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We're the happiest emergency preppers on the planet.

Who are the Happy Preppers?
We are a family in scouting (both are scout leaders), and we are
avid campers and backpackers from California to Washington
State and we regularly hike the beautiful Yosemite back country
(Hetch Hetchy). We love fishing and a little hunting. We shoot.
We grow. We can. We brew our own beer.

  • One of us served as a forest fire fighter (U.S. Forest Service -
    Mendocino National Forest and served California to Idaho).
    One of us is very good at salmon fishing, and this same
    somebody climbed Mount Shasta to the top using an ice pick!

  • One of us makes the best corn bread and "Navajo tacos" on
    the West Coast and is extremely interested in food storage.
    One of us is an avid coin collector of gold and silver, and a
    junk silver collector, and brought digging into the family,
    That's right we're diggers (metal detectors)!

We are
HAPPY bacon-loving preppers (type that into Google and
you'll find us) and we are anonymous for the safety of our family.

We're happy to have all Happy Preppers visit our site! We are not
Doomsday Preppers. We are the happiest emergency
preparedness planners on the planet. We believe that the
happiest people on earth will be the ones who've prepared should
the unthinkable occur. Perhaps you're a Happy Prepper as well!

Being prepared, means taking responsibility.
Being prepared is a scouting motto that all should heed. Yet it's a
message that often gets lost when it comes to preparing for the
unthinkable. No one wants to ponder the unfortunate event of a
meltdown of society, when there may not be enough resources for
everyone. Yet deep down, everyone knows it's a possibility. It's
natural for people to avoid preparing for disasters because they
don't want to live their lives thinking gloomy thoughts.

Happy Preppers know there's a certain confidence and peace of
mind that comes from preparing ahead and taking responsibility.
Happy Preppers feel good about securing water, food, medical
supplies, and basic necessities of life for the people they love
because they are securing a happy future for uncertain times.
Who wouldn't be happy knowing they will be eating well in the
event of an economic or natural disaster. The thing is, Happy
Preppers prep secretly and often alone.

Prepping alone, prepping secretly
Whenever one expresses an idea, it seems there is always
someone who feels compelled to express an opposing view. Often
times, and for this very reason, Happy Preppers are highly
reluctant to talk with friends and family about the extent to which
they prepare. Firstly, many will think them a bit eccentric. Others
will inevitably impede their progress citing monetary and other

You see, most people have never heard of solar flares and the
impending Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) that potentially could
wipe out the power grid and send us back to the stone age.
Happy Preppers know about this and many other scenarios where
it's wise to have enough water and supplies at the homestead.
Happier Preppers will not have to leave home to face uncertain
chaos that could ensue in the event of the unthinkable. The
"others" (the unprepared) will have to forage and fend for

Happy Preppers are happy in stockpiling goods secretly because
they also know that their reserves could be the target of looting
in uncertain times. It's better to be quiet and be fed, than be
boisterous and dead.

Get happy! Get prepping!
If you're happy and you know it start to prep! Start small, but
start today. The first thing to do for any emergency preparedness
plan is to secure water, because it's possible to live a whole
month without food, but only a few days without water. Everyone,
should at minimum prepare a 72-hour survival kit, which would
include food, water, and medical supplies for the entire family.

Know that you can prep at any budget. Head to the dollar stores
and stock up on canned goods. Stash away two-for-one deals,
and start reading expiration dates on the products you already
buy. Remember, you can only get to a happy outcome with a
positive mental attitude! So get happy preppers!

The more advanced we get as a society, the less prepared we
are. Get ready, get prep, go! Contact us. Be sure to visit us on
Twitter and join the secret society of Happy Preppers to get
prepping tips, share ideas, and to learn of new products to keep
you happy and prepared.  Get ready, get prep, go!

Prepare to live happily ever after with us at happypreppers.com - the emergency
preparedness Web site of prepping, survival,
homesteading, and self-sufficiency.
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