belongs to those who prepare
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Critical Supplies to Hoard
37 prepping supplies to hoard before crisis

If you've read our free guide on the 37 Foods to Hoard Before Crisis, then you'll
want to take a peek at this free guide of 37 things to hoard that aren't food. You'll
be happy that you planned ahead by stocking supplies for survival and comfort. This
list does not include first aid inventories (unless they have multiple uses), fishing or
hunting equipment, camping equipment or security and shelter tools. These are
everyday supplies which have a multitude of uses.

Remember, this free list is what a prepper needs beyond beans and bullets! Print
this list and head to store now, before disaster strikes.

37 Supplies to Hoard that Aren't Food
The number one item to hoard for survival is water (because you can live only three
days without it) and next is food! This list of 37 Supplies to Hoard in Crisis, does not
include food or water. Here are the 37 other things to store for survival:

#1 Supply to Hoard: Aspirin. Aspirin is a pain reliever with many useful applications
for preppers beyond relieving headache pains.  When directly applied to skin, aspirin
will relieve a bee sting or a bug bite. Some say aspirin can help plants fight infection!
Aspirin applied orally can protect your heart by keeping your blood flowing freely, so
for heart attack mitigation it's highly effective! Aspirin is not appropriate for
everyone, so be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.

#2 Supply to Hoard: Baking Soda. Technically, baking soda is a food (and doesn't
belong on this list); however preppers have many uses for baking soda, which go
well beyond baking applications. You can brush your teeth with baking soda, and
even slug a slug with it.

#3 Supply to Hoard: Bleach.
Another prepper favorite is bleach. Preppers have
plenty of uses for bleach, which go beyond washing clothes; however, before you
get too much bleach, read the
10 things to know about bleach.

#4 Supply to Hoard: Borax. Sure Borax deodorizes and freshens, but it's also quite
a handy thing to have in post apocalyptic times. Learn the many
prepper uses of

#5 Supply to Hoard: Buckets. You'll need plenty of buckets in addition to the food
grade buckets you store your freeze dried emergency foods. Not all plastics are
created the same. It would be a shame to only have toxic plastic buckets available
when you need to transport water or food. You'll need food-grade buckets to collect
water or crops, like apples from the orchard. Save the other buckets to collect grey
water for your other uses, such as washing clothes or handling sewage.

#6 Supply to Hoard: Bounce and Bug Spray. Keep the bugs at bay, and here's
  • Bounce laundry sheets. Don't waste bounce sheets in the dryer, save them
    to repel insects, which will be important when you butcher wild game or eat or
    prepare foods outside! Hang Bounce Laundry where you don't want bugs to
    bug you. The other brands simply don't work.

  • Bug spray: Mosquitoes are a problem for spreading West Nile Virus. Ticks and
    chiggars spread diseases. Prepare by securing a supply of bug spray to keep
    your family and pets safe:

#7 Supply to Hoard: Can openers + Lid Openers (extras). You'll have a difficult
time opening buckets and cans without the proper tools. They will break eventually,
so be sure to have backups! Get
military can openers in bulk to keep with all your
canned goods.

#8 Supply to Hoard: Cat litter. Mind you, the suggestion of kitty litter is not for your
cat. Instead, kitty litter has many alternative uses for preppers. Use kitty litter to:
  1. Deal with human waste in an off-grid situation. Just pour the cat litter into your
    portable toilet to keep down the smells.
  2. Aid tire traction on icy roads to get you out of a sticky situation in Winter.
  3. Keep potted plants moist. Use equal parts kitty litter and soil to retain moisture.
    This will provides the added benefit of helping root them.
  4. Clean up an spill after an automotive oil change.
  5. Reduce mold and moisture around your essential prepping supplies. If you're
    storing gear in basement or damp storage area, lay it on a bed kitty litter to
    keep the equipment dry.
  6. Plug a mole hole. If you have a cat, use it for litter, then pour the soiled litter
    down mole holes to get rid of the pesky little critters your cat didn't catch.

