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  • Prepare for Ebola beyond the norm. This extreme
    preparedness list could save your life: 50 simple things you
    can do to avoid Ebola! Mind you, this is no ordinary list. This
    extreme list of preparedness tips will help you take
    immediate action towards the deadly Ebola outbreak and get
    you ready for any other pandemic situation that's airborne:
    like Avian Flu.

  • How Nigeria effectively wiped out Ebola. The World Health
    Organization (WHO) may announce Nigeria Ebola Free,
    shortly. What has Nigeria done differently? They did at least
    five things:
  1. Nanosilver: Nigeria was given Nanosilver as an
    experimental drug according to the Wall Street Journal
    article by Gbenga Akingbule, Aug. 15. 2014. Ebola Virus:
    Nigerian Patients to Be Given Experimental Drug.  
  2. Closed borders: Nigeria closed their borders as CNN
    reported on Aug. 22, 2014.
  3. Schools Shut down.  Nigeria closed primary and
    secondary schools until mid October. Schools, while they
    were open, employed no touch temperature readings.
    Optimally, an infrared thermometer is an ideal addition
    to your first aid supplies.
  4. Hand washing: Nigeria promoted effective hand washing
  5. Education: Nigerian actors helped with education about
    Ebola, including encouraging early diagnosis for
    effective treatment.

  • Is Ebola Curable with NanoSilver 10ppm? Dr. Rima Laibow
    says yes, and points to declassified research about a
    nutrient effective in neutralizing Ebola (nanosilver 10 parts
    per million)! The declassified research in 2009 from the
    Department of Defense shows that NanoSilver 10ppm (not to
    be confused with Colloidal Silver) inactivates and neutralizes
    the Ebola virus. Silver Biotics, pictured immediate right, in
    the blue bottle, is nanosilver 10ppm.

  • Is Ebola Airborne? If we trust the CDC, "Ebola is contagious
    only if the person is experiencing active symptoms;"
    however, Forbes provides speculation that Ebola could be an
    airborne virus.

  • New concerns over a shortage of nitrile gloves. Liberia has
    been reporting a shortage of Nitrile gloves and its only a
    matter of time when the United States will report the same
    given the current pandemic scramble. Nitrile gloves, pictured
    immediate left, are manufactured using synthetic polymers
    making them more puncture resistant than ordinary rubber
    gloves. Double gloving is important for handling bodily fluids
    of an Ebola victim (sick and deceased individuals).

  • Mosquitoes and the Ebola Threat: Mosquitoes spread
    disease, especially Malaria and West Nile, so why not
    consider mosquitoes in the spread of Ebola? It's possible. No
    one knows for sure. The only thing scientists can say is that
    we've not documented a connection. Why not err on the side
    of caution? The Centers for Disease Control (CDC)
    recommends Oil of lemon eucalyptus as a  mosquito
    repellent, but they recommend the chemical name "para-
    menthane-3, 8-diol, the synthesized version of OLE. Products
    containing OLE and PMD include, but are not limited to,
    Repel and Off!" However, this is because the EPA has
    registered repellent products containing the active ingredient
    OLE (or PMD).  The CDC says that “Pure” oil of lemon
    eucalyptus (the natural essential oil) is not formulated as a
    repellent, so they do not recommend it. This is only because
    it lemon eucalyptus oil has not undergone validated testing
    for safety and efficacy,and is not registered with EPA as an
    insect repellent. This is to cover their cross-agency rear
    ends! The Food and Drug administration has yet to validate
    any essential oil, which is why we always list a disclaimer at
    the bottom of the page.

  • Two Essential Oils for Preppers:
  1. Thieves Oil:  They say Ebola isn't airborne, but why not
    dab a little Thieves Oil during this whole Ebola thing for
    extra measure? Thieves Oil by Young Living Essential
    Oils was tested at Weber State University, Ogden,
    Utah, and found to be effective against airborne
    bacteria! During the 15th-century plague, thieves used
    an oil of cloves, rosemary, and other aromatics to
    protect themselves while robbing plague victims.
  2. Lemon Eucalyptus Oil (botanical name Eucalyptus
    Citriodora) Historically, Lemon Eucalyptus has helped to
    combat fevers, cold and flu symptoms.  Common uses
    also include arthritis, bronchitis, poor circulation, and
    sinusitis. In fact, Lemon Eucaluptus Oil has been used
    for more than 100 years to combat sinus issues.
    Likewise, it's important to look for Lemon Eucalyptus
    (botanical name Eucalyptus Citriodora): otherwise you
    will find essential oils mixing eucalyputs oil with lemon
    oil, which is not the same thing at all

