benefits and uses of clove bud oil

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Happy endings...
Clove oil is an immensely useful analgesic for support of tooth
pain. Peppers can harness the potency of clove oil in many ways
other ways. Now you know how to use clove bud oil around the
homestead for illness, cleansing, toothaches and much more.

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Dental Medic
Toothache kit
Clove bud oil
Clove bud oil
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How to use clove bud oil in prepping
Clove bud oil
How to harness the potency of clove bud oil in prepping

Make clove oil part of your dental medic kit and more!
Clove oil is an immensely useful analgesic for support of tooth
pain, but it's also a powerful cleaner for the homestead. You'll
want to keep clove bud oil on hand for seasonal illness as it can
support a healthy immune system, but do avoid this powerful
substance if you're pregnant or nursing. Likewise, it's too
powerful for children.

A wonderful addition to your
dental medic kit, the warm, pungent
oils of clove have served historically for digestive, dental and
skin health. Clove Essential Oil (Syzygium aromaticum) has an
intense aroma and quite an array of benefits and uses for

Benefits and Uses of Clove oil
Here's how to use clove around the homestead:

Clove oil use #1: Mitigating Toothaches.
The top use of clove bud oil is for relieving a toothache until you
can reach medical help. Clove bud oil is a natural painkiller and
an active ingredient of commercial products for toothaches. The
active ingredient is eugenol otherwise known as clove oil. Applied
topically, clove oil helps numb to ease dental pain. It helps with
inflammation and you can use it as a local anesthetic for
toothaches and more.

It's not without extreme caution that you use
clove oil for tooth
aches, but used properly it can provide the necessary relief as a
dental aid in crisis
when a dentist isn't available.

    oil externally is especially important as most essential oils
    on the market are not intended for internal use. You want to
    dilute clove bud oil with your favorite carrier oil and then
    massage it on the outer jaw.

Clove oil is a both an antimicrobial and an
analgesic. Read more
about it's painkilling powers in clove oil use #5 below.

Clove oil use #2: Warding off seasonal illness.
Clove bud oil is famously part of thieves oil blend of essential
oils used to
ward off the plague. As the story goes, there were
thieves who routinely robbed plague victims and lived to tell
about their secret concoction, which included clove bud oil in the
recipe. Today it's used as a folk remedy, but there is scientific
backing that says clove bud oil is effective at warding off illness,
namely in dealing with influenza. Essential oil of clove bud
significantly attenuates influenza virus.

As an antibiotic, clove essential oil is a botanical alternative
worth considering. It's an active ingredient in Fresh green black
walnut wormwood complex, which helps treat parasites.
It's well known for its ability to ward off seasonal illness as part
of the blend, but on it's own it's also extremely potent for a
variety of uses:

Clove oil use #3: Antifungal.
Clove bud is known for easing pain and warding off seasonal
illness.  Clove oil can also be diffused as immune-boosting
remedy. What makes clove bud oil truly interesting is that it has
antifungal properties that can help to inhibit Candida formation.

Clove oil use #4: Warming hearth and heart
Spicy and heart warming, clove bud essential oil can be part of a
memorable autumn or winter potpourri blend with sweet orange
and cinnamon bark essential oil. It's warm and pungent and yet
soothing and inviting at the hearth of your home.

Keep pinecones in the hearth with a potpourri blend when your
fireplace is not in use. It's sure to warm the heart!

  • Make a pincone potpourri. Gather dried pinecones, cinnamon
    bark, cinnamon bark , and orange peels or dehydrated
    oranges and get a glass spray bottle. With a sparse amount
    of water in the spray bottle, mix three drops each of clove
    bud oil, sweet orange essential oil and cinnamon bark
    essential oil. Spray your pinecones with the diluted blend.
  • Alternatively, diffuse clove bud oil to create a warm, cozy,
    and inviting atmosphere in the cold months with a few drops
    of sweet orange essential oil.

Clove oil use #5: Anesthetic.
Clove oil helps with inflammation and is a local anesthetic
help for a toothache.

Clove oil use #6: Allergy Relief.
Clove oil is loaded with antioxidants.

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