Ten #10 cans

Ten #10 Cans to Stock
Essential freeze dried foods for your preppers pantry

Ten #10 cans for your prepper's pantry...
Enhance your food storage with #10 cans! These large-size cans,
which contain freeze dried and dehydrated foods, have a longer
shelf-life than their counterparts packed in pouches. A #10 can is
an absolute essential in an emergency and is easy to transport.
It's easy to find #10 cans for all your food storage needs from
hearty Mountain House scrambled egg breakfasts to staples like
sugar, milk or eggs from Augason Farms.  Below are some of the
best #10 canned foods for your emergency food storage...

Ten of the Best #10 Canned Foods
If you're stockpiling on a budget, then include #10 cans in your
emergency preparedness plan. While they are more expensive
than cans you'd find in the grocery store, they will have a much
longer shelf life, and you won't have to rotate them as often so
you food won't go bad. In the long run, you'll save money. Add
#10 cans to your long-term food storage because they will last 10-
30 years!

Dehydrated potatoes slices in a #10 can will have a 25-year shelf
life, while cheese has a lower shelf life at 10-year because of the
fat content and Augason Farms peas are sturdy and have up to a
30 Year Shelf Life. Mountain House guarantees their food lasts 30

Best when stored in a cool dry place at temperatures between 55
and 70 F (ideal humidity 15%), #10 cans are ideal for your long
term emergency larder.

Following is our list of top cans to have in your food storage:

#1: Mountain House Scrambled eggs #10 can.
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Get your day
started right with
Mountain House Scrambled Eggs with Bacon.
This hearty breakfast in an emergency will be a welcome meal
because you can get your day started without cooking. Scrambled
eggs with real and flavorful bacon will be your favorite breakfast
essential in your food storage. Preparation time is quick. Just add
water to the can and you're good to go in less than 10 minutes,
with no cleanup! Ah, breakfast is served. The can serves sixteen
2/3-cup servings, so you'll have plenty for the whole family.

Try also the
Mountain House Breakfast Skillet. Made with
delicious Hash Browns, scrambled eggs, peppers, onions and Pork
patty crumble, this is a must have for all emergency food storage.
Even if that emergency is that you're not currently eating
breakfast skillet

Why does Mountain House top our list of the ten best #10 cans
for your pantry? Because it's trusted by the U.S. Military for
dependability and great taste and Mountain House has the
longest proven shelf life in the industry. Mountain House has
been making food for backpackers and campers to help them
savor the adventures for more than 50 years and now has the
scientific backing to prove their foods last. Mountain House #10
cans are scientifically proven to last 25-years in your food
storage, but the company guarantees the cans for 30 years. You'll
be at ease knowing you’ll have a hot meal when you need it most.

#2: Augason Farms Whole Powdered Eggs #10 can.
Got eggs for baking? It’s easy to always have eggs on hand with
Augason Farms whole powdered eggs, pictured right. They're just
as good for everyday as they are for your emergency
preparedness plans.

Augason Farms Dried Whole Egg Product is an inexpensive source
of high-quality protein with an extended shelf life of up to 10
years. In addition to being convenient food storage, this dried
whole egg product is useful in everyday cooking in any recipe that
calls for eggs. Use them to make scrambled eggs, omelets,
French toast or for your baking needs. They're real eggs in
powdered form.

Wondering how to cook with powdered eggs?
Useful in everyday cooking for any recipe that calls for eggs, you
can use whole powdered eggs in two basic ways:

  • Dry for baking with eggs: When used with other dry
    ingredients, it’s not necessary to reconstitute the eggs. Just
    add the powder to the other recipe ingredients and increase
    the water amount appropriately.

  • Wet to reconstitute your eggs: To make eggs for omelets,
    just add the egg powder to the indicated amount of water
    and you're ready to cook them.

#3: Emergency Dry Milk #10 can.
Got powdered milk in a #10 can? Don't turn your nose up to
instant milk because of your past experience. Freeze dried milk is
much better today than the powdered milk you knew as kid.
There's so much you can do with powdered milk besides drinking
it up and pouring it on your breakfast cereal. Pictured right is a
classic book that offers
101 things to do with powdered milk.

