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Prepper Deal Alerts
Prepping for the best Amazon deals on survival gear.

Prepping for great deals
If you've been following on, you
know we regularly post prepper deal alerts. We're on Amazon
almost daily to help you find the best deals on the best prepping
and survival gear, homesteading supplies and food storage.

Sometimes a manufacturer wants to promote a product to get a
rated. Sometimes they have an overstock. Whatever the case,
you can get good deals if you check with us first. Make it your
new routine to check with us each day.

Below are the deals we found for you on prepping, homesteading
and survival for
April 28, 2017:

Prepper Deal Alerts
Prices are subject to change, so hurry to get these deals...

#1: Augason Farms #10 cans and buckets.
Augason Farms #10 cans offer the convenience of a long-shelf life
(please don't confuse them with the much smaller #2.5 cans).
Ingredients and meals are ready for you when you need them and
can last 10-25 years. The newest deal is in
sliced strawberries!
Check out these Augason Farms deals in #10 cans:

  • Beans ~ pinto (#10 can). Augason Pinto Beans are 34%
    off! Better known as "frijoles," pinto beans are most often
    refried for use in tacos and other Mexican dishes, but they
    are also tremendously popular in a variety of bean dishes,
    such as barbeque, chill and baked beans. High in fiber, low
    in cholesterol, these delectable beans are ideal for everyday
    cooking, as well as long term emergency storage. This is an
    all natural product that consists of 26 servings and 7,800
    calories, with a shelf-life of 30 years. Just $11.90

  • Creamy wheat (#10 can). Augason Farms Creamy Wheat
    cereal offers a warming, healthy, whole wheat breakfast
    experience. This is better tasting than the bland instant
    varieties found in stores. For added zest and nourishment,
    try adding Augason Farms fruits: freeze dried strawberries,
    raspberries or blueberries. It can also be used as an
    ingredient in many recipes, such as cookies and muffins, to
    enhance the flavor and nutrition. Its universal appeal makes
    it ideal for everyday use as well as for emergency food
    storage. Be sure to look that you are getting the #10 can for
    the best deal.

  • Dehydrated Celery (#10 can). You'll save money with
    dehydrated celery and won't waste your food. At just $8.05,
    Augason Farms dehydrated celery is a convenient and
    affordable staple for your prepper's pantry, but it's a deal
    currently available only to Prime members. Augason Farms
    dehydrated celery retains a natural salt that can enhance
    your cooking in so many ways.

  • Bucket of hard white wheat (bucket). An incredible and
    yet legitimate deal is from Augason Farms. Be sure to read
    our article on cooking with wheat berries! You can do so
    much more with wheat berries than making pizza or baking
    breads. The bucket is just $15.48 with free shipping for 26-
    lbs. bucket of hard white wheat berries. That's a 40%

  • Turkey Feast Bucket. Another great deal from Augason
    Farms is the Turkey Feast pail, pictured right. Today you can
    feed eight people for a complete turkey feast for just
    $49.98. You save 31%! The Augason Farms turkey feast food
    supply consists of the freeze-dried turkey, turkey gravy,
    mashed potatoes, seasoned stuffing, bread rolls, green bean
    casserole and pumpkin pie mousse. The pouches are
    contained in a 4-gallon watertight pail and includes 52
    servings, 6,940 calories and a shelf life up to 20 years

#2: Bega Cheese (six cans).
Get six cans of Bega Cheese for $24.49 right now! That works out
to around $4.08 per can. That's a deal (about half of what it costs
to buy one can.)

You can buy just
one can of Bega cheese for around $9.95 when
sold individually. That's a huge savings - more than 50%. Bega
Cheese from Australia is the world famous canned cheese with a
mild cheddar flavor.

Pair this product with
Pilot Crackers from Mountain House and
you'll always have a meal handy that doesn't require heating.

#3: Essential oils from Healing Solutions.
Essential oils can be pricey. One way to get around the costs is
to buy your favorites in gift sets. In this way you not only
discover new favorites, but you can replenish your oils at a
fraction of the price. As an example is the essential oils from
Healing Solutions.

  • Healing Solutions Beginners Essential oil kit. What a deal:
    Healing Solutions Beginners Essential oil kit is 68% off and
    includes Bergamot, Clary Sage, Cinnamon Leaf, Eucalyptus,
    Grapefruit, Lavender, Lemon, Lime, Patchouli, Peppermint,
    Rosemary, Spearmint, Sweet Orange, and Tea Tree. This fine
    set of 14 essential oils was $93.95 and now just $29.95! It
    would make a fun set to surprise mom for Mother's Day.

  • Healing Solutions Top Six Essential oils kit. If you regularly
    buy essential oils, you've got to give the "top six" set a try.
    Healing Solutions Top 6 set of essential oils is another
    remarkable deal today at just $14.99 (it was $49.94)!

