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Texas Sport Camp Grill

#13: Toilet paper rolls, 2-ply, individually wrapped.
Bulk up on Georgia Pacific Toilet paper 80 rolls deal. The entire
case of
80 quality toilet paper rolls is just $45.14 , which works
out to about .56 cents each.

#14: Tow strap.
The Neiko tow strap, pictured right in yellow is an important tool
for preppers as part of car kit. The Neiko tow strap can help you
tow 10,000 lbs, which is more than strong enough to extract any
vehicle from a ditch or rough spot. A best seller on Amazon, the
Neiko tow Strap has two safety hooks on both ends, allows for
easy and fast hook ups and releases. It's just $11.85 today on

#15: WaterBob.
Save 24% on the WaterBOB Emergency Drinking Water Storage
(100 Gallons), pictured right, helps you store water in your
bathtub for an impending emergency. For example, use it directly
after an earthquake when water could be in limited supply or
before a hurricane so your family always has water.

A hurricane, tropical storm, flood or storm surge can interrupt or
even contaminate your water supply. Water stored in an open
bathtub, with dirt, soap film and exposure to debris will spoil and
become useless. With the waterBOB you and your loved ones will
never have to risk ingesting contaminated water. The waterBOB
keeps water fresh and clean for drinking, cooking, washing and
sanitation for up to 12 weeks! Right now you can save on the
WaterBOB! It's just $22.70.

Happy endings...
Getting a good deal is good and happy news, but you may be
skeptical. Why can you get a good deal? Well, sometimes a
manufacturer wants to promote a product to get a rated.
Sometimes they have an overstock. Whatever the case, you can
get good deals if you check with us first. Make it your new routine
to check with us each day. Happy prepping!

Below are more prepper deals and money saving ideas...

Save money prepping with these popular articles:

Above, preppers can shop bulk foods online and use coupons to save up to 30%.

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Prepper Deal Alerts
Prepping for the best Amazon deals on survival gear.

Prepping for great deals
If you've been following on, you
know we regularly post prepper deal alerts. We're on Amazon
almost daily to help you find the best deals on the best prepping
and survival gear, homesteading supplies and food storage.

How do we find the great deals? We're constantly buying new
preps and building our food storage. Sometimes we get wind of
lightning deals from our readers. Sometimes we stumble upon a
low-priced product because it's not been reviewed yet.

Prepper Deal Alerts
Below are more great deals we found for you on prepping,
homesteading and survival for
Aug. 13, 2017.

  • Hit the refresh key if you visited earlier today. Prices are
    subject to change and we refresh often.

#1: The Prepper's Complete Book of Disaster
The Prepper's Complete Book of Disaster Readiness: Life-Saving
Skills, Supplies, Tactics and Plans, is today 30% off! This classic
guide of many
prepping and survival guides by Jim Cobb provides
the key to riding out the aftermath of a crisis when the power grid
is down, supplies are running short, and anarchy is the rule of the
day.  Get an action plan for dealing with hurricanes, tornadoes,
fires, floods, and earthquakes. With this comprehensive guide,
you can get started storing food, securing and strengthening a
house, drafting emergency contingency plans, preparing children,
packing bug-out bags, and even setting up an off-site survival

#2: Food Storage Deals
Fill your prepper's pantry with #10 cans and buckets of emergency
food from Augason Farms, Mountain House, and Wise Foods. We
found the best deals on these freeze dried and emergency foods...

Augason Farms:
Deals on Augason Farms are slipping away, but there are still a
few good deals to be had below...

    Augason Farms Cans (we only list #10 cans):

    Augson Farms Buckets:

Mountain House:
The preferred freeze-dried food of backpackers, Mountain House
offers a variety of #10 cans, pouches and buckets of food storage
for preppers.

    Mountain house cans:

    Mountain House kits:

Wise Foods: Ready to eat dinners, lunches and breakfasts are in
the bucket of these popular freeze dried meals from Wise Foods:

#3: Essential oils.
When you buy sample sets of essential oils you will not only find
some favorites, but save money as well.

