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  • Weird Survival tools. Steel wool has a worth to preppers beyond scrubbing
    pots, and Cheetos, let's just say that it's a fiery hot item in your survival
    cache. Finally, you'd be amazed what you can do with a tampon in an
    emergency and why a cigarette is a valuable prepping tool. Check out all the
    weird survival tools.

  • Ration bars. What's the real purpose of a ration bar and how is it different
    from a food bar? Which should you pack in your bugout bag?

  • Lead laced water of Flint, Michigan may harbor Legionnaire's Disease.

  • Get into sprouting. Eating sprouts is hippie groovy and retro cool, but
    preppers are getting into sprouting for reasons of self-reliance, too. Here are
    the nine reasons to get into sprouting.

How to save money to buy the preps you really want...
If you're prepping on a budget you can find wiggle room for more preps with just a
few tweaks to your normal routine. Best of all, you can save money for more preps
without denying yourself anything!  

Below are some changes you can make in your life today, so you can start saving
money for prepping the easy way for whatever tomorrow brings.  Get Happy in
prepping with these money-saving ideas:
Ingenious alternative use survival ideas.
"Make do or do without," is a motto adopted by preppers who heard it from the
Great Depression era. To that end, here are some unusual ways to make do and
survive to tell about it with ideas on incredibly versatile tools...

The biggest prepping mistakes (and how not to make them).
Are you using gear properly? Have you overlooked some essentials? Are you fully
educated on what the government and Big Pharma may be doing?

  • Pretty Little Prepper Lies! Whether lies are secretive, boastful or come from
    the misinformed, preppers need to be aware and to take a measure of caution
    before accepting prepping ideas and misinformation. Don't succumb to the
    pretty little lies from other survivalists, FEMA, the U.S. Federal Drug
    Administration, or the Centers for Disease Control either.
Water for Survival

Natural Solutions for Preppers
With an eye on mother nature, preppers bent on homesteading look for natural
solutions to their prepping needs. Below are some ideas on how to harvest natural

  • How to get rid of bugs naturally. Bugged by bugs? Get rid of them without
    harsh chemicals. Getting rid of bugs naturally isn't as difficult as you may think.

  • Got natural antibiotics? Here are 19+ natural antibiotic alternatives. Take a
    closer look at the available natural antibiotics. Prescription antibiotics may not
    be available when you need them most, so you'll need alternatives.  Natural
    antibiotics can be your first line of defense (before going to the doctor for
    antibiotic drugs).  Natural antibiotics can help you with sinus infections and
    colds, sore throats, urinary tract infections and ordinary cuts and scrapes. You
    need only have the knowledge of the right natural antibiotics.

  • Terrific turmeric and why you need some. Preppers have been among the
    first to rediscover the significant powers of turmeric, the ancient spice, and its
    active compound: curcumin. 15 medicinal uses of turmeric.

  • Coffee has a vital role in survival! Grab a cup a joe and read on.There are
    grounds for keeping coffee grounds, coffee cans and coffee! Done with your
    pot of coffee and still have leftovers?  1 Nourish your plants with the cold
    coffee water.  2 Compost the coffee grounds with the filter! Learn how to use
    a coffee filter for survival.

  • Rice water: it's good to know... As an electrolyte replacement, rice water is
    an effective home remedy for nausea, vomiting and diarrhea, which is among
    the primary way preppers will use it, but rice water has so many other
    benefits. Discover more how to use rice water (and more about why you'll
    want to use it).

Living without electricity.
Could a cyber attack take away electricity for good? Could a solar storm wipe out our
power grid for weeks or even months or years? Here's how survivalists, preppers,
and homesteaders will deal with living without electricity

  • Stove and Campfire (the fuel is all around you and so is the fun). Enjoy
    camping and preparedness using any of the off-grid cooking methods.

Weird prepper stuff

  • Do your clothes make you look like a prepper or professional? During crisis,
    people will look towards individuals wearing camouflage in an urban setting.
    You'll blend in better if you're wearing EMT pants instead of camo tactical
    pants. Take a moment to consider your bugout clothes.

