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Beyond beans
Beyond Rice and Beans

Bullets, beans and bandaids ~ those are the basics of prepping

Beans together with rice make a complete protein and is a worthy
duo in the prepper's pantry, but the goal is to

Here are ten key foods to store besides rice and beans:

#1: Canned meat.
Beef up your pantry beyond the rice and beans with canned meat,
including freeze dried meats and poultry. Food storage containing
any kind of
canned meat is an important part of the prepper's

Most preppers don't realize that virtually all your nutrition could
come from
canned meats. Well, at least 90% of your needs in a
survival situation can be accommodated with meat. Better to
have some SPAM around instead of having to resort to eating
crickets, which incidentally are a wonderful source of protein. Of
course, but you already knew to stock the tuna, didn't you? But
do you have Yoder's canned bacon in your preps?

While we're on the topic of canned meat, consider also beef jerky!
You'll get around 10-15 grams of fat per serving of beef jerky.
Essential for bug-out gear, only issue is jerky contains salt, so if
you pack jerky in your bug out bag, be sure to pack extra water.

Beef jerky is a
versatile food: try cooking with it!

#2: Honey.
Not only will honey last forever, but honey eases sore throats,
and you can use honey as a paste to put on wounds. Besides, it
sure will make all that oatmeal taste better. Honey, what are you
waiting for?

#3: Masa Harina.
What's Masa Harina? It's a traditional flour of Mexico and used to
make tortillas, tamales, and other Mexican dishes.
Mexican food storage depends on masa harina!

Mix this amazing cornmeal with hot water and you'll make dough
that you can roll into a ball and flatten it into yummy tortillas.

#4: Oatmeal.
A versatile food product, oatmeal is not just for breakfast
anymore. Add oatmeal to casseroles and vegetarian bean patties.
Oats are a wonderful food. Learn more
why preppers store oats
and grow them!

#5: Pasta.
What's not to love about pasta in the prepper's pantry? Not only
is pasta a comfortable food, but it stores well and is high in
carbohydrates, filling and cheap.

#6: Potatoes.
Many preppers have ample amounts of rice and beans in their
preps: they often overlook potatoes. There's mashed potatoes in
a box, but you can also purchase dehydrated potatoes that are
sliced, diced and shredded varieties.

A bucket of potatoes is relatively inexpensive. Use them to make
casseroles, soups and more. It's
all about potatoes.

#7: Powdered milk.
A gallon of powdered milk adds 2500 calories to your family's
diet, and is actually much cheaper when purchased in powdered
form than in buying the stuff by the half gallon. Add powdered
milk directly to your instant coffee for a creamy treat. Even if you
don't drink milk, you'll need powdered milk for your cereals,
baking needs, and for making mashed potatoes from potato
flakes, and gravies too.

#8: Raisins.
An ancient prepper food, raisins are an underrated shelf-stable
item for the prepper's pantry.

Just a handful of raisins will provide a full serving of fruit. Raisins
have protein, fiber, iron, and Vitamin C. Raisins are loaded with
antioxidants and potassium, too! One small pack of raisins
provides 100 calories, which is more than an entire can of green
beans. Plus, raisins have an extremely long shelf life. Add raisins
to rice or oatmeal.

#9: Shredded Wheat.
Shredded wheat cereal provides "muscle-building material in the
whole wheat grain prepared in a digestible form, supplying all the
strength needed for work or play," according to the original Boy
Scout manual. Boy Scouts are the original Preppers, so you should
heed this powerful prepper's tip.  

If you want to stock your
Prepper's pantry filled with good foods
with a long shelf life, then you've come to the right place on the
Internet. See our
list of 37 food pantry items for survival (free
guide and not an eBook).

#10: Spices and condiments.
Variety is the spice of life. Whether you stock pinto bean
seasoning, pictured right,
boullion cubes, cayenne pepper or
Tabasco sauce, Ketchup or mustard, you'll need to
stock spices to
flavor your food.

Happy endings...
Beyond beans, you can use your noodle! Variety is the spice of

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