  • Is Ebola Curable with NanoSilver 10ppm? Dr. Rima Laibow
    says yes, and points to declassified research about a
    nutrient effective in neutralizing Ebola (nanosilver 10 parts
    per million)! The declassified research in 2009 from the
    Department of Defense shows that NanoSilver 10ppm (not to
    be confused with Colloidal Silver) inactivates and neutralizes
    the Ebola virus. Silver Biotics, pictured immediate right, in
    the blue bottle, is nanosilver 10ppm.

  • NOTE: Both Colloidal Silver and NanoSilver are derived
    from silver and yet they are distinctly different:

  • Colloidal Silver: Colloidal Silver bullet is free of toxic
    artificial additives. The silver is concentrated to 30 parts
    per million in a pure base of deionized water. Read the
    full article about Colloidal Silver and talk your physician
    as colloidal silver was largely discontinued by the
    medical practice in the mid 1940s in favor of
    mainstream antibiotics.

  • NanoSilver 10ppm: Nanosilver is not the same as
    Colloidal Silver. A study suggests that NanoSilver (very
    specifically 10 parts per million) inactivates and
    neutralizes the Ebola Virus. Dr. Rima Laibow has been
    very vocal with regards to the benefits of NanoSilver
    10ppm, and points to a study on this nutrient that
    neutralizes Ebola. The declassified research in 2009
    from the U.S. Department of Defense shows that
    Nanosilver 10ppm inactivates and neutralizes the Ebola
    virus. Dr. Lima Laibow Reports Nanotechnology silver
    10ppm effective against Ebola:

  • Bleach and Ebola: Bleach can kill Ebola on surfaces. Clorox
    sales are skyrocketing and the most effective of their
    products towards combating Ebola is Ultra Clorox 02490 96-
    Ounce Germicidal Bleach, pictured right. Clorox Germicidal
    Bleach cleans and disinfects exam tables, floors, bed rails,
    tables and equipment surfaces. It effectively kills 38
    microorganisms and is 61,500 ppm sodium hypochlorite (6.15
    percent) with a pH level at approximately 11.5. As well, EPA-
    registered disinfectant. Now, more than ever, it's time to
    stock up on bleach and other disinfectants, like Steramine
    Quaternary Sanitizing Tablets, for when the bleach runs out.

  • Other Pandemic supplies for Ebola Preparedness.
  1. Fever reducers (do not give suspected Ebola patients
  2. Hand sanitizers, handwipes
  3. Bleach + disinfectants
  4. Adult oral rehydration + Pedialyte
  5. Sanitation: Biohazard bags, Emesis bags + adult
    diapers + bed sheet protectors
  6. Essential Oils: Thieves Oil (blend of clove, lemon,
    cinnammomum verum, Eucalyptus Leaf Oil and
    Rosemary) + Lemon Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus Citrodora)
  7. Immunity boosters: (calcium, Vitamin C)
  8. Water storage and purification. Big Berkey Water filter.

Is Ebola Airborne?
"Airborne transmission of Ebola virus has been hypothesized but
not demonstrated in humans," so says the Centers for Disease
Control (CDC).  According to
current information on the CDC
Website Ebola is not airborne, and yet in August we captured the
following notation from the CD to airline staff ""Do not use
compressed air, which might spread infectious material through
the air." Previously the CDC told airline employees: ""Do not use
compressed air, which might spread infectious material through
the air." Now they write, "The risk of spreading Ebola to
passengers or crew on an aircraft is low because Ebola spreads by
direct contact with infected body fluids. Ebola does NOT spread
through the air like flu."

The answer to the question of whether Ebola is Airborne is also a
lesson in semantics. The word "airborne" by definition means
"transported by air," so if you follow this definition, then yes,
Ebola is airborne! A droplet of Ebola can be carried through the air
by several means:

In an article by Esquire Magazine,
Everything you Need To Know
About Ebola, Dr. Robert Garry says, we "...Need to be worried
about is cases being introduced through air travel..." Also, in the
article he explains that this outbreak of Ebola is the longest in
history, which is at about six months.

