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  • New! North Korea's hydrogen bomb threat. Dear "reader,"
    you may be worried about North Korea's apparent new
    capabilities, but you're a prepper and most of what you've
    been doing will prepare for an attack from North Korea. Find
    out what more you can do to prepare for the new atomic age.

  • New! Hidden dangers of flooding. The Texas floods will
    bring with it a host of health problems ranging from
    respiratory issues, bacterial infections, mold risks and more.
    Here are the top ten flooding health risks that will unfold in
    Texas and what you can do about them.

  • Gas prices are going up! Hurricane Harvey and the flooding
    is forcing the closing or refineries and as a result the gas
    prices are going up. Prepper's always have at least a half
    tank of gas, here's how preppers save money on gas.

  • New! Survive a festival overrun with people. Stay safe
    with this labor day with our guide to surviving festivals. Plus
    take a look into what it's like in the desert at Burning Man
    2017! Oh, the places you'll go!

  • Prepper Toilets. Do you have a plan when the stuff hits the
    fan? If your #1 place to go #2 isn't available because the
    toilets won't flush, you must have an alternative sanitation
    plan. Read about your Prepper Toilet Options.

  • New! Cook indoors in an emergency! When it's wet and
    rainy, or cold and snowy, how will you cook when the grid
    goes down? Can you take your off-grid cooking inside? Yes.
    Here are eleven ways to cook indoors in an emergency.

  • Are you dreaming of owning a homestead? Wondering how
    to afford the land? Get out of the rat race and learn how to
    buy land for next to nothing so you can start your
    homesteading journey.

  • Homeless survival lessons. Could you survive the streets?
    The nights? The hunger? The cold? Being homeless isn't the
    same as bugging out. There are a different set of rules.
    Here's a prepper's guide to homelessness.

  • New! iOSAT: the teensy pill that could save your life. The
    masses of initial survivors of a nuclear catastrophe will be
    begging for this tiny pill, but only a lucky few may get this
    life-saving, thyroid blocking pill of potassium iodide that's
    government approved. Why wait for a handout that may
    never come? The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission is
    stockpiling iOSAT "Nukepills," so shouldn't you?

  • Italian food storage. Mama Mia you'll find some delicious
    Italian food storage ~ shelf stable and just add water foods
    ready for dinner or lunch.

  • How to buy large water tanks. Large water storage tanks
    provide the answer to your family's emergency water needs
    as a secondary source to the municipal water supply. No
    matter where you live, having a secondary supply of water is
    important. You can have large water tanks delivered! Here's
    what to know about large water tanks.

  • Cooking with powdered buttermilk! Do you have powdered
    buttermilk in your pantry? Maybe you should! It's delicious,
    convenient, versatile and money saving! Here's a look at
    cooking with powdered buttermilk.

  • Stop bleeding when there is no doctor! Do you know how
    to stop bleeding? It can take just five minutes for someone
    to bleed to death, and in those precious moments you can
    take measures to help make the bleeding stop.

  • Ever thought of going off-grid in Alaska? Some of the
    toughest of preppers live off grid in Alaska. Here are some
    considerations for going off-grid and in Alaska, and an
    excellent documentary to watch if you want to go it "Alone
    into the wilderness."

  • Radiation remedies for preppers. Learn how to survive a
    radiation emergency and help your body detoxify over the
    days, weeks, months and years following a nuclear event,
    with remedies for radiation emergencies.

  • Find your perfect match. Survival matches come in several
    varieties. Find the perfect survival match and garner a few
    match hacks and skills for your survival..

  • How to Survive a Sarin Gas Attack. We can no longer be
    naive about the reality that a Sarin Gas attack could happen
    on U.S. soil. Are you ready? Survive a sarin gas attack!

  • Find your perfect match. Survival matches come in several
    varieties. Find the perfect survival match and garner a few
    match hacks and skills for your survival.

  • Stock up on Electrolytes! Excessive sweating from a
    strenuous activity or illness are just two reasons why you'll
    want to stockpile electrolytes as part of your overall prepping
    plan. Right, RecoverORS helps to restore electrolytes lost
    due to traveler’s diarrhea, food poisoning, stomach flu, fever,
    diarrhea, vomiting, hangover, or extreme sports.

  • Emergency water pouches. What's the deal with those
    emergency drinking water pouches in survival kits? Are
    emergency water pouches worth the price?

  • Another active shooter incident... While it's shocking how
    often it's happening, it's not practical to live in fear and to
    avoid society to avoid an active shooter, but it is good to
    know how to handle yourself in an active shooter situation.

  • Is your tap water safe? You may think you are tapping into
    clean drinking water when you turn on the faucet, but what
    you're really tapping into is a cocktail of unwanted
    contaminants, deadly toxins and organisms. Here are the top
    ten reasons NOT to drink the tap water.

