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Best Beef Jerky Recipes
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#7: Spicy Beef Jerky.
This popular "clean eating" recipe for beef jerky actually has
nine ingredients. Raw honey makes this beef jerky recipe extra
delicious. Along with the traditional soy sauce and
Worcestershire sauce, the recipe calls for the addition of onion
powder and garlic powder. The spicy finish is red pepper flakes
and smoked paprika. We're not sure the ingredient list qualifies
for clean eating, but one thing's for sure: someone will lick their
fingers clean in eating this tangy yet spicy treat found on

#8: Homesick Texan Jerky.
Another widely popular beef jerky recipe found on
comes from none other than a "homesick Texan." With a name
like that, you've got to try this simple recipe that uses ground
chipotle chile pepper, chili powder and garlic to season. You'll
feel home on the range with
Homesick Texan Jerky.

#9: Chef Emeril Lagasse Jerky.
In an episode of "cowboy cooking" Chef Emeril Lagasse shares
his beef jerky recipe.
It gets a solid five stars from 16 reviewers. For this recipe you'll
need buffalo sirloin, trimmed of fat and sinew. This recipe would
have been higher on the list had it featured beef. If buffalo isn't
available, why not try this recipe which also features the special
touch of three cloves are garlic that have been "peeled and

#10: Fresh Honey Jerky.
Last, but not least is the fresh honey jerky recipe from food.
com. Reviewers give it almost unanimously five-stars as it is
light in seasoning and yet sweet, so you can taste the meat.
Here is the
Fresh Honey Jerky recipe from Dutch Chris. And
that's all there is honey.

Want more great beef jerky recipes?
Men's Journal author Adam Baer has a collection of ten great
beef jerky recipes to try including a Bison Jerky recipe from
Kachina Southwestern Grill in Westminster, CO.

Best Dehydrators for Beef Jerky:

  • Excalibur 3926TB Food Dehydrator:  Beloved by
    preppers, the Excalibur is the top of the line food
    dehydrator because it is sturdy, reliable and a trusted self-
    reliant tool. The 9-Tray Excalibur dehydrator, pictured in
    black at the top of the page, has 15 square feet of drying
    space, a built-in on/off switch, and adjustable thermostat
    with 26 hour timer. Great for large families, gardeners, and
    sportsmen.  Load the trays and set the temperature, the
    Excalibur dries the contents of all trays evenly so
    everything's done at once. Dehydration concentrates the
    natural flavor, sweetness, and aromas of your food.
    Leaving you with a flavor that's far healthier than high-fat
    snacks and high-sugar candies that are filled with chemical

  • Nesco American Harvest Dehydrator. The Nesco
    American Harvest FD-61WHC Snackmaster Express Food
    Dehydrator All-In-One Kit with Jerky Gun easily dries fruit,
    vegetables and jerky quickly and evenly. It has nearly 1000
    reviews from a trusted source that give it a 4.7 star rating.
    This dehydrator dries in hours, not days. It has 500 watts
    of drying power, and generates maximum speed and
    quality for dehydrating fruits, vegetables, beef jerky, and
    venison jerky with no need to rotate trays.

Beef Jerky Cookbooks

  • The Great American Jerky Cookbook. Easy-to-follow
    instructions for making your own jerky at home, this
    cookbook features 52 mouthwatering recipes for jerky
    marinades and simple seasonings. Available for free on
    Kindle Unlimited as of this writing, the guide covers
    equipment you may need, including how to use your home
    oven for jerky making. It also covers the best types of
    meats to use and which to avoid. You will learn how to
    prepare and cut the meat for the most tender jerky, how to
    use marinades, how to dry the meat, how to test jerky to
    make sure it is done, and how to store it. The marinade
    recipes include: Good Ol’ Fashion Jerky Teriyaki Jerky
    Pepper Hot Jerky Cowboy Jerky Barbecue Jerky Sweet and
    Sour Jerky Hawaiian Jerky Alabama Honey Jerky and many

Cooking with Beef Jerky
Preppers make their own beef jerky or stash it in their preps,
but few have thought of cooking with it. Rest assured you can
make soups, stews, and breakfast dishes. Get cooking with beef
jerky and check out these recipes.

Beef jerky for breakfast.

  • Steak and eggs. Instead of the usual bacon and eggs, try
    prepper steak and eggs! Add beef jerky "steak pieces" to
    your freeze dried egg dishes.