#4: Etekcity Survival Gear.
Etekcity survival gear is dependable, highly-rated and currently at
a great deal:

  • Etekcity water filter. Save 37% on the Etekcity Water filter.
    Drink safe water in an instant with no setup or waiting. The
    Etekcity filter removes 99.99999% of waterborne bacteria,
    such as salmonella, cholera, and E.coli; removes 99.9999%
    of all protozoa, such as giardia and cryptosporidium.

#5: Lifestraw Family Water Purifier.
Save on the popular Lifestraw water filtration purifiers, which
removes a minimum 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria, and
removes 99.99% protozoa, and even surpasses rigorous EPA
guidelines for
E. coli, Giardia, Salmonella and Cryptosporidium

#6: NATO Gas mask. Get a high quality NBC NATO
Mask, military grade, at a 37% savings. Highly rated and hard to
find with NATO specifications, the
NBC gas mask, pictured right,
will give you more confidence to survive nuclear, biological and
chemical attacks. This gas maks has full visibility and is heat
resistant up to 800 degrees Celsius. It has three 40mm filter
ports. With a special resin coating applied to the polycarbonate
visor which provides additional scratch and chemical resistance,
you can rest assured that this is a quality NBC NATO gas mask.

#7: Sabre pepper spray.
Save 42% on Sabre Prepper Spray ~ “Making Grown Men Cry Since
1975!” SABRE is the #1 brand chosen by both law enforcement
agencies and consumers. SABRE backs the most effective pepper
spray with education and training to maximize personal safety.  
This compact, easy to use SABRE pepper spray combines Red
Pepper, CS Military Tear Gas and UV Dye for maximum stopping
power. It is a perfect option for those wanting a compact pepper
spray but don’t need a key chain attachment. Save 42%! This
powerful pepper spray is just $6.99 on Prime. Add it to your cart
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Lifestraw Family, pictured
above is
$62.94 save 30%.
(Was $89.95!)
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Above, save 42% on Sabre prepper spray.

#8: Survival Spark.
Save 50% on the Survival Spark fire starter with compass and
whistle will help ensure you're never caught in the cold without a
fire! The three-in-one tool includes a Magnesium fire starter stick,
large scraper, compass, whistle & lanyard. Highly rated, this
popular tool strikes up to 15,000.

#9: Survival Radio, flashlight, lamp, powerbank.
Save 53% on the RunningSnail Weather radio, right, which is a
must for emergencies. Keep your household prepared with this
AM/FM and NOAA weather alert radio, which will broadcast
emergency weather alerts for your area such as hurricanes,
tornadoes and severe storms. It has 12 hours of light or 4-6 hours
of radio time. Use it in an emergency or survival situations to
light up dark spaces and areas or to keep your room nice and
bright after a storm cuts off your power. Charge up your cell
phone to stay connected. It even comes with an SOS Alarm with
flashing red light for when you want to ask for help in case you
have an emergency or you want to warn somebody. What a
combo! Hand-crank, solar or battery charged, RunningSnail
Weather radio is 53% off ~ just $27.90.

#10: Solo Stove.
The Solo Stove backpacking stove comes highly recommended by
Backpacker magazine (and the Pictured
right, it's an ultralight wood-burning backpacking or bugout bag
cook system that burns twigs. No batteries or liquid fuel gas
canister required! Save 25% (and get one-day free shipping on

#11: TACT Bivvy Emergency Survival Sleeping Bag
The TACT Bivvy Emergency Survival Sleeping Bag, pictured right
and at the top of the page is now 25% off. Made out of ultra-
lightweight reflective polyester film, this emergency survival
blanket sleeping bag weighs just 4.8 ounces. It also compresses
into a tiny stuff sack, so you can carry this sleeping bag with your
survival kit everywhere you go without weighing yourself down.

#12: Texsport Camp Grill.
The Texsport Camp Grill pictured below is a sturdy grill that's
built for camping in all climates, with a heavy-duty welded steel
mesh grill built to withstand heat and heavy cast iron cookware.
Folds easily for storage. It's built to withstand heat and heavy
cast iron cookware and folds easily for storage. Save 50%!
Save 25% on Tact Bivvy
Survival Spark
TACT Bivvy
Home and Family Healing Essential Oils set
Apple Delight Drink mIx
Prepper's complete book of disaster readineess
Lifestraw personal water straw