Tips on preparing for the solar eclipse

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Above, you can see the 2006 total solar eclipse from Turkey.

Both ominous and exhilarating, a total eclipse of the sun can give
you an apocalyptic feel or an overwhelming sense of being in a
multi-sensual experience. As the moon casts its shadow you will
feel a chill both emotionally and physically. This astronomical
event is rare to the United States, but not to the world.

While the masses blindly follow the spectacle of the eclipse, you
have a prepared mindset equipped to deal with whatever comes
your way. Are you going to partake in the excitement?

Fourteen states affected by the total solar eclipse:
  1. Georgia
  2. Idaho
  3. Illinois
  4. Iowa
  5. Kansas
  6. Kentucky
  7. Oregon
  8. Missouri
  9. Montana
  10. Nebraska
  11. North Carolina
  12. South Carolina
  13. Tennessee
  14. Wyoming

Movies about a solar eclipse:
Are you ready to be in the shadow of the moon? Hollywood can
help you with documentaries and movies:

  • Countdown to the Eclipse (2017). Countdown to the Eclipse
    follows two sets of eclipse chasers as they attempt to
    intercept the path of a total solar eclipse racing across
    Indonesia and the Pacific Ocean. They will stop at nothing to
    be in the shadow of the moon, even if that means coercing a
    commercial airliner to get them into the path. Prepare
    yourself for the total solar eclipse with Countdown to the
    Eclipse. This movie is included with your Prime membership!

  • Totality ~ The American Eclipse (2017): Totality explores
    why a total solar eclipse has such a profound influence on
    those who witness it and how the upcoming American eclipse
    is impacting towns across the U.S. as they prepare for their
    populations to quadruple overnight. It's not just about the
    rare occurrence of the sun, the moon and the earth being in
    perfect alignment; it's about coming to terms with this
    mesmerizing phenomena.

Happy endings...
The solar eclipse can be a happy experience for those who are

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Certified solar eclipse sunglasses
How to survive the eclipse chaos!
A mini apocalypse is coming to small towns

How to prepare for the solar eclipse mini apocalypse:
A spectacular total eclipse of the sun is cutting through fourteen
states on Aug. 21, 2017 and this breathtaking event will both
stretch resources and test preparedness efforts. Some states are
declaring a state of emergency! One thing is for sure: disruption
is imminent.

From Oregon to the Carolinas a mini-apocalpyse is coming to
small towns nationwide as masses of people flood to the best
viewing zones. It will be a Woodstock-like event with not enough
resources to match the needs. "The path of totality" will test the
preparedness capacity of the townspeople and resources of the
tiniest communities. How they deal with the massive influx of

The national guard has been called to help maintain order, but is
this enough? Only time will tell, but if you are planning to partake
in nature's most dramatic expression, take heart. We can help
you stay safe during the celestial display and you can plan for the
safety of your family. Get ready for an "apoc-eclipse."

Are you ready to deal with these potential problems:
  • Great American traffic jam?
  • $1000 a night for a roach motel?
  • No rental cars available should you break down?
  • Overburdened tow trucks?
  • Not enough medical help?
  • Insufficient toilets?
  • Animals reacting in strange ways?
  • Altitude sickness?
  • Power problems?
  • No cell phone communications?
  • Solar panel disruption?
  • Permanent blindness or partial vision loss?

Below is important information of why you should not look at the
sun (even in a partial eclipse):
Solar safe binoculars
Eclipse T-shirt
gas siphon for preppers
Solar Hand Crank radio
Duct tape
Mountain Houses Emergency Foods
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Countdown to the Eclipse
Above, is a Solar eclipse parking sign posted in Depoe Bay, Oregon.

Will there be eclipse earthquakes?
Volcanic eruptions? High Tides? Fires?
Some speculate that the solar eclipse will trigger earthquakes
along the Cascadia Subduction zone caused by the pressure of
the moon. If you're among the first to view the Great American
Eclipse in Portland Oregon, you may like to skip the beach as high
tides are something to avoid. One thing is for sure ~ there is a
heightened danger of fires from thunderstorms.

Get ready for emotions to be sky high!
Is the two minutes of spectacle worth it? There will be an
emotional high that's overwhelming and yet eerie.

