Chapstick for Survival

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Chapstick for Survival
Consider the top survival uses of Chapstick lip balm

Strange survival uses of lip balm
There’s and ah-ha! moment when a prepper realizes how useful
a small tube of lip balm can be in a survival situation. Aside
from moistening chapped lips, your favorite lip balm, whether it’
s Chapstick, Burts Bees or Blistex, has many survival uses.

If you haven’t already considered the many survival uses of lip
balm, then this article is for you. Lip balm is an Every Day Carry
(EDC), and here’s why you should remember to stash lip balm in
your bugout bag or vehicle...

How to Use Chapstick for Survival
Whether you prefer Chapstick or another brand of lip balm, you
should stockpile it. Chapstick has an amazing array of survival

#1: Light a fire with lip balm.
It’s not accurate to say that Chapstick is a firestarter, because
it’s actually an accelerant or a source of fuel. The main
component of the typical lip balm is Petroleum Jelly, otherwise
known as
Vaseline, which  is extremely valuable in survival
situations. Burts Bees uses beeswax, coconut oil and soybean
oil, which will also serve to aid in your survival in much the
same way as petroleum jelly. It can be used as a fuel source.

You can use lip balm as a fire accelerant in combination with
cotton as tinder to start a fire. To use lip balm to help build a
fire in an emergency, saturate a small dab of cotton from a
cotton ball or Q-tip with lip balm using your fingers to work into
the fibers. Then light it with a firestarter (flint, ferrocium rod,
match, lighter, etc.).

The petroleum is fuel to get your fire going! If you don’t have
cotton, you can use the contents of your lip balm with tinder
you find in the great outdoors, such as dried bark from a cedar
tree, or juniper, for example. Work the lip balm deeply into the
fibers of your selected tinder. It will help your fire get going

#2: Turn a lip balm into a tiny candle, lantern or
even a flashlight.
  • Can't build a fire and need a candle instead? If somehow
    a fire is not appropriate and you need a small window of
    light to get you through a situation, then consider using a
    lip balm to make a candle or lantern. You’ll need to
    improvise a wick from a cotton swab from your first aid kit.
    Pull up the cotton swab from a Q-tip like cotton candy to
    make it fluffy, yet attached to the base of the Q-tip. Now
    work the Q-tip into the lip balm like a wick and light it. Use
    the twist portion of the lip balm container as it starts to
    burn, so you can push out the waxy substance for burning.

  • Want to make a lantern from your lip balm candle?
    Ideally you’ll have a knife and an empty tin can around. To
    make a lantern that reflects more light for your needs, cut
    open the tin can into “French doors”.  The shiny insides of
    aluminum from a can will provide the backdrop to create a
    mini lantern.

  • Want to make the tiniest flashlight in a lip balm? If you're
    clever enough, you can remove the top of a small LED light
    and insert a battery into the emptied lip balm container.
    After inserting the battery, twist the light onto the top of
    the lip balm, (you'll find the design similar to the lip balms
    themselves). Just remove the translucent plastic part that
    has the LED installed -- this will help you turn on your mini
    lip balm light!

#3: Improve your vision with lip balm.
Strangely, there are two ways that lip balm can improve your
vision, but it might not be exactly what you thought...

  • Lip balm can polish and defog your sunglasses. A strange
    use indeed for your lip balm is to coat a bit of the
    petroleum into your glasses, but it works. Lip balm smears
    in nicely into glass and you’ll be able to polish your glasses
    with a clean cloth for outstanding visibility. Certainly this
    will help sharpen your eye protection for shooting so you’ll
    be better equipped to get your target!

  • See your way through the snow. In the absence of
    sunglasses, glare in the snow can create a painful eye
    condition like a sun burn to the eye: snow blindness! While
    you could carve snow glasses of bone, a much easier way
    is to use lip balm in combination with your other resources
    can help you prevent this snow blindness.  In a survival
    situation, you can use lip balm with charcoal dust to cut
    the glare. The charcoal ashes will stick to your skin thanks
    to the handy lip balm.

#4: Attend to first aid needs with lip balm.
While lipbalm has the intended use of lubricating your lips. it
can provide other first aid uses:

  • Have a hang nail? It’s lip balm to the rescue! Apply lip
    balm directly to your cuticles to massage away the painful
    hang nail by moistening it!

