ten #10 cans

Sharp Cheddar cheese in a #10 can
Ten #10 Cans to Stock
Essential freeze dried foods for your Preppers pantry

What's in your Prepper's pantry? Likely you have beans and rice in your pantry, but
there are so many essentials you could and should stock. If you've already
amassed some #10 cans and are looking to add some variety, then here is a list of
essentials for a well stocked prepper's kitchen.

Happy Preppers List: Ten Essential #10 Canned Foods
A #10 can is an absolute essential in an emergency and is easy to transport. It's
easy to find #10 cans for all your food storage needs. Here is our list of top cans to

#1: Mountain House Scrambled eggs and bacon.
Mountain House #10 cans are scientifically proven to last 25-years in your food
storage and still taste great, while most of the competitors can only comfortably say
their products last ten years or more. Mountain House has been making food for
backpackers and campers to help them savor the adventures for more than 50
years and now has the scientific backing to prove their foods last.

Scrambled eggs with real and flavorful bacon will be your favorite breakfast
essential in your food storage. Preparation time is quick. Just add water to the can
and you're good to go in less than 10 minutes, with no cleanup! Ah, breakfast is
served.The can serves sixteen 2/3-cup servings, so you'll have plenty for the whole

# 2: Augason Farms Whole Powdered Eggs #10 can.
In a disaster situation a coyote or hungry looter could ruin your entire plans for self
sufficiency if you are relying on the production of your backyard chicken coup.
Having some powdered eggs will prove useful for your baking and cooking needs.
Egg prices are escalating and now (more than ever) is the time to stock up on
whole powdered eggs. Even if you have a chicken coup, you'll want to get your
hands on whole powdered eggs for baking or freeze dried scrambled eggs to get
your family or group off to a good start.

  • Auguson Farms Whole Eggs. This inexpensive Source of high quality protein
    has an extended shelf life of up to 10 years. Useful in everyday cooking for
    any recipe that calls for eggs, such as scrambled eggs or French toast. When
    used with other dry ingredients, it's not necessary to reconstitute the eggs.
    Just add the powder to the other recipe ingredients and increase the water
    amount appropriately. Eggs packed in the #10 can have a 10-year shelf life.

#3. Emergency Dry Milk #10 can.
Don't turn your nose up to instant milk because of your past experience. Freeze
dried milk is much better nowadays. Emergency Essentials (formerly Provident
Pantry) packed in a #10 can, is an essential nutrition and kids love the taste. It
mixes easily and provides protein, calcium and vitamins in the goodness of real milk
because that's just what it is: real milk! High ratings make this the best tasting
storage milk on the market today.

#4 Augason Farms French Bread Mix #10 can.
You're going to miss real bread if you don't know how to make it yourself; and even
if you know how to make it, you'll appreciate this French Bread Mix to add variety to
your long term storage food plan, especially when you're too tired to bake bread
from scratch.

5. Provident Pantry Muffin Mix #10 can.
Do you know the muffin man? Well, you don't have to when you have the Provident
Pantry Muffin Mix in your pantry for instant goodness. Get out that solar oven and
enjoy yummy muffins to add normalcy to a survival situation. Yum! Packed in a #10
can, this will add some variety to the granola and egg breakfast dishes you've

6. Provident Pantry Double Acting Baking Powder (5-lbs.) #10 can.
As an all-phosphate powder, Provident Pantry® baking powder does not contain
any aluminum. This makes it faster acting than typical double-acting baking
powders. You'll still see a boost of leavening in the oven, but most of the reaction
occurs while mixing. Weight: 5.1 lbs. Advanced preppers will also appreciate the
baking soda.

7. Provident Pantry Baking Soda (6.1 lbs) #10 can.
Provident Pantry Baking Soda is essential as a leavening agent for baking. Baking
Soda is also commonly used in cooking, cleaning and for medicinal purposes. Each
can of Baking Soda has 2,304 1/4 tsp servings. The Baking Soda is packed in a # 10
size can (approx. 8/10 of a gallon) with an oxygen absorber. Advanced preppers
will also appreciate the baking powder, pictured immediate right.

#8 Ground Beef #10 Can.

