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Personal hygiene kit
Survival Hygiene Kits
Survival hygiene kit
Putting together a hygienic kit for survival

Personal hygiene kit for survival.
Plan for your hygienic care in an emergency and put together a
survival hygiene kit! Personal hygiene is important to your health
~ and arguably even for your very survival and this is why such
kits are often gifts to the homeless.

Kits you assemble now can help you maintain the most sanitary
conditions possible during an emergency to help minimize the
spread of disease and infection. Assemble your own kits for
charity or for your own preps and evaluate ready-made survival
hygiene kits below...

Put Together a Survival Hygiene kit
Preppers should consider putting together a survival hygiene kit!
Have a hygiene kit in the bugout bag and in your vehicles, but
also have some available for others who may drop by your
homestead unexpectedly.

A hygienic kit is an overlooked part of a survival plan. Men,
women and children will require slightly different hygiene kits, but
the basics are pretty simple. Keep a
personal hygiene kit, like the
one pictured immediate right, in your emergency preparedness
supplies or bug out bag. You can pack your hygiene items in
ziploc bag or transfer it to compact toiletry bag.

personal hygiene pack, pictured immediate right, contains
personal toiletry items for use when traveling or during disasters
or emergencies. It would be a welcome kit for homeless too.

The survival hygiene products in this kit includes:
  • 2 disposable washcloths
  • 1 razor
  • 1 comb
  • 1 short handle toothbrush
  • 9 individual clean wipes
  • 1 shampoo and body wash 2 oz,
  • 1 antiperspirant/deodorant
  • 1 bar soap
  • 1 nail clipper
  • 1 toothpaste.

What to include in a hygiene kit:
Hygiene kits can provide all the supplies you need to bathe, clean
teeth, comb hair and shave.
Customize a list of survival items to stockpile to ensure proper
sanitation in survival times for your family or group, depending on
your needs.

Emergency hygiene kits could include any of the following:
  1. Alcohol swabs
  2. Bandages
  3. Bidet
  4. Brush and comb
  5. Cotton balls and Q-tips
  6. Deodorant
  7. Dental floss
  8. Diapers
  9. Disposable toilet seat covers
  10. Hand sanitizers
  11. Hair ties
  12. Lice comb
  13. Lipbalm or lipstick
  14. Lotion
  15. Facial tissues
  16. Female urinal
  17. Mirror
  18. Mouthwash
  19. Nail clippers and metal nail files. Avoid emery boards as they
    may damage in storage from moisture.
  20. Sanitary menstrual pads, tampons or menstrual cup
  21. Soap liquid, such as Campsuds which is biodegradable and
    can be used as a shampoo.
  22. Hard soap with a soap holder ~ Avoid ivory or Jergen's soap
    because of the moisture content
  23. Shampoo and conditioner
  24. Shower cap
  25. Small scissors
  26. Toothpaste and toothbrush
  27. Toilet paper tablets
  28. Toilet paper
  29. Tweezers
  30. Razor blades and shaving gel
  31. Waste bags (excrement, emesis bags, menses)
  32. Wet wipes
  33. Wash cloth or hand towel (microfiber in a dark color)

A hygiene kit can mean the difference between sickness in health.
Put one together for yourself or for others.

Even if you have a plan for bugging out to a shelter in and
emergency it's important to realize that clean facilities might not
be readily available following an emergency. As a prepper you
may also find that you have unexpected guests show up at your
home following an emergency.

Homeless shelters and emergency shelters often provide personal
hygiene kits and these kits can help provide a guideline of what
to include in yours.

In addition to hygiene, you can include any of the following:
Preppers should consider putting together a survival hygiene kit
for their own convenience in the bugout bag and for others.

Ready Made Hygiene Survival Kits
There are also kits of emergency supplies created specifically for
hygiene following a disaster. Below are some personal hygiene
supplies and kits need maintain healthy, sanitary conditions:

Camping Toilet set.
An important survival hygiene product is a camping toilet.
Pictured right in red, the
portable toilet set includes the bucket
and latrine seat complete with 5 liners, 5 chemical toilet packs
with deodorizer, as well as toilet paper, gloves for sanitary
changing and even hand sanitizer. They've thought of everything!
Stock extra infectious waste bags. You can also buy a bucket and
include your own supplies in it.

Not often on the list of other prepper Web sites, a bidet is an
unusual prep. A bidet is a water bath for your genital and anal
area. In the old days a bidet was common and was simply an oval
basin. Today a bidet is often used for recovering from childbirth to
keep the area clean. For a sanitizing effect, you'll need only small
bottle with the appropriate hygienic water stream angle, such as
Blue Bidet, pictured at the top right-hand corner of the page. Blue
Bidet costs under $10 and could be one of the more important
survival items in your arsenal.

Female Urinals
Female urinals allow women the flexibility to urinate while
standing up the way a man can do. The concept of a female urinal
is something to consider in the rare circumstance where you are
caught in your vehicle without a restroom nearby. With a female
urinal, which acts like a sieve, you can discreetly urinate into a
targeted receptacle, such as a small jar. It's also great for use
when you find an unsavory bathroom. You won't have to sit on
the toilet (and in this way you can also avoid any disease).

Maintaining health and preventing disease are the primary
reasons you'll want to put together a survival hygiene kit.

Happy endings...
Survival hygiene kits can provide basic necessities for your family
if you're forced to leave your homes because of human conflict or
natural disaster.

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