Powdered milk is ideal for baking biscuits, breads, cookies, cakes
muffins, and pancakes. Be sure to consider powdered milk for
dry-pack canning meals, such as creamy alfredo. You can
make your own cocoa mixes, add the powder do oatmeal and
cooked cereals, or substitute dry milk powder for the non-dairy
creamers found at restaurants.

There are many kinds of powdered milk on hand. Make sure you're
getting the kind of milk you want as there are milk alternatives
that are whey based. Below are real milk options for your family.

  • Augason Farms Country Fresh instant nonfat dry milk.
    Country Fresh is 100% real instant nonfat dry milk that's an
    economical alternative to whole milk. You'll feel good about
    serving your family Country Fresh because this instant real
    dry milk comes fortified with vitamins A and D and is also
    high in calcium.

Wondering how to use powdered milk?

  • Dry for baking with powdered milk:  Perfect for baking,
    nonfat dry milk helps enhance baked items, giving them that
    wonderful golden brown look. You'll find that instant dry milk
    also improves the texture baked goods. Your baked goods
    will retain moisture. When used with other dry ingredients,
    it's not necessary to reconstitute the powdered milk. Just
    add the powder to the other recipe ingredients and increase
    the water amount appropriately.

  • To reconstitute: For best results and flavor of powdered
    milk, mix according to the directions on the can and then
    allow to chill for four hours.

#4: Pilot crackers.
Pilot bread, which is essentially a cracker, is an important survival
item in your pantry. These crackers are an accompaniment to your
meals allowing you to stretch your reserves. Use them with freeze
dried pasta meals, soups and stews to help your survivors feel
more full. They also provide a nice crunchy texture which will be a
welcome addition to the texture of emergency meals of rice and
pasta. A pilot cracker is made of unleavened bread that's long-
lasting because it's low moisture.

Mountain House Pilot Crackers #10 cans sold out during the
pandemic sold out early at the start of Coronavirus in early 2020.
An emergency food staple for many preppers who live in Alaska,
Sailor Boy Pilot Bread pictured right, is very popular. Backpackers
love them too. Pilot Crackers are durable and sturdy enough for
the backpack and yet not so hard that you'll crack your teeth.

#5: Dehydrated Butter Powder #10 can.
Butter is number eight on our list of foods to stockpile and with
good reason. Butter is loaded with Vitamin A, packed with healthy
fats, and is a staple in just about every prepper's kitchen. While
you can buy canned butter, it's good to know that butter powder
is available.

  • Augason Farms dehydrated butter powder is made from real,
    sweet cream butter. It adds mouthwatering flavor to
    popcorn, soups, sauces, vegetables, and can even be used to
    make honey butter. This butter powder also makes an
    excellent substitute for store-bought butter, but requires no
    refrigeration! The ease of substituting it in any recipe makes
    it an ideal addition to any emergency food kit.  Unopened
    shelf life up to 10 years, recipes on can label.

#6: Freeze Dried Chicken #10 cans.
When you have freeze dried chicken on hand you can create an
instant healthy meal and use it in all of your favorite recipes such
as; pad thai, chicken tacos, stir-fry, chicken alfredo, ramen,
stews, or soups. Just add water and enjoy! Freeze dried chicken is
an excellent addition to any
preppers pantry. Backpackers bring it
extra freeze dried chicken to their meals or snack for extra protein
and energy on the trail.

  • Nutristore Chicken #10 can. Nutristore chicken does not
    contain any filler ingredients, we do our best to deliver a
    quality meat. Freeze drying chicken is a delicate process, we
    have updated our spec to reduce overall crumbling and
    powder that occurs during the fulfillment process.

  • Mountain House freeze dried Diced Chicken #10 can. Did you
    know you can eat Mountain House freeze dried diced chicken
    straight from the can? An excellent source of protein, use
    Mountain House cooked, diced chicken, pictured slightly right
    above, in any recipe requiring chicken like stews, soups, and
    chili or street tacos. Ideal as trail food.

#7: Freeze dried beef #10 cans
Meat is the number one prepper protein to stockpile! It's the most
requested item at the food banks and it's the most expensive
item in war or during an economic depression.

