Vodka uses in prepping

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Pour vodka over washed elderberries and in about 4-6 weeks
you'll have a wonderful
elderberry tincture to strengthen your
immune system.

Right, the alcohol distiller is designed to increase the alcohol
concentration of drinks through evaporation and condensation. ,
you can distill your drink safely and efficiently. If you distill wine,
you get brandy. You can also get whisky or other strong drinks, or
even the (medicinal) liquid distilled from honeysuckle flowers or
lotus leaves through this distiller.

#4: Vodka to preserve foods.
Vodka is the alcoholic spirit made through distillation of rye,
wheat, or potatoes. It's food and it can help you preserve food.
How can vodka help you preserve foods?

  • Make your own vanilla extract. Alcohol is the basis for both
    tinctures and extracts, while you can use bourbon to make
    vanilla, you can also use vodka.

#5: Vodka for fuel.
Vodka can be fuel your cooking and a whole lot more.

#6: Vodka as a weapon: Molotov cocktail.
Vodka is among the most basic of weapons. Just insert a cloth
into a bottle of alcohol, like vodka, light it and send it towards
your target. It's quite effective.

#7: Vodka as a pesticide.
With vodka you can kill wasps and bees. How so? Spray them
with it. Just fill a trigger-spray bottle and aim. They will fall,
dumbfounded so that you can crush them. The alcohol ensures
you don't leave a mess.

#8: Use vodka as an insect repellent.
Who knew you could get rid of bugs with vodka? Any good
housekeeper knows! shows you how to
make insect repellents from vodka and other natural ingredients.

#9: Vodka is a household cleaner.
There are many ways to use vodka to clean your home. Use the
inexpensive stuff to:

  • Combat mold. Clean a bathtub, spray vodka on the surface
    of the tub, then wipe away after five or ten minutes. You'll
    kill mold and mildew using this method.

  • Clean the caulking around bathtubs and showers. Just fill
    a trigger-spray bottle with vodka and spray to your heart's

#10: Vodka is a stain remover.
Many preppers don't realize you can put vodka into a mister and
spray on fabric to remove stains. Vodka is excellent for removing
red wine and vomit stains! also claims you can use
vodka to make your clothes smell better using it as a spritz
(provided you do a spot test).

#11: Vodka for cancer prevention.
If you are a cancer patient, you should not drink cancer and yet
this substance can help you. Cancer is caused by two things:
toxicity (chemicals, pollutants, etc.) and deficiency (nutrition).

  • Using vodka as a cleaning product to replace harsh chemicals
    can go a long way towards cancer prevention!

  • Skipping the harsh chemical Deet products and using alchol-
    based products as insect repellent can help you in your quest
    to stay cancer-free naturally.

When you think of all the things in this article about how you can
use vodka in place of toxic chemicals, then you see the true value
of vodka in cancer prevention.

Now that you know, add some vodka to your natural cleaning
product list (baking soda, Borax, hydrogen peroxide, liquid castile
soap, essential oils, lemons, vinegar).

More ways vodka can help you...

  • Remove the sticky bandage residue on your skin. Think of
    this as a solvent for the adhesive.

  • Make your razors last longer. Clean and disinfect razor
    blades by soaking them in vodka (and prevent them from
    rusting). The alcohol content of the vodka will dry the
    surface of the razor and thereby prevent rust.

  • Gun cleaner. Not the first  option mind you, but using vodka
    to clean your gun is better than the option of malfunctioning.

  • Avoid a bad hair day. Apply vodka to your scalp to keep
    dandruff away or degrease your hair. It cleanses your scalp!

  • Wipe your spectacles. Vodka can help you defog your
    glasses and wipe away the smears.

  • Make your own mouthwash. Alcohol is the main ingredient
    of mouthwash. Try peppermint Essential oil.

  • Sleep aid. It's not a choice for everyone, but on the occasion
    that sleep is difficult, any kind of alcohol can help.

Now you can think of vodka as a prepping tool, even if you don't

Happy endings...
Keep a supply of vodka: you'll be happy you did in the event the
unthinkable happens.

