Dear DACA Kids

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Happy endings...
Your dreams don't need to end even if DACA does. We invite you
to live the ideals of the American dream no matter where you
live. Embrace everything that America has given you. Be grateful
for what is in front of you and not fearful of what may happen.
You can
join the prepper movement as a DACA recipient.

Here are some facts that may surprise you:

The author of this guide on "how to prepare for deportation if you
are a DACA recipient," has lawful immigrant parents ~ one chose
naturalization, the other maintains a green card. Both completed
necessary paperwork, immunizations, obtained sponsorship, and
waited for their status and entered the country lawfully.

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Dear DACA Kid
An open letter on Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals

Living in the shadows is over, but what does your future hold?
Below is an open letter from an American patriot and
constitutionalist, who also happens so be a prepper and the
progeny of immigrants who came to the United States legally.

It's a letter addressed with full heart and sympathy to those
concerned about their status under the Deferred Action for
Childhood Arrivals program, or the status of someone they
treasure. It's also an honest assessment of how many Americans

Dear DACA Kid,
If you're a DACA recipient, you've been living in the shadows.
There's no doubt that it has been a difficult reality that you've
faced uncertainty and anxiety for almost your entire life.

You've probably lived a vulnerable life in a constant state of fear
and you may ave felt as though, at any moment, someone could
take everything away from you ~ your way of life, your family and
your home. It all seems so unfair to you and with an uncertain
future you may be building up some anger.

Recognizing both your anxiety and the law, we sincerely wish to
help you with viewpoints from a prepper's perspective. Below are
five reasons you should stay and five reasons you should go...

Five reasons you should get to stay in the U.S.:
The American community recognizes your hopes, your dreams,
your aspirations and your unique group condition.

#1: It's not your fault that you are undocumented.
Plenty of Americans have empathy for you because we know you
were too young to have participated in the immigration process
your parents chose for you. We know that you did not personally
break the immigration laws. We understand that your parents
came to the U.S. with all the hopes and dreams to give you a
better life. We also recognize that it's hard for you to reconcile
your parents' good-natured wishes with the fact that they broke
laws in the process. We send you our most sincere empathy.

#2: You're a victim and not a criminal.
Americans recognize that you and other DACA recipients are a
high risk group for emotional and behavioral problems because of
the unique stresses, prejudice and poverty put upon you in the
process. You've been victimized.

As you are a victim of circumstance, Americans feel that you can't
be held accountable for what the adults in your life did on your
behalf. You are not a criminal because your parents crossed the
border with you.

#3: We want to keep our investment in you.
You have been a valuable community member. You are
hardworking, and have integrity and grit. No one can take that
away from you! We feel proud that you assimilated and joined us
in the American ideals for which we expect every foreigner to do.

Our investment in you is emotional, but it's also tangible.
America has spent $12,600 on your education for every year of
school you attended. Assuming you came at the average age of 5
~ that's 13 years of school and a grand total of $163,800 we've
invested in your future. With nearly 800,000 DACA kids,
Americans have invested around $131,040,000,000 your collective
education. We don't want to throw away our investment in you.

#4: We are all descendants of immigrants.
We empathize with you because we are a nation of immigrants.
Some of us are paying your $495 renewal fee, or providing Pro
Bono legal work to help you. It's all because we recognize our
past in your future. The many Americans who are your allies
banding together to help you maximize and help you understand
your rights.

#5: You have a foothold in the American dream.
You are part of the fabric of our lives. You've worked hard to stay
in school and keep it all together with faith that everything will
fall in place. Your teachers, your employers and your church
leaders have reassured you despite your undocumented status.
We have all embraced your aspirations, hopes and dreams. You
are our classmates, our friends, and our congregation. We don't
want you to slip away into the unknown and we want you to

Indeed we value you and your contributions to our society. You
are human beings caught between the legal and the illegal worlds
and we all recognize that living in the shadows needs to end.

While we hold these truths to be self evident, we also must
affirm that you are not "entitled" to become an American.
Becoming an American is a privilege and honor given to those
who follow every letter of the law.

Five reasons you should leave the U.S.:
While we value you as human beings, and while many of us are
fervent supporters of the Dream Act, the truth is that most
Americans are not fully versed on what it is. The reasons we
outlined above leave us conflicted.

You see, DACA was never created to give you justice or mercy. It
was created to give you an extension, and not a license to be an

#1: You are not "just as American" as an American.
In all due respect, you are an Amerophile. You love the United
States as much as an Anglophile loves the United Kingdom ~ or
as much as a Francophile loves France. You love all things
American, but this doesn't make you an American. We know you
share the dreams and hopes of Americans, but you don't share
with us a birth place. You also don't share with us a piece of
paper that makes you a lawful citizen. Though you may not feel
the part, you are a foreign national.

#2: We never promised you could be an American.
Truth be told: DACA is a work permit. DACA is none other than a
deferred action from deportation and makes you eligible for a
work permit for a limited time. That's it. Maybe you feel tricked
when President Obama got you to sign up for DACA, but you can
read the
White House archives of his immigration speech to learn
that the DACA agreement never promised to provide you with a
lawful status.
  • DACA did not grant you citizenship.
  • DACA does not give you the right to stay here
    permanently, and
  • DACA never promised the same benefits that citizens
  • It's not amnesty (pardon for political offenses)

You may have to accept that your status will be up for a
contractual renewal based on your moral character, but that you
will never vote.

