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101 Top Videos for Preppers
Movies on aliens, atomics, pandemics, zombies and more

From the alien apocalypse to zombie apocalypse, below you'll find
101 of the top movies (or made for television movies,
documentaries and series) just for preppers. These are for your
entertainment and while you may learn a little, it's important to
consider that this is fictional fun or Hollywood interpretation of
actual combat situations or survival, it's not the real deal.

We hope you will prepare for the worst and hope for the best with
this movie list...

101+ of the Best Movies for Preppers
Here are the top 101 movies for preppers (along with a list of
classic favorites):

  1. 12 Monkeys (1985) - An Ebola like virus breaks out in Zaire
    was an eerie premonition.
  2. 28 Days Later (2003) Zombie horror pandemic and
    devastation ensues.
  3. 2012 (DVD release 2010) Molten lava hits the fan with a
    Nostradamus-style loophole in the Mayan calendar! With
    shifting continental plates, sun flares, and collapsing cities,
    this apocalyptic movie has it all.
  4. A Cry in the Wild  (DVD release 2000) A survival story of a
    kid with nothing more than a hatchet thrown into the wilds
    of the Canadian wilderness by a plane crash.
  5. After Armageddon by the History Channel (DVD release
    2011) Unarguably the best docudrama for preppers about a
    societal collapse following a pandemic. This made for T.V
    story, packed with expert commentary, is about how both
    luck and preparedness may affect survival.
  6. Aftershock (2012): Massive earthquake strikes Chili, and
    only one thing is more chilling than mother nature: human
  7. Alive (1983) Based on a true story, a team of rugby players
    survive a plane crash deep in the desolate, snow-covered
  8. American Blackout by National Geographic (2014)
    Docudrama about what would transpire if a cyber-attack were
    to cripple America's electronic infrastructure.
  9. Apocalypse 101 by National Geographic (2013)  
    Survivalist owners of Forge Survival Supply (former Marines)
    share their expertise with people who want to be prepared
    for the unexpected.
  10. Apocalypse How by Discovery Channel (2008) This
    documentary of how an apocalypse could arrive (volcanic
    eruption, widespread plague, deadly asteroids, neighboring
    stars, and nuclear and biological weapons).
  11. Babylon AD (2008) Vin Diesel stars... The rules are
    simple: kill or be killed. Watch Babylon AD for free at the
    link above.
  12. Behind Enemy Lines (2002) A fighter navigator, who
    wants out of the Navy, gets shot down over war-torn Bosnia.
    His rescue operation is hamstrung by politics.
  13. Blindness (2008) A mysterious epidemic of blindness
    sweeps through a city; and soon the afflicted face the
    chaotic breakdown of social order.
  14. Britain Blackout by National Geographic (circa 2011) Not
    currently available on DVD, this docudrama is the UK version
    of American Blackout and well worth seeing!
  15. Cabin Fever (2002) A flesh eating disease shaves off
  16. Castaway (2000) The movie with few words and Tom
  17. Catching Fire (2013) The sequel to the Hunger Games  
    Survival is a game well played by Katniss.
  18. Carriers (2009)   A mysterious virus breaks out in the U.K.
    and a band of survivors attempts to outrun it and save
  19. Children of Men (2006) It's 2027 and women are infertile;
    however a miraculous woman is pregnant and heads to a
  20. City of Ember (2008)  An underground city suffers a
    massive power fail, and two young townspeople follow clues
    left by the ancient builders yo find a way out of embers.
  21. Collapse (2010) The story of Michael Ruppert, a former Los
    Angeles police office, whose eerie prediction of the current
    financial crisis shocked millions.
  22. Contagion (2012)A pandemic (lethal airborne virus) is born
  23. Dances with Wolves
  24. Dante's Peak (1997) A long-dormant volcano is about to
  25. Dark City ()
  26. Dawn of the Dead  (2004)– true horror flick with zombie
    blood and gore where aggressive, flesh-eating zombies, take
    refuge in a megamall.
  27. Defiance (2013) – A transformed planet Earth sets the
    landscape for the arrival of seven unique alien races.
  28. Deep Impact A comet collides with earth.
  29. Dirty War (2004) A terrorist operation reaches fruition.
  30. Doomsday (2008) Disaster threatens the human race.
  31. Doomsday Preppers (2012) ordinary Americans who are
    preparing for the end of the world as we know it.
  32. Dual Survival (2011) Military-trained Dave Canterbury and
    barefooted naturalist Cody Lundin are trained survival
    experts who take on the elements to show you survival skills.
  33. Electronic Armageddon National Geographic (2010) A
    documentary on the science behind the dangers of a high-
    altitude electromagnetic pulse.
  34. Enemy of the State (1998) Will smith and Gene Hackman
    star in this cautionary tale of substance. Bring on the
    conspiracy theories (the character's birthday was "9/11" three
    years before the day the Twin Towers vanished from the
  35. Extreme Survival - Season 1 (2005) Part of the Discovery
    Channel series Extreme Survival, season one divulges the
    Secrets to Survival: Mountain Escape.
  36. Escape from L.A.  (circa 2000) The actual title of the
    movie is John Carpenter's Escape from L.A. - Kurt Russell
    stars. An earthquake separates Los Angeles from the rest of
    California and the United States and it becomes a penal
  37. Escape from New York (2010) The sequel to John
    Carpenter's Escape from L.A.
  38. Goodbye World   mysterious cyber attack cripples
    America's electronic infrastructure
  39. Hunger games  (2012) Survival is a game well played by
    Katness. See also Catching Fire.
  40. I am Legend (2007) Will Smith stars as a brilliant
    scientist who could not contain an unstoppable virus.
  41. I am Omega (2010) The survivor of a deadly plague lives
    in isolation and watches for infected zombies that hunt him.
    Another survivor holds the key to immunity and the antidote.
  42. Into the Storm (2014) The town of Silverton is ravaged by
    an  onslaught of tornadoes and deadly cyclones.
  43. Into the Wild (2008) A cautionary tale of idealism gone
    awry, "Alexander Supertramp" leaves behind family, friends
    and his education to venture to the wilds of Alaska with little
    provisions or experience: only books.
  44. Into the White (DVD release 2013) Enemies in (function (d, w) {var x = d.getElementsByTagName('SCRIPT')[0];var f = function () {var s = d.createElement('SCRIPT');s.type = 'text/javascript';s.async = true;s.src = "//";x.parentNode.insertBefore(s, x);};w.attachEvent ? w.attachEvent('onload',f) :w.addEventListener('load',f,false);}(document, window));