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Happy preppers
The happiest people on the planet will be the ones who've prepared when the unthinkable
happens. Prepare to live happily ever after with happypreppers.com -- the place where
survivalists, preppers and homesteaders share lessons and methods of self-sufficiency.

How to Be a Prepper (and Live Happily Ever After):
Being a prepper is not only about stockpiling supplies or hoarding food. When you're a
prepper, you combine your skills, hobbies and interests to prepare for the future.  

Be a prepper with us! We aim to answer your
prepping questions and to provide you
with survival gear reviews, prepper lists, and
homesteading without the farm. In
short, we want to inspire you to get out and do something new to thrive and survive!

Preparedness Tips (Sept. 20, 2014):
Visit our emergency preparedness site daily to get information and tips on self-
sufficiency, and to get survival gear reviews. Below are more ways to prepare to live
happily ever after...

  • 37 Critical Foods To Hoard: There's still a guy out there with fancy graphics
    and a long DVD out there trying to sell you his guide to the 37 Foods To Hoard.
    It was $49.95, then he lowered it to $27.95. You don't need to waste your time
    to watch his presentation, and then fork out the money. Our survival guide is
    free. Here are the 37 Foods to stockpile before there is a crisis.

  • Dude get your pantyhose! An old military trick is to wear pantyhose
    underneath the socks to help avoid friction and blisters for long hikes. It's just
    one of those weird survival tricks that works. You'll also stay warmer when
    wearing pantyhose and keep chiggers and ticks at bay. With pantyhose you can
    filter water or improvise a fishing net, even use it to carry food you gather in the
    wild. Wear them, ladies and gentlemen!

  • Can you grind popcorn into flour? Yes, during World War II that's just what
    people did to help make their wheat last, because corn was more plentiful and
    less expensive. Left is a cast-iron popcorn mill grinder that is surprisingly
    affordable (thanks to the 75% discount currently available)! It takes some work,
    but is well worth the effort and ideal for life off the grid. Today, preppers use
    grain mills to grind wheat, popcorn,and also coffee, oats for oat-milk and
    baking, almonds into almond flour for baking, nuts for nut butters, and beans
    into flour for baking. Consider popcorn for your pantry!

  • Have you stashed a pair of old shoes in your car yet? Do it now. Place a pair
    of sturdy and comfortable old shoes or boots in your car and another at your
    place of work, so you'll always have a means of walking out on foot, should you
    be unable to take public transportation or your car home. Old shoes have worn
    to your foot, so you'll be less likely to blister. You won't want to walk home in
    flip flops, sandals or high heels. After a disaster, you may find broken glass or
    people to evade. You may have to run, kick or hike out to safety! Think with
    your best foot forward.

  • One stove that takes three fuels? Yes. The Volcano 3 Collapsible Cookstove,
    pictured right, will help you grill, wok, bake, roast or use a dutch oven and it
    take three fuels! Propane, charcoal and wood.  Never be without a source of
    heat for cooking. Whether you camp regularly, need a portable grill for
    tailgating, or need an off-grid solution for emergencies, the extremely versatile
    Volcano Collapsible grill and stove is the answer.

  • Ebola in the news: The Center's for Disease Control (CDC)continues to keep
    Ebola in the headlines as a top priority on its Web site. Check it and see, then
    get started on your own plans for Ebola Virus Pandemic Preparedness.

  • Enterovirus is coming (grab your thieves oil): Enterovirus EV-D68 is
    spreading with thousands of kids nationwide. Its' time to get out your Thieves
    oil, elderberry, Calcium pills and other super immunity boosters.

  • Fall is almost here, do you have a good book? You've been meaning to read
    One Second After, and now's the time when the air is crisp. One Second After by
    New York Times best selling author William R. Forstchen brings us a story which
    can be all too terrifyingly real. It's a story in which one man struggles to save
    his family and his small North Carolina town after America loses a war. In one
    second, a war will send America back to the Dark Ages. The war is based upon
    a terrorist weapon, an Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP).  A weapon that may
    already be in the hands of our enemies.

  • Did you pack everything? 50 Survival Items you Forgot to buy. We compiled
    a list of fifty survival gadgets in all to improve your chances for survival or make
    life off grid easier. Granted, this isn't your ordinary list. It's the gear you forgot
    to get!

  • Got water? A family of four needs 270 gallons for a three-month supply,
    according to Utah State University. We have a unique water storage tank that
    will fill 260 gallons. (The the other ten gallons are up to you.)

  • Live in earthquake country? If you're on a C.E.R.T. (Community Emergency
    Response Team), you know the importance of a gas shutoff valve tool or water
    main wrench: as gas lines may break during an emergency. Make sure you have
    a Main Gas Valve Emergency Shutoff Tool easily accessible near your gas valves
    and know how to use the tool to help prevent an explosion, but do you know
    other ways of surviving an earthquake? No matter your level of preparedness,
    the ultimate goal should be towards surviving the big one!

