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water test kit: water safe
Water test kit
Clean drinking water kit
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A dirty well is all it takes for contaminants to get into your water
supply ~ anaerobic bacteria, coliform bacteria. Your well water
might also have

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Water Testing
How to test your drinking water

The importance of testing your drinking water.
As a prepper it's important to test your water if you live off grid
because of your well water, livestock, aquaponics and irrigation;
however, even if you're a prepper who lives in an urban
environment you'll want to test your water.

County health departments regularly test for bacteria or nitrates
and you can ask them to help you test your water for free if you
have concerns. Test kits are inexpensive and you should test your
water for peace of mind.

Everybody deserves clean drinking water:

  • Water testing in Alaska. Alaskans often have private water
    sources and have more problems with water quality than
    most. That's why water testing is so important if you're
    living off-grid in Alaska. Poor water quality can come from
    naturally occurring minerals, animal waste, sewer and septic
    infiltration and poorly installed or degraded water systems.
    Fecal Coliform Bacteria is a typical problem in Alaska water
    quality because of urban runoff. Peppers in Nome and Dutch
    Harbor Alaska should test water for Cesium, a radioactive
    isotope contaminant.

  • Water testing in Flint Michigan.

Test your water.
Choose water safe or First Alert drinking water test kit. Get a
clean drinking water kit, right.

Get your water tested!
Lead free water can be yours with water testing, special filters
and knowledge. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
provides a
list of Certified Laboratories for Drinking Water. You
can also test your own water with the First Alert Drinking Water
Test Kit, pictured right.

Below is more information from FoxNews on how to make sure
your water is lead-free:
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