#9 Supply to Hoard: Charcoal + Lighter Fluid. You'll need a variety of ways to cook
your food and charcoal is quite handy. Even if you don't have a fire pit or charcoal
grill, charcoal provides an easy storage answer. Though it's not a long term solution,
you'll want charcoal as you can dig a fire pit.

#10 Supply to Hoard: Commercial Firewood and Tinder. Wood needs time to age,
your stash might get wet. Adding a few logs of commercial firewood to your prepping
list will ease your mind a bit about warmth in the coldest months. Stack up on some
Duraflame logs.

#11 Supply to Hoard: Cotton Balls and Ear Swabs. For application of ointments
and creams, cotton balls and ear swabs are essential first aid supply, but there are
many more applications useful to preppers:
  1. Gun cleaning: If you don't have a gun cleaning swab, the next best thing in an
    SHTF scenario are ear swabs. Clean your equipment any way you can.
  2. Pest deterrent: Cotton balls soaked in peppermint oil make a wonderful
    deterrent for pests, particularly spiders and mice.
  3. Fuel / Tinder:
  • Create fire starters with cotton balls coated in petroleum jelly. This
    method is a scouting favorite.
  • Create fuel for your bugout bag with cotton balls soaked in wax. This
    acts as a small candle and can keep a flame for around five minutes. It
    is a bushcraft favorite.

  • NOTE: Do not use cotton swab sticks in the ear canal as it could cause injury.
    To remove ear wax, apply hydrogen peroxide drops into the ear to flush the

#12 Supply to Hoard: Dishpans. Ideally you'll need three dishpans for your off the
grid kitchen: one filled with water to scrape off the food particles, the next to wash
the dishes clean, and finally a chlorine bleach and water rinse. Be sure to add a final
rinse with chlorine. One cup full in a Rubbermaid dishpan filled with water is sufficient.
Dishpans would also be helpful for rinsing fruits and vegetables and collecting water
in the absence of buckets. In an off grid world, you may find them helpful for bathing.

#13 Supply to Hoard: Duct tape, Cable Ties and Super Glue. Be a fix it prepper!
Mending things is a prepper skill.

  • Cable Ties: Cable ties are an essential for your bugout bag to fasten camping
    equipment. You'll find cable / zip ties handy for automotive repair, too!Of the
    many creative uses for a cable tie, we've seen it used as a hair fastener,
    tourniquet, kindling tie, food sealer.

  • Super Glue will repair shoes and will help you fit together any piece of plastic.

#14 Supply to Hoard: Dish Washing Soap (liquid) + Dish Washing Gloves.
Prepare for an off the grid cooking scenario by stocking up on dish washing soap for
cutting boards, dishes (when you run out of the paper ones), utensils and pots and
pans. Just, don't scrub your cast iron pans with liquid soap or you'll provide an
unsavory soapy seasoning to your food. Dawn contains a biodegradable
surfactants, and contains no phosphate, making it an ideal choice. It's not for
vanity's sake that you will need dish washing gloves. In doing the dishes you may
cut yourself! Minimize the risk, so you won't get an infection.

#15 Supply to Hoard: Facial Tissues. You won't want to rough it out on your nose
during a cold or flu. Facial tissues will provide comfort in uncertain times, but
ultimately, they will also help prevent the spread of sickness, which would be
particularly important during a pandemic.

#16 Supply to Hoard: Fever Reducer. The single most urgent medicine in your
prepper's medicine cabinet to own is a fever reducer. Children's Advil suspension is
a fever reducer and pain reliever contains ibuprofen to temporarily reduce fevers,
relieve minor aches and pains due to the common cold, flu, sore throat or headaches
and toothaches; however ibuprofen may cause a severe allergic reaction, especially
in people allergic to aspirin. Ask your doctor what fever reducer is appropriate for

#17 Supply to Hoard: Freezer bags. Freezer bags are stronger than ordinary
plastic bags and have a multitude of uses for preppers. Not that you'll be freezing in
an off the grid scenario, but freezer bags will help you preserve or re proportion
food. In your bugout bag, these bags will keep your contents dry and may even help
you collect more food and water.

