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How to pick the prepper's sleeping bag
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Military Sleeping Bag
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U.S. Army Sleeping bag
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Four season compression sleeping bag
Down sleeping bag
Fleece sleeping bag liner
The Thermarest sleeping bag is highlighted in the video above. A nice
feature it has is the Synergy Link Connectors, which bring your sleeping bag
and mattress together for uninterrupted sleep.

Happy endings...
A proper sleeping bag will not only keep you warm and dry, it will
also keep you safe from the critters that crawl at night ~ spiders,
scorpions. Sleep tight knowing you've picked the right sleeping
bag and sleep pad for your prepping needs.

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an inexpensive shelter for them. There's much you can learn
about survival from homeless people.

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Prepper sleeping bags
Sleeping bags for bugging out

How to choose a prepper sleeping bag:
With so many cool knives and other prepping gear competing for
the attention of preppers, it's the humble sleeping bag that's an
afterthought of preparedness, yet it's one of the most comforting
pieces of equipment a prepper can own. A sleeping bag provides
shelter from the elements and a place to rest a weary head.

Sleep tight knowing you've picked the right sleeping bag for your
prepping needs. Below is everything you need to know about a
sleeping bag from a prepper's perspective...

How to Pick a Prepper's Sleeping Bag
Looking for a sleeping bag with the perfect balance between its
weight, comfort, durability and price? In narrowing the criteria,
you'll need to strike a balance, because you can't have it all,
though you can have it nearly all if you select features wisely.

Here are some of the features up for consideration on the perfect
sleeping bag:

#1: Weather resistance and waterproofing.
The most important feature of a prepper's sleeping bag is its
resistance to the weather. You can't stay warm at night when
you're wet ~ the two conditions are mutually exclusive. Here are
some tips to help ensure you stay as warm and dry as possible:

  • Know the difference between waterproof and water
    resistant. When something is water resistant it "resists"
    water and creates a tough barrier to repel water, but allows
    the material to be "breathable." When something is
    waterproof, it is watertight and impenetrable by water.
    Generally, waterproof means the bag has a surface coating.
    That's the way it's supposed to be in the true sense of the
    word of "waterproof," but unfortunately people use the terms
    loosely and interchangeably. This means you must carefully
    read the descriptions. A sleeping bag that's waterproof will
    puddle with tiny beads of water on the outside because it
    wicks away the moisture and does not absorb into the
    material. This keeps the filling dry. On the flip side, it may
    also not be breathable, which means you may feel
    condensation inside the bag produced from your own sweat
    trapped inside. No worries, a breathable silk or flannel liner
    can help. Waterproof is usually better than just water
    resistant. Sweating is the decision factor. If you're the kind
    of person who sweats in the night and also want a
    waterproof sleeping bag, then you will need a liner to help
    you stay dry from your own moisture.

  • Water resistant spray. If you are on a budget, remember
    that you can help make your gear water resistant with a
    water repellent spray. The spray is good for your other
    equipment too, like the outside of your backpack and your
    hiking boots. Try Kiwi Camp Dry ~ a heavy duty water
    repellent offering a tough silicone protection.

  • Check the stitching. Before packing the last sleeping bag
    you may ever own, be sure to check the stitching to see that
    it's finished properly and to make sure the zippers work well.
    You'll not want to discover any defects in a blizzard. Your
    sleeping bag absolutely must be water-tight.

#2: Down or synthetic?
One of the first decisions to make in the purchase of a sleeping
bag for prepping is a down or synthetic filling. The age old debate
in the backpacking community is whether to pick a synthetic fiber
or a down sleeping bag. It should be a debate with preppers as
  • Down ~ Down has the natural advantage of being warmer
    and lighter to carry, but when it's wet it's extremely
    miserable. Wet feathers are useless. Thankfully today's
    down bags are specially treated to avoid the dampness
    clumping.The Hyke and Byke four season sleeping bag helps
    you stay warm as a result of duck down insulation
    capabilities and waterproof fabrics - the microscopic air
    clusters found in down feathers creates "loft" that traps heat
    and keeps you warm from 20 to 40 degrees. It's also the
    lightest down sleeping bag available. Down compresses well.
    Down has the added benefit of being more lightweight ~ by
    about a pound. The fluffy factor will also help keep you cozy,
    but if ethics have you then you'll want to go synthetic. Down
    tends to be extremely durable.

  • Synthetic ~ Synthetic filling has the upper hand at keeping
    you dry and it's easy on your budget, but you will sacrifice
    the benefits of warmth and weight. A huge benefit is the
    low, low price and no ethics issue. If you're a vegan then
    synthetic is for you ! A budget conscious prepper also will
    appreciate the Becozier sleeping bag, right, which is of
    synthetic and machine-washable material. It has a hollow
    fiber stuffing and soft woven liner to keep you comfortable
    and warm. Synthetic fibers will keep you warmer when wet
    and it's non-allergenic. Unfortunately, it's usually heavier
    than down and won't compress very well.

#3: Insulation and temperature rating.
The temperature rating of the sleeping bag is another important
feature. Depending on your region of the country, you may not
need a bag that can take you in sub-zero conditions. For most
parts of California, for example, the
four seasons sleeping bag,
pictured above right in blue, will have you sleeping comfortably
down to 20F. Though it's a four seasons bag, this bag technically
does not meet Winter sleeping bag temperature ratings, which
should take you below 10F. Military Sleeping Bags are for four
season use: temperatures 50 to -50 (with proper clothing).