Get an idea for how people will react in the video below where
the total eclipse was visible in 2006 from Turkey:
The Certified Solar Eclipse sunglasses, above includes a solar safe lens and
32-page Eclipse guide.

Are you Ready for the Total Eclipse of the Sun?
Below are some of the potential problems and the corresponding
tips on resolving them in preparing for the solar eclipse...

#1 Problem: Traffic jams and gas shortages.
Did you know that two thirds of the population lives within a
day's drive of the eclipse? That means potentially everyone will
be heading towards the same viewing zones. There will be more
people travelling not only by the roadside, but in the air and on
the rails and public transportation.

On everyone's mind regarding the eclipse is that for several days
before but also after the eclipse, there will be traffic jams. There
is corridor of highways leading into the eclipse zone and leading
out of it. You should expect chaos Thursday, Aug. 17, through
Tuesday, Aug. 22 with the worst part being on August 22. For
traffic information and traffic updates, check, or
call 511.

Likely the other biggest problem for preppers in preparing for the
solar eclipse is gas availability. The gas prices will be high and
the lines will be long. There will be stranded motorists. Don't be
one of them!

Preppers always keep their gas tanks no less than half full and if
you are in range of the solar eclipse viewing regions of the
country, you'll need to ensure you have enough to navigate past
the gas stations or to hunker down and see through the
overloaded roadways.

Below are some tips and solutions on preparing for the solar
eclipse and the problem of gas:

  • Gas can. Not everyone has a prepper rig with a jerry can, but
    if you do consider yourself lucky. Have a gas can, but don’t
    carry extra gasoline because it can be dangerous if your
    vehicle overheats or you get into an accident.

  • Coolant, and gloves. In case your car overheats, it's a good
    idea to have extra fluids for your vehicle that are specific to
    your car. Remember to pack your work gloves as well!

  • Fold away bike. Consider alternate transportation, such as a
    stow a fold-away bike, to cycle up to the next town if you
    run out of gas. There won't be enough tow trucks to get you
    out of harm's way. You'll otherwise need to rough it.

While you're at it, bring along your own Windex and paper towels
(these will be empty at the gas stations) so you can see clearly
from your windows. Review the contents of the
prepper car kit to
see what you may need to pack.

#2 Problem: Food.
Don't expect there to be any restaurant, grocery store or
convenience store to handle your family's needs for food. Menus
will be limited at restaurants if they are open or have any seating
available for dining. Whats more, the small towns will empty of
all the convenience store items and that means the potato chips
will go first and the snack food shelves will be emptied.

Below are some tips and solutions on preparing for the solar
eclipse and the problem of food:

  • Bring all your own food. In addition to fresh camping food,
    you'll want to pack freeze dried foods (and the extra water
    you'll need for them), along with shelf stable foods, and food
    bars. Be sure to pack a way to cook your food on the road.

  • Pack ration bars. Ration bars are not the same thing as
    food bars. Ideally you'll want to bring both, but bation bars
    will be good thing to bring if you are trapped for long periods
    and for when you might run out of or be low on water as they
    are non-thirst provoking.

#3 Problem: Water.
Water is life and is is perhaps the most critical item you can
bring! Bring water from home and be sure to have your water
filters handy because there will be a dearth of water available.
Not only is water necessary for your off-grid cooking and cleaning,
but hydration is critically important to help prevent altitude
sickness and heat exhaustion.

Below are some tips and solutions on preparing for the solar
eclipse and the problem of water:
  • Emergency Drinking water pouches may be your last resort.
    Save them as a last resort.
  • Remember that alcoholic beverages add to the problem of
    dehydration. For this trip, stash a select few or forgo all-
  • Electrolyte drinks are ideal to help prevent heat stroke or
    altitude sickess.
  • Bring your favorite Lifewater filtration system or water straw.
  • Pack electrolytes for adults and children. There will be
    nothing available at the local stores.

#4 Problem: Shelter.
There will be "no room at the Inn." With such overcrowding comes
danger and sleep depravation. If you are planning on going to see
the show, then think about your accommodations and research
the township and the options you have as there will likely not be
a camping spot or side of the road in which to park. You might
rotate driving and sleeping, but this option is not for everyone.

