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  • Zeer pot method of evaporative cooling. Meet the person
    who re-invented the idea to help his people preserve food
    with evaporative cooling, and learn how to build a zeer pot.

  • Survive cancer naturally! As preppers we're always
    interested in surviving a small catastrophe or a full-scale
    apocalypse; however, a personal apocalypse, like cancer, is
    something we rarely discuss. Let nature heal you and
    survive cancer naturally!

  • Open carry your rights! For just a buck you can own this
    52-page pocket sized booklet of the Constitution of the
    United States (including The Bill of Rights and
    Amendments 11-27) and The Declaration of Independence.

  • Doing the laundry without electricity. Off-grid washing
    machines and how to do the laundry without electricity.
    Wash clothes without electricity, like the Amish! Here's a
    list of the Off grid laundry methods...

  • What's the best brand of freeze dried food? The answer
    is what backpackers eat: Mountain House!

  • Water purification at its finest: The Big Berkey purification
    system, pictured right filters 3,000 gallons per element.
    That's 6,000 gallons for a two-filter system!

  • Popular articles on emergency preparedness...

  • Build a better "Get home bag." What's in your "get home
    bag" is vastly different from what's in a bugout bag. Get a
    good idea of what and how to pack your get home bag.

  • Bugout bags by backpackers. Everyone has an opinion
    about a bugout bag and what goes inside, but the ones to
    pay closest attention to are the backpackers and soldiers.
    Learn to pack your bugout bag like backpacker!

  • Get your Gamma Seal Lids! Gamma seal lids convert
    buckets into waterproof and airtight storage containers.
    They make it easy to get into your food storage! Ordinary
    buckets may have a lid, but you'll surely break a fingernail
    getting into your food storage if you don't have a bucket
    opener. Gamma seal is a plastic screw on bucket lid that's
    easy to open and easy to seal back for the next time.

  • Prepping for rioting. Rage continues nationwide in the
    wake of civilian and officer shootings. As people are taking
    it to the streets and as you may be caught up in the riots,
    keep in mind these survival skills for rioting scenarios.

  • How to prepare for pandemic. If Ebola taught prepper's  
    anything, it's that people can make selfish decisions and
    that a pandemic panic can wipe out pandemic supplies in
    short order. Gas masks are still in short supply nationwide.
    Learn how to prepare for the next pandemic.

  • Bottled water warnings. What's in your favorite brand of
    bottled water? Before you grab that bottled water, you'll
    want to read this bottled water warning.

  • What are bouillon cubes (and why do you want them in
    your food storage? Bouillon cubes are compact cubes
    loaded with flavor. Bring bouillon cubes in your bugout bag
    and stock them in your prepper's pantry.

  • Prepper's Guide to the Food Saver. If you've been
    thinking about getting a Food Saver, but weren't sure, then
    this will "seal the deal!" The Food Saver will save your food
    and a help you prepare for emergencies, too. Discover
    weird ways preppers use a FoodSaver.

  • Know about the antibiotic apocalypse! There's a superbug
    that's coming and man has engineered the catastrophe
    himself. This video on the antibiotic apocalypse and how to
    survive the superbug.

  • Weird Ways to recharge your cell phone! If your
    batteries are toast and you need to connect, here are

  • Finding the best water purifier for your needs. Survival
    water purification is one of the most important concerns in
    prepping. We've got the scoop on the cheapest, the fastest
    and the best water purifiers you can buy for your prepping
    needs. Whether you're prepping solo or for a large group,
    we'll help you find the best water purification system for

  • Maybe sugar isn't all that bad. People generally agree
    sugar is bad, but they don't define sugar. For example, did
    you know there's a difference between granulated sugar
    and cane sugar? Learn the healthy sugars, why sugar isn't
    as bad as you may think and why preppers should stock
    sugar in their preps. The truth about sugar is pretty sweet.

  • Disinfecting water in an emergency. Your water source
    during crisis may be contaminated. Get crystal clear on the
    ways to purify water.

