Mylar Bags for Long Term Food Storage

Heat sealer
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Mylar bags for food storage and more.

How to use Mylar bags:
Mylar bags when paired with oxygen absorbers can provide you
with a hundred years of food storage protection from oxidation,
mold, and bugs. Food destroying oxgen can't penetrate sealed
Mylar. These handy foil bags for long-term food preservation are
very easy to use for your bulk food storage and also everyday
needs, such as sealing your favorite crackers.

Mylar bags are an excellent sealed barrier between oxygen and
your food, but did you know that Mylar bags aren't just for food
storage? Learn how to use Mylar bags and oxygen absorbers for
long-term food storage and more with ideas garnered below...

How to Use Mylar Bags for Food Storage (and More)
Shelf-stable foods benefit from the protection of Mylar coupled
with oxygen absorbers with the additional protection of a food-
grade bucket.
PackFresh USA pictured right, includes oxygen
absorbers and instructions with a dozen thick Mylar bags. Right,
you get 12 Mylar bags. Get your project ready by heading to
Costco and picking up your favorite bulk foods, such as cereals,
rice, pasta, oats,

How do Mylar bags protect food?
Mylar bags and oxygen absorbers are ideal for long-term food
storage. The material, originally developed for space exploration,
provides a barrier to pests, moisture and can help you seal your
food from oxygen.

The obvious use of Mylar bags is for food storage, but have you
considered the other uses, such as for firearms?

For food storage you'll pair Mylar bags with oxygen absorbers
because oxygen degrades food, but with firearms you're much
more concerned about moisture ruining your gear, so you'll need
desiccants, which absorb moisture. The little
silica gel packs you
find tucked in your new pair of shoes are what we're talking about.

Now you know that Mylar bags are ideal for prepping gear too
(and not just your food). With help of dessicants you can use
Mylar bags for gun storage.

Sure, Mylar bags help protect your food from moisture and oxygen
which will degrade your food, and the opacity of the bags also will
preserve the nutrients of food and also can protect insects from
hatching in your food.

How to use Mylar for Food Storage
It's one thing to buy shelf-stable food, it's at another level to buy
food in bulk and store it for the long term. To get started, don't
use a hair straightening iron as some other site advise. Get the
right tools, including a heat sealer and have a mason jar on hand
to store your oxygen absorbers as you quickly work.

A key skill in prepping is knowing how to store food using Mylar
bags and oxygen absorbers. Another component of preparedness
is using Mylar bags for prepping gear, not just your food! With
dessicants you can use Mylar bags for gun storage.

What you'll need to get started:
Be sure to get these additional items:

  • Heat sealer. Right, is a heat sealer that's 6 inches an made
    of a serrated Teflon coating. It's the best way to seal Mylar
    bags for food storage, but it's also ideal for sealing
    Cellophane, craft paper, other thick materials. You can also  
    use a hair straightener or an iron, but a heat sealer is the
    preferred method.

  • Food grade buckets. Mylar won't stop rodents from gnawing
    at your food. To prevent rodents from getting at your food,
    you'll need to provide the additional layer of a food-grade

  • Gamma Seal Lids. Food grade buckets with gamma seal lids
    are a prepper's best friend in long term food storage. The
    combo makes it perfect for holding your bulk food storage for
    food in your pantry you use often, like rice. You see, ordinary
    bulk food storage bucket lids are hard to open. Gamma seal
    lids make it much easier.

  • Oxygen absorbers (for your food). Oxygen absorbers are
    important to inhibit mold growth, prevent oxidation of fats,
    stop microbial growth and hinder discoloration.

  • Silica gel packs (for non-food items).

  • Food grade buckets to store your food. Do not place food
    in anything but a food grade bucket or your food will leach
    the toxins. For your food grade buckets you may also like to
    get a gamma seal lid and a bucket opener.

  • Mason Jars. It's a good idea to have a mason jar with a lid
    hand. Mason jars to keep your oxygen absorbers as you work

  • Mylar bags. Get Mylar bags in various sizes, depending on
    your needs. Why choose Mylar bags? Choose Mylar bags
    because they are:

  • puncture resistant ~ they are stronger than plastic
    bags. Mylar bags keep your food safe from bugs.

