Food storage cookies

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Here some fun facts about cookies:

  • Credit for "cookies" goes to the Dutch, who called them
    "Keokje," which translates to "little cake."

  • Chuck wagon cooks were called "cookies" and there is
    something called a "cowboy cookie" but the origin of the
    term "cowboy cookie" is unclear.

  • Brownies are a cross between a cookie and a cake. It was
    thanks to Fanny Farmer. She adapted her cookie recipe to be
    baked in a rectangular pan in 1896.

  • The best selling cookie on Amazon is Milano, pictured right,
    in chocolate snack cookies. Get the tub for around $8.92.

Happy endings...
When the world is collapsing around you, won't the comfort of a
cookie keep you in believing that you can survive? You are a
smart cookie and can survive anything

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Augason Farms had created the only chocolate chip cookie mix for long
term food storage in #2.5 cans. Unfortunately, it is no longer on the market.

Now you have several good reasons to stockpile cookies!
Food storage cookies are good to have in your pantry, and you
can extend the life of store bought cookies by using your food
saver. Even better than cookies from a box is to have the
ingredients on hand to make cookies from scratch.

Likely, you already know how to make America's favorite cookie
with chocolate chips, but here's an important recipe you can make
with your food storage...Try your hand at the best ever, Big Batch
Sugar cookie recipe below.

Best Ever, Big Batch Sugar Cookie Recipe!
The trick to baking the best ever big batch of sugar cookies is to
allow time for the dough to firm in the freezer. Allow yourself a
few hours for this  project and you'll have some yummy sugar
cookies for Christmas or anytime.

Gather the ingredients:
  • 2 cups butter (Land-O-Lakes is preferred and we're not
    getting paid to say it!)
  • 2 cups granulated sugar
  • 2 large eggs
  • 4 teaspoons vanilla extract
  • A small, 2-lbs. bag of flour (around six cups flour)
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • Sparkling colored decorating sugars

  • Cream the butter and sugar.
  • Add eggs and vanilla.
  • Mix flour, salt and baking powder.
  • Combine ingredients until you have cookie dough.
  • Make three large pancake flats and chill them until firm (30
    minutes - 1 hour).
  • Use Saran wrap or parchment paper to wrap and divide
  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  • Roll dough to 1/8 inches thick using flour to dust if necessary
  • Bake for 10 minutes or until cookies turn brown at edges.

The recipe above yields around 5 dozen large cookies.

Recipe for Royal Icing
Making those fancy iced cookies you see in the stores is easier
than you think. It starts with Meringue Powder. That's the item
that's not readily available at your grocery.

To make royal icing, mix the following and let sit for 15 minutes:
  • 3 tablespoons Meringue Powder
  • 1/3 cup warm water
  • 1/2 teaspoon fresh squeezed lemon juice
  • Add 1 lbs. of powdered sugar (typically, whole box)
  • Beat for 7 minutes (medium speed)

Ice your cookies immediately after making the icing as the
meringue powder will harden on your cookie.

Happy endings...
Be a smart cookie and stock cookies in the preppers pantry.
Happiness is from scratch cooking, but it's always a good idea to
stockpile ready made treats to help build morale in crisis.
Cookies in the Prepper's Pantry
Eleven cookies with a long shelf life for your pantry...

Are you stockpiling cookies? Do you know how to make them
from scratch?
Baking cookies from scratch is a good prepper skill. Cookies have
been around since around the 1400s, bringing happiness to kids
everywhere. It wasn't until sugar became readily available in the
1400s when people started using sugar as a baking ingredient,
first in breads and then later in cookies.

Cookies in the prepper's pantry
Looking for cookies with a long shelf life? When it comes to
survival foods with long shelf life, cookies aren't top on the list,
but they are an important part of your food storage none-the-
less. They can help boost morale!

Cookies that keep well in the prepper's pantry include:

#1 Long lasting cookies: Biscotti.
Biscotti is a long-lasting cookie to stockpile. This twice-baked
cookie favored by the Italians became a favorite for sailors and
soldiers. Made mostly of butter, sugar and flour, Italians love this
noisy and crunchy confection to dip in wine ~ the Italians
embellish their biscotti with chocolate, nuts, raisins, spices and
extract (like anise seed extract); however Americans dip their
biscotti in a latte or cappucino.