#18 Supply to Hoard: Garbage bags. You'll be using garbage bags more often in
uncertain times, including sanitation of human wastes and even for use in burying
the dead. Costco and Home Depot carry large garbage bags in bulk by the rolls and
at very reasonable prices. Stock up while they are still available.

#19 Supply to Hoard: Hand sanitizers. Minimize water use in times of drought by
keeping hand sanitizers handy. Stocking up on hand sanitizers will help you through
pandemics, and for cleaning hands after meat handling. Handy indeed.

#20 Supply to Hoard: Hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is essential in first
aid, but Hydrogen Peroxide has so many other applications including water
purification and cleaning kitchen tools.

#21 Supply to Hoard: Lamp oil, Candle Wax and Wicks. Candle making will be
essential when the lights go out permanently. You can mind your own beeswax by
stocking up on supplies.

#22 Supply to Hoard: Lip balm, Lotions and Creams. Skin hydration will be key,
particularly when water is at a premium or when you reside in arid areas of the
country as Arizona. Don't overlook these inexpensive finds at the dollar stores,
including Blistex and Chapstick lip balms, cocoa butter creams. The bonus of packing
a petroleum based lip balm, such as Chapstick is that the balm itself may be used as
a firestarter.

#23 Supply to Hoard: Lysol. You'll appreciate keeping cold and virus flus at bay
with Lysol. It's also effective in combating lice, which may spread rapidly in uncertain

#24 Supply to Hoard: Matches. Matches are easy enough to procure at the market.
Stash them in a mason jar with a sandpaper striking lid to keep them dry and ready
for use. You should also invest in a
magnesium fire starter.

#25 Supply to Hoard: Paper cups, Paper Plates and Paper Bowls. For your hot
beverages (coffee, tea, cocoa), using paper cups will save on the precious resource
of water and is far more healthy than drinking from Styrofoam. You'll likely need
more paper bowls than you think as they are ideal for soups, cereals and chili, as
well as freeze dried pasta and rice dishes. Get a few sizes of paper plates to
accommodate your meal size.

#26 Supply to Hoard: Paper Towels. If you're short on space, consider Shop
Towels, pictured immediate right. These strong, absorbent towels are great for
wiping hands and cleaning up grease, oil, grime, and fluids. You'll need fewer than
ordinary paper towels, so it will take up less space.

#27 Supply to Hoard: Paracord. An essential for your bugout bag, paracord will
also provide entertainment.

#28 Supply to Hoard: Plastic Cups + Utensils. Plastic cups will hold up better than
paper cups. Mark plastic cups with a Sharpie to ensure water glasses are used to
their full potential. Save your water in using disposable utensils as well.

#29 Supply to Hoard: Propane + Propane Tanks. One of your most essential
prepper fuels
, stock up on the propane for generators and cookstoves. Left, the
Vocano stove takes three kinds of fuel - propane, charcoal and wood.

#30 Supply to Hoard:  Mouthwash, Shampoo, Soap + Deodorant. In an off the
grid scenario, like an EMP, there won't be much opportunity for bathing unless
you've made plans, such as a solar shower or a galvanized tub. For an economic
collapse; however, you'll be glad you stocked up on shampoo, soaps, and
deodorants. You'll want your money spent acquiring fresh meats, produce or other

  • Read more about the 12 weird survival uses of mouthwash

#31 Supply to Hoard: Nails, Bolts, and Screws. You will need to repair and rebuild
at some point. Having the necessary nuts and bolts will get you through the job.