  • Ground beef by Provident Pantry #10 can. You won't be asking "where's
    the beef" if you're lucky enough to have the ground beef by Provident Pantry
    in your Prepper's Kitchen. Freeze-drying process retains more of the food's
    original shape, color, flavor, and nutrition than other methods of drying. The
    freeze dried ground beef dehydrates quickly. It's inexpensive for the amount
    of beef you get. Mix 1 cup of Freeze-Dried Ground Beef to 2 cups of hot
    water. Let sit 5 minutes and drain off excess liquid. One #10 can yields about
    12 cups of ground beef for your favorite hamburger dishes, such as:
    casseroles, burritos, meat pies, tacos, stews, soups, sandwiches and much
    more. Pair the mac and cheese with some freeze dried ground beef and you
    have a cheeseburger pasta! Add some chili powder and you can make your
    own chili mac.

  • Mountain House Cooked Ground Beef.

#9: Provident Pantry Freeze dried Onions #10 can.
Useful in your pantry, Provident Pantry freeze dried onions are made from fresh
chopped onions, giving robust flavor to your casseroles, soups and more.  Add
onions to favorite recipes, including pizza, chicken, pork and beef dishes, gravies,
crab cakes, tacos and so much more.

#10: Freeze dried Cheese in #10 cans (Provident Pantry and
Honeyville Farms).
Provident Pantry cheese. These two winners are sure to

  • Provident Pantry Cheddar: Imagine the usefulness of always having cheese.
    Think tacos with freeze dried ground beef, can of refried beans, freeze dried
    onions and top with this yummy freeze dried cheese. You might add fresh
    tomatoes or lettuce from your garden.

  • Honeyville Powdered cheese: Cheese powder by Honeyville Farms will be
    ideal for  toppings, pastas, nachos, spreads, soups, dipping sauces,
    casseroles, and more. Whether your making a potato casserole, macaroni
    and cheese, or broccoli and cheese, powdered cheese sauce is your number
    one source for all cheesy recipes.

10. Mountain House Macaroni and Cheese #10 can.
While any Mountain House product is an ideal preparation for your long term
storage needs, at the top of the list if you have kids, is
Mountain House Macaroni
and Cheese. Sure to satisfy the picky eater type all by itself, you can add freeze
dried veggies or tuna to the meal to enhance your variety.

Happy Preppers List Ten Essential #2.5 / Everyday cans

#1: Future Essentials Bread Crumbs #2.5 can.
Let's face it, there won't be any left over bread for bread crumbs in a survival
situation. That's why bread crumbs packed in a #2.5 can will be amazingly useful in
your preps to help you fry your fish, toss onto casseroles, knead into meatloaf, and
more. This plain variety of bread crumbs is perfect for you to choose how you want
to season them with savory herbs and cheese.

#2: Provident Pantry Butter Powder #2.5 can.
This butter powder re-hydrates and spreads smooth, like real butter and because it
is real butter. Have fun by adding honey, herb or citrus to make yummy flavored
butters too! Made from real sweat cream butter, Provident Pantry Butter Powder
will help you add flavor for baking too.

#3: Provident Pantry Sour Cream Powder.
Provident Pantry's Dehydrated Sour Cream Powder is a flavoring agent for baking,
sauces, dips, and casseroles. Made from real cultured milk cream, this sour cream
powder makes a wonderful addition to the cooking basics in your food storage.

#4: Future Essentials Freeze Dried Cooked Pork Sausage Crumbles.
A tasty addition to your breakfast egg dish, or dinner pasta dish, you'll appreciate
the small can size packed with goodness of real pork sausage. Pictured immediate
left, the pork takes just three minutes to rehydrate. The can lasts 20-25 years.

#5: Future Essentials Powdered Cheddar.
Pictured immediate right, you'll quickly be able to make a cheese sauce for macaroni.

#6: Future Essentials Cheese:  Mozzarella.
Where are you going to get such yummy cheese for your pastas in a post
apocalyptic scenario? Freeze dried cheese is a hard to find item now and will be a
much needed morale booster in times of uncertainty.

#7: Future Essentials Potatoes #2.5  (mashed).
Potatoes are certainly a comfort food and will provide much relief to the tired pasta
and rice dishes abundantly available in long term storage pantries.

#8: Future Essentials Dehydrated potato slices.
Pictured at the bottom of the page, you can make casseroles and scalloped
potatoes for a satisfying meal.

#9: Future Essentials Freeze Dried Cooked chicken.
Add a little chicken to enhance soups with the Future Essentials cooked, diced
chicken hunks, below.

#10: Future Essentials Hot Chocolate Mix.
Warm their hearts with hot chocolate mix. It will help provide a sense of comfort in
an uncertain world.

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