    The sampler set includes:
  1. French Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) has a sweet
    floral aroma with occasional notes of fruits and herbs.
  2. Frankincense (Boswellia Serrata) has a combination of
    smells including a dry woody scent with a hint of pine
    and lemon.
  3. Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus globulus) has an intensely
    menthol, pine-like aroma.
  4. Rosemary (Cananga odorata) has a fresh herbal aroma
    with strong sweet notes and a medicinal undertone.
  5. Sweet Orange (Citrus sinensis) has an intensely sweet,
    citrus aroma like oranges.
  6. Peppermint Pharma Grade(Mentha piperita) has a
    strong, fresh minty aroma.

#4: Fire Hydrant Wrench.
The fire hydrant wrench pictured directly below could provide you
with life-saving water in a long term crisis. Just $13.34 (it was
$24). You save 44%!
Texsport Camp Grill $19.99 (this is 50% off)

#13: Toilet paper.
Environmentally concerned customers appreciate the reliable
performance tissue that consistently exceeds EPA guidelines for
minimum post consumer recycled fiber content. Georgia Pacific
Toilet Paper gets high marks from consumers for its softness,
quick absorbency, durability and thickness. Every prepper has a
supply of toilet paper and can now add to their storage a case of
80 rolls of toilet paper for an incredible price: $31.27. It works out
to just .39 cents a roll!

#14: WaterBob.
The WaterBOB Emergency Drinking Water Storage (100 Gallons),
pictured right, helps you store water in your bathtub for an
impending emergency. For example, use it directly after an
earthquake when water could be in limited supply or before a
hurricane so your family always has water.

A hurricane, tropical storm, flood or storm surge can interrupt or
even contaminate your water supply. Water stored in an open
bathtub, with dirt, soap film and exposure to debris will spoil and
become useless. With the waterBOB you and your loved ones will
never have to risk ingesting contaminated water. The waterBOB
keeps water fresh and clean for drinking, cooking, washing and
sanitation for up to 12 weeks!

What's more, you can unlock 5% savings on this product when you
subscribe to 5 or more products that arrive in the same month.
Skip or cancel any time, and shipping is FREE.

Right now you can save on the WaterBOB! It's 31% off its regular
price. Today it's a new low price at just $20.70!

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Above, preppers can shop bulk foods online and use coupons to save up to 30%.

More prepping articles....

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Saratoga Farms bucket - cereal honey nut
Texsport Camp Grill
Lifestraw Family, pictured
above is
$59.99 - save
(Was $89.95!)
Turkey Feast
Cereal as emergency food storage
bathtub water storage
Lifestraw Mission
Cheap preps that are $5 and under
6 cans Bega Cheese Deal
This works out to just $4.08 a
can; single cans are otherwise
double the price.
Six cans Bega cheese deal
Lifestraw Family
Survival Seed Vault
Fire Hydrant Wrench
Augason Farms White wheat
Solo stove
Solo Stove deal expires shortly~ currently 25% off.

#12: Texsport Camp Grill.
The Texsport Camp Grill is a sturdy grill that's built for camping
in all climates, with a heavy-duty welded steel mesh grill built
to withstand heat and heavy cast iron cookware. Folds easily for
storage. It's built to withstand heat and heavy cast iron
cookware and folds easily for storage.
Solo stove unit
Epsom salt uses in prepping
Mountain House #10 can - Noodles & Chicken
Mountain House #10 can of chili mac
Survival Spark
Survival Spark
Spaghetti with meat sauce
Spaghetti with meat sauce
is 46% off -- just $15.25!
Vegetable Beef stew
Germicidal wipes
Augason farms beans
Save on Classic Mountain House bucket
Above, is a demonstration of Lifestraw Steel, which provides confidence in
drinking directly from water source without fear of bacteria and protozoa!

In addition to the hollow fiber membrane found in the original
LifeStraw personal water filter, which filters out virtually all
bacteria and protozoa, the LifeStraw steel offers the additional
benefits of an activated carbon capsule. The replaceable carbon
capsule reduces chemicals such as chlorine as well as organic
compounds - including pesticides and herbicides - for up to 100
liters. The result is better tasting and odor-free water.

#6: Mountain House #10 cans.
Mountain House deals change often, so be sure to check back
with us for your food storage. The following deals are available
now. Get this deal now and be sure to check the 20% Subscribe
Subscribe and Save coupon, too.

  • Mountain House Chicken and Noodles #10 can.
    Sometimes you want simple flavors that satisfy and that's
    what Chicken and Noodles does! With a rich creamy sauce
    this pasta and chicken dish also has a splash of red peppers.
    Comfort food just like grandma makes, this is a perfect meal
    for at home or on the go. Perfect for long term food storage
    or keep handy for a quick meal during the busy week. Today
    the can is 38% off. It.s $20.31 on Prime and you can have it
    delivered through the Subscribe and Save deal and save 20%.

  • Mountain House Chili Mac with Beef #10 can. A simple to
    make, hearty and delicious chili. Made with real beef,
    macaroni noodles and beans. Just add water and in 8-10
    minutes you’ll have a hot, hearty meal you can enjoy
    anywhere. Spicy chili sauce with beef, onion, macaroni
    noodles, and beans. Feed the football team after practice or
    serve the entire family after a busy day at work. Add Chili
    Mac with beef to your emergency food storage shelf. You get
    10 hearty one-cup servings.  It's just $19.44 -- 35% off!

