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What does a real zombie look like?
To know a zombie is to first find out what motivates them. So
what motivates zombies? In one word: hunger! It's a very real
threat and not far off from the Hollywood version where zombies
want to eat you. In an apocalyptic situation, a zombie is
motivated by hunger pangs. People with extreme determination
can live as much as 8-12 weeks without food as long as they
have water. These people are the zombies. In the crazy phase,
zombies are much more than irritated or angry, and they are well
beyond being sad, they simply go mad! They have nothing to
lose, and this desperation motivate crazy behaviors in an attempt
for food. So how can you spot them? What can you do?

How to identify a zombie
It's not a happy thought, but a prepper must protect his home
from intruders should the unthinkable occur and civilization has
no food or water for the masses. How does a prepper protect
food, water and supplies from zombie intruders in a world without
law enforcement? Clever planning! Before you can learn how to
protect your home from zombies, you'll need to learn how to
identify them.

Zombies will come in all shapes and sizes:

  • Hungry neighbor zombies: The first zombies to appear at
    your door will be hungry neighbors begging you for food.
    Have a plan, which may include a charitable contribution or
    barter. Whatever your tactic, do not disclose the extent of
    your supplies. If you've read the contents of this Web site,
    you know the first rule of  Prep Club, is to not talk about
    Prep Club. Focus attention on them and their plans. Do not

  • Children zombies: Beware that children may be a decoy!
    Desperate people will go to desperate measures. They may
    send children to the door and then take you out. Don't trust
    children coming to your door. Again, have a plan. Possibly
    you'll throw some candy out the window and instruct them to
    leave along with words to discourage return. They will be
    back again. You'll have to have another plan.

  • Law enforcement zombies: Beware that there will be clever
    zombies who impersonate law enforcement to get into your
    home. There will also be real law enforcement trying to take
    civilian firearms without the use of warrants. It happened
    during Hurricane Katrina, and it will happen again. Trust no
    one. Do not disclose the extent of your reserves.

  • Gang zombies:  There will be gangs and raiders when things
    go bad. Gangs will gather to raid homes of food, and nothing
    but bloodshed will stop them! You may be helpless unless
    your home is a compound of several individuals.

So now that you now how to identify the kinds of zombies that
there will be, you'll need to learn how to protect your home and

How to protect your home from Zombies:
Where there is a will there is a way! So you must first face the
facts: if zombies want to get into your home, they will find a way.
If you have the will to defend your home, you will find a way too.
All you can do is to deter them. Wearing them out by attrition is
a good tactic until you're able to secure your supplies. Remember,
as a prepper you will have ample food supplies and this means
you will have more sustaining energy that the desperate zombies
who may come banging at your door. Right, the Zombie Survival
Guide will help you in the know.

10 Reasons Zombies Don't Prep
It will be Zombie versus Prepper during an apocalypse and you'll
know who's who, but how can you find who's who today? It's
easy, Zombies just don't bother prepping. There are people who
prep, and then there are the zombies. The difference is one
believes in self reliance and the other believes in fairies. Here are
10 reasons zombies just don't bother preparing for the

1: Zombies believe in the grocery fairy.  
It's the grocery fairy that makes all the necessary food and
supplies magically appear on the shelves, right? That's what
Zombies think. Preppers know how fragile our food system has
become. It takes three days to stock shelves, supplies can be
gone in a matter of hours.

2. Zombies believe in the electricity fairy.
If the power goes out, it will be back in a couple of hours, right?
That's what Zombies think. Preppers know that an
EMP could take
humans indefinitely off the grid.

3. Zombies believe in the water fairy.
They don't understand that the water fairy needs electricity to
pump water to our homes. If the grid goes down, so does the
water supply. Preppers have water reserves and know how to find
water sources and filter it.

4. Zombies believe in the dollar fairy.
In the dollar they trust. They don't know what an Amero is or
believe it will ever become currency. Bartering will be the new

5. Zombies believe in the credit card fairy.
They believe that in an economic crisis their credit cards (and
debit cards) will continue working. Zombies are slaves to their
credit cards.

6. Zombies believe in the government fairy.
Zombies trust the government will save them. They plan to go to
FEMA camps, but that's where many will die.

7. Zombies don't believe in zombies.
Zombies are just classic Hollywood horror stories, right? Most
people don't know that they are the zombies. If you don't prep,
you're destined to be a zombie.

8. Zombies think their neighbors will feed them.
Zombies believe it's their right to have food (even if they didn't
prep for it). No food and water? No problem! Zombies plan to get
food and water by stealing it or maybe even killing for it. And why
not? They'd be dead pretty quickly without it!

9. Zombies don't believe the world will end.  
Zombies just don't want to think about anything bad happening.
It's uncomfortable thinking about what could happen. They don't
get that it's their world that could end. Life will go on for some in
The End Of
The World As We Know It (TEOTWAWKI).

10. Zombies believe Preppers are crazy.
Preppers are hoarders, doom and gloomers, and gun happy freaks,
right? Well, only two of those three statements are correct.
Preppers hoard food and guns, yes, but we're not going to be the
ones who are gloomy and doomy should the unthinkable occur.
We're the ones who'll have food, guns and ammo to keep us
Happy Preppers.

There are plenty of Zombie Novelties ideal for prepper fun. Have
a gag gift to share? Join us on Facebook or Twitter and tell us
about it.
Do you have a preppers list? Write us.

Smile! We are not Doomsday Preppers. We are Happy Preppers!
We believe that the happiest people on earth will be the ones
who've prepared should the unthinkable happen. Take it from us,
the happiest emergency preparedness planners on the planet,
that you can thrive with a positive mental attitude. Connect with
us on Twitter and Facebook!

Happy endings...
Zombies are real. They are the walking dead ~ the sheeple who
avoid prepping. Be happy that you are prepared to live happily
ever after. Planning for disaster keeps the zombie virus away!

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Zombies are Real!
How to identify the zombies (and what to do about them)

WARNING: If zombies come, we're tripping you...
Zombies are a novelty with preppers and yet they are a very real
threat. It's not the zombies of Hollywood that preppers have
concerns about. Instead, the threat that looms in the minds of
preppers is the people who haven't prepared for uncertain times.
In mad desperation, these "zombies" will be the ones scavenging,
foraging and demanding food and supplies from preppers when
the "stuff hits the fan" (SHTF).

Zombies are Real
The funny T-shirt that reads "Warning: if zombies chase us, I'm
tripping you!" And yet it rings with a bit of truth. Remember
Zombies are real. They are the masses of unprepared ordinary
people who will turn into zombies in a desperation for resources.
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Zombies are real
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