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The FoodSaver is an ideal way to keep your vodka and water concoction safe
from leaking, but you can double up on some zip locking bags.

#3: Medicinal uses of vodka (internally).
Topically, we covered the uses of vodka above for first aid, but
vodka goes beyond to help as a medicine internally.

Did you know that Vodka comes from the Russian word "votkə"
pronounced "woda," which means "water of life" and was first
used medicinally around 1555. Below are some ways vodka can
be used medicinally...

  • Craft a cough suppressant. Consider vodka with a
    medicinal purpose of easing sore throats and coughs.  With
    vodka, honey, and a stick of soft peppermint melded
    together you have a powerful homemade cough syrup. Here
    are some other ideas to try:

  • Prepare an elderberry tincture. Elderberry is a powerful
    immune-building substance.
    shows how to make elderberry tincture effective for healing
    wounds externally or for building the immune system when
    taken internally:
Vodka survival uses
How to use vodka prepping

This might be a good time to stockpile vodka!
It's almost the perfect prep: vodka virtually never expires, it has
bartering value, medicinal purpose and a multitude of uses.
Straight up! Drinking vodka may not be your thing, but even if it
isn't you should consider stockpiling it in the name of survival.

With uncertainty in the world, it's good to evaluate your preps to
see how you might make adjustments. Below are several vodka
survival uses, most of which don't involve drinking for your

How vodka can become useful in prepping
You might think simply to drink vodka, but here are some of the
many benefits of stockpiling vodka in your preps that go well
beyond drinking:

#1: With Vodka you can barter.
An obvious use of vodka is for bartering purposes and historically,
vodka has served this purpose through the centuries quite well.
This might be the top reason you decide that it's a good idea to
have vodka stockpiled in your prepping supplies.

Alcohol will always be of value in times of crisis as people look to
relieve some of their worries through intoxication, and vodka in
particular is a valued commodity. Best of all, vodka a shelf-stable
item that will last indefinitely.

For bartering, consider stocking smaller bottles of vodka or have
the ability to transfer larger bottles to smaller ones.

#2: Use vodka for first aid (externally).
That vodka is a disinfectant is another obvious use of its value in
prepping. Below is a list of uses for careful consideration.

Here are some ways to use vodka as a disinfectant in first aid:

  • Deal with blisters. Cleanse a broken blister with vodka.
    Irrigating a wound with alcohol will not only help dry out the
    blister, but help cleanse the site to avoid bacterial infections.

  • Cleanse a first aid tool. Sterilize tweezers with vodka before
    using for splinters or tick. Vodka will kill the germs.

  • Use as a preparation for an injection site. Prep an injection
    site (as with diabetes management) in absence of having
    prep pads, by soaking a cotton ball with vodka. This will
    minimize risk of infection at the injection site.

Here are more ways to use vodka in first aid:

  • Deal with poison ivy. Pour vodka on skin affected by poison
    ivy to draw out the irritating urushiol oil. It's an easy way to
    help ditch the itch!

  • Control acne flair ups. Apply vodka as an astringent for
    acne (dip vodka on a cotton ball). This isn't a lifesaving idea,
    unless you're a teen of course.

  • Care for a cold sore. Make use of vodka to dry out a cold
    sore (dip on a q-tip).

  • Alleviate a jellyfish sting. That's right, you don't need to pee
    on your sting if you can pour vodka on the wound.

  • Stop bug bite itches. Vodka can cut to the chase and relieve
    the swelling that causes itch along with cleaning the site.

  • Make a liniment for muscle pain and stiffness. What's a
    liniment? It's a lotion or a liquid used for soothing (counter-
    irritating) for bruising or sprains. uses
    rubbing alcohol in their recipe for an herbal liniment, but
    vodka is preferable.

  • Make an ice pack. To make a squishy ice-pack, mix 2 cups
    water with one cup vodka. (Incidentally, you can also use
    rubbing alcohol.) Alcohol doesn't freeze, but the water does,
    and the result is a nice consistency to use for first aid relief.
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