  • Shelf life of Biscotti: Depends. There are many different
    biscotti recipes. Traditionally they are made with eggs, but
    some have butter, others use oil. Flavorings differ too. Nuts
    in your biscotti can become rancid. Chocolate biscotti won't
    last you more than 6-8 months, but other flavors, like lemon
    or vanilla can last several years if you use a food saver. The
    exception being biscotti with a coating. The coating can melt
    and won't do well come July. For the longest lasting biscotti,
    choose the traditional vanilla biscotti cookie without
    coatings, or nuts. Dried fruit is fine.

#2 Long lasting cookies: Fortune Cookies.
Fortune cookies are crunchy and cookies individually wrapped in
clear cellophane help keep this cookie fresh tasting. Next time
you're at Panda Express or your favorite Chinese restaurant, grab
some fortune cookies and set them aside for good fortune in an
apocalypse. Unfortunately, fortune cookies, like the ones at
Panda Express are loaded with hydrogenated oils. That's part of
the reason they have such a long shelf life.

  • Shelf life of Fortune Cookies. Buy them in bulk, and plan on
    eating them within a year if they are individually wrapped in
    cellophane. You can extend the life much longer using mylar.
    (Do not use a food saver or you will crush this delicate

Did you know that fortune cookies originated in San Francisco and
not China or Japan? The inventor was Makoto Hagiwara of Golden
Gate Park's Japanese Tea Garden.

#3 Long lasting cookies: Danish Butter cookies.
Shortbread is a long lasting cookie. The Danish version of
Shortbread are Danish Butter cookies. Made of simple ingredients,
Danish cookies are made mostly of flour, butter, sugar, coconut,
salt, and vanilla. You need only be concerned if someone in your
group has tree nut allergies, as the coconut is an unexpected

  • Shelf life of Danish Butter cookies: approximately 18
    months when sealed, 3-4 months unsealed.

#4 Long lasting cookies: Girl Scout Cookies.
We're cheating a bit by saying that Girl Scout cookies will last
long. If Girl Scout cookie season is upon you, then buy a case and
freeze them to support a good cause for you and for your family!
If you are a cookie manager for the troop, feel good that you
have a garage stuffed with them during cookie season. Cookies,
including the delicious Girl Scout variety, will last 8-12 months if
frozen. (That should just about cover you until the Samoas and
Thin Mints are available next year.)

  • Shelf life of Girl Scout cookies: about 8-11 months. Thin
    Mints will last longer in the freezer. The chocolate can
    quickly become discolored.

#5 Long Lasting cookies: Scottish shortbread.
Scottish shortbread, such as Walkers, pictured right, are made of
flour, pure creamery butter, sugar and salt.

  • Shelf life of Walkers Scottish Shortbread. They will last 8-
    11 months in the cardboard packaging, but up to 18 months
    sealed in the tin.

#6 Long lasting cookies: Merengues.
Merengues are a long lasting French cookie -- delicious for weeks
if made from scratch. Just pack meringues in an airtight mason jar
after cooling them.
Humidity doesn't ruin the crispness, say the

#7 Long lasting cookies: Military Rations.
Meals Ready to Eat (MRE) are a popular option for preppers who
don't want to spend time cooking from scratch. MRE cookies are
sometimes included in an MRE complete meal, and they are also
available individually. Available individually they are rather

  • Shelf life of Miltary rations. Right, the single oatmeal cookie
    will last you five years, but it costs only around $1.25 $5.98
    for shipping.

#8 Long lasting cookies: Poptarts.
Yes, a Pop Tart is a cookie! Pop Tarts (and the healthier generic
options at Trader Joes and Whole Foods) are an ideal food for the
prepper's pantry because they are good for breakfast or as a
snack or treat. Also, because they contain fruit.

During pregnancy, many women crave them! Famous Pop Tart
pregnancies include:

#9 Long lasting cookies: No bake peanut butter balls.
Bannock meals are the ultimate in outdoor meals. These meals a
specially formulated to be healthy, satisfying, and full of the
essential vitamins and minerals you need for your outdoor
adventures and the No-bake Peanut Butter Balls will fill your
sweet tooth. Each pouch contains 2.5 generous servings, which
means each 6-pack can comfortably feed up to 15 people.
Pictured right.

#10 Long lasting cookies: Ration bars.
In a way, ration bars are like a cookie. Most are coconut in flavor,
but there are other varieties, including lemon, pictured right.
Here's our
review of ration bars.

#11 Long lasting cookie: Cookie mixes.
Look for cookie mixes in your food storage. In a power outtage
you can bake cookies in a
solar oven or camp oven.
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