Cooksets for preppers

Cooksets and Mess kits for preppers
A mess kit is an important component of your bugout bag.

Best cooksets for preppers.
Assemble your camp cook kit! Preppers don't often talk about the
mess kit they're including in their bugout bags, but a reliable
cookset is one of the most important pieces of gear to ensure
your survival. Without a quality metal container you won't be able
to boil water to help make it potable. Utensils are necessary for
mixing food and eating it. Below is everything you need to
assemble your camp cookset...

Best Mess Kits for Preppers
A backpack cooking set is a good place to start when looking for
the perfect cookset for your bugout bag, but don't overlook
military mess kits. It may depends on whether you're going solo
or you have to pack for a family. For example, when packing for a
family, you can ensure you have a metal

There are many kinds of mess kits, but when building the perfect
backpacking cook kit consider the most important factors. Really
there are just two factors for your decision:
  1. Safe metal. Make sure the metal you choose is safe and not
    made of aluminum or Teflon. Both aluminum and Teflon are
    toxic substances. We wrote an entire article about the
    dangers of Aluminum. Teflon ruins easily if you burn your
    food and with burns and scratches will release toxic
    chemicals into your food. You really have only two safe
    choices of metal for your camping cookware: stainless steel
    or titanium.
  2. Lightweight. Another important factor in selecting the right
    camping cooking gear is to ensure your mess kit is
    lightweight for your bugout bag. The Titanium cookset,
    pictured top right, has a total weight of just 3.9 oz.! It's the
    best ultralight mess kit and camping cook system if all you
    want to do is rehydrate food. It's perfect for solo trips.

Camping cookware is a bit different from what you need in your
bugout bag. The most important element is the cooking pot.

Below are the best camping cooksets for preppers...

#1: Stanley Two Cup Camp Cook Set.
One of th most popular of camping cooking gear is from Stanley.
Stanley Camp Cook set, pictured slightly top right, is a tidy
yet rugged little cook kit will help you enjoy delicious, hot food
straight from the campfire. Tailgate, campsite, fishing approved,
so why overthink it? It has more than 1,730 almost perfect 5-star
reviews and is very economical at around $12-15!

You really have only two safe choices of metal for your camping
cookware: stainless steel or titanium. This is the durable
stainless set to own if you're a prepper. It has a vented lid which
lets you cook on camp stoves or grills. What's more, the locking
handle extends for cooking and folds to save space. This is
quality stainless steel that won't rust and this cookset is
naturally BPA-free. It includes two Nesting insulated cups.
Everything is dishwasher safe and comes with a lifetime warranty.

The Stanley 24-ounce Camp set, pictured right,  is a durable,
portable, nesting set that includes a cooking pot and two 10oz.
insulated plastic cups for sharing. The stainless steel, single wall
cooking pot is lightweight and cooks over a camp stove. It
features a vented lid to let steam escape while cooking and a
two-position handle that extends and locks in place.
Built to survive rough weather and tough trips, Stanley products
have been made for hard working and hard playing people since

#2: Esbit Stainless Steel Cookset
Esbit Stainless Steel Stove and Cookset, pictured immediate right
is another perfect solution for a solo prepper or a couple. This
lightweight, self-contained complete cooking system is
constructed from stainless steel and works with solid fuel. The
stove is great for heating water or food on the trail, such as a
quick cup of coffee, tea, or soup. It includes a windshield type
stove and a pot with lid. The stove fits in the pot, which has
folding handles and a small pour spout, making it space and
weight efficient for hiking and backpacking. The durable 585 ML
pot has graduations in both ounces and milliliters that you read
from the inside when pouring in the liquid. The pot's folding
handles have Silicone grips for protection from heat and it all fits
in the included mesh stuff sack.

Consider adding Mess Kit for the Kids.
Teens should have a quality metal cookset in their bugout bag,
but when
packing bugout bags for young kids, you can include a
mess kit. You don't need to pack metal cookware in their bugout
bags. To make things as light as possible, look for BPA and
phthalate-free mess kits.

UCO Mess kit, picture right, is for camping, backpacking,
scouting, and even meals on-the-go! It includes plate, bowl, 3-in-
1 spork utensil, and tether for securing kit and contents. Both the
bowl and the plate have rubberized grips on the bottom to ensure
that they stay put while eating. The 3-in-1 spork features a
spoon on one end, and a fork with serrated knife edge on the
other, and is made from high-strength reinforced glass nylon for
durability and temperature resistance. The contours of the spork
are curved to match the inside of the bowl and plate to make it
easy to get every last crumb or drop of soup. For meal storage
and transport, the bowl and plate connect with an airtight seal,
while the stretch tether secures the spork to the kit. It's BPA and
phthalate-free as well as dishwasher and microwave-safe.

Happy endings...
Having a reliable mess kit in the bugout bags for each member of
your family will go a long way towards feeling better about your
future after a disaster. Remember to pack your bugout bag as
though they will be the last set of man-made tools you'll own.
This means you need to think about the highest quality items
your budget can afford.

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