how to tie a tactical scarf

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tactical scarf
Mato Shemagh
Drab olive shemagh
Military style shemagh
Tactical scraf with classic pattern
Tactical scarf
How to tie a tacitcal scarf
how to tie a tactical scarf
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How to tie a tactical Scarf
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The video above shows how to tie a tactical scarf seven different
ways, including:
  1. Neck wrap
  2. Bandit mask
  3. Ninja
  4. British SAS
  5. Pirate
  6. Special Operations
  7. Warmth Combo

24 Practical Ways to Use a Tactical Scarf
While it looks good, a tactical scarf is not for fasthion. There are
dozens of ways to improvise use of a tactical scarf. Here is our
list of 24 practical ways a prepper could  use tactical scarf:
  1. bandage for a wound
  2. blindfold
  3. candlewick
  4. compress to relieve soreness and inflammation
  5. cordage for a variety of uses (unravel or use in the entirety)
  6. dew collector
  7. diversion flag for a bear or mountain lion
  8. dust mask
  9. filter for getting the major chunks of debris from water
  10. handcuffs
  11. headwrap protection from the elements (heat or cold)
  12. hobo pack to collect wild edibles or loose gear
  13. identifier for members of your group (if you have the same
    color and design)
  14. knee pad
  15. mosquito net
  16. net for fishing
  17. pillowcase cover for sleeping in the wilderness
  18. potholder at a campsite
  19. sling for an injured arm
  20. tinder (cut off the ends)
  21. signal flag
  22. washcloth or towel
  23. weapon (sling rocks)
  24. wick for emergency candle (cut off the ends)

More creative prepper uses for a shemagh or keffiyeh:
So now you know how to wear a tactical scarf. Whether you call it
a tactical scarf, a shemagh or a keffeyeh, you'll find infinite uses
and will probably want to take one camping or hunting. You'll
definitely want one in your bugout bag when you consider the
usefulness is much the same way you'd
wear a bandanna.

Happy endings...
So there you have it: a surprising prepper favorite with men is the
tactical scarf, also called a shemagh or keffiyeh. Now that you
know how to wear and tie a tactical scarf (seven different ways)
and the dozens of ways to use a tactical scarf, you'll want to get
one for yourself. There is no better place than Amazon for
convenience and variety.  

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How to Tie a Tactical Scarf
Wear a tactical scarf also called a shemagh or keffiyeh

How to tie a tactical scarf (and why you'll want one).
A tactical scarf, also called a shemagh or keffiyeh (meaning "from
the city of Kufa") is as practical as a bandanna.

A shemagh tactical scarf is a great way to protect your face and
neck from sun, wind, and sand. It also works as winter headwear
against snow and cold winds! It's also ideal for natural disasters
and man made ones!

Imagine if you were among the surviving at 911 and had a
shemagh to protect yourself from the clouds of dust. Or to shield
you from the aftermath of debris from an earthquake. Also, a
shemagh / keffiyeh tactical scarf can mask foul smells! Now you
can see the practical side of owning a shemagh as a prepper.

How to tie a tactical Scarf
Is it American to wear a shemagh? Is it manly to wear a tactical
scarf? For you skeptics out there,
Creek Stewart wears a keffieyh
also called a shemagh or tactical scardf. As well, both U.S. and
British Forces in Iraq and Afghanistan wear the tactical scarf!

Below Creek Stewart shows how to tie a tactical scarf...
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