Ten reasons to never get a microchip:

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Microchip to help you get stray dogs home again
Above, is a clip from 2007 when NBC began the campaign to get the
general public used to the idea of an RFID chip under our skin with benefits
of safeguarding our identities and more.

How will they lure you into getting a
The "future of technology" is the start of the lure. There will be
many facets to the campaign to get you to get a microchip.

So-called benefit #1: Medical Repository.
Proponents of chipping will tout the instant access to medical
data. They'll tell you it's lifesaving!

  • Argument: For example, you won't have to have your
    medical ID, or history with you when you enter the hospital.
    They can simply scan your wrist and get all the information
    they need to save your life. Life-saving information such as
    blood type and allergic reactions could be easily accessed by
    medical staff. The goal is for Alzheimer’s, chemotherapy or
    diabetic patients patients to have chips routinely implanted
    for the convenience of the both the patient and medical staff.

  • Why it's dangerous: The problem is that instant access
    isn't always the case. You need a system in place of
    universal chips and scanners. Only then, when you have
    these working in tandem can you get instant access. Then
    there's the problem of

So-called benefit #2: Safeguard your identity.
Steps to get you to begin to want to get microchipped start when
they tell you it's for the benefit of safeguarding your security.
  • Argument: Microchipping can save you from identity theft.

  • Why it's dangerous: Fingerprints and iris scans are enough
    to identify a human being. Most people will either have at
    least one working eye for an iris scan or one working hand
    for a finger print, so it is an invalid and dangerous argument.

So-called benefit #3: National ID card (passports and
drivers licenses).
A microchip can provide citizenship identity, licenses, and
surveillance opportunities for governments. It will enable them to
monitor financial, tax, employment, Social Security, welfare,
criminal and other records.

  • Argument. The powers that be will try convince you to get
    an "enhanced drivers license" which will also serve as a
    passport. A national ID card will help with immigration
    control, implementation of Obamacare and a myriad of other

  • Why it's dangerous. The powers that be will entice you with
    technology and hww it will improve your life. Soon it will be
    your civic duty to get an implantable chip to avoid terrorism
    by tracking every legal citizen

So-called benefit #4: Computer Currency.
The ease of money control began with credit cards and debit
cards. The technology is already imbedded inside the plastic and
there are people tracking your shopping behaviors.

  • Argument: Goverments want to free your wallets by offering
    "Biometric technology," you won't have to bring anything but
    yourself to go shopping -- even online. The, Royal Canadian
    Mint is marketing a Mint Chip is currency in a digital form,
    you can use it online.

  • Why it's dangerous: A credit card and debit card already are
    using the technology. You don't need a chip imbedded in
    your skin when you have the technology in the card and a
    fingerprint or iris to identify you further. There are places in
    the United States today where you can pay using a finger
    print as the video above demonstrates. Shoppers in Chicago
    are already paying by fingertip!

Customer service.

  • Argument: Business will be better able to serve you. A chip
    can document loyal customers and reward them. Disney wrist
    bands track your every move! Called a Magic Band, the
    Disney's radio-frequency-identification chip.

  • Why it's dangerous:  Indeed it's a game changer! Marketing
    is always a ploy. They don't want to serve you better, they
    want to make more money on  you. Movies, like the Minority
    report, demonstrate the wicked use of microchipping on a
    futuristic level.  Microchipping is to your hand as a cookies
    are to the Internet. You don't really want to leave a trace of
    where you've been. Preppers aim to be stealth. Did you know
    that Walmart is testing a microchip clothing that will track
    the clothing as it leaves the store to your home? Walmart is
    spying and can determine the location of the clothes even
    after it leaves the store. The only thing barring them to do
    this is having the customer remove the tag outside the
    Walmart. Otherwise it will have traced you to your home.
    It's too much information for a powerful corporation to have
    on its customers.

  • To get into buildings, homes, and car.

  • Argument: Unlocking doors of cars, homes and buildings is
    not necessary.

  • Why it's dangerous: A card key works just fine. There's no
    need to microchip. The latest technology HID is a building
    access card that you can swipe over a reader. It has an ID
    with a chip in it! Old school is a swipe with credit card type
    magnetic stripe (Radio Frequency identification system), is
    less expensive for businesses and effective enough.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the VeriChip
implantable computer chip, which is about the size of grain of
rice, back in October of 2004.  Since then the technology of the
device has surged with possible new applications.

List of possible limitations a microchip will impose on Americans
Soon you'll have these privileges declined if you don't have a
  • Banking access (monetary control)
  • Building access (ability to work)
  • Bus, train access (transportation control)
  • Car access (car ownership control)
  • Driving (National ID card - for both citizenship and identity
    for driving)
  • Education (elementary through college - private and public)
  • Flight (control for who boards a plane)
  • Healthcare (patient identification and health information)
  • Shopping (behaviorial study and marketing)
  • Travelling (passport)
  • Toll access (bridges, toll ways)
  • Voting

Did you know...
All dogs in the U.K. will have a microchip by April, 2016. More
60% of dogs in the U.K. Currently have microchips.
By April 6, 2016, every dog the U.K. Must have a microchip!

