How to reuse canning lids

How to re-use canning lids
Giving new life to old canning rings

Re-use canning lids, the correct way!
Among the cardinal rules of canning: don't re-use the lids and
rings! Corrosion is the main risk, as the rings rust easily and also
get bent, ruining the integrity of the unit for its intended purpose
to safely seal your food. Also when you use a lid on a jar for
canning, it forever leaves an imprint and just won't seal
adequately the next time.

All about reusing canning lids
Misguided preppers say it's just fine to re-use the lids if you're
very careful to inspect the lids, care for them and such. We say
no! The manufacturer clearly says, "Lids are for one time use
only" because their lawyers make them say it and for good
reason. Either they are wrong or the misguided preppers are
dead wrong! It's your choice if you want to risk death. Why
bother when you can get 8 dozen canning lids (96 lids total) for
around $21. You can also get six dozen Ball wide mouth mason
jar canning lids(72 lids total) for about the same price. Aren't
you worth $21?

  • Should you re-use canning lids? Plenty of people have
    done it, and lived to tell about it, but that doesn't mean it's
    a good idea. For risk of botulism, it's just not safe to use a
    canning lid more than once. The one exception to the rule is
    Tattler reusable canning lids by Stieg, pictured left. Since
    1976 they've supplied FDA-approved materials, which are
    dishwasher safe, BPA-free and will last indefinitely. They
    are reusable for water bath or pressure canning with no food
    spoilage from acid corrosion. They just take some

  • How to reuse other canning lids, then? While you
    shouldn't re-use metal canning lids for the purpose of home
    canning your foods, preppers have many other useful ideas
    so that these lids don't go to waste. The prepping motto,
    borrowed from the Great Depression, is to "wear it up, use it
    up, make do, or do without." Today's modern equivalent is
    re-use, re-cycle, and re-invent. We hope you will find many
    more uses for canning lids.

Give new life to canning lids with these ideas...

How to Re-Use Canning Lids
There are many clever ways to re-use canning lids. The list below
is just the start. You will likely come up with many more ideas
for using an old canning lid, canning ring or the entire canning jar.

How to re-use canning lids:

  • Plant markers (seed labels). Probably the best idea for
    how to reuse canning lids is to reuse them as markers for
    your seedlings. You can use a Sharpie marker or get fancy
    with colorful stamps. You can also cut out the seed packet
    into a circle and affix it with Modge Podge to relay the
    image on the canning lid. The idea below comes from

  • Shingles for small structure. If you have amassed a large
    collection of canning lids, consider using the material as
    shingles for a chicken coup or as a decorative element
    layered and hammered together. Steel is a good siding
    material and you can test to see if your lids are steel by
    testing them with a magnet. If the magnet sticks, it's steel.
    (Steel is ferromagnetic because it contains iron). Most
    ferrous metals are magnetic, but aluminum is not.

  • Powder sugar shaker. Punch holes in the lid and re-affix to
    the canning jar to make a powder sugar sifter to dust your
    baked goods. Bonus uses for this idea include using it to
  • Parmesan cheese or red peppers for your Italian food;
  • cinnamon and sugar for toast or
  • spices rub mixes for your meats.

  • Mason jar frog lids. To make flower arranging look more
    "arranged" you need a frog lid for your mason jar. Pictured
    immediate right, you can do it yourself and fresheggsdaily.
    com shows you how. If you keep chickens, surely you have
    the materials you need -- chicken wire!

  • Coasters. If you're lucky enough to have some vintage zinc
    lids, you can add a bit of cork inside to turn them into a
    pretty coaster as pictured right with a classic glass bottle of
    Coca Cola.

  • Mason jar lid candles. shows you how
    to re-purpose canning lids to make mason jar lid candles
    (hint: these are vintage zinc lids):

How to re-use canning rings:

  • Christmas or decorative wreath. Start collecting the rings
    on a heavy string and soon you will have enough for a large
    wreath. When you've collected enough, you can spray paint
    them green, or if you prefer to have a patina, allow them to
    rust naturally. Left, displays a
    wreath made from an old collection of canning rings.

  • Canning ring bird cages and other holiday ornaments.
    Pictured top right

  • Canning ring picture frames. Paint the rings in bright and
    happy colors and use canning rings as mini frames to
    display family pictures or memories. Have a picture
    representing one year of your child's life as a birthday
    decoration, or use the annual Christmas photo to see how
    your family progresses through the years.

  • Canning ring egg circles. Make perfectly shaped fried eggs
    (or over easy) with canning rings. Oil the canning ring, crack
    an egg inside and fry up your egg in a perfectly round shape
    for breakfast muffin sandwiches.

  • Bonus uses: Make dollar-sized pancakes or omelets.

How to re-use canning lids, rings and  or jars:

  • Redneck drinking cups. Drill a hole into the center of the
    canning lid wide enough to insert a straw. Together with a
    straw and the other mason jar parts, now you have a "go
    cup" for your favorite beverage. It's a fun idea for sun tea or
    lemonade at your casual gathering or to take with you to

  • Hanging candle jars. Add ambiance to your backyard
    gathering with mason jar hanging lanterns. This idea comes
    from TheLanternCompany of Eugene, Oregon found on ETSY.

  • Trinket containers. Jars that have given good service for
    your canned foods may still find a myriad of uses to store
    such things as nails, nuts and bolts; ear swabs or cotton
    balls; thumbtacks, paper clips and rubber bands, and all
    sorts of other odds and ends.

  • Gift candles. Give new life to old candles with this "wicked"
    design idea: layer the different wax colors into mason jars,
    taking time to allow each layer to dry. There's no need to
    use a new canning jar and rings for this project. Recycle and
    reinvent a candle appropriate for teachers, friends and

  • Mason jar mini pies. Canning lids and the rings are like mini
    tart cups. It's pure genius! Try the Mini Cream Pies recipe
    from createdbydiane, also see her recipes for mini quiches,
    and mini chicken pot pies. These are perfect sized treats for

Pies are just the start, use canning lids like mini-pie tins for
chicken pot pie, quiche and other treats.

  • Get rid of the lid! For a canning jar that's given service, you
    can make mason jars more useful with the ReCAP POUR,
    pictured left in yellow. Multi-functional, it can help you get
    the party started after canning season to help you shake,
    pour and store. Toss the rusty lids and use it for shaking
    things up in your bar. For your morning brew you can use it
    to dispense the coffee beans into the grinder. For your kids
    you can offer it as a sippy cup. It's BPA-free, FDA approved
    food-safe and rust free.  What's more, it's spill proof,
    freezer proof and dishwasher safe.

  • Mason jar sewing kit with pin cushion. The sewing kit,
    pictured left would make a sweet teacher's gift. Idea from, click the image to get to the

  • Mason Jar Matchbox. Guaranteed to strike attention, the
    mason jar matchbox idea is ultra clever and good emergency
    preparedness as well it makes a thoughtful gift. Cut and
    glue sandpaper to the lid for a strike anywhere appeal and
    decorate the gift card label with a match -- this idea also

Have more ideas on how to re-use a canning lid? Write us! We'd
love connecting with you.

Happy endings...
The ideas for using an old canning lid are endless. Now you know
what to make with mason jar parts! Have at it and tells us what
you create.

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