How to Avoid the Measles

What a prepper needs to know about Morbillivirus

Is it possible to avoid the Measles without a vaccination? Is there a
medicine to kill the virus? How serious is Measles?
Some people are naturally immune to the Measles! It's also
good to know that most people who get the Measles
never have anything more serious than a fever, a cough, a
runny nose and watery eyes. Unfortunately for others it can be
much more serious as it may lead to pneumonia or encephalitis.

There's more bad news in that there's no medicine to kill the
Measles virus once someone develops the disease and it
spreads quickly.

Thankfully, you're a prepper and you're prepared to deal with
the Measles, because there's plenty you can do to avoid the
Measles, stop the spread and prepare for what happens. Below
is everything that prepper needs to know about the Measles...

What a Prepper needs to know about the
Measles is worrisome in that it is a highly contagious disease
that spreads through the air. During the initial phase, a person
may not be aware they are contagious or even have the
disease, as symptoms can show up a week or two after

Unfortunately also, 90% of people exposed to the measles who
don't have protection naturally or through vaccine, get the
dreaded disease.

Thankfully, it is also a very rare disease. Most people in the
United States already have immune protection against the
disease through vaccination. If you are unsure whether you've
had a vaccination (or you know you've not been vaccinated),
you should steer clear of all public places 21 days after an
outbreak as one way to avoid getting the measles.

Immunizing against the measles is a hotly debated issue in the
prepper community. The debate centers around the decision to
vaccinate. An un-vaccinated person can get and spread disease
unknowingly, while a vaccinated person theoretically can't get
the disease.

Recent measles outbreaks are cause for alarm:
Preppers should be alert for measles symptoms (fever followed
by cough, runny nose, red eyes and a rash) that start a few
days after a fever. Measles outbreaks are rare and have
occurred recently in the following regions:

If you've never been vaccinated, you can reduce your risk by
staying away from public places 21 days possible exposure.

Let's take a look at the measles and then how not to catch it.

  • Measles symptoms: fever, runny nose, cough, red eyes,
    and sore throat.

  • Complications: pneumonia, encephalitis (swelling of the
    brain), ear infections, or diarrhea. As well those who suffer
    from the Measles may get Neuritis, which is infection of
    the optic nerve. This can lead to blindness.

  • To vaccinate or not to vaccinate: that is the question:

  • Ant-vaxer movement: Melanie's Marvelous Measles,
    left is a controversial book, which is not highly rated
    by the general public on Amazon. The author,
    Stephanie Messenger, has devoted her life to
    educating people about vaccines and natural health
    choices. She has raised three children vaccine-free
    and childhood disease-free.

If you suspect you've been exposed to measles...

  • If you're older than 52 years of age, you'll have fewer
    worries because you've probably already had your
    vaccine)! That's good news because you can only get the
    measles once, and you've probably already had it if you're
    more than 52 years of age. The measles vaccine started in

  • If it's been within three days of possible infection, get a
    measles vaccine! In so doing, you can provide protection
    from the illness. This provides an immediate immune

  • If it's been between three to six days, get a
    immunoglobulin — this concentrated antibodie extracted
    from donated blood that boosts the immune system. This
    shot has pre-formed antibodies to protect against the

How to NOT catch Measles...

  • Be more than 12-months old. Children 12 months and
    older can be immunized against the highly contagious
    disease. (The immunization is less effective when
    vaccinated before 12 months of age). This means you must
    take extra measures to shield your child from the general
    population, starting with your household. Because infants
    are among the highest at risk, household members should
    take measure to not develop the disease. They should
    take a blood test to see if they are already immunized, or
    take measures to get a booster. In short, the more people
    in your household who have been immunized, the smaller
    the risk it is for your infant. Leave unvaccinated children at
    home during an outbreak.