When will the RFID chip be mandatory? Hopefully never! It's up
to you to tell your friends and family. Make sure your kids and
grand-kids know.

Happy endings...
The only happy ending possible with regard to microchipping is to
stop it. Preppers must educate family and friends to the dangers
of microchipping. There's a silent culling that's happening every
time a dog or livestock gets a microchip. Humans are next unless
preppers help make a happily ever after.

Prepare to live happily ever after by being vocal about
microchipping. Take a stance for your children and your
grandchildren.  For now, Georgia, California, North Dakota,
Wisconsin, and Virginia have all passed legislation that prevents
mandatory RFID implantation. That's a good start. Preppers in
those states need to keep it that way.

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homesteading, and self-reliance.
The above propaganda is to illustrate that getting microchipped is a
virtually pain-free procedure. Don't ever allow them to micro-chip you.

Reason #4: It's not without pain to get a microchip.
Implantation of a splinter isn't easy and neither is implantation
of a microchip. The procedure involves numbing the pain to insert
the 1/2-inch chip, but as you can tell from the video above there
is blood. It is a large needle syringe and the procedure is
equivalent pain to having blood drawn.

Is there no risk of itchiness, allergic reactions or abscesses? Are
they ever rejected by the body? Are there any other risks? Read

Reason #5: Microchips cause cancer!
Research confirms that implanted microchips cause cancer
(laboratory mice and rats, chipped pets, and zoo animals all have
developed aggressive cancerous growths at the site). This has
long been known and yet ignored as the powers that be enforce
their will.

Reason #6: Technological failures of microchips are
With new technologies come new problems. Microchips can stop
working and they can be expelled from the body!

  • Medical malfunctions. Implants can be expelled from the

  • Scanner malfunctions. Not all scanners pick up all
    microchips! This is the case with pets being scanned at
    shelters today. In the ideal world all points of scanning
    would use a universal scanner. That won't necessarily be the

  • Technical malfunctions. Failures of microchip implant, of
    scanners and of the insertion device are possible, as well as
    magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) incompatibility.

  • Viruses. Medical "computer viruses" are also possiblel from
    the chip itself as a technological failure.  If you think of the
    microchip as a mini computer and when the chip accesses
    the system, it has the potential to spread a virus. The
    system reads the contents and gets the virus. Any other
    system that reads the information also gets the virus. This
    means someone who is carrying an infected medical device
    could feasibly infect someone else rendering a device, like a
    pacemaker, useless.

What's more, there's no standardization in terms of frequencies
-- different countries have different frequency chips:
  • Most of Europe uses a 134.2 kilohertz chip.
  • United States uses 125 and 128 kilohertz chips.

Reason #7: Microchips have the power to kill (on
It may sound a bit fictional, but a microchip really can kill
potentially you if you get out of line! This is not science fiction.
Patents are being filed by creators of nefarious ideas, including:

  • Deathly cyanide release:  A Saudi inventor has created a
    killer microchip and filed a patent in Germany. The sinister
    GPS device has a lethal dose of cyanide that would allow the
    person to be exterminated remotely. It's a fast, but painful

  • Killer waves: Killer chips can be inserted under the skin and
    then be enabled to send radio waves.

  • Lethal computer virus: Advanced medical devices
    potentially could become infected by another medical device
    and spread computer viruses via the microchips. The
    potential here is for terrorism,

Reason #8: Microchips have possible electrical
The RFID chip is by not means inert. It actually picks up and
amplifies ambient electrical energy. If you have one of these
chips and get in the range of a powerful electromagnetic field it
can actually burn you!

Reason #9: Microchip technology brings questionable
Microchip regulations may come from government and business:

  • Government. If cash is out of circulation and the only
    monetary system allowable by law is the microchip, then you
    may be prohibited from buying groceries at the supermarket
    because your assets are frozen, say if you don't file your
    income or property taxes. You will die of sure and slow
    starvation except for the sympathy of friends or family. This
    may also come into question as they may be in violation for
    feeding you! Or the microchip will not allow you to buy
    alcohol because of a previous violation and it will not allow
    you to drive,which might have implications on your
    employment with a further downward spiral and eventual
    death from starvation.

  • Business. There are different manufacturers. With different
    brands come different experiences. Ethics come into play as
    some manufacturers may cross the line and impose
    questionable capabilities in their product that may monitor
    behavior or try to modify it! Questionable ethics with
    products may include:

  1. Mortgage products: You fail to pay the mortgage on
    time and the chips lock you out of your home. The
    doors and windows shut with no way inside.
  2. Car loan products: You don't pay your car payment or
    the required insurance, and you won't be able to drive
    the car. The car doors won't open and the engine won't

Reason #10: Deceptive advertising that it is safe and
Microchip manufacturers continue to mislead pet owners with
false claims that microchipping is safe and reliable. Nothing could
be further from the truth as we have demonstrated.

What's more, a microchip is only one part of the identification
system. Pets today also require to have a collar with tags for the
license. Who says you'll have just one microchip? They will
certainly find reason to inject an implant you more than once.
And with more implants come more problems.

