Guide for preppers on how to use a fire extinguisher

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In under ten seconds you could have the fire out before it gets out of
control if you know how to handle a fire extinguisher.

Do you know how to check a fire extinguisher?
Here are some tips:

  • Make sure you can see your fire extinguisher. It should be
    in a place unobstructed, and everyone in your family or group
    should know its designated location.

  • Inspect your fire extinguisher for any physical damage:
  • See that the locking pin is intact.
  • Check the tamper seal to make sure it's not broken
  • Lift the extinguisher to see that it's full.
  • Look for corrosion, leakage, or a clogged nozzle.
    Replace your fire extinguisher if you see any physical

  • Take a close look at the pressure gauge. Is it in the
    operable range or position?

  • See that it's ready to go. Make sure the instructions for
    operating your fire extinguisher are legible and facing
    outward. When you're done, initial and date the back of the
    tag so you can remember that you've inspected it.

Preventing a fire is much easier than putting one out.
Remember, it takes only three things to get a fire going: oxygen,
fuel and an ignition source. Here are some tips for preventing a
fire in and around your home:

  • Oily rags are a danger from spontaneous combustion!
    Keep them in airtight containers, away from source of heat.
    If you have workers on your property, ensure they
    understand this and give them a place to dispose of their
    oily rags.

  • Clean the dryer lint. Buildup in the lint dryer and exhaust
    duct are a danger. Lint is like tinder (in fact it's great to
    store lint in a plastic bag for your firestarting needs) and all
    it takes is an overheated dryer for a fire to start if you have
    build up. Ensure you remove lint after every load.

  • Keep your cooking surfaces grease free and tidy. Wipe
    your stove and keep plastic utensils, and pot holders away
    from these hot surfaces.  Of course, never leave the stove
    unattended while cooking. Set the timer while it's in use to
    help you remember!

  • Sweep the chimney. Clean your chimney annually of soot
    (burning oil or gas); or of creosote (tar from wood burning).
    Chimney fires are explosive with dramatic outcomes if not
    cared for properly. Learn the danger of chimney fires.

  • Watch candles and space heaters. Keep candles away from
    curtains; place them always on a sturdy and non-flammable
    surface and away from flammable objects; and never leave a
    candle unattended, lest you forget. If you light it, stay in the
    room. Situate space heaters away from bedding, clothing,
    and furniture. Be sure to turn them off when you leave.

  • Prevent electrical fires. Don't overload outlets; be sure to
    use proper wattage in lamp bulbs; and replace frayed or
    damaged cords.

Preventing a fire is much easier than putting one out. Learn more
fire suppression tools for preppers.

Happy endings...
Most preppers are not confident about using a fire extinguisher
and yet it's one of the most important skills to protect your
family and your home. Know how to use a fire extinguisher and
have plenty on hand!

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The video above demonstrates a fire extinguishing ball. Imagine how handy
it would be when there is no fire department.

Here are some of the many types of fire extinguishers:

  • Multipurpose ABC fire extinguisher. Safe for use on Class A
    (ordinary combustibles), Class B (Flammable liquid) spills,
    Class C (energized electrical fires). It's suitable for common
    industrial use office, schools, hotels, metal handles, levers
    and valve, fully rechargeable, high quality gauge for easy
    pressure check, 6 year limited warranty, low hazards.

  • Fire extinguishing ball. This extinguisher, pictured above is
    ABC rated and similar to the fire extinguishing ball in the

  • Car fire extinguisher. The car fire extinguisher, pictured at
    the bottom of the page attaches nicely for easy retrieval
    when you you need it most.

How do you use a fire extinguisher?
So let's get to it... Don't know how to use a fire extinguisher?
The video below can help you understand PASS.

After you
Pull the pin, Aim the nozzle and Squeeze the handle,
Sweep the fire from side to side. Then, as the fire
diminishes, aim at the base of the flame.

How to use a fire extinguisher:
Fire extinguishers
Guide for preppers on how to use a fire extinguisher

If a fire breaks out on your property, will you know what to do?
Most people (preppers included) are not confident in using a fire
extinguisher. Take time now to hone this important skill.

Know how to use a fire extinguisher and have plenty on hand...

Fire Extinguishers for Preppers
Here are some basics about fire extinguishers to remember:

  • Preppers should inspect their fire extinguishers every 6-10
    years to see if they're still good.

  • Have fire extinguishers handy in the kitchen, but never near
    the stove, since if the fire breaks out there you won't be able
    to reach it.

  • Check the size of the fire before attempting to extinguish it.
    If it's bigger than you, then it's too big a job for the fire
    extinguisher to handle.

  • Don't assume the fire is out if you use the extinguisher. It
    may re-kindle much later, even in the middle of the night.

What are the best fire extinguishers for preppers to own?
The best fire extinguishers are multipurpose ABC:
  • Class A is for ordinary paper, fabric plastic, rubber and wood
  • Class B is for liquids -  gasoline, grease, oil, paints and
    cleaning solvents (petroleum based products)
  • Class C is for electrical equipment.

Be sure to have the ABC combination fire extinguishers on hand
or have the specific fire extinguisher where you need it.

Here's a crazy cool fire extinguisher for preppers:
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