  • Not have a compromised immune system. Some children
    are not eligible to receive vaccinations because they have
    a compromised immune system. Children undergoing
    Leukemia for example, would likely not be a candidate for

  • Get vaccinated (twice). 90% of people unvaccinated for
    measles get the disease when exposed. Theory would have
    it to vaccinate; however, some get measles shortly after
    the first vaccination. There are two immunizations required
    for complete vaccination against the measles.

  • Stay away from international travellers.  Annually,
    measles comes to the United States by way of
    unvaccinated travelers. If you can help it, stay away from
    airports, especially international airports, and steer clear
    of the people coming in and out of them.

  • Steer clear of people coughing and sneezing. Measles is
    a highly contagious disease caused by a virus that can live
    on surfaces for up to two hours.  

Measles Prevention Checklist

#1: Limit your children's exposure to people.
Kids are most at risk because they touch surfaces, haven't built
up their immune systems, and the littlest kids have not had
booster shots because they are not yet of age. For these
reasons, in times of extreme outbreaks, you'll need to take
drastic measures to limit your children's exposure to other

  • Remove your kids from school or home school them if
    things get bad! Children touch many surfaces and then
    their face. Avoid unsupervised exposure to others who may
    unknowingly be infected. You can pull your kids out of
    school and enroll them in online school.

  • Don't take the kids to playgrounds or use mall
    equipment. Kids are extremely susceptible to measles,
    and its kids who spread their germs on playground and
    mall equipment. Play structures are cesspools of germs. As
    a bonus, you'll help avoid Enterovirus, the other pandemic
    plaguing children.

  • Keep kids at home.
  • Buy books on Amazon, instead of going to the library.
  • Reschedule annual checkups to the doctor or dentist.
  • Skip tutoring and try Khan Academy, insteadl

#2: Employ good hand hygiene.
Wash hands frequently, use hand wipes and alcohol-based hand

  • Wash hands frequently. Use effective hand washing
    techniques to avoid pathogens. Use also hand wipes and
    hand sanitizer during outbreaks.

  • Do the fist bump! Avoid shaking hands. Shaking hands is
    more risky than touching a toilet with your bare hands!
    Just tell the other person that your hands are a bit sweaty,
    sticky or simply provide a friendly wave and call it good.

  • Cover all cuts and open sores. Even a paper cut could
    create a gateway for the measles.  Employ finger cots and
    bandages as a barrier to point of entry. Finger

#3: Don't touch your face.
The most effective thing you can do is to avoid directly touching
your face.

If you must rub, choose the finger knuckle, which is the
cleanest part of your hand. Watch the movie Contagion and
you'll realize you touch your face 2,000 times a day.
Unfortunately, the more you think about not touching your face,
the more you will want to rub an itch.
  • Nose: Reach for a tissue when itching at your nose.
  • Mouth: Refrain from picking your teeth with your fingers.
  • Ears: Resist scratching at your ear with your fingers
  • Eyes: Avoid rubbing eyes with fingers. Pink eye is painful
    enough, but Ebola is deadly, and the gateway to both is
    from your fingers to your eyes. If you have allergies, know
    that rubbing eyes only produces more histamines, which
    will make your eyes even more itchy! Take your
    medication, use eye drops or try blinking your eyes several
    times to allow the natural process to sooth your eyes.
    Going to sleep is another way to allow the natural
    lubrication to work its magic.

#4: Wear Medical Mask Respirator if you're
unvaccinated or have a low functioning immune
Specifically, wear a NIOSH certified fit-tested N95 0r N100
filtering face piece respirator.  disposable, making them an
ideal option. An
NBC gas mask is not disposable, though it
offers a high level of protection. A beard will make it more
difficult to have a tight fit on your respirator or gas mask.

#5: Beware where germs hide while you're out and

  • Drop your shoes and purse or briefcase at the door.
    Make a new routine: when you come home take off your
    shoes and drop your purse or backpack at the door. The
    stuff on your feet contain the germs from the outside
    world. For extra measure, disinfect shoes. A purse,
    briefcase or backpack take on germs when exposed to
    being on the floor in public place, such as the bathrooms.