Non-consensual implants are around the corner...
It's no longer fictional. The process of human microchipping has
begun and while it is currently consensual, mandatory
requirements will eventually come in to play.

Non-consensual implants will happen just like in the fictional
accounts we've read and seen in movies. Imagine getting an
implant without your permission. The first who will get the
implants will be outraged and will make a public spectacle. Under
such conditions, they then will be ridiculed by the public or
labeled as lunatics and possibly sent to psychiatric facilities to
demonstrate their lunacy publicly. This will reduce the threat of
public outrage. Eventually, people will realize, but it will be too

Warning: The media is already prepping you for a microchip!
Above illustrates how you can start a motorcycle with a microchip. This is
the "gadget phase" in getting you not only to accept microchipping in
humans, but to get excited about it.

After getting you to implant your pets in the first phase, and then
getting you to implant yourself in the "gadget phase" with
technologies to "improve" your life,  will come the third and fourth

The third phase will be a call for civic duty. In the "Patriotic
phase," you will feel it is your duty to get a chip so that you can
do your part to avoid terrorism. In the final phase, you will find a
microchip mandatory. Here is where the control really takes
shape. A radio frequency identification (RFID) microchip is the
possible end of freedom. Below are the ten reasons never to get
a microchip...

Ten Reasons to Never Get a Microchip

Reason #1: Microchips are a Mark of the beast?
It is plausible! For religious study, one need look only to
Revelation 13:16-17 for affirmation that a microchip has all the
makings of prophecy:

  • Revelation 13: 16-17 "It also forced all people, great and
    small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on
    their right hands or on their foreheads so that they could not
    buy or sell unless they had the mark..."

Even if you're not religious, it is indeed interesting to note that
the ancient text has somehow had foresight.

Reason #2: Risk of infection at implant site is
possible with microchips.
It's only logical to assume a risk of implanting a foreign object in
a body -- think of other implants which have failure rates,

  • dental implants may cause injury or damage to surrounding
    structures, as well as nerve damage which can cause pain.
    Dental implants also may cause sinus problems.

Reason #3: Risk of nerve damage is possible from the
The possibilities of nerve damage, which can cause pain,
numbness or tingling is already a known risk in dental implants.
Logically it follows that there would be risk of nerve damage by
microchip insertion. Animal cases of nerve damage are well
documented, and
animals have died because of the implant
procedure, according to dogsnaturallymagazine.com.

The entire procedure, including setup and paperwork takes 20
minutes, but the actual pinch of a syringe under the skin takes a
few seconds. Here is an actual picture of the procedure (insertion
of RFID into right hand).
Microchips and the human dangers
How microchipping will control the population

Equifax data breech? Don't ever get a microchip inserted.
Implanting a microchip stings, but here's the real sting ~ the day
may come when you can't buy food, can't get a paycheck, can't
get medical help, can't get a driver's license, and can't leave the
country because you don't have a microchip.

Super human powers or super control?
Is a microchip implanted under the skin destructive to the welfare
of a free and open society? Sinister forces say no; however, you
need only look to mythology and literature past and present to
understand the potential destruction a microchip has. Certainly,
and in the beginning, people will feel super human for having a
microchip implanted, but as soon as the novelty fades, the
manipulation will start to creep into your veins, quit literally.

With an alluring microchip under your skin you'll be able to:
  • Secure access to buildings, mobile phones, and computers
  • Open car doors (keyless entry)
  • Start a motorcycle or car (keyless ignition)
  • Light the way to your front door and pathways inside your
  • Load music preferences in your car or home.
  • Get money from the bank with a wave of the hand!
  • Enjoy VIP treatment (free latte or exclusive park use) as a
    marketing ploy.

First it was your pets, next it's you they want to chip.
How did microchipping go so quickly from pets to humans? The
culling of America began with the first human microchip, and now
Three Square Market wants its employees to get a microchip and
some of them are blindly volunteering for it.

It was first the media and Internet that tried to lure you to get a
microchip by seducing you with super human powers (like opening
doors and starting vehicles magically), so you'll actually
want to
get a microchip. Now employers are asking you to microchip.
Some day they may require it for employment. You must say no!

This implantable device is being marketed as a trendy and
technological gadget... "Be the first on the block! Never loose
your wallet or keys again!" Marketing will encourage you to get a
microchip willingly for free, but then soon you'll willingly pay
$150-$200 to get one! Beware of the dangers!

Here's why preppers should avoid microchips...

A microchip is a mini-computer that can do store and manipulate
information and do simple computations. It's like a UPC code, an
identifier that can be used for anything from marketing to data
storage, to gaining special access and to controlling populations.
It has draconian implications with small offenses come possible
heavy punishments.  Your pet and livestock were the proverbial
guinea pigs for microchip testing and the culling of America has
already begun. The real reason for microchips in pets and
livestock is to get the general public comfortable with the plan to
microchip humans.

The "Pet and Livestock phase," is the first phase in getting
humans accept microchipping. At this phase they are only
implantomg your pets and livestock. The "Gadget phase" is the
second phase is in attracting the technological hipsters with the
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