DACA has always been a temporary stop-gap measure, which
gave a degree of hope that Congress might some day create a
law benefiting the recipients. While the end game is to create a
safe haven, the legislation by no means will guarantee a
citizenship or even a path to citizenship.

#3: You can't demand your parents stay here, too.
America is a nation welcoming of immigrants who follow the law.
It is a privilege and not a right to become an American. We never
promised you could be an American, and we never promised that
your parents, cousins and undocumented community could
become Americans either.

Why can't your parents stay? They broke the laws!
On one hand Americans don't want to tear your family apart, and
on the other we don't want to reward law breakers. Your parents
broke federal immigration laws and many others:

  • Your parents stole your education. It may seem harsh, but
    money talks. America invested around $163,800 on your
    public education ($12,600 public education x 13 years =
    $163,800, and foreign nationals are required to pay for such
    public education in the United States. It's a fee required by
    federal law. We don't really want to throw away our
    investment in you and yet we can't reconcile the fact that
    your education adds up to quite a deficit, so we're angry.
    When you add up the numbers, we've spent money that your
    parents never paid, and it's enough to get started building a

  • $163,800 x 800,000 = $131,040,000,000
    (Enough to build a wall?)

    The thing is that the numbers aren't really accurate because
    we've likely spent much more as there are currently 11
    million undocumented people in the United States.

  • Your parents stole a Social Security Number or they
    aren't paying taxes. We know that millions of
    undocumented immigrant workers, like your parents, are
    earning an income in the United States. Immigration law
    forbids working in the U.S. without legal authorization and a
    Social Security Number, which means that your parents did
    one of two illegal things:
  • they stole a social security number or forged one to
    work and pay taxes, or
  • they're getting paid cash, under the table, and are not
    paying any taxes.

If we let in 800,000 then we let in 11 Million others.
In short order Americans don't want to accept the other 11 million
undocumented people, including your parents who didn't follow
our laws or try to make things right with the law. We're afraid
that if we give you some privileges you will demand them for your
parents, friends and neighbors, but your parents don't deserve
any privileges.

America first.
We need to take care of American veterans, homeless and others
in need. We must take care of Americans first. You think illegals
pay taxes and contribute, but the reality is that you're costing us.

U.S. News and World Reports says
illegals take $24,721 in
government benefits and pay just $10,334 in taxes. That's a
deficit of $14,387. So no, you're not contributing your fair share.
They pay billions in taxes, but they take MORE than they receive:

#4: We are a nation of laws.
Part of what makes America great is the fact that we have a
constitutional republic (it's not a Democracy as you may have
thought). We are a nation of laws working in tandem with our
constitution. In a constitutional republic government officials are
representatives of the people and they must govern within our
constitution. In a constitutional republic, executive, legislative,
and judicial powers may be separated into distinct branches. This
balance of power makes us unique.

Unfortunately, your parents broke the law and that shouldn't go
rewarded ~ in fact it's as un-American as it gets. Obama once
said, "
Families who enter our country the right way and play by
the rules watch others flout the rules." It's frustrating to all of
America.  "
All of us take offense to anyone who reaps the rewards
of living in America without taking on the responsibilities of living
in America."

In short, it's not fair to the other immigrants who played by the
rules that you cut in line.

#5: We know you're not a kid.
Most of you are 18-35 years old. You're all grown up now and
must face the realty of your parents decisions. This has nothing
to do with the current president or the past president. You've
known your entire school life that by law you were not allowed to
be in the United States, and as hard as it is, you really must face
the fact that your parents are to blame.

You are an adult, but you are not a criminal. Even though you
may feel like you've earned your place in our society, you must
face the fact that you have only a contractual arrangement to
work and study in the United States. You can be proud that you
made the decision to come clean and to make things right.

If congress doesn't pass legislation and your DACA expires, then
you can do the grown up thing and take the course of action
that's right for you. Know your rights, but also know your limits.

We are not heartless. We are not racists.
Americans have compassion ~ we have heart. The issue of
deportation is not of race, but of the law. We are Americans who
sincerely wish to help you make the best decision for you based
on the laws. Since your parents brought you here and put you in
this situation, it's not really our problem, but yours. Even so, we
aren't heartless. Many attorneys are giving freely of their time,
teachers and counselors also will provide you with resources.

America is good and we are sorry for you that DACA will
eventually end. If you should face deporatation, you can and
should have hope. has compiled a DACA preparedness article for
you to read, but also have found a video to help you understand
your rights as an immigrant..

We want you to be grateful, not hateful.
When you chant demands, when you give us the finger, and when
you call us racists, you undermine the beauty of what it means to
be an American. It's a privilege and not a right to be earned.
Please be grateful and not hateful. Please be lawful and not

You do not have the right to be an American, but as an
immigrant, you do have some rights.

Immigrant Rights:
All immigrants, undocumented and documented, in the U.S. have
certain rights under the Constitution. Learn about your rights and
how your family can best prepare for an encounter with
immigration enforcement.
Dear DACA kids
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