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Bad thing #4: Not helping someone in crisis.
Scouts live by a code to "help others at all times." Unfortunately,
it may not always be safe to do so. The perfect example of this is
a kid who is unprepared and unequipped who goes into a burning
building to rescue someone. Without proper equipment and
training the results could be deadly.

It's naive to think you can help someone at all times. Is this a
very bad thing. It depends. What would you do if you've known
all along that your brother in law didn't prep (and he mocked you
for prepping) and then he is the first who comes knocking at your
door for help? Sure, you'd probably help him, but this puts your
entire family at risk because you now have less resources. Of
course, you also have his physical being as a resource to help
defend the homestead.

What if a complete stranger comes knocking? What then?
Hollywood can add to your imagination on how scenarios might
pan out. Certain movies will have you rethink who's the good guy
and who's the bad guy. Movies like,
The Road, The Trigger Effect,
10 Clover Lane will keep you guessing.

If you help someone, they could one day return the favor or they
could take advantage of you. This could be a very bad thing to
face in a world of chaos when you don't know who is friend or foe.

In the documentary,
After Armageddon, a scene unfolds about a
pandemic. It paints the picture of a dread in an apocalyptic scene
of a pandemic and yet there is a glossy notion that helping
someone else may help you later survive. It happens when a
medic helps someone and later this same individual helps him.
Would this happen? Probably not, because it's Hollywood, but it's
nice to speculate the good in mankind. After Armageddon is well
worth seeing:
Bad thing #3: Looting a store.
On the scale of bad things, this is one area that most preppers
may never need to do in crisis because they've prepared, but bad
things happen to good people. Preppers could become looters.

We're not talking of
Hurricane Katrina lootings where looters took
advantage of the situation in front of both the police and National
Guard. Those looters were not out to save themselves. They were
out to make a quick buck, and not in true survival mode. The
jewelry stolen was not for survival, but it was for profit.

How might a prepper need to do the very bad thing of looting a
store? Imagine for example, you see your preps go up in flames
after crisis. With no fire station able to provide support, all your
hard work was for naught. What would you do to survive?

Thankfully knowledge weighs nothing and you have some skills
and lockpicking might be one of them. In a world without rule of
law, you may need to loot if your wares have somehow been
depleted in the catastrophe. Preppers may find themselves doing
some very bad things.

Watch the Britain Blackout 2013 Movie and you can explore what
you may face in a desperate situation.
Bad thing #2: Siphoning gas.
Gas siphoning doesn't have to be a very bad thing. Gas siphoning
is something can do without harm to your conscience in an
ordinary situation if you're just transferring liquids to your
generator, for example; however, where you may test your
conscience and do a very bad thing is in theft of gas.

Perhaps you can't barter or trade your way to getting gas for your
vehicle or generator because it is so valuable that no one will
give in to a trade.  You may need to siphon gas to get to the
next leg of your journey or to survive the winter storm. You'll
need a gas siphon as a transfer pump for liquids or you will risk
your health. The gas siphon, right, is not intended for nefarious
purpose, but it doesn't hurt to have a tool on hand to help.

Not thinking gas siphoning is so bad? You may find yourself
doing a very bad thing as they did in the Britain Blackout 2013
Above, Brian of Scam School shows you exactly how to do the very bad
thing of lockpicking.

How to open a locked door with a credit card.
The oldest trick in the book of lockpicking is to take a credit
card and slide it down the locking mechanism of a door. When
you hear the click, you've unlocked the door provided there isn't
some other barrier, like  door jam.
Bad things that good preppers may do...
Survival and a world without rule of law

Bad things may happen (and good preppers may do them).
Every armed citizen should understand the law of self-defense as
it applies today. In addition preppers should consider the bad
things they might do to survive a world without rule of law.

Whether it's gangs and raiders knocking down your doors,
lunatics roaming the streets, or everyone scrambling in a world
without rule of law for the same resources, you may surprise
yourself at how far you will go. You'll not only want to defend
yourself, but you'll want to get the last available resources to
survive the end of the world as we know it. Below are the bad
things that good preppers might do...

  • CAUTION: This information is not for the feint of heart. This
    article will test your ethics. The intent of this article is NOT
    for nefarious purpose. Do NOT break the law. Knowledge
    presented is for explorative, and survival purposes only for
    dealing in a world without rule of law. Be sure to read the
    Law of Self Defense ~ the Indispensable Guide for the
    Armed Citizen, right. This guide helps you arm yourself for
    the legal battle that happens after an attack, and
    thoroughly covers the laws of all fifty states.

Ten bad things a good prepper may do
Bad things, very bad things ~ some day you might have to do
them. Preppers always have a contingency plan, but even the
most well intentioned plans can go awry.

While we do not wish you to break the law as a prepper, you
should at least prepare yourself for the bad things that might go
down in a world without rule of law. Employ these methods in
only such devatasting scenarios as a
global pandemic,
Electromagnetic Pulse, World War III nuclear destruction or other
cataclysmic event where the rule of law may no longer apply.

Here's our list of ten bad things you may need to do to survive..