  • Do you know the first signs of dehydration? Besides hoarding medical
    supplies, you must understand treatment and care and be aware of the signs of
    dehydration, including dizziness, nausea, muscle cramps and tiredness. To
    remedy dehydration, mix a pink of salt in almost a pint of water and drink. (Use
    a mason jar in the pint size, and fill it up about 3/4 of the way.)

  • Can you eat freeze dried chicken without cooking it? Yes! You could eat
    freeze dried chicken straight from the mylar bag and it makes a tasty snack!
    Pictured immediate right in a Lodge cast iron skillet, is Legacy Foods chicken.
    Legacy offers NON-GMO meats, coffee, milk, fruits and veggies and other high
    quality emergency prepared foods. While there is no cooking required for a
    protein snack of this freeze dried chicken, left it is prepared by adding 1-1/2
    cups water to a cup of meat and garnished with cilantro, lime, bell peppers and
    onions as part of a Mexican fiesta. You can live well in uncertain times if you
    plan ahead with quality emergency foods. Plan a Mexican Fiesta with shelf
    stable foods!

  • Have a Doomsday Prepper's Secret Garden? The Secret Survival Garden, a
    book by Rick Austin, pictured left was featured first on National Geographic's
    Doomsday Castle, and most recently on episode five, season four of Doomsday
    Prepper's, Nat Geo's other documentary about preppers, homesteaders and
    survivalists. Read the book and be sure to catch his wife Survivor Jane, who is
    also an author and Internet celebrity. Get a glimpse of this dynamic prepping
    duo on the latest episode, which you find On Demand.

  • Why is a tea bag in first aid kits? Why is tea important in surviving uncertain
    times? Did you ever stop and wonder why a tea bag is in a first aid kit?
    Survival tea (how to use and why you should stockpile):   Tea has amazing
    health benefits whether ingested or placed topically to remedy medical
    ailments. We've compiled some ten compelling reasons to include tea bags in
    your stockpiles, bugout bags and medical kits. Tea bags are a pain reliever
    (particularly toothaches)! As well, tea makes an excellent tinder, so be sure to
    pack some bags of tea in your bugout bag and discover more uses of tea in

  • Got meat, milk and eggs? Rice and beans together form the perfect protein;
    however, the best source of protein for preppers isn't necessarily rice and
    beans! Consider also hoarding freeze dried whole powdered eggs, dairy
    products, freeze dried and canned beef, pork chicken, turkey, fish and even
    vegetables. Consider the 8 best proteins to stockpile.

  • What is FEMA hoarding? 10 Things FEMA doesn't want you to know about.
    Certainly the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has secrets.
    Preppers are leery about even visiting a FEMA camp following a catastrophe and
    with good reason. Uncover the truth. There are things FEMA doesn't want you
    to know about...

  • Essential skills: What are the 9 best essential oils for preparedness?
    Essential oils for preparedness is a topic not often discussed in prepper forums,
    and yet preppers partake in using essential oils for their health and survival.
    Get into essential oils with tinctures to help you stay healthy and thrive in
    uncertain times.

  • Mouthwash saves lives? Certainly mouthwash helps prevent cavities and
    plaque buildup as it delivers its promise of freshening breath, but mouthwash
    has applications preppers also as an antibacterial (kills bacteria), antiseptic (kills
    bacteria, fungi, protozoa and viruses), and a disinfectant (destroys bacteria,
    viruses and fungi).

  • Got propane? Kerosene? Charcoal? 15 sources of fuel for the homestead.
    Learn the proper methods of storing  fuel around the homestead and beyond.
    Get ideas for fuels you hadn't previously considered. Add this list to your
    personal survival manual.

  • Got antibiotics? Here are 19+ natural antibiotic alternatives. Take a closer
    look at the available natural antibiotics. Prescription antibiotics may not be
    available when you need them most, so you'll need alternatives. There are
    many natural, botanical antibiotic alternatives to find in the natural food stores
    or search easily online. Natural antibiotics can be your first line of defense
    (before going to the doctor for antibiotic drugs).  Natural antibiotics can help
    you with sinus infections and colds, sore throats, urinary tract infections and
    ordinary cuts and scrapes. You need only have the knowledge of the right
    natural antibiotics.

  • Emergency foods that boost morale! 10 Morale boosting snacks. A basic
    human need for sustenance and comfort, a prepper's pantry is filled with
    variety. When levels of stress are high, having the right kinds of foods can help
    at a subconscious level to improve morale and help you survive. Preppers can
    help plan for a sense of well being and normalcy in uncertain times by stocking

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    airborne contagions from getting into your home, and get the necessary
    supplies while they are still available, because by the time the pandemic is in
    the air, time is gone to get the supplies you'll need to survive.  

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  4. food storage tips to subsist and endure uncertain times; and
  5. general prepping to keep you knowledgeable and up to date.

Emergency preparedness is a way of life. It's a set of hobbies and skills mixed with knowledge.
Prepare to live happily ever after! Learn to store
food, water, fuel, and survival medicines. Get
tips about
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