  • Don’t have any hand lotion? Glide the lip balm over the
    knuckles of your chapped hands. Lip balm can provide a
    nourishing layer against the elements. While it doesn't’t
    moisten your skin, lip balm can help you retain moisture.

  • Is the swollen hand on your ring finger cutting off
    circulation? Lip balm can lubricate the ring enough so you
    can twist the ring to loosen it off.

  • Have a paper cut or shaving accident? Lip balm is ideal
    for paper cuts or razor cuts. Consider lip balm your after
    shave! Lubricating the skin with lip balm will take away the
    pain and stop bleeding. The layer of petroleum jelly keeps
    dirt out of your wound to provide infection protection.
    Antibiotic ointments combine their active ingredients with
    a form of petroleum jelly, called white petrolatum. (In case
    you’re curious: Neosporin inactive ingredients are cocoa
    butter, cottonseed oil, olive oil, sodium pyruvate, vitamin E
    and white petrolatum. While the active ingredients are
    Neomycin and Polymyxin B Sulfates, and Bacitracin Zinc.)

  • Planning on taking a long hike? Plan ahead and blister-
    proof the heels of your foot for hiking with lip balm. The
    waxiness of petroleum jelly will provide a barrier for the
    friction of the boot or shoe against the skin of your heel to
    help prevent blisters. Another technique to consider for this
    task is pantyhose! Here are the survival uses of pantyhose.
    Lip balm helps prevent chafing of the skin. Chafing is when
    skin rubs against skin or clothing annoying and is often
    painful and may blister.

#5: Lubricate equipment with lipbalm.
Smooth the friction and gain the lubrication you need with lip
balm if you have gears that binding, you can lubricate just
about anything mechanical.

Here are some specific applications for using lip balm if you
don't have another kind of lubricant:

  • Archery bows. Lubes archery bows the way you're archery
    bow wax does.

  • Bow drill. Lubricate the bearing block of your bow drill with
    lip balm to enable the spindle to move more freely.

  • Carbon steel fixed blade knives and pocket knives. The
    blades of carbon steel knives may rust and you need
    simply to rub lip balm to the edges to protect the knives.
    This is particularly helpful for rainy situations when
    camping or hunting. As a lubricant for a pocket knife, you
    can use lip balm at the hinges to prevent rusting.
    Incidentally, here’s how to fix a rusty pocket knife.

  • Screws and threads. In the absence of silicon, a bit of lip
    balm will help you with the threads of your flashlights to
    help you screw batteries into place. You can even use lip
    balm for the screws of outdoor light bulbs to inhibit rust.

  • Tents and camping equipment. Have a pin prick in your
    tent or gear? With a large chunk of lip balm, you can
    smooth and plug a small hole or tear in a tent to keep out
    the rains at least temporarily.

  • Zippers. Whether the zipper teeth of your tent, bugout
    bag, pants or jacket is stuck, lip balm will help you to get
    it unstuck! (Another good trick is to rub a graphite pencil
    on the zipper teeth to help glide the path towards

#6: Make tiny survival kits from the lip balm
Creatively, you can assemble a tiny survival kit of extra
prescription medicines,

  • Make a stash for cash. Once you’ve used up a lip balm,
    the container makes a great place to stash some cash. You’
    ll find it fits bills perfectly once you fold it a bit, so you’ll
    be able keep your money safe in an unlikely place.

  • Waterproof match case. Another thing to do with an
    emptied lip balm container is to stash matches. The lip
    balm container acts as a waterproof container. Be sure to
    include a small strip of sandpaper as a striking surface!

  • Tiny First Aid kit. In a Chapstick container, you’ll have just
    enough space for a few bandages, alcohol wipes, aspirin,
    and Neosporin packet. This tiny kit has the advantage of
    being compact and waterproof. If you don’t have a
    Neosporin packet, you can scoop some into a straw and

  • Spice stash. Sure, you can store your recreational herbs
    into a lip balm container, but we were thinking spices and
    herbs for cooking. Using the straw-method you can store
    several tubes of your favorite spices and secure them all in
    the emptied lip balm container.

  • Teensy fishing kit. This is “of-fish-ially” the smallest
    fishing kit you’ll ever see. You can fit a small salmon egg
    hook to catch trout along with some cleverly wrapped
    fishing line. Here’s how to unravel braid knots using lip

We hope you enjoyed some of these unexpected ways to use lip
balm. We'd love to hear your ideas! Have an idea to add, or an
article or video to share? Write us. WE just may link to your

Happy endings...
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