Bad thing #1: Lock picking.
It's not the worst of the bad things, but lock picking is on the list
of what might need to happen to help your family survive in
extreme crisis. We're not talking a personal emergency, and
you'll definitely need to check in with your morals, but the truth
in prepping is that you may do very bad things, like lock picking
in an apocalypse. You might need to pick a lock to get to a food
or resource, by breaking into a locker, a storage unit, a car, or a
building, and so certainly it's a skill to have in an apocalyptic

How to pick a lock.
Consider becoming a locksmith, not as an occupation, but as a
prepper skill! Sure it's a crime if you use your skills maliciously,
lock picking is a prepper skill that's good to know even if you
just misplace your own keys or forget the combination.

In crisis, though lock picking will tug at your conscience. It's
unfathomable to violate another person by picking a lock, but it's
a bad thing that may happen to good preppers. All is fair in love
and war, as they say. If the stuff hits the fan it may be good to
have this life-saving skill in your arsenal.

There is an art to lockpicking and while you can self study online
at,  read a book about lock picking or buy lockpicking
tools to get started, you may just want to surf!
Start by learning the bump key method.

  • Learn the bump key method. Picking locks is easy once
    you've made a bump key, according to Scam School who has
    a very entertaining video. Plus: learn to prevent break-ins.
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Law of Self Defense
Bad thing Good Preppers may do
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Lock Pick set
In crisis it will be hard to know who is trustworthy. In the movie
10 Cloverfield Lane, starring John Goodman, a woman wakes up in
a survivalists bunker and he claims to have saved her from
attack, but it is hard to decipher the truth.

Bad thing #5: Cooking, eating and serving to others a
protein source against their will.
In a survival situation, you should not turn down any reasonable
source of protein. Would you eat road kill? To some, eating road
kill would be a very bad thing, to others not so much. Many have
written how to eat road kill and they live happily ever after. It's a
personal choice, but what if you made your child eat road kill for
survival against his or her will? Would you cook it to help your
family survive. You may have to do the very bad thing of not
telling the people you love what they are eating. Could you do it?

There are many other scenarios about eating meat that could go
against the grain. Religion, or a vegetarian lifestyle choice could
put you to test. In
After Armageddon, a teenage son passes on
eating snake meat, which becomes a point of contention. It's
something to ponder.

Bad thing #6: Eating a pet or livestock you wouldn't
ordinarily eat.
Would you eat a beloved dog or cat? What if it wasn't your own?
What about horse meat?

While inscrutable, some
countries have a history of eating dog.
And taboo as it is to eat horse meat in the United States, in
France, not long ago, it was acceptable to eat horse and
establishments would hang a horse head to indicate they were
serving it. Could you eat horse? Maybe you've already consumed
horse meat and didn't know it. Scandal erupted in Europe when
IKEA recalled its meatballs after detection of horse meat.

Bad thing #7: Cannabalism.
It's unfathomable, and again the movie, spoiler alert, The Road
comes to mind, but have you considered what you'd do if you had
to eat a person? It would be a very bad thing to have to do.

History has many a tale of cannabalism and survival. Ethan
Rarick's book, Desparate Passage, The Donner Party's Perilous
Journey West, chronicles the horrific events. "In late October
1846, the last wagon train of that year's westward migration
stopped overnight before resuming its arduous climb over the
Sierra Nevada Mountains, unaware that a fearsome storm was
gathering force. After months of grueling travel, the 81 men,
women and children would be trapped for a brutal winter with
little food and only primitive shelter."

Bad thing #8: Shooting the bad guy.
Someday you may need to shoot at a bad guy before he gets you.
That's a given. Firearm defense is an important part of prepping
and your second amendment right, but unless you've enrolled in a
police academy or had military training, you may not have
prepared yourself for the psychological wound of killing someone.

You'd be stuck with the messy problem and of possible revenge.
Think the
Hatfields and the McCoys.

Bad thing #9: Shooting yourself or someone you love.
If things got so grim you could hardly bear the thought of living,
would you want to perish slowly if you knew you would suffer a
long and painful death? Would you save a precious bullet to
protect your family or would you use it to end the suffering of
someone else?

Again, these are very bad things to ponder. The movie
The Road,
gives you lots to think about in this regard.

Bad thing #10: Burying someone.
There will be mass deaths as well as natural causes for death in
the end of the world as we know it. In a
pandemic situation, for
example, you may find yourself digging mass graves or making a
pyre. Someone in your family or group may die when there is no
funeral parlor, no crematorium, and no reverend, pastor or rabbi
to help.

Could you make a pyre? The Vikings did it. While quite common in
places like India, it's not common in America or Europe. A
mountain town in Crestone, Colorado is where you'll find the only
outdoor human cremation facility in the United States.

In the movie,
Captain Fantastic, an off-grid family sets out on a
mission to bury the matriarch as she wanted it, not as her mother
and father wanted it. If you see the movie, you will understand
that this was not a very bad thing. It was very beautiful.

It all comes down to this: survival isn't always nice and happy.
Prepare yourself. You may need to do some very bad things.

Happy endings...
Very bad things may happen, but the good news is that chances
are virtually nil that you will ever be faced with making any of the
decisions discussed on this page.

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