  • Why did the CDC changing its wording to airline
    employees on EBola? Compressed air may spread infectious
    material through the air. Airborne transmission is when
    residue from  with microorganisms remain suspended in air
    for extended periods through evaporated droplets or dust
    particles. Apparently, droplets are too large to be airborne
    for long periods and quickly settle out of air.  In more
    communications, the CDC warns airlines "Do NOT use
    compressed air, pressurized water or similar procedures,
    which might create droplets of infectious materials." The CDC
    also emphasizes in bold that "Ebola does NOT spread
    through the air like flu."

An Overview of Five Steps to Surviving

#1: Arm yourself with the facts.
    What preppers need during a pandemic are the facts. If you
    already know about Ebola transmission, incubation and
    symptoms, you cans skip to #2. Otherwise arm yourself with
    facts about Ebola. For starters, it's important to note that it
    hasn't yet been proven that Ebola is transmitted through air
    droplets, which would be a huge concern for air travel;
    however, don't rule it out either!

Yes, transmission of the Ebola virus already might be airborne!
Be cautious when you hear or read the media reports on the
contagion that it's not airborne. According to articles by CNN and
the Washington Post "You can't get Ebola from a cough or
sneeze," but is this true?

    The CDC also advises medical staff to wear a powered air
    purifying respirator. Why would this be important if not for
    the possibility that the disease is airborne?

    Transmitted of Ebola has been confirmed through:
  • blood
  • emesis
  • feces and other body secretions
  • saliva and other bodily fluids, such as tears, or even
    Sweat, according to Dr. Bones (Joe Alton, M.D of

  • The incubation period for Ebola is 2-21 days.

    Symptoms of Ebola include:
  • sudden fever and chills
  • headache, altered mental status (and even coma)
  • intense weakness, muscle aches and pain
  • coughs, sore throat and shortness of breath
  • impaired kidney and liver function
  • nausea, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and vomiting
  • blood clotting is an advanced sign of the disease, and
    symptoms include:
  • rashes
  • red eyes
  • bruises
  • broken blood vessels in the skin
  • collections of blood under the skin after injection
  • bloody vomit
  • spontaneous nosebleeds
  • blood in bowel movements
  • hemorrhaging (internal and external bleeding)

  • Bodily secretions all become highly contagious.
  • Organ failure is the leading cause of death of Ebola victims.
  • Did you know the Ebola virus is combination of five viruses?
    The five viruses, include:
  • Bundibuygo Ebolavirus
  • Zaire Ebolavirus
  • Reston Ebolavirus
  • Sudan Ebolavirus; and
  • Tai Forest Ebolavirus
Personal Protective Equipment for Ebola Preparedness:

#1: Surgical Cap / Bouffant cap.
This is the first layer of
personal protection equipment. Has a water based liquid
repellent, and keeps hair tucked neatly inside.

#2: Medical Mask (full face pandemic hood). The Center's for
Disease Control (CDC) recommends a Full face respirator for
imminent threat (or Niosh-95 mask for lower threats). "NIOSH
certified fit-tested N95 filtering face piece respirator or higher" for
medical personnel. A higher level is the N100 respirator. They are
disposable, making them an ideal option. Full face hood, as
pictured right by Vita Flex or in the hooded suit, also right in
silver. Wear with a respirator underneath or a face shield /
goggles on top.

#3: Goggles. Contagion can't get into the eyes, so goggles or a
face shield are an absolute must.

#4: Respirator (N-100 or N-95). Disposable NIOSH compliant
respirators include N100 respirators, and N95 respirators. **

#5: Disposable Nitrile Gloves (sterile gloves for some
You'll put these on first. Secure Nitrile gloves to
your hands. Heavy-duty Chemical Resistant Gauntlet Gloves go on
top of your nitrile gloves. Change the chemical resistant gloves
frequently. Dispose by pulling the gloves inside out and placing
them into a bio-hazard bag.

#6: Scrubs (preferable a chemical suit). Scrubs are the shirts
and trousers or gowns worn by healthcare personnel when
sterilizing themselves, or "scrubbing in", before surgery. They are
a good idead to have under a chemical suit.

