Easy t0 do mason jar project ideas:

Mason jar wine glasses
Mason Jar Crafts
Drinking Lid for mason jars
Tall mason jars
Mason jar sprouting lids
Soap pump kit for mason jars
Chalkboard stickers on mason jars
Mason jars lined with baking cups enhance your gift giving.
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Easy t0 do mason jar project ideas:
How to make your own flower friogs for mason jars
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Above, an idea from FreshEggsDaily, is to make frogs for your mason jars so
that you can arrange the flowers nicely.
FreshEggsDaily.com is on our list of
homesteaders to watch.

Happy endings...
Naturally, drinks come to mind when it comes to having fun with
canning jars, and during the holidays mason jar gifts filled with
layers of pretty food adds a festive flair, but there are many other
unusual and creative ideas on how to use mason jars -- from oil
lamps, to coin banks, to seed sprouters and more.

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Mason Jar projects
Easy prepping projects for

Easy t0 do mason jar project ideas:
Have extra mason jars hanging around? Looking for an easy
prepping project? Mason jars offer plenty of satisfying

Easy to do Mason Jar Project Ideas
Below are some easy to do project ideas...

#1: Mason Jar Beverages.
Turn an ordinary mason jar into a pretty beverage container with
swirled paper straws. Nothing is more inviting on a hot day than a
fresh squeezed lemonade or ice cold
sweet tea served up in a
mason jar.

  • Mason Jar sippers. For a more formal look with mason jars,
    order the mason jar sippers, above, which have a lid and
    hole for the straw.

  • Mason jar wine glasses. Armed with some crazy glue and a
    glass candle stick base, you can make your own mason jar
    wine glass. The work has been done for you below with the
    redneck wine glasses at the bottom of the page.

#2: Chalkboard canning stickers.
Spruce up your everyday canning jars for food storage with
chalkboard stickers, pictured immediate right, keeping your
oatmeal, flour and sugar identifiable and within reach. Canning
stickers also add a festive touch to your canning gift labels. For
gifts, top the canning jar with pretty gingham circles, secure with
a rubber band, and make a pretty bow to hide the rubber band.

#3: Mason Jar chandeliers.
Make a dandy chandy! Make a do-it-yourself chandelier from
mason jars and an old chandelier you find from a garage sale or
thrift shop.

#4: Colored Mason Jars.
Mason jars make beautiful vases, centerpieces and storage jars.
Here's how to color mason jars to fit your decor.

#6: Solar Mason Jar.
Preppers especially will find the solar lamp an affordable and
creative solution for ambient lighting. The lid light is pictured at
the bottom of the page.

#7: Mason Jar Oil Lamp attachments.
Creating your own oil lamp is both inexpensive and fun. With
canning jar attachments (see the bottom of the page), you can
quickly convert ordinary mason jars into unique oil lamp
conversation pieces!

Or re-purpose a wine bottle for the purpose of making a romantic
and functional oil lamp.Completely assembled burners with a 2-
3/4" inside diameter Mason Jar Lid affix to your mason jars to
create an oil lamp. The lids fit regular width mason style canning
jars. Includes a pack of 4 burners. The bright brass plated steel
burners include wick adjusting knob and 6" cotton wicks. Be sure
to stock up on lamp oil! You get 32-fluid ounces of clear
smokeless and odorless 99% pure liquid wax paraffin candle and
lamp liquid.

#8: Mason Jar candles.
Here is the tutorial for making soy candles in mason jars.

#9: Mason jar match container.
Store matches in a mason jar using sand paper to strike to keep
them watertight. Glue a circular sandpaper to the inside of the
mason jar lid to keep all the contents, including the striking
surface dry.

#10: Mason jar sewing container.
Collect all extra sewing essentials and preserve it in a mason jar
for use after a catastrophe.

#11: Mason jar gifts (dry canning).
Mason jars are an ideal vessel for home made gift giving.
Decorate your mason jars with pretty cupcake baking liners! Idea
from TheFrugalGirlscom.

#12: Mason jar coin bank.
Watch your money grow for new preps by making your own coin
bank. Cleverly designed slitted lids fit atop mason jars (see the
bottom of the page), but you could cut an appropriate sized circle
of a heavy card stock to create your own slit for coins. Kids will
enjoy it if you glue a small plastic figure on the inside of the jar.
As coins fill the jar, the figure disappears.

#13: Mason jar spout.
Make a mason jar with spout borrowing from a salt shaker and
using pretty papers. The mason jar with spout is ideal for
powedered sugar, cinnamon sugar or your favorite homemade
spice rubs.

#14: Sprouting lids.
Start sprouting seeds in mason jars! Clever lids made of mesh,
pictured at the bottom of the page will help provide the oxygen

Here's how to sprout in a mason jar.

#15: Dry canning with mason jars.
When dry canning with oxygen absorbers, be sure to have an
extra mason jar close at hand for storage of the packets. Oxygen
absorbers loose their value within minutes of opening the
package. Do not leave oxygen absorbers exposed: rather
immediately place them in canning jars and quickly seal the lid.

#16: Mason Jar + Orange + Vinegar Cleanser.
marinate orange peels in vinegar for two weeks, then pour the
liquid into a spray bottle and Voila! You now have a natural
cleaning solution.

#17: Bourbon Cherries in a mason jar.
Enjoy bourbon infused cherries stashed in a mason jar.

Mason jar spice bottles.
Free do-it-yourself spice labels to print. Adds a wonderful charm
to your spice collection.

#18: Canning jar labels.
More free, do it yourself labels for canning from the

#19: Mason Jar Sunscreen.
Make home-made suncreen in your mason jar!

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