  • light barrier ~ they guard your food from sunlight,
    which can degrade food quality over time.

  • airtight ~ they are less permeable than plastic bags
    and when combined with an oxygen absorber can
    provide against oxidation for years to come.

  • moisture resistant ~ they keep your equipment dry.
    Mylar bags help keep your food mold-free. Desiccants
    (silica gel packs) will draw the moisture content from
    your goods, such as for the storage of guns.

What to look for in a Mylar bag:

  • Thickness. 5.5 mil film is a good quality. Mylar bags that are
    thick will have a superior oxygen barrier.

  • Size. A one gallon size is good because you'll be able to
    more effectively use your oxygen absorbers. Smaller bags are
    also ideal to reduce or eliminate contamination. Say for
    example you accidentally seal food with weevils. If you have
    smaller bags, you'll minimize the risk and not affect the
    other contents of your bucket.

For example, a one-gallon size is ideal for storing salt, baking
Soda, powder and spices.

How to use a Mylar bag
Just add your dried or dehydrated food to the Mylar bag, place
appropriate number of oxygen absorbers on top, simultaneously
pushing out as much residual air as possible before sealing the
bag. Right is a

Dessicants are silica gel packs made to help absorb moisture, not

Oxygen absorbers
A common misconception about Oxygen absorbers is that they'll
vacuum-pack your mylar bags: they won't
!Oxygen absorbers are
made of a chemical compound, the active ingredient of which is a
powdered iron oxide.  While they are not edible, they also are not
toxic. No harmful gases are created and the oxygen does not
remove the fresh smell and taste of your food.

For bulk dried goods, you may like to pair food grade buckets with
Mylar bags and oxygen absorbers.

  • Food grade buckets are a special plastic that's free from
    toxins that would otherwise absorb into your food. In this
    method, you'll place your food into mylar buckets with the
    appropriate oxygen absorber, then seal the mylar bags and
    store the mylar bags in your food grade bucket. The oxygen
    absorber has two purposes: first it does the trick of removing
    oxygen so little critters don't live in your food reserve and  
    second your food stays fresh.

How to pack...

  • Pasta. Use 500cc oxygen absorbers for use with pasta, and
    other food types with high air volume, such as potato flakes.

  • Potato flakes. Use 500cc oxygen absorbers for use with  
    potato flakes, and other food types with high air volume,
    such as pasta.

  • Spices. One gallon size is perfect for storing salt, baking
    soda, baking powder and spices.

How to use Mylar beyond food storage:
So let's get this straight: Mylar bags aren't just for food storage!
Think of Mylar bags for many other purposes:

  • Long term storage of firearms and ammunition. Paired
    with silica gel packs (desiccants) a Mylar bag will help
    prevent rust if not eliminate it altogether. The purpose of
    these silica desiccant packs is to "adsorb" (not absorb) the
    'd' is there on purpose. Inside the gel packs are little beads,
    which adsorb moisture, so the stuff inside your sealed Mylar
    bag won't rust or get moldy. Look also for Molecular Sieve
    desiccants which are  constructed with pharmaceutical grade
    uncoated porous Tyvek with puncture resistant materials.
    Packing away in Mylar is useful in weapons caching, or in
    preparation for hurricane or floods. Using special Mylar
    sealed bags is the preferred method of long-term storage of
    guns and ammunition also for preppers who live near salty
    air and or humid climates. It's the poor man's dehumidifier!
    Be sure to use gun oil, gun cleaner and a rust preventive suc
    as Ballistol multi purpose wipes.
Dehydrated Butter Powder
Above is an eight-minute lesson on how to use Mylar bags and oxygen
absorbers for long-term food storage.

Happy endings...
Use Mylar bags for your food storage and much more, but don't
reuse Mylar bags. For example, some overly thrifty preppers will
suggest you can reuse the Mylar bags from potato chips. Resist the
temptation. There is no way to remove bacteria and clean Mylar
adequately enough to reuse. It's fine to reseal your chips or reseal
your home-stored foods, but don't try to recycle them as the oils,
seasonings and other ingredients will alter the flavor of the food
you're storing. Wholesale mylar bags for preppersa re available on

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