diversion safes and caches

Diversion Safes and Caches
Diversion safes for emergency preparedness supplies

Prepper Diversion Safes.
Every prepper deserves a secret cache to store emergency
preparedness supplies — and that includes food, guns and
ammunition, silver and other valuables. Preppers are a sneaky
bunch when it comes to our survival gear stashes. Below you'll
find ideas for secret compartments to hide ammunition, weapons,
food, water and supplies, just for preppers...

Diversion Safes for Preppers
A diversion safe is a secret hiding place for valuables meant to
fool robbers. You can hide a key, money in a small diversion safe,
or you can hide survival food in places thieves and gangs wouldn't
think of looking. Oh the places you'll hide stuff.

Have you ever needed to hide something where no one could find
it? Then
Construction of Secret Hiding Places, pictured right, is for
you. Packed with ideas of clever hiding places large enough for
guns, jewelry, and more.

Here is our list of diversion safes for preppers:

Diversion Safe Method #1. Bean bag chair!
Sometimes the best place to hide something is the obvious. Why
not replace the foam balls with something more practical: dried
pinto beans, black beans, and kidney beans! How to do this? Fill
your bean bag with bags of mylar encased beans so they flush to
the floor, then fill the rest of the bag with loose beans at the top
to provide the necessary comfort. (In a severe emergency you
could eat the loose beans as well!) Remember to buy your beans
in bulk.

Diversion Safe Method #2 (Chapstick container).
Make your own "mini" safe by removing the Chapstick or other lip
balm and replacing the contents with dollar bills. Dollars won't
really be worth anything when SHTF, but it works well to illustrate
the simplicity of the concept. Just replace the contents of a real
item with what you're trying to hide. Unless your thief's lips are
extremely parched, you won't find this item to be of much value
to a thief in a world without rule of law.

Use a deodorant container to stash cash, silver or gold.

Diversion Safe Method #3: Product cans!

  • (WD-40 can safe). Pictured right, the WD-40 safe is a
    commercially available product that could be easily
    overlooked in the garage, making it an ideal diversion safe.

  • (Barbasol can safe). Pictured immediate right, a Barbasol
    can safe is an ideal prepper solution to stash gold and silver.
    Ideal for preppers because it's not a food item! Best of all,
    it's made from the genuine item: a real Barbasol can!

  • Ajax with bleach safe. Pictured immediate right, is another
    wonderful place to stash small items, particularly gold and it
    could easily be overlooked by zombies stashed in your
    bathroom or under the kitchen sink. You may like to stash
    water purification tablets or even a pocket knife.

Diversion Safe Method #4: Wall clock diversion safe.
The sleek silver wall clock matches any décor in your home and
although this may look like an ordinary clock it has a secret
hidden compartment where you can hide your valuables. With a
simple hinged design it is the perfect hiding place for jewelry,
cash or gold and silver.

Diversion Safe Method #5: Book diversion safe.
Because it locks, the book safe, pictured at the top of the page is
a hidden safe ideal for use as cash box or gun safe. It would hide
easily in your bookshelf or library.

Diversion Safe Method #6:  Hanging Closet Diversion
US Patrol Hanging Closet Safe, pictured at the top of the page,
looks like a tank top, but hides valuables to foils thieves!
Contains clear zippered pockets, large and small. It's made of
cotton, it looks and feels like the real thing. Hang it in a closet
layered under a shirt. Venture out with peace of mind!

Diversion Safe # 7: Compact  Disk Safe.
Easily hide silver coins in a CD by the computer or as a DVD by
the media cabinet. Sneaky and safe! Just use the jewel case of a
computer program or a music CD that you no longer use and slide
in your valuables along with he real thing. No one will ever sort
through your collection expecting to find gold.

Diversion Safe Method #8: Curio Gun Safe.
Pictured at the bottom right of the page, the gun safe looks like a
curio on the outside, but inside you can pack your firearms for
security. Other options to deter, defend and delay your property
include and the under desk holster or gun magnet.

Diversion Safe #9: Moving Boxes.
Place emergency food reserves in cardboard moving boxes. Use a
Sharpie marking pen to write "Grandma's Country dishes," add a
few clanking pieces on top, then seal the box with packing tape
and stash away in the garage or attic.

Diversion Safe Method #10: Door Frames.
Stashing food inside the plywood of doors is another popular
prepper practice. It's a bit tricky plying the wood apart and you
may splinter the wood in the process or need to repaint it, but the
comforts of knowing your food or ammunition is safely tucked
inside should be comforting.

Diversion Safe Method #11: Beds.
How good you'll feel at night when you know you're sleeping on
food. It's easy enough to stash canned goods underneath a bed
and hammer a few nails to seal foods for storage underneath to
make the drawers of a captain's bed look like a facade. Another
idea is to use food grade buckets stashed with preps as bed posts.

  • NOTE FOR FOOD STASH: Avoid storing too many canned
    goods, which may have a short expiration date, unless you
    can easily access the supplies and have a good inventory
    rotation system. Pack instead freeze dried foods, which have
    a 25-year shelf life. Likewise, bottled water may break down
    and leak to cause mold or otherwise damage; avoid bottled
    water under there.

Diversion Safe Method #12:  PVC Pipe.
PVC Pipe is a prepper favorite to make a survival cache. While it's
tempting to hid your survival cache on the property, it's best to
bury a survival cache off your property if it contains firearms you
will need to defend your property.

Diversion Safe Method #13: Air ducts.
Remove air vents and you may find a discreet nook for a firearm.
Just make sure the item doesn't restrict air flow.

Diversion Safe Method #14: Crevices.
Clever places abound in your home and you know where they are!
You may find crevices hidden from sight in furniture.

Diversion Safe Method #15: Geo cache.
Pictured right you'll find the Cache Pack has a great variety of
sneaky caches, and includes: a fake bolt, fake utility plate, fake
sprinkler, under a fake rock.

Diversion Safe Method #16:  Bear Canister.
Keep your food safe from wild animals, such as raccoons and
bears. If your bugout location is remote and in bear country, a
bear canister, pictured right is a must own cache.

Preppers and survivalists will find many other diversionary tactics.
The goal for survival is to deter, delay and defend. Diversion
safes help provide the "deter" and "delay" portions of survival.

Diversion safes to avoid
There are some diversion safes that a prepper should avoid, and
these will give you an idea of what not to buy. They exist and you
should not buy them:
  • Avoid drink diversion safes. No doubt a thief would, in a
    world without rule of law, savor a Coke, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper,
    Arizona or other beverage container. And no doubt would be
    pleasantly surprised to find your gold or silver coins for barter.
  • Avoid Morton salt diversion safes. Salt will be extremely
  • Avoid Pringles diversion safes. Obviously it's food and will be
  • Avoid candle diversion safes. While ordinarily this unusual
    safe would be a great place to hide valuables, in times of
    extreme crisis, a candle would be very valuable!
  • Avoid lighter safes. We've seen commercially available
    diversion safes disguised as a lighter; however, a lighter will
    be an extremely prized firestarter, and for this reason it does
    not make a good diversion safe.

In short, when selecting a diversion safe, you'll want to steer
clear from any safes which resembles foods or water! As during a
crisis food and water will be more valuable than gold. The
diversion safes on this page are not food or water related. They
may go undetected, so even if your home gets raided by gangs
when SHTF, you will have some resource to barter and fall back on.
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Remember that if you donate regularly to the food banks that
putting valuables in a can of SPAM is a poor idea. Find another
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