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#3: Vogelzang Rancher Cast Iron Stove.
The Rancher Cast Iron Stove, pictured immediate right, is an all
cast iron cooking range that will burn either wood or bituminous
coal. Features a large flare-top with four 8" lift-out cook lids that
will facilitate several pots and pans at one time and also allow
for easy top loading. Also includes a convenient ash door and tray
for easy clean out and disposal of ash, with a lower spin-draft to
control air intake. Uses a standard round 6" stove pipe. BTU
rating: 60,000.

(It is not for sale in WA, OR, and CA due to state restrictions.)

#4: US Stove Cast Iron Wood Stove
The US Stove cast-iron wood stove, pictured immediate left,  is
heavy duty and rustic stove ideal for any rugged outdoorsman,
who has a nostalgic taste. It provides reliable and cost efficient
heating. Oerfect for log cabins, large garages and shops, this
stove is durability defined for preppers and features a 27" log
capacity. Tested and certified to U.L. 1482 by Warnock Hersey
International for greater peace of mind and safety assurance,  
you'll find it has unequaled life expectancy and is easy to use. (It
is not available for sale in Washington and California.)

#5: Pleasant Hearth Cook Stove.
The non-catalytic ‘pleasant hearth’ wood burning stove, pictured
immediate right, will warm your heart and your home with
efficient and effective indoor zone heating. Certified by the EPA,
this large stove has an 85-percent efficiency rating and a 3.6
grams per hour of emissions rating. Perfect for any space in your
home up to 2,200 square feet with little assembly required. All
‘pleasant hearth’ wood burning stoves feature a brick lined
firebox, stainless steel ash lip, chrome spring handles, an air
wash system, and front-loading solid cast iron door with large
ceramic glass viewing area. Additionally, all ‘pleasant hearth’
wood burning stoves are made in the USA, and include a 5 year
limited warranty.

#6: Vogelzang Lil Sweetie Cast Iron Stove.
The Lil Sweetie Stoveis perfect for limited space applications or
where a small stove is necessary. Accepts logs up to 20" in
length, with a 6" lift-out cook lid and lid lifter. Cast iron
construction allows for better heat radiation and heats up to 600
square feet. Ideal for workshops, hunting camps, cabins, barns
and cottages. Features a cool touch spring handle with cam-lock
latch, built-in damper/collar with 6" flue and a BTU rating of

Vogelzang Frontiersman Wood Stove.
The Frontiersman wood stove, pictured left, is constructed of
heavy gauge reinforced plate steel with welded seams to ensure
years of reliable service. Air wash design helps keep ceramic
glass clean and the heavy duty door gasket provides a strong
seal to prevent smoke leakage, with a cool touch spring handle
for safe handling. Wood stove is fully assembled except for legs
and flue collar and safety tested to UL Standard 1482-1998. BTU
rating: 102,000.

Check with local laws
Whether you're looking for a large wood-burning stove or a small
one, be sure to check local regulations as many states have

Invest in a Cook book.
Jane Cooper shares the secret of her woodcooking success in her
book, the
Woodstove Cookery, pictured right. Get it used on
Amazon and save. Keep your kitchen warm and cozy as you whip
up breakfast pancakes, mouthwatering roasted meats, delicious
pies, and irresistible loaves of freshly baked bread. With plenty of
advice on buying, installing, and maintaining your woodstove, you’
ll be sure to enjoy cooking over a controlled, crackling fire for
years to come.  

Happy endings...
Home is where the hearth is. Prepare to live happily ever after
with a cook stove! Home is where the hearth is and having one
will help you live happily ever after. You'll stay warm and be able
to cook your food in an off grid world.

Want to make your cook stove a healthy place for family to
gather? Throw in some healing
frankincense resin or oil.

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Cast Iron Cook Stoves
Cooking with wood as fuel in a cast iron stove

Cast iron stoves for preppers:
Cast iron cook stoves are popular with preppers as they build
their off grid compounds and prepare to cook without electricity
and heat their homes. No electricity required!

Cast iron stoves can also add charm to your h tiny home,
homestead, prepper cabin or bugout location. Below are some
cast iron stove options for prepper...

Cast Iron Stoves For Preppers
Every bugout location should have adequate means of long-term
cooking and a cast iron or wood cook stove provides the answer
for a homestead. There are many brands of cast iron stoves that
can provide your home with charm as you add a layer of
emergency preparedness.

Cook stoves provide three things:
  1. Heat.
  2. Surface area to cook food or boil water.
  3. Ambiance.

You can find real cast iron cook stoves for sale online from a
reputable source: Amazon! Best of all, prices are reasonable and
usually includes the shipping. Below you'll find cookstoves to
meet your every price range.

#1: Non-Catalytic Cast Iron Stove.
Dutchwest non-catalytic Wood Stove line combines classic styling
and innovation with solid cast iron construction. Large glass front
doors allow for maximum viewing, plus our unique heating
systems for the smartest heat distribution ever. Dutchwest non-
catalytic Wood Stoves earn high marks with the EPA for
outstanding emissions standards with among the lowest
emissions in the wood stove industry! (It has emissions of less
than 1.5 grams/hour!) Large glass front doors allow for maximum

With cleaner emissions and longer burn times compared to
similar  catalytic systems. Gases produced from the burning of
the wood are mixed with just the right amount of air to ensure
they are burned completely, producing clean emissions and
efficient warmth. The  Everburn non-catalytic Combustion System
enables our Dutchwest Cast Iron non-catalytic wood stove to
burn more steadily and longer on a single load of wood compared
to other non-catalytic stoves.

#2: Durango Wood Stove.
The Durango Wood Stove efficiently heats up to 1,500 square
feet. Accepts logs up to 26" in length. This highly efficient, no-
nonsense, hard working, air tight wood stove produces a hotter
fire for longer periods of time than others in the same category of
wood stoves and with exceptionally low emissions. Turbo Burn
delivers secondary air to the top of the firebox for more complete
combustion resulting in a hotter fire and extending the burn time
up to 12 hours.

Durango meets EPA requirements for Certified wood burning
appliances as well as meeting State of Washington regulations
for low emissions at 3.6 grams/hour. One of the cleanest burning
stoves on the market today. It has a BTU rating of 73,790.
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