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Pill bottle survival
How to make your own mini survival kit in a pill bottle

When you're done with the medicine, save the pill box! Use it to create a mini survival
kit to stash in the glove compartment of your vehicle, your bugout bag, your office
desk, your bike, your fishing gear - you name it! A pill box is the perfect place to stash
tiny life-saving tools. Here's how to make your own mini survival kit from a pillbox.

Your preparations can be tiny! A pill bottle can hold many important survival items.

How to make your own pill bottle survival kit
Just about anyone can use a pill box survival kit, including: campers, climbers, cyclists,
boaters, fishermen, hikers, off-roaders, skiers, sledders, travelers, and of course,
preppers! The pillbox is the new survival tin! A pillbox has the advantage of being
smaller and waterproof.  

What to include in your pill bottle
Here are some ideas on how to craft your own pillbox survival kit.

  • Aspirin or non-aspirin Pain Reliever
  • Bandages
  • Compass
  • Chewing gum (learn the importance of chewing gum in survival)
  • Duct Tape on the outside
  • Energy nugget
  • Fire starter
  • Fish hook, weights, fishing line and spool
  • Iodine Water Purification tablets
  • Matches
  • Mini Tool
  • Razor Blade
  • Reflective Signal Surface
  • Sugar and salt pack
  • Tinfoil
  • Whistle
  • Wire Clip
  • Zip lock bag for carrying water

The Mini tool, pictured immediate left includes screw drivers, wrench, trolley coin, and
ruler all combined in this tiny hair accessory!

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Mini hairclip tool
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