  • Got extra canning lids and rings? Any home canner worth
    his or her weight in salt has amassed an abundance of
    canning lids and rings - or mason jars with chips. Can you
    re-use them? In a way they can be put to new service
    when you know how to re-use canning lids.

  • Oxygen absorbers and silica gel packs. Do you know the
    difference between an oxygen absorber and a desiccant
    (silica gel pack)? Learn how to use oxygen absorbers and
    silica gel packs.

  • Got respirators? Respirators and gas masks pretty much
    sold out during the Ebola crisis, are you ready for the next
    pandemic? Do you know the difference between a dust
    mask, a surgical mask, a pandemic mask? You'll breathe
    easier knowing the differences! Read all about respirators.

  • Got charcoal? We're not talking about Kingston, but
    activated charcoal. Activated charcoal stops bloating, helps
    you get over food poisoning, reduces allergic reactions of
    snake bites, spider bites and insect bites, and so much
    more. It isn't black magic. It is an interesting prep to own.  
    Discover all the activated charcoal uses in prepping.

  • Get cranking on this list! Home made butter is an off-grid
    luxury with the manual butter churner, pictured right. When
    there is no electricity you can use your muscle in the
    kitchen. Consider 17 Manual Kitchen Tools for Preppers.

  • Top Prepper Web sites: Google changed their algorithms,
    which means you can no longer judge a Web site by it's
    Google rankings. We used Alexa to rank the best of the
    best prepping Web sites.

  • Canning alert: Incidentally, butter is one of those things
    you should never can yourself. Choose only commercially
    canned butter. Never CAN your own butter!

  • Emergency Dental. How to cure a tooth infection naturally
    (without antibiotics). What will you do when there is no
    dentist and you have a toothache? Stock natural cures so
    you can cure a tooth infection naturally. Print this
    important list for your personal survival manual and start
    stockpiling the cures you may someday need.

  • What's for breakfast? Augason Farms Pancake mix! How
    good you'll feel having a bucket of buttermilk pancakes
    ready to go for long term emergencies. For storage, add
    freeze dried blueberries or strawberries, and real maple
    syrup which lasts indefinitely until you open the syrup.
    Also, don't heat and reuse maple syrup.

  • Reasons to stockpile oats in the prepper's pantry. The
    list of possibilities is endless when it comes to oats. You
    can toast oats, grind them into flour, bake them, sprout
    them, boil them, and also make oat milk, use them
    medicinally and more. We've enhanced this article to
    include a total of 15 ideas for including them in your
    pantry. There's more reason than ever to stockpile oats in
    the prepper's pantry.

  • A flash of light, a blast of heat! In one quick mushroom
    cloud a devastating nuclear catastrophe could take your life
    or take you back to the dark ages. How will you survive a
    nuclear attack or accident? As a prepper, you need to have
    a plan to survive a nuclear fallout even if you don't live
    near a nuclear plant. As overwhelming as it may seem
    there are some things you can do to mitigate the situation.

  • Cool solar gear you didn't know existed. Things are
    heating up in solar products with many viable options for
    preppers. A solar firestarter? A solar refrigerator? A solar
    clock that isn't a sundial? Have fun with these and more
    solar prepping ideas.

  • Chewing gum helps relieve stress and anxiety. Gum has
    a multitude of uses for preppers from the obvious cleaning
    teeth and morale building to something a little different:
    gum can you fish! Plus, there are a variety of kinds of gum
    to help you think better, stay awake or quench your thirst.
    Stock chewing gum for your survival.

  • Ration bars are not the same as energy bars. What's the
    real purpose of a ration bar and how is it different from a
    food bar? Which should you pack in your bugout bag?
    What's the best ration bar? Read all about ration bars.

  • The importance of socks and pantyhose in survival. You
    won't look at your sock drawer in the same way ever again
    when you know... clean socks can help you avoid trench
    foot, filter water in a survival situation and more.

  • The mosquitoes are coming! The Zika virus has come to
    the United States, and Americans are now scrambling to
    ensure they have adequate protection against the deadly
    Aedes mosquitoes. You'll feel better wearing a mosquito
    repelling shirt and learning how to get rid of mosquitoes.