You can perhaps sleep in your car or get a tent, but if you're
bringing a big camper, you will have a harder time with getting
gas and you will also not be able to navigate easily. While you're
at it, bring along some duct tape. It has a multitude of uses.

#5 Problem: Rioting.
As resources dwindle and tensions rise you can expect rioting.
Know that
small towns are busy ordering extra cots for their
detention centers. Such is the case of the Natrona County
Detention Center in the Casper, Wyoming area; however, the end
goal there is to resolve conflicts without detention or arrest. They
seek to avoid overcrowding at the jails and will likely reserve
them for the most violent offenders.

Below are some tips and solutions on preparing for rioting, which
may happen as a result of limited resources:

#6 Problems: Communications.
If you've learned anything from being a prepper is that
communications are key. When more than ten times the amount
of people inhabit an area you will see communications halt. Cell
phones will have limited reach as small towns quadruple their
size and have limited reception in the first place. Your link
through a survival radio can help you understand wildfires and
road hazards, possibly alternate routes.

Below are some tips and solutions on preparing for the solar

#7 Problems: Emergency rooms.
August 21, 2017 is a day to take it easy. Skip the bagel knife,
don't allow the kids to hop on their Razors, and don't burn
yourself on the barbecue. You will want to take it easy to avoid
the emergency rooms. Anyone who has a chronic illness or injury
or who is pregnant should steer clear of the chaos and close to
the hospital during the eclipse.

There will be overcrowding at the hospitals and the emergency
services will be slow and over-burdened. Small towns will be
setting up first aid stations, but this is inadequate when you
need serious medical help. Bring along a medic's kit, a firs

Bring along a first aid manual and extra water. Some of the
things you could be dealing with include:
  • Altitude sickness
  • Heat exhaustion

  • Pack RecoverORS other oral rehydration powder for the
    clinical treatment of dehydration due to events such as
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Fever
  • Excessive sweating due to strenuous activity
  • Traveling and more.

It almost goes without saying that you should bring all your
medication and enough to last you longer should you get stuck.

#8 Problems: Bathrooms and sanitation.
Bathrooms will be a luxury and if you find a bathroom, you will
likely not have any toilet paper. Deal with your sanitation needs
by packing everything you need:
  • Bring your own port-a-potty.
  • Have plenty of wet wipes and paper towels on hand.
  • Pack your own toilet paper.
  • Ensure you have tampons or menstrual pads, diapers and
    extra underwear.

#9 Problems: Blindness.
Blindness is a real threat of the solar eclipse as illustrated in the
video at the top of th page. Those planning to attend and view,
should protect eyesight with the proper eye protection knowing in
advance that there will be counter-fit sales of eye wear. Buy only
from reputable sources.

There is only one time to look at the sun and that's during total
eclipse. Kids may test you during the critical time. Don't risk
bringing your pets and if you have them in the zone, bring them
inside and shut the blinds for them.

  • Solar safe sunglasses. ISO 12312-2 compliant and NASA
    recommended, the Deluxe 3 piece sun observing and imaging
    kit pictured at the top of the page, includes one pair of hard
    frame, wrap-around style solar glasses, a uniquely designed
    solar imaging filter, and a solar eclipse booklet with all the
    information you need for the upcoming North American
    eclipse. Both the glasses and the photo filter are made with
    electron's ISO certified solar safe film ensuring safe viewing
    of the solar eclipse. Don't trust the cheap cardboard
    sunglasses. You need a solar safe filter to give you the
    ultimate protection from harmful solar radiation, including
    both IR and UV light. These do the job and filters 99.999%
    of intense visible light.

  • Eye patch. An eye patch is helpful because you may like to
    dark-adapt one ye.

  • Solar binoculars. For full enjoyment, pack solar binoculars.
    Ordinary binoculars won't do.

  • Photography. Don't photograph without a solar filter (or you
    could damage your camera's sensor). Also, don't make a
    filter yourself. It won't work.

#10 Problem: Credit unavailable (Bring cash).
Having cash on hand is important as in any crisis. Cash is king
and you may be able to get better service by having cash for gas
and supplies. The faster you can get in and out and on the road
again, the better. The approval of credit cards takes a long time
when there is such a high demand.

You may as well expect price gouging!
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