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Deploying Barbed wire in prepping

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Concertina wire sign
Deploying barbed wire when in an SHTF situation
Barbed wire
Easy to deploy in a defensive situation, but should you?

Perimeter security: should you employ concertina wire?
The Capitol building was surrounded by wire in 2021. Barbed wire,
also called concertina wire, Dannert Wire, or razor wire is great to
have for an SHTF situation, or is it?

It's cheap and easy to deploy. Made of galvanized steel,
concertina wire is aimed at prevention of entry by people or
animals. It's popular with farmers. It's also used by the military
to create obstacles and in prisons to prevent escape. Right now
it's being employed by the U.S. Military to secure the U.S. border.

There are reasons the military, prisons and farmers employ use of
barbed wire when creating trenches or defending borders, but the
most important reason is that it's effective. Barbed wire is
something you may like to deploy in an SHTF-situation, but there
are some things to consider before doing it...

Before Deploying Barbed Wire...
Razor wire and barbed wire provides an easy defense barrier. It's
flexible and an obvious deterrent to prevent unauthorized access,
but should prepprs have some on hand when the world goes dark?
Should you deploy concertina wire in a world without rule of Law?

Before you deploy barbed wire consider the following:

#1:  Barbed wire is a cheap defensive tool, but you
risk serious injury.
Barbed wire is an effective defensive tool because it's cheap, it's
easy to deploy and doesn't require maintenance. If you need a
deterrent at an entrance, then concertina wire will stop just about
anybody. Just pull it apart and place it in a doorway or the
perimeter of your home if you're facing a potential mob in the
apocalpyse. It's extremely effective, but it's also an extremely
dangerous slinky!

There are many kinds of barbed wire Concertina wire, or Dannert
Wire, is barbed wire that's formed in large coils and it expands.
Concertina wire has a broad security fencing option because it has
anti-climb and anti-cutting properties. Compared to a mesh or
chain link fence there's no contest on its effectiveness as a
deterrent. Concertina wire will injure you immediately, the chain
link fence is a simply a challenge to climb over. This is why it's
extremely popular with the military, particularly in creating
trenches and in defending borders.

#2: Get protective equipment!
As tempting as it is, you might injure yourself by deploying razor
wire if you're not extremely careful. Unfortunately, you risk
seriousinjury both putting it up and in removing it.

Remember, the military relies on combat engineers, whose duties
on the battlefield include setting up such tactical obstacles to
prevent the enemy from advancing. They're the experts. You're
not. They also have forklifts, tractors and teams of men and
women to install.

If you're going to put up such barbed wire get yourself the
appropriate gear, including no slash gloves and sleeves. Be sure
to wear sturdy boots and put up warning signs.

#3: Barbed wire certainly intimidates.
Want to keep away MS-13? Barbed wire serves its intended
purpose of intimidation quite nicely! In a world Without Rule of
Law (WROL), you'll find it will keep the mobs away from your
stockpiles. Under ordinary times it will also intimidate wildlife ~
it keeps the coyotes from your property.

It's a deterrent and it intimidates, but  it's temporary!
Currently deployed by the U.S. Military, it's successfully deterring
Central American migrants gathering in Tijuana from crossing the
border into California, but did you know such obstacles aren’t
there to stop the migrants? In wartime the primary goal is to
channel the enemy into a field of fire. Think about it: all the
enemy really has to do is to use wire cutters. Breaching the gap
is possible in the military, but likely the average migrant won't be
prepared with such inclination. The migrants will be channeled
into detention and they will not be released. They will be

  • Temporary fence: For deploying temporary fencing, consider
    a high tensile wire. The Bekaert High Tensile Barbed wire,
    pictured right, allows for easier installation with increased
    post spacing and less maintenance. It has a reverse twist

#4: Not so good for neighbors.
Good fences make good neighbors, but this doesn't apply to
barbed wire, unless it's for making a crude cattle fencing. Even
then you'll need to give it careful thought...

Concertina wire consists of sharp flat, intimidating blades. A
chain link fence is a safer option, though it's more permeable,
and your neighbors won't mind. If you choose this option, you can
also buy a
razor ribbon for chain link fence.

What's more, creating a defensive barrier like this also entraps
you with no method to escape fire or other peril.

#5: Even if for cattle fencing, beware!
Barbed wire is effective, and as we mentioned you may harm
yourself. You may not have considered that you'll have a huge vet
bill. This will potentially leave with problems in good times or
leave you with more serious problems when you can't get medical
help in bad times.

  • Want to contain horses? ElectroBraid is 1000 feet of
    fencing. Horse Fence Conductor Reel will supply you with
    plenty of material to protect your livestock. It is the main
    component of the safe, secure and simple all copper electric
    fence system designed by ElectroBraid exclusively for horses.

  • Looking to contain the dogs or hogs? Think electric netting.
    Use as perimeter or subdivision fence for pasture pigs.
    Allows pigs to forage gardens, orchards and fields after
    harvest. Replaces heavy welded wire panels.

  • Looking for property demarcation? Want to just keep out
    some critters? You may instead need galvanized welded
    wire. Welded wire is ideal for property delineation,
    confinement of non-aggressive animals, drain guards, split
    fence rail, or as an inexpensive temporary confinement

#6: Check with local laws.
Consider barbed wire, but be sure to check local laws for using
any kind of razor wire. In Texas, for example, you can't use razor
wire in any canal, lateral, reservoir or lake.

You are likely also required by law to post signage, and any razor
wire may need to be more than 8 feet high to comply with local

#7: Locks them in (effective barriers for captivity).
Prisons have long used barbed wire for keeping prisoners from
escaping. When Democrats set up Japanese Internment Camps
during World War II under President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in
1942, they used it too. It was a racist concentration camp that
American history books glosses over.

In these camps, barbed wire was used to maintain control of the
captive population. The barbed wire fences of Japanese
internment camps were snipped with cutting wire to get supplies
from kind people who recognized the inequities.

#8: Baseball bat and barbed wire.
Wrapping a baseball bat in barbed wire would be an effective
weapon to help protect life and property without use of firearms
in a world Without Rule of Law.

#9: Keeps them out (border security).
Concertina wire is extremely effective when deployed for border
security for the United States. As three separate migrant
caravans make their way through Mexico in November 2018, U.S.
troops worked to set up barbed wire fences in place of a border
wall. The military uses concertina wire because it's easy to store,
transport and install. In fact, concertina wire has been the wire of
choice since World War I.
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