  • Weird Survival tools. Cheetos in an emergency? Well, yes!
    You'd be amazed what you can do with Cheetos or a
    tampon in an emergency, and why a cigarette is a valuable
    prepping tool. Check out all the weird survival tools...

  • What's in your pocket? If you did a pocket dump of the
    average prepper, likely you'd find a knife and/or firearm, a
    firestarter, and a flashlight. Have you neglected one of the
    most important tools to carry with you daily? Read our
    Prepper's Everyday Carry List.

  • Best protein source for preppers. Preppers often
    stockpile ample supplies of rice and beans, but their meat
    food storage is lacking. You'd be surprised at the kinds of
    meat available in a can that our grocery store doesn't
    stock. Take for example, ground beef in a can or canned
    bacon, which are foods you could easily use in your pantry.
    Meats are the best protein source in a can.

  • Bugout foods to bring. Careful planning of your bugout
    food is important as you will have to balance goals of
    weight efficiency with goals of energy and morale, nutrition
    and dietary needs, as well as personal taste. Here are
    some ideas for bugout foods to pack.

  • Fight or Flight response. It's a basic instinct for both man
    and animal: the instant a being realizes that danger is
    imminent, there is a "flight or fight" decision to make. It's
    an acute stress response. In the world of prepping, fighting
    is "bugging in" and fleeing is "bugging out." Will you know
    what to do when catastrophe strikes? How to know when
    to bug out or bug in.

  • Simple self defense ideas that anyone can follow. The
    best self defense is in mentally preparing for the positive
    outcome of an attack: if you can first create a win-win
    option to evade a struggle altogether. Women in particular,
    should envision themselves not as victims, but as
    knowledgeable and able women who can avoid or defend
    against an attack. Learn why you shouldn't wear a pony tail
    and more in self-defense ideas anyone can follow.

  • Fluoride dangers alert: How to be fluoride-free and avoid
    the toxins that are poisoning tap water, bottled water and
    toothpaste. The Big Berkey water filtration system filters
    fluoride in your everyday water and can filter raw water for
    your survival in an emergency.

  • Bugout by bike and be happy. If you must travel for work,
    you may be concerned about how to get back following a
    cyber attack or EMP. Travelling by car you can carry a
    bugout bike. By airplane you can ensure you have enough
    cash to buy yourself a bike to get back home. Here's more
    on picking the right bicycle equipment to survive.

  • Get into sprouting. The beauty about sprouting is that
    they grow quickly, don't cost much and are super
    nutritious. A bonus is that there are an almost endless list
    of sprouts to try. Here are just nine reasons to get into

  • Nuclear crisis. Fukushima, Chernobyl, Three Mile Island.
    Nuclear crisis happens and perhaps your neighborhood is
    next. Find out if you live near a nuclear power plant and
    how you can protect yourself against radiation from man-
    made or natural disasters.

  • You've got 100 gallons of water storage in your
    bathtub.  When you have a waterBOB, the water
    containment system pictured right, you can hold up to 100
    gallons of fresh drinking water in virtually any bathtub in
    the event of an emergency.

  • Flick your BIC lighter. Mykel Hawke brings a BIC -- it's a
    favorite survival tool. A survivor of the Bosnian war found
    BIC lighters to be more valuable than a generator, and we
    agree. See our wholesale source of BIC lighters.

  • Pretty Little Prepper Lies! Whether lies are secretive,
    boastful or come from the misinformed, preppers need to
    be aware and to take a measure of caution before
    accepting prepping ideas and misinformation. Don't
    succumb to the pretty little lies from other survivalists,
    FEMA, the U.S. Federal Drug Administration, or the Centers
    for Disease Control either.

  • What will you do when there is no doctor? Two excellent
    books on the topic are pictured right. The Survival Medicine
    Handbook is the newer edition by Joseph Alton, M.D. (a.k.a
    Dr. Bones), and Amy Alton, A.R.N.P. (a.k.a. Nurse Amy).
    Find more books on prepping, homesteading and survival.
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