  • New! Shopping thrift shops for prepping books? They are
    hard to come by. It's even hard to find new books on
    prepping at the book stores, but you can shop Amazon and
    save. Here are Ten Prepping books to buy used on Amazon.

  • Food borne illness and E. coli. A common way to get E. coli
    is from tainted ground beef. It happens in the slaughtering
    process, but even if you don't cook with ground beef, you can
    get it from water and other sources. It's important for
    preppers to know how to prevent E. Coli Food Poisoning.

  • Weird stuff you can compost. Coffee grounds, eggshells,
    and orange peels are among prepper favorites for
    composting, but what about a vacuum bag? Find out if it's on
    the list of weird stuff you can compost.

  • Food for thought about Meat Tenderizer. You might like to
    add a meat tenderizer to your list of preps. Not only will you
    want to have it on hand to make meats more palatable when
    the stuff really hits the fan, but meat tenderizer is a folk
    remedy with prepping uses, too!

  • Emergency water pouches. What's the deal with those
    emergency drinking water pouches in survival kits? Are
    emergency water pouches worth the price?

  • Is your tap water toxic? You think you're tapping into clean
    drinking water when you turn on the faucet, but what you're
    really tapping into is a cocktail of unwanted contaminants
    (man-made and natural), plus potentially deadly toxins and
    organisms. Here are ten reasons not to drink the tap water.

  • Vacuum sealing. Are you vacuum sealing your food what
    about making ice packs? Seed saving? Well, maybe you
    should! Here's our popular article: Prepping with a food saver.

  • A prepper's pantry staple: wheat berries! Go against the
    grain and learn to get cooking with wheat berries (instead of
    just making bread with wheat berries.)

  • Cooking with canned hamburger. There are lots of canned
    meats available at the local grocery stores, but have you
    come across a can of ground beef or canned hamburger? Give
    it a try! Here are recipes to try using canned hamburger.

  • Do you always feel like someone is watching you?
    Monitoring and surveillance in your daily life is a real threat
    and should be a top prepping concern. Take charge and know
    the creepy ways someone can spy on you.

  • Food bars. Survival food bars, like Millennium food Bars will
    provide you and your family with much needed energy,
    nutrition and calories in an emergency.

  • No yeast breads. No yeast is no problem if you're a prepper!
    Here's a list of no yeast breads to bake and savor. Baking
    peasant breads is one of the forgotten skills of self-
    sufficiency. Irish Soda Bread is the perfect example of a
    bread you can make without yeast.

  • Planning emergency meals. What are your emergency food
    options? This list of emergency food provides an overview for
    your prepper's pantry, your go bags, and your vehicles, so
    you're ready when the "S" hits the fan.

  • Pemmican survival food. Here's something for the bugout
    bag... From the Native Americans tradition comes a survival
    bar like no other: pemmican bars are a sustaining source of
    energy. Learn how to make pemmican.

  • Ration bars are not the same as energy bars. What's the
    real purpose of a ration bar and how is it different from a
    food bar? Which should you pack in your bugout bag? What's
    the best ration bar? Read all about ration bars, which provide
    non-thirst provoking and carefully proportioned rations of
    food to sustain you through crisis.

  • Do you stock colloidal silver in your medicine cabinet?
    Maybe you should! Here's what to know about colloidal silver.

  • Get your Gamma Seal Lids! Gamma seal lids convert
    buckets into waterproof and airtight storage containers. They
    make it easy to get into your food storage! Ordinary buckets
    may have a lid, but you'll surely break a fingernail getting
    into your food storage if you don't have a bucket opener.
    Gamma seal is a plastic screw on bucket lid that's easy to
    open and easy to seal back for the next time.

  • Stock up on cooking oils and fats! Cooking oils don't have a
    long shelf life. Here are the best prepper cooking oils for
    long term food storage.

  • Top Prepper Web sites. Wondering what are the top
    ranking prepper web sites?  Check to see if your favorite site
    on the list of top prepper Web sites? The list is based on
    Alexa rankings.

  • Prepper carts. Consider owning a handcart, wheelbarrow or
    wagon to help with the task of hauling your supplies! Review
    this list of ten carts for preppers.

  • Flick your BIC lighter. Mykel Hawke brings a BIC -- it's a
    favorite survival tool. A survivor of the Bosnian war found
    BIC lighters to be more valuable than a generator, and we
    agree. See our wholesale source of BIC lighters.

  • The importance of socks and pantyhose in survival. You
    won't look at your sock drawer in the same way ever again.

  • Doing the laundry without electricity. Off-grid washing
    machines and how to do the laundry without electricity.
    Wash clothes without electricity, like the Amish! Here's a list
    of the Off grid laundry methods.
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