#32 Supply to Hoard: Sewing Materials. A survival sewing and repair kit is
essential for a well packed bugout bag. Tents tear, equipment may rip and clothes
will eventually wear. Make do with what you have by fixing it.

#33 Supply to Hoard Steel Wool. Steel wool is an excellent supply to help you
scrub pots, but did you know that steel wool is an excellent fire starter? All you need
is a 9-volt battery and some steel wool. Here's
how to make fire from steel wool.
Save this for your personal survival manual.

#34 Supply to Hoard: Toilet paper. Preppers often find toilet paper high on their
personal prepping supply list! Proper sanitation, including adequate supply of toilet
paper is essential. Learn
how people survived before toilet paper.

#35 Supply to Hoard: Toothbrushes + Toothpaste.
Buy one toothbrush per month
for each family member and six toothpaste tube per family member for a one-year
supply. Get them cheaply: see the
99-items to buy at the dollar stores.  Don't have
a dollar store handy, no worries. You can get four Oral-B toothbrushes with included
shipping for under $5 (pictured right).

#36 Supply to Hoard: Vaseline (Petroleum jelly). Vaseline or the generic
equivalent is an ideal fuel when combined with cotton balls as a
Petroleum jelly helps protect minor cuts, scrapes, and burns, and also protects skin
from wind burn and chapping. Use petroleum jelly as a lip balm! To help heal
chapped hands, load a generous portion on hands, then cover hands in plastic bags
to keep them moistened for 20-minutes.

#37  Supply to Hoard: Writing instruments and pencil sharpener. Pens, pencils
and paper will be a luxury in an off grid world; however, they are also essential to
providing an education, fighting boredom, and providing a record for future
generations. A Sharpie pen will help you label food expiration dates on cans and
shelf stable items. Additionally, it will help identify assigned cups and plates. If you
anticipate a home school scenario, consider getting chalk and a chalk board.

  • Pencil sharpener use: A good quality manual pencil sharpener will become a
    precious commodity at home, but you should also consider having a small
    pencil sharpener in your bugout bag. A pencil sharpener can help make tinder
    from twigs!

In case you think we forgot about water, read on! We recommend you store distilled
water or bottled water to sustain you. Read more in  37 Foods to Hoard Before

and water to clean utensils you'll need...
* a half gallon of water just to boil noodles
* 1 cup of water for each individual serving of freeze dried food.
* 2 cups of water for every cup of rice
* Cover dried beans with three inches of water to soak
Add up your inventory and you'll be surprised where you stand.

The time to build a well is not when you're thirsty. A family of four needs five 55-
gallon barrels to help survive three months. Learn the seven lessons of
Water for

What are the most hoarded items in an emergency?
Preppers can learn from disasters of the past (hurricanes, floods, earthquakes and
tornadoes) about the things that disappear first from a grocery store before and
after crisis.

We gathered a list of the top ten things to disappear in crisis by following news
, consider these the last-minute provisions for prepping!

Top Ten Things to Disappear from Grocery Shelves in Crisis
  1. Bottled water (learn the bottled waters to avoid.)
  2. Soft drinks (learn the 8 kinds of drinks to hoard in crisis).
  3. Bread
  4. Chips and crackers (American's eat 1.2 billion pounds of potato chips
    annually according to National Geographic).
  5. Snack bars and energy bars
  6. Medications
  7. Diapers
  8. Alcohol
  9. Cigarettes
  10. Garbage bags (used to loot the wares).

Will you be hoarding food and supplies? Preppers have the right to gather supplies
for their survival.  The United States Constitution guarantees this right. Arm yourself
with knowledge! The Fourth Amendment  prohibits unreasonable search and seizure
for concerned citizens of the United States of America. Have the constitution on hand
to defend your rights.

always happy to hear your prepping ideas and link to your site. Please drop us a
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Remember, our family survival system is free! Learn how to store food, water, fuel, and
survival medicines. Get tips about sanitation, self defense and more at
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