  • Beef jerky and pancakes. Why not serve beef jerky as a
    side to your pancakes? The maple syrup will find a new
    friend in beef jerky. Look for Augason Farms Pancakes in
    buckets for long term food storage.

Beef jerky lunch and dinner.

  • Beef jerky and rice. Make a stir fry to create an Asian
    inspired meal by crumbling beef jerky atop of rice with stir
    fried vegetables.

  • Beef jerky pasta. Try beef jerky as an ingredient in your
    favorite beef stroganoff recipe. Dried mushrooms are easy
    to store in your pantry as is canned tomatoes. You will
    also find sour cream powder in the freeze dried foods.

  • Macaroni salad or potato salad with beef jerky. If your
    mac salad recipe calls for bacon, add beef jerky crumbles
    instead for a surprising kick of flavor. Beef jerky also has a
    tasty friend in potato salad.

  • Chili or Baked beans with beef jerky. As a substitution
    for bacon, add beef jerky in your baked beans or chili for a
    smoky flavor.

Happy endings...
Beef jerky is an overlooked prepper food in many regards and
yet it is a classic preservation method for highly nutritious food.
Start making your own beef jerky.
If you're not into making your own beef jerky, there are plenty
on the market to buy.

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preparedness Web site of prepping, survival,
homesteading, and self-reliance.
Above, how to make beef jerky,

#4: Doc's Best Beef Jerky Recipe.
More than 200 have made doc's best beef jerky, which gets a
4.5-star review at Concocted by trial and error,
this recipe shares an important secret in
making the best beef
jerky: "Place meat in the freezer for 30 minutes before cutting.
Slightly frozen meat will be easier to cut into thin, consistent
slices," say the editors of

#5: "Four Hour Chef" Beef Jerky.
The Web site is "man enough" to admit
that this best beef jerky recipe is an excerpt from Tim Ferriss‘
new book, The Four Hour Chef.

#6: Will's Kentucky Bourbon Beef Jerky.
The secret sauce of bourbon makes this beef jerky something
special. For those mixed up about the difference between
bourbon and whisky, know this: whiskey made in Scotland is
called "Scotch" (made of malted barley) and whisky made in the
United States, primarily Kentucky, is called bourbon and made
from distilled corn. Now that you know the difference between
the two, you're ready to try the difference of using bourbon in
your beef jerky marinade. This one has circled around a few
times on Pinterest. Here is
Will's highly popular Kentucky
Bourbon beef jerky recipe. In case you're wondering, he lives in
Texas, not Kentucky.
Chef John of shares a homemade beef jerky
recipe. His version of this tasty high-protein snack uses thinly
sliced top round, which he explains in his video.
Beef Jerky
Prepper's best beef jerky recipes

Best Beef Jerky Recipes for Preppers.
Make your own beef jerky! Not only will you be in control of
what cuts of meat to use, but you'll eliminate all worry of
unsavory parts of meat such as ears or lips that are in some of
the sausage and jerky available commercially.

What's more, dehydration is the healthiest, easiest, and most
economical way to preserve foods, and you can go beyond
dehydrating fruits and vegetables, you can flavor and dehydrate
your own meats! Learn to make your own beef jerky.

Best Beef Jerky Recipes
If you have a good piece of flank steak, skirt steak, or beef top
round, and are patient you can enjoy home made beef jerky.
Here are the top ten best beef jerky recipes to try...

#1: Food Network's Recipe by Alton Brown.
With more than 179 5-star reviews, Food Network's recipe for
beef jerky, courtesy of Alton Brown, gets the top honors for
beef jerky recipes. This jerky recipe gas all the modern flavors
melded into one terrific recipe. You'll need liquid smoke,
Worcestershire sauce and soy sauce, but also honey, onion
powder and pepper flakes. Did we mention a box fan and
bungee cords? No worries, it's all very doable and delicious.

#2: BBQwithFranklin.
Self-proclaimed barbecue nerd, Aaron Franklin (KLRU-TV, Austin
PBS), shows you the ins and outs of barbecue in an 11-part
series. Learn how to modify an off-the-rack smoker for optimal
success. Find out why the type of wood you choose is important
and how to build a fire. Discover the correct temperature for
smoking meats and why the way you slice a finished brisket is
so important.

All this and how to make beef jerky the way the pioneers did.
Well almost the way they did, he uses an Excalibur, pictured
left. The recipe isn't seasoned with Worcestershire sauce  or
Teriyaki sauce as many recipes are because as Aaron says, that
in the chuck wagon days they didn't have such seasonings, so
this recipe calls for good old salt and pepper:
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