You won't be asking "Where's the beef?" if you're lucky enough to
have the ground beef on hand in an emergency. Freeze dried
ground beef is an excellent source of protein that can be used
creatively when making your favorite recipes from beef tacos,
chili, or sloppy Joes to casseroles, burritos, meat pies, stews,
soups and much more. One #10 can yields about 12 cups of
ground beef for your favorite hamburger dishes. Pair the mac and
cheese with some freeze dried ground beef and you have a
cheeseburger pasta! Add some chili powder and you can make
your own chili mac.

Freeze-drying process retains more of the food's original shape,
color, flavor, and nutrition than other methods of drying. Freeze
dried ground beef dehydrates quickly. It's inexpensive for the
amount of beef you get. Mix 1 cup of Freeze-Dried Ground Beef to
2 cups of hot water. Let sit 5 minutes and drain off excess liquid.
This makes freeze dried cooked ground beef a good lightweight
backpacking food. Consider repackaging it for your bugout bag
meals by using a food saver.

When compared to freeze dried chicken, you'll find freeze dried
ground beef is a much better deal with 22 servings and 220
calories per serving in a typical can. Beef has a total protein of
about 440 grams and 4,890 total calories per can. Freeze dried
chicken on the other hand has just 14 servings with 170 calories
per serving and  336 total grams of protein and 2,380 total

  • Nutristore beef dices, pictured above, right, packs 60 total
    grams of protein. This delicious  freeze-dried beef provides
    20 servings and comes with a 100% Customer Satisfaction
    Guarantee.  These freeze-dried meats are USDA inspected
    and microbe tested.

  • Mountain House freeze dried Ground Beef #10 can. Made
    with all natural beef, Mountain House freeze dried ground
    beef, pictured above right is an excellent source of protein
    that can be used creatively when making your favorite
    recipes like tacos, chili, or sloppy Joes. Each can is packed
    with 22 servings.

  • NutriStore freeze dried cooked hamburger, pictured
    immediate right, has a shelf-life of 25 years unopened. To
    prepare, soak 2-1/2 cups NutriStore ground beef in 2 cups
    warm water for 15-20 minutes and drain extra water. Makes
    approximately 1 pound of ground beef! The ingredients are
    beef, less than 2% salt, natural flavor from sunflower oil,
    grill flavor (gum arabic, spice). The #10 can is enough for 20
    large servings that are simple to use and prepare. The
    delicious ground beef will reconstitute to its original taste
    and texture within minutes. Perfect option to throw into any
    soup or family favorite recipe. USDA inspected and microbe
    tested, this is high quality meat that you can taste.

  • Mountain House freeze dried Diced Beef #10 Can. An
    excellent source of protein, use Mountain House cooked,
    diced beef in any recipe requiring beef like stews, soups, and
    street tacos. This can contains 14 total servings, making it
    ideal for feeding a family or a large group. Diced beef is just
    the protein you need for outdoor excursions to add to
    noodles, stock powder and spices for a home-made camping

#8: Freeze-dried sausage crumbles #10 can.
You might start to notice a pattern that meat is among the best
protein sources you can have as a prepper, which is why we
added freeze-dried sausage crumbles to our list of the best #10
cans of food for your storage. Most preppers don't even know that
it's available.

  • Nutristore Freeze Dried Sausage Crumbles in the #10 can is
    an emergency food you can use for dinner or breakfast. Just
    as good in a pasta as it is with eggs, there's no limit to your
    creativity on how to use freeze-dried sausage crumbles.
  • Try sausage crumbles over potatoes or noodles as a
  • Make breakfast burritos with sausage crumbles.
  • Enhance your soups with sausage crumbles.
  • Sausage crumbles are tasty with mac and cheese.
  • Sausage crumbles are also tasty as a snack. You can
    eat them straight from the can!
  • Create tasty meals in a jar.

#9: Freeze dried peas #10 can.
The humble and sturdy pea is packed with protein and can be an
accompaniment to almost any emergency meal as a side dish or
added directly to the dish. Peas are a must have for casseroles,
such as Turkey Tetrazini.

