Why do prepper's stockpile wheat?

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Is Wheat in the U.S. GMO?
Buying organic wheat is the only way to feel better about not
buying genetically modified wheat. USDA-certified organic wheat
must go through more rigorous process

Did you know that 75% of the wheat crop in the Ukraine was
destroyed in the heat wave of 2003? Now you know! And know
you have a better understanding of why you need to stockpile

Happy endings...
United States is the fourth largest producer of wheat in the
world, according to the United States Department of Agriculture.
(The top three include China, the European Union, and India.
Since it's a major crop, it's surely going to be a major part of the
American diet, and should be part of your prepping plans, even if
you don't eat it yourself. You can barter it!

  • Hard wheat requires a grain mill and you may as well get an
    extra bucket opener!

  • Buy organic wheat when you can.

  • Read more about cooking with wheat berries.

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Why do prepper's stockpile wheat?
Ten reasons to stockpile wheat

"He who controls the food, controls the world." Henry A. Kissinger
Get out granny's grain mill and get to making hard red wheat
and hard white wheat part of your food storage plan. Wheat is
an essential for the
prepper's pantry.

While hard wheat is perfect for food storage, it's also a hearty
addition to everyday meals. Grind the hard wheat berries into
flour, then bake or fry with it! Soft berries are great for
pancakes or biscuits, where the recipes don't call for yeast. Did
you know you can also sprout wheat? Sprouted wheat is ideal for

Ten Reasons Preppers Stockpile Wheat
Why are prepper's hoarding wheat? The main reason is that
farmers control the wheat (and "He who controls the food,
controls the world"). Every prepper should hoard their own
personal stash of wheat, and here's why.

Reason #1: Wheat is hearty and nutritious.
Give us this day our daily bread. That pretty much sums it up!
Wheat has been an essential part of man's diet for thousands
of years. Known to many as the "staff of life," wheat is one of
the most hearty and basic foods you can have in your food

  • Hearty: Wheat is a filler, so hearty no one will go hungry.
    In addition to breads and pastas, hard red wheat can be
    added to soups, stews and meatloaf to satiate appetites in
    your family or group.

  • Nutritious: The heartiest wheat to store is whole wheat
    flour because it has the brand germ and endosperm. This
    ensures all the vitamins are intact. Soaking grains
    increases the nutritional value. Read more about that

Reason #2: Hard  wheat stores well.
Grab your bucket and store inside hard red wheat in mylar bags.
It can last upwards of 25 years sealed properly this way, free
from moisture, light, heat and pests.

In contrast, flour has a much shorter shelf life because it
usually isn't stored as well. Because flour loses its protective
shell, it has more surface area and is more sensitive to
moisture and molding.

Reason #3: Wheat is high in protein.
Hard white wheat is a high protein, high fiber variety of white
wheat that produces a whiter flour and whiter light textured
breads. Some people who have wheat allergies even find they
can tolerate white wheat! It has a very low moisture content,
and stores extremely well, making it ideal as a storage grain.

Reason #4: Wheat can be milled into flour.
Breads, biscuits, cookies, cakes,pancakes, muffins  - you name
it, wheat flour is an important staple in the North American
diet. Get yourself a grain mill.

Reason #5: Wheat can be sprouted!
Preppers don't often think of wheat when it comes to sprouting,
but it's a fun way to add nutrition to your prepper diet. Soaking
grains increases the nutritional value. Wheat itself is ultra
versatile in this regard -- many people don't realize that you can
sprout wheat, like you can with beans and legumes! Handy
Pantry Sprouting wheat, pictured right lives up to its name.

Reason #6: Wheat can be cooked (boiled).
Another thing prepper's don't realize is that wheat can be
cracked into cereal. You've probably heard the song before,
"Jimmy cracked corn, and I don't care." Well, you should start
caring! Cracked wheat can be made into a hearty and delicious
breakfast cereal. Don't pass up the opportunity! Give it a try.

  • To cook wheat, for hearty cereals follow this simple
  • Use two cups water and one teaspoon sea salt for
    every cup of wheat.
  • Be sure to wash kernels before cooking.

Reason #7: Wheat can be made into pastas.
Pastas and casseroles are another important food in the
American diet. With wheat berries and a grain mill, along with a
few pasta-making instruments, you can make and dry your own

Reason #8: Wheat berries can be eaten like rice!
Preppers will be surprised that wheat offers even more unknown
versatility. Did you know you can substitute wheat for rice and
beans in a recipe? Think wheat chili!

Reason #9: Wheat will be good for bartering.
Even if you live a grain-free lifestyle (gluten free diet, or other
wheat-based allergies). In case you're wondering,
raw vegan
diets can include wheat!

Imagine a huge a drought devastates crops in the United
States, or insects invade to destroy crops and famine ensues...
Those who have buckets of grain stored will fare well! You may
want to save it for yourself and not barter it at all.

Reason #10: You can make your own wheat grass.
Loads of preppers don't connect that wheat grass can be
sprouted from wheat grain and used to create a healthful tonic.
It's the health craze that preppers can partake.

Here's how to make your own wheat grass:
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