Do-it-yourself prepping  

  • Easy project: Have you checked the questionable ingredients of your hand
    sanitizer? They're often made in China and contain acetate and food colorings.
    You can make your own hand sanitizer with rubbing alcohol and essential oils.

The prepper's pantry
Don't go hungry in crisis. Prepare for and not only survive, but thrive with plenty:

  • Free Guide: shopping for shelf-stable foods. Learn the 37 Foods To Hoard
    (and don't pay for this valuable information).

  • Canned meats: Probably the best protein source for preppers is canned meat
    and you'd be surprised at what is available. How ome your grocery store
    doesn't carry ground beef in a can or a shelf stable bacon in a can? Discover
    canned meats for long term storage.

  • Got Vitamins? Did you know a healthy diet of potatoes supplemented only
    with milk or butter is all a human body needs to sustain proper nutrition? The
    combo provides two vitamins (vitamins A and D).

  • GMO-free:

  • Mexican Fiesta Food Storage: Plan ahead and your family can dine on tacos,
    tostadas, enchiladas, and other specialties with Yoder's canned taco filling,
    home made tortillas, canned beans, olives, corn and even sour cream!

  • Yoder-Lay-He-Who! Yoder's canned meats have a 10-year shelf life. Try
    canned sausage, canned hamburger, and canned beef taco filling!
Bugging out

  • Bugout by bike and be happy. If you must travel for work, you may be
    concerned about how to get back following a cyber attack or EMP. Travelling
    by car you can carry a bugout bike. By airplane you can ensure you have
    enough cash to buy yourself a bike to get back home. Here's more on picking
    the right bicycle equipment to survive.

  • What's in your pocket? If you did a pocket dump of the average prepper,
    likely you'd find a knife and/or firearm, a firestarter, and a flashlight. Have you
    neglected one of the most important tools to carry with you daily? Read our
    Prepper's Everyday Carry List.

Homesteading and Self Reliance

  • Eight rust busters! Preppers can "make do" and bust the rust with stuff in the
    pantry and around the house! Learn how to get rid of rust on knives, bicycle
    equipment, cast iron pans, concrete and more.

  • Growing Lemons: Are lemons part of your preps? Every prepper needs a
    lemon tree or a stock of crystallized lemon and juice in their preps.

First aid and Medical
When there is no doctor, and when limb is on the line, preppers take action. Here is
a look first aid options

  • Dental Medic Kit. Nothing bites like dental pain. If a dentist isn't available,
    preppers can rely on their Dental Medic Kit in crisis.

Everyday prepping

Pandemic Preparedness
In late 2014 preppers hit the panic button about Ebola realizing that America's
infrastructure was weak for pandemic. The CDC did little to assure patriots. What will
be the next pandemic?

  • The black death (Bubonic Plague) is in America! The bubonic plague is alive
    and well in America! Did you the United states gets 1-17 cases of the plague
    annually? Preppers in Utah, Colorado, California and Arizona need to take
    particular note.  Here's how to avoid getting the plague.

  • Zombie virus? A rather bizarre new concern is having Walking Dead and
    zombie enthusiasts taking note. Regarding the new Brain eating amoeba
Natural Disasters  
Emergency preparedness means being ready for whatever mother nature throws
your way. Here are some top concerns for preppers, homesteaders and survivalists:

  • Moving to tornado alley? If you're a survivalist moving to tornado alley, you
    may be wondering about how to prepare. Here's how to survive a tornado.

  • Hurricane season is here! Take a look at how prepper's weather the storm to
    survive a hurricane.

  • Erupting concerns. If you're a prepper or homesteader in Washington state,
    you know how Mount St. Helens scorched nearly 250 square miles of forest
    and impacted the region in 2008. Learn how to survive a volcano.
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  • Zika Virus Warning! Learn how a pesky
    mosquito problem flaring up in Brazil has
    consequences for pregnancies in the United
    States. The Centers for Disease Control has
    issued a Zika virus warning.

Car essentials: Emergency Rations bars!
Weird survival tools
Mosquito facts