  • Mountain House Spaghetti and Meat Sauce #10 can.
    Tender spaghetti pasta with chunks of seasoned beef in a
    rich marinara sauce. Mountain House Spaghetti with meat
    sauce is a classic dish is delicious, hearty and filling. If you
    have kids, then you'll want to ensure you have this can of
    Mountain House on hand for emergencies. You get 10
    servings and it's ready in ten minutes with hot water.  It's
    time to stock up at just $15.25 -- save 46%

  • Mountain House Vegetable Stew with Beef #10 can.
    Mountain House Vegetable Stew with Beef is 29% off. This
    hearty home-style stew with a medley of garden vegetables
    and beef that's ready in 10 minutes is just as nice for
    camping as it is for emergencies. It's just $22.05

#7: Mountain House Buckets
This Classic Mountain House Bucket offers 29 hearty servings of
satisfying food. Tested by campers and backpackers for more
than 50 years, you can't go wrong with Mountain House taste.
Not only does it have a shelf life that's scientifically guaranteed
to last 25 years, but the company guarantees it for 30! You can
rest easy knowing you have your family covered in times of
emergencies whether it be one year from now or thirty.

This Mountain House bucket is today a savings of 22%. You get:
  • beef stroganoff
  • chicken terriyaki with rice
  • blueberry granola
  • beef stew
  • lasagne with meat sauce
  • noodles and chicken

#8: Saratoga Farms Cereal Buckets.   
Are you storing enough cereal in the prepper's pantry? Saratoga
Farms offers cereal buckets of various flavors for your bulk food
storage needs. One thing you'll notice when opening Saratoga
Farms buckets is that they're filled to maximum capacity. They
will last 20-years unopened.

Today the
Saratoga Farms Honey Nut Cereal bucket is just $55.99
and shipping is free (you save 22%). This is one hefty bucket of
Os! Look also for other cereal varieties from Saratoga Farms.
Each bucket comes packed in Mylar bags with oxygen absorbers
sealed inside to seal in freshness.

Big Berry Crunch: If you’re a fan of Captain Berry Crunch,
you’ll love the sweet berry crunch of this fortified, berry breakfast
cereal. Each bite bursts with the sweet taste of strawberries. Or
look for
mini frosted squares cereal.

#9: Survival Seed Vault.
Spring has sprung and there's a great deal for preppers. The
Survival Seed Vault is today just $19.99 (it was $39.99). You
save 49% on Prime!

This can of 20-easy-to-grow seed varieties are 100% heirloom,
non-hybrid and non-GMO seeds for long term emergency storage.
Included is a vegetable growing and seed-saving guide.
Use this can to start your gardening or keep it in your storage for
an upcoming season.

#10: Survival Spark.
Survival Spark is a firestarter like no other! This firestar combines
three pieces of essential survival gear into one compact tool. You
get a magnesium fire starter rod, a large striker, a high quality
compass, and a 150 DB emergency whistle.

Built to last, this fire starter lights up to 15,000 times, and is an
essential for outdoor activities including camping, hiking, fishing,
hunting, and as part of your emergency survival supplies. Survival
Spark prevents you from ever being caught in the cold as it is
weather resistant, cold resistant and windproof.

Whether you are lighting a campfire, bonfire, BBQ, or just need a
quick flame, the Survival Spark has you covered. No need to
fumble around with matches. Just shave a small amount of
magnesium from the rod onto your tinder using the serrated side
of the scraper. The amount you need is approximately the size of
a quarter. Next, hold the rod at an angle over the pile and
forcefully slide your striker along the length of the rod until
sparks land directly on the magnesium shavings and ignite the
fire. For best results, strip the protective layer of paint from the
striker before starting your fire.

#11: Solo Stove.
Hurry on the incredible daily deal on the Solo Stove pictured
below. This is an excellent backpacking stove recommended by
Backpacker magazine (and the It's an
ultralight wood-burning backpacking or bugout bag cook system
that burns twigs. No batteries or liquid fuel gas canister required!
Lifestraw Steel
Creamy wheat cereal
Dehydrated celery
Beginners Essential Oils
healing solutions top essential oils
#5: Lifestraw Family and Mission Water Purifiers.
Lifestraw offers several water filters that are great prices at the
moment (subject to change):

  • Lifestraw Mission. LifeStraw Mission High-Volume Gravity-
    Fed Water Purifier. We're happy to help save you money!
    Use our link, right, because other links may have higher
    prices for the same item. Save 41%! Today it's just $90.93!

  • Lifestraw Steel. The Lifestraw Steel is quite a steal at just
    $39.99. This personal water filter with two-stage carbon
    filtration is made of durable, food-grade stainless steel with
    cap; meets FDA standards. Lifestraw Steel requires no
    batteries, pumping, iodine or waiting ~ you can drink directly
    from water source! It's 33% off!