It's important to remember also that the warmth of a sleeping
bag is its ability to retain your body heat. In other words, it
doesn't generate any heat.

Live in a desert where temperatures dip drastically by night? Will
you be bugging out in snowy conditions? Are you the type that
can't sleep because you're shivering through the night? If you
said yes to any of these, you need to make the temperature
rating a priority.

#4: Weight.
There's no doubt it will be the heaviest thing in your bugout bag,
so you may as well pick the lightest possible. A mummy bag
helps "cut the corners" to save space and simultaneously shave
off the weight. The trade off is that you wont have wiggle room.

One of the lightest 15-degree mummy down sleeping bags
available is the
Hyke and Byke sleeping bag, which weighs around
3-lbs. The thing is that when you give up the weight, you get less
wiggle room and perhaps you also shave off some extra warmth.
Rest assured that the
four seasons sleeping bag we've also been
talking about at the top of the page offers you extra comfort
during adventurous activities but without adding any extra pounds
to your backpack.

Serious backcountry hunters and anglers are usually experts in
the outdoors and require overnight gear focused on performance
and efficiency, with absolutely minimal weight and pack size. the
Nemo Argali down sleeping bag meets these needs at just 3.1
lbs. One of the key ingredients of the Argali sleeping bag is the
fully waterproof bottom. The unique construction of this bag
allows it to be used directly on frozen or wet ground.

#5: Comfort.
In all your gear, one of the most comforting pieces of prepping
equipment you can own is your humble sleeping bag. It's not only
a place to rest your weary head, but to keep you warm secure
from the elements of moisture and frigid cold of the night.
Comfort is a subjective factor: what's comfortable for one person
may not necessarily be for another. Test it for comfort by crawling
inside, cinching the hood and testing the wiggle room. If you're a
tall, it's most important that you test the hood!  

Are you extra tall? Compared with similar-priced all-season
sleeping bags, the
Becozier Sleeping bag, immediate right, is
10cm longer to comfortably fit adults as tall as 6'8" tall! It's
highly rated getting 4.9 out of 5 stars! While it's a four-season
sleeping bag, use of this sleeping bag at below 24ºF temperature
isn't recommended. Ultimately, this is an important consideration,
depending on the region of the country where potentially you'll be
bugging out.

  • Military Sleeping bags. Most of the features of sleeping
    bags listed above are backpacking and camping style
    sleeping bags, but preppers who are Veterans may choose a
    bag with which they have familiarity: a U.S. Military issue
    sleeping bag. Genuine issue U.S. Military sleeping bags are
    not only cool to own because they are patriotic, but they are
    also a quality piece of gear. The trouble is that you may get
    a fake or you may get something slightly off.

    U.S. Military issues are sometimes also called a "Wiggys
    sleeping bag." Military Sleeping Bags are for four season
    use: temperatures 50 to -50 (with proper clothing).You may
    find that the Wiggys sleeping bags and sleeping bag
    systems are included in the U.S. Military sleeping bag
    description, which generally includes the patrol sleepng bag,
    an intermediate sleeping bag, the bivy protective cover and
    the stuff sack, which compresses.

    Pictured right is the best sleeping bag that the U.S. Military
    has ever produced, but beware that when you buy such
    surplus sleeping bags you are buying potentially defective or
    slightly used merchandise. Another problem is the weight at
    around 9-lbs., this may not pass muster with the most
    experienced backpacker.

    A complete military set includes four parts:
  1. the OD Green Patrol Sleeping Bag,
  2. Black Intermediate Sleeping Bag,
  3. Gore-Tex Woodland Bivy Cover and
  4. Black Compression Sack.

#6: Durability.
Durability is more important for preppers than it is for
backpackers or campers. When picking a sleeping bag for your
prepping needs, it's important to pick it like it's the last piece of
commercial equipment you'll ever own. This means your survival
sleeping bag should be of the highest quality and rating that fits
your budget.

With time you will find out if the sleeping bag you've selected is
durable enough if you give it a test by camping or hunting with it.
Another way is to read the consumer satisfaction ratings. Often
times people will write a review after their first big trip.

Durability ultimately is a consideration when inspecting a Military
sleeping bag. You may find problems you can live with, or you
could get bad luck with the condition of a bag. Inspect the
stitching and details to see if you can live with the defects if any.

#7: Budget.
An adequate sleeping bag can cost you under $100, but the
highest quality bags can run almost $500. That's quite a range!
Even when price is not an issue, it can be hard to determine the
quality of a sleeping bag based on the price alone. The nice thing
about shopping Amazon is that you can read the ratings of
customers who have tested the merchandise.

four season sleeping bag is available an incredible price. It's
hard to believe you can get such a quality bag delivered for less
than $40, but you can. It's highly rated and of more than 1000
customers 67% give it a perfect 5-star rating. Remember, you can
always add a liner for extra warmth, but for most people this bag
is ideal. It's a great bag to get unless you're
prepping in Alaska.

#8: Special features.
Find the sleeping bag that fits most if not all of your personal
requirements. Sometimes it's the special features that will push
you to decide. The Thermarest sleeping bag, for example, gives
you a better night's sleep because you won't be sliding off your
sleeping mat. It has straps to secure the sleeping bag in place to
ensure you don't wiggle off the pad.
Thermarest down sleeping bag
Thermarest down sleeping bag has Synergy Link Connectors
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