An important reason to stockpile peas in your preps is that oeas
have a Glycemic Index rank of 22 which is low. While they have
carbohydrates, they also contain lots of fiber and protein to help
slow digestion and this helps to stabilize blood sugar levels.
Read more about
emergency foods for diabetics.

From just an ounce of
freeze dried peas, like the ones from
Augason Farms pictured right, you'll get 11% of the recommended
daily dietary fiber along with 8% Vitamin A, plus 10% iron and
2% calcium. One cup of peas gives you a whopping 58 mgs of
Vitamin C, but the real surprise is that you'll get 7.9 grams, or
about 16% of your daily protein from a cup of peas. That will give
you some variety over the beans in your stockpiles.

One of the most popular ways to use freeze dried peas is for
snacking on them! Freeze dried vegetables like peas and corn
make tasty and nutritious snacks right out of the can. Snacking
on freeze dried peas is a great way to get some extra veggies
into your diet. Kids love these little green balls! They're slightly
sweet and crunchy eating them straight from the container, and
don't have that mushy texture of canned and they're much tastier
than canned peas! It's a fun toddler finger food that will start
your kids on a good eating habits.

Another reason why freeze dried peas in a #10 can is good to
stockpile is because peas can be very expensive in a down-turned

#10: Freeze-dried Cheese.
You be shocked that the taste of freeze dried cheese is delicious
and so close to the taste of fresh grated cheese! Using freeze
dried cheese is super easy. Just hydrate and drain.

One way to use freeze dried cheese for your everyday needs is to
allow some to hydrate in the refrigerator for a couple days so it's
ready for short term future uses like after school bagel pizza
snacks for the kids or a weekend baking project, but you can also
snack on freeze dried cheese straight from the can.

Freeze dried cheese makes it easy for you add it your favorite
weekly meals or emergency dehydrated foods no matter where
you are—at home, while camping or hiking. When reconstituted,
this delicious freeze dried food melts just like regular cheese, so
you can enjoy it on all your favorite meals. Shelf life up to 30
years based on storage conditions.

Imagine the usefulness of always having cheese on hand whether
it's for an emergency or for everyday. Think tacos with freeze
dried ground beef, can of refried beans, freeze dried onions and
top with this yummy freeze dried cheese. You might add fresh
tomatoes or lettuce from your garden.
Cheese powder will be
ideal for topping pizza, pastas, nachos, spreads, soups, dipping
sauces, casseroles, and more. Whether your making a potato
casserole, macaroni and cheese, or broccoli and cheese, powdered
cheese sauce is your number one source for all cheesy recipes.

Freeze-dried cheese is an overlooked canned in the prepper's
pantry. You'll find so many uses for cheese in your long-term
larder. Ideal for casseroles and pasta sauces, you'll find everyday
uses for freeze dried cheese, such as grilled cheese sandwiches.

Freeze dried cheese has about a five-year shelf life, and once you
open the can, freeze dried cheese can last two years. That's why
it's good to buy and use your freeze dried cheese.

Here is just a sample of the variety of freeze dried cheese:

How to use your empty #10 cans:
The high-grade steel used for Augason Farms cans ensures they
can be multi-purposed for emergency uses like growing herbs,
reserving drinking water, storing prepared foods and leftovers,
and protecting currency, important documents, and medications.

These double-enameled, air tight containers will keep away the
pests. Rodents can't chew through them! You need only store
your #10 cans in a cool, dry environment as the cans will
otherwise rust. Store them in the pantry, under your bed or in
closets. When you're done with the can, there's so much you can
do with them. There's no limit to your creativity! With a #10 can
building a rocket stove, or making tin-can ice-cream. If you
use #10 cans regularly as part of your food storage, try
decorating the cans as teacher gifts.

Of course, the best part of the #10 can is the food that's in them!
If you're lucky enough you may even find a #10 can of Italian
Meatballs. Emergency Essentials, formerly Provident Pantry, sells
out quickly of their freeze dried Italian meatballs, pictured lower

Happy endings...
Canned foods are an important part of your prepping and the best
part about #10 cans is that the food inside lasts 25 or more years.

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