  • Keep three to six feet from strangers. The definition of
    "Close Contact"is six feet, so stay six feet away from
    infected people. Consider also staying away from
    strangers. Three feet is the range in which infectious
    material may pass from one person to another: the extra
    three feet are for good

  • Bring your own pens and pencils. Do not sign documents
    with shared pens or pencils. Kids should not share pencils
    at school. When signing debit or credit card with electric
    signature, do not use the shared writing tool. Stash a
    tablet pen in your purse or pocket.

  • Wash hands after using the following public surfaces:
  • Escalator rails, stairway rails and bathroom rails
  • Light switches
  • Picnic tables, restaurant tables, mall and cafeteria
  • Shopping carts and baskets
  • Avoid public bathrooms at airports especially. If you
    ignored #1, then by all means, at least avoid the
    airport bathrooms and all public rest rooms. Do your
    business at home.

  • Know where germs hide in the office. Bleach Germicidal
    Wipes can help you keep your personal workspace clean.
    Around the office, beware germs hide on desks, keyboards
    and mice, the copy machine / fax machine,  bathroom
    stalls, and coffee pot handles

  • Skip public transit. Avoid the general public, by avoiding
    mass transportation. We said this was an extreme list! In
    the dead of Winter, when Ebola has more opportunity
    thrive on surfaces, it's better to err on the side of caution.

  • Tele-commute. Work from home if your boss will allow it
    to minimize your exposure to contagion. See if you can set
    up a video conference instead of traveling to do your
    training or to conduct a meeting.

  • Go to grocery stores and restaurants at off-peak hours.
    It's better to avoid restaurants, but if you feel you must,
    then avoid the off-peak hours. This is simple and effective
    advice for ordinary cold and flu season.

  • Don't use the salad bar or buffets. Beware if there is no
    barrier between your food and the general public: germs
    are lurking in these seemingly harmless places. Scooping
    your salad or lunch from the buffet provides added risk for
    food poisoning.

#6: Stock up on Vitamin A.
The addition of Vitamin A to a prepper diet is important as it
can prevent ear infections and reduce illness and death due to
measles. A good spice preppers may like to add to the pantry is
cayenne, which is loaded in Vitamin A and has many other
survival benefits.

#7: Consider Having Thieves Oil* handy  
During the 15th-century plague, the famous four thieves used
an oil of cloves, rosemary, and other aromatics to protect
themselves from the plague while robbing victims.

  • Bring your lunch to work. Avoid going to restaurants, and
    gathering with the public lunch crowds. Bring your food
    from home to work and bring your own utensils. Beware
    that microwaves harbor many germs, too, so think about
    how you may handle the office microwave or kitchen sink!

#8: Keep pathogens away from follicle points of entry.
Don't shave! During the epidemic, don't shave legs, armpits,
facial hair. By avoiding this unnecessary grooming, you will also
avoid cuts and minimize entry points. Unfortunately, this brings
a dilemma as having

#9: Keep them away with a quarantine sign.
You'll look official with a quarantine sign from OSHA, pictured
immediate left.

#10: Vaccinate!?
Vaccinating is a personal decision and certainly not for
everyone. It's the best way to NOT get the Measles (unless of
course there's a fluke in the vaccine). You see, some fully
vaccinated people get measles!

Prepare to live happily ever after and not get the measles by
take the precautionary measure outlined above!

Happy endings...
While some preppers believe the recent Measles outbreak is a
false flag, there are others who are scrambling to protect their
loved ones from getting the dreaded respiratory disease that's
highly contagious and caused by a virus. Some see the Measles
vaccine as the only solution.

The happiest place on earth Disneyland, but don't let the recent
outbreak of the measles in Disneyland stop you from having fun.

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treatment for specific medical conditions. Never disregard or delay in seeking medical advice
when available.

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