#7: Chemical suit. Tyvec Chemical Suits. Chemical Suit Overalls/
Impermeable gown (Tyvek coverall suit). Even HazMat suits,
which are fluid resistant or impermeable with long arms, a hood
and booties. Have duct tape handy on your pant leg (on top of the
duct tape holding down the Tyvek) to help a circumstance where
the Tyvek coverall gets a hole. You'll want to immediately add the
duct tape to patch any holes without tearing the Tyvek suit itself.

#8: Apron. Catches the majority of explosive bodily fluids.

#9: Boots and shoe covers. Impermeable boot covers should be
disposable / single-use, and extend to at least mid-calf.

    * NOTE: Some preppers also choose gas masks, but these
    are not disposable and present a problem with Ebola

Gas Mask vs. Respirator:
While an NBC gas mask offers maximum protection, what will you
do if your gas mask becomes infected? Nuclear Biological and
Chemical gas masks serve to protect you from toxic gases and
fumes, and they have the benefit in a pandemic situation of
sealing over the nose and mouth to create a superior barrier over
traditional surgical masks; however, NBC gas masks are also not
disposable! It presents a contamination problem, which is why
preppers should stock plenty of N-100 respirator masks and know
the proper way to remove them.

Ebola Preparedness: Is it time to panic or prepare?
While many are pushing the panic button (because Ebola has a 70-
90% mortality rate), it's important to remember the mantra of the
prepping community: namely to "hope for the best, but prepare
for the worst.

The deadly strike of Ebola is sweeping fear close to home today,
and possibly your state soon. Prepare to learn about this blood
borne pathogen and the vital steps you can take in prevention,
but above all, remember to always have hope. Following is an
overview of how to survive this dreaded disease:

  • What if Ebola gets a "Typhoid Mary"?
    Mary Mallon (a.k.a "Typhoid Mary"), was the first person in
    America identified as an asymptomatic carrier of a pathogen
    for Typhoid fever. While employed as a cook, she may have
    infected approximately 53 people at the turn of the century
    (three of these people died of Typhoid Fever). Ms. Mallon
    was forcibly isolated by public health authorities twice. She
    died in isolation thirty years later. Could it happen again?

Currently, authorities are confident with the science that Ebola is
not airborne, though future mutation is possible. Is it possible
that Ebola could have an "Ebola Mary" some day? Could an
asymptomatic carrier of the pathogen for Ebola spread the deadly
Dr. Manny Alvarez of Fox News speculated about Ebola
transmission in early October. Preppers and concerned citizens
have many questions
about Ebola.
How to prepare for ebola
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gear and food storage.
Blood born pathogen kit
#2: Build your nutrition. Stay healthy, my friend.
Keep your immune system in good shape, ensure you have
adequate hydration.

  • Oral Hydration is the key to recovery. RecoverORS is an
    oral rehydration powder specifically designed for the adult
    body. RecoverORS is made by pharmacists and in accordance
    with World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines and
    specification and is based firmly in clinical trials.

  • Boost your immune system. Check out these immunity
    boosters including Boiron Oscillococcinum is a homeopathic
    product for Flu-like Symptoms, pictured left. Boiron
    Oscillococcinum, pictured right, temporarily relieves flu-like
    symptoms such as body aches, headache, fever, chills and

#3: Avoid exposure.
Certainly, it's a "no-brainer," but prevention of Ebola is simple:
stay away from infected individuals! Avoid direct contact: "Being
within three feet of a patient for a prolonged time, without
wearing protective gear, is considered direct contact, "says Dr.
Frieden in a
New York Times article: understanding the risks of
Ebola.  To avoid exposure you'll need to have a strategy to have
a bug in plan.

When you're out and about, "Decrease your contact with major
traffic points," as advised by
Patriot Nurse. She advises you drop
your shoes at the door when you come home and wash your
hands immediately through the door.

  • Prevention:
  • Tools:
  • Keep a Niosh-95 mask handy in your car or purse.
  • Have Nitrile gloves handy as well.

  • Have at Least a three month-supply of food and water. Ebola
    has an incubation period of 2-21 days; however this
    translates to a much longer time frame when you consider
    that after a victim dies their blood borne pathogens are still
    contagious. Also you won't have any accurate information
    about the last person who was infected and when you've
    passed the 21-day incubation period, which is why it's of
    utmost importance is to quarantine yourself and family from
    exposure for three months or more to avoid the deadly

#4: Gather the essentials to protect your body.
Protect your body with double gloving, Niosh-95 full face
respirator and Tyvek Coveralls and booties.

#5: Set up a quarantine room.
    In the event the hospitals become overcrowded or the virus
    spreads quickly and someone in your group may have been
    exposed,  or you simply have no other alternative, you'll
    need to set up a quarantine room.

How to protect Your Body from Ebola:
The key to survival is always the same: to always have hope! The
only cure is prevention, as currently, there's no vaccine and no
cure for Ebola. Since a pandemic is long overdue, every prepper
should prepare for this horrible and yet inevitable problem. Maine
Prepper said it best: "
Disease kills more people than bullets."
Start with hope, then have a plan to bug in for three months.

#1: Consider Double Gloving.
To ou'll need duct tape with tight fitting Nitrile Gloves and follow
this layer with a pair of heavy-duty  chemical resistant gloves.

#2: Get a pandemic mask, a face shield and goggles.
Transmission of Ebola requires direct contact with contagious
persons through their blood, vomit or feces. An Ebola patient will
vomit and have diarrhea in the early stages and full on
hemorrhaging in the later stages.

A pandemic mask helps reduce the risk of spreading germs, as
with the swine flu, common cold or a bird flu pandemic. Pictured
right, is a pandemic mask intended for pandemics; there are
particulate respirators which filter out many chemicals as well.

  • NIOSH-95 is a must own respirator for pandemic! Immediate
    right is the best selling NIOSH-95 approved respirator: the
    3M 8511 Particulate N95 Respirator with Valve, and it comes
    in a 10-Pack for your family or group. Here is a short and
    sweet video about the importance of owning and N95 NIOSH

#3: Keep Germidical Bleach and disinfectants handy.
Disinfect environmental surfaces or objects contaminated with
blood, other body fluids, using a 0.5% chlorine solution or a
solution containing 5 000 ppm available free chlorine), a standard
hospital detergents disinfectant.

  • sodium hypochlorite, Sodium hypochlorite (bleach), has been
    effective in inactivating the virus on pig and monkey farms,
    according to the World Health Organization. Clorox
    Germicidal Bleach, pictured immediate right, has 61,500 ppm
    sodium hypochlorite (6.15 percent).

  • Important note about disinfecting for Ebola:
  • Never dry sweep with a broom.
  • Do not shake rags holding dust.
  • Do not spray or fog with disinfectant, as the aerosol is a
    potentially dangerous practice that has no proven
    disease control benefit.
  • Start your cleaning  from the cleanest area to the dirty
    area to avoid contaminant transfer.

#4: Have the proper disposal gear.
Bio-hazard bags are necessary for dealing with Ebola. You will
also need...

  • Disposable bio-hazard scoop. You will not want to pick up
    any contagion with your hands or the gloves because then
    the gloves will spread the deadly virus even further. The
    Biohazzard scoop, right, currently includes shipping at around
    $3.32. Get a few so you're ready!

  • Burial bags. As grim as it is burial bags and proper disposal
    is important. Of deepest concern is that the virus is active
    after death and that funeral directors are being given
    instruction with what to do.  

#5: Prepare for when there is no doctor!
Have a plan for patient care, should someone in your family or
group be infected. What to do for an Ebola patient: While there is
currently no cure, and a 90% mortality rate, there is always hope.
In a clinical setting the facility will help an Ebola patient by
maintaining their oxygen status and blood pressure, along with
providing Intravenous Fluids (IV). Here are some action steps to
take when there is no doctor:

  • Provide patient(s) with plenty of fluids.
  • IV Start Kit, immediate right includes 2 gloves, 1
    tourniquet, 1 roll medical tape, 1 ChloraPrep insert and,
    gauze, and transparent dressing. It's all you need to
    start the IV. Get it while it's still available if you are
    trained at how to use one or have access to someone
    who is trained.

  • Surgical mask: A sickened person should wear a surgical
    mask to help prevent bodily fluids from spreading through
    talking, sneezing or coughing.

  • Diapers. Have adult diapers on hand to deal with the
    problem diarrhea. Bio-hazard bags are

  • Emesis bags (for vomit). Single use emesis bags are hard
    to find in pharmacies and even hospital supplies. A good one
    is Clean Sack, by Medline in blue..

  • Disinfectants. Disinfectants are very important in preventing
    the spread of contagion. Ebola virus may survive for some
    days in liquid outside an infected organism, which is why
    preppers should consider chlorine disinfection to kill it. There
    are many disinfectants on the market and here is a good one:

  • Chlorhexidrine Gluconate: Disinfectant for combating
    bacteria and Ringworm fungus, the Chlorhexidrine
    Gluconate bottle is concentrated so one gallon can
    make up to 128 gallons of solution. This antiseptic and
    antimicrobial disinfectant provides activity against a
    wide range of micro-organisms, especially against those
    commonly present on the skin, such as bacteria, fungi,
    ringworm and yeast. This solution is scented.

Quick notes on Ebola:
Deadly pandemics, like Ebola are only a plane ride away, and one
infected person can trigger a domino effect. Unlike the flu,
however, it is the current media will have you believing that Ebola
can't be spread through the air, only through blood and bodily
fluids. Why not take extra precautions and assume the virus has
    Here are some quick notes about Ebola:
  • For a suspected outbreak, the premises should be
    quarantined immediately.
  • Incubation is 2-21 days. Preppers may like to double the
    incubation period to 42 days as an outbreak is considered
    over when no new cases have passed at double the
    incubation period established. Such was the case as reported
    by CNN of the 2012 outbreak in Uganda..
  • Scientists and the medical community agree that a pandemic
    is overdue!
  • Seasonal flu kills more people than Ebola!

  • Movie: Outbreak. The movie that has eerie similarities to
    the Ebola Virus is Outbreak. This classic moving starring
    Dustin Hoffman, Rene Russo, Morgan Freeman, Cuba
    Gooding, Jr., will have you thinking about pandemics and
    how quickly they happen. This is an edge-of-your-seat thriller
    about a deadly, incurable virus that infiltrates a coastal
    California town in a matter of hours. Available for instant
    download, it's on the list of prepper movies to watch.

Pandemic Prevention tips, pandemic supplies and news:
Keep watching this page for Ebola news and information:

  • Ebola mystery Dec. 22, 2015: More than a year later,
    there's a medical mystery about Ebola. How did a family
    become infected with Ebola virus more than two months
    after Liberia was declared Ebola-free?

Nigeria contained Ebola, possibly due to Nanosilver, 10ppm.
It appears that Nigeria has succeeded to contain Ebola (since
Aug. 31, 2014) with no new reported cases! On Aug. 15, 2014 the
Wall Street Journal reported that Nigeria was to be given
Nanosilver 10ppm* and Nigeria has since contained this Ebola
disease. Nanosilver may be the defining factor.

    Nanosilver is a dietary supplement and both the United
    States and Nigeria are careful to emphasize that this product
    is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any
    disease. By law, dietary supplements, like nanosilver, cannot
    claim to prevent or cure disease. Products such as Silver
    Biotics are marketed as "immune System support."

Nanosilver is not really a drug, it is a dietary supplement, both
governments have classified Nanosilver as a pesticide; and yet
the Environment Protection Agency has determined that
Nanosilver "will not cause unreasonable adverse effects on
people, including children, or the environment."  Whatever the
case, Nanosilver has been used as an antibacterial for centuries,
and Nigeria's success at containment could be as a result of using

    *Do not confuse Nanosilver with Colloidal Silver;
    nanoparticles must be 10ppm.

  • Nigeria may have effectively wiped out Ebola. What have
    they done differently? They did at least these four things:
  1. Nigeria treated patients with Nanosilver 10ppm.
  2. Nigeria closed their borders to more infected cases.
  3. Nigeria used infrared "no touch" thermometers to
    measure fevers at schools, airports, and places of work.
  4. Nigeria quickly prevented contamination and spread
    through simple and effective communications and
    taught their people effective handwashing.

    A study suggests that NanoSilver inactivates and neutralizes
    the Ebola Virus. Dr. Rima Laibow has been very vocal with
    regards to the benefits of NanoSilver 10ppm, and points to a
    study on this nutrient that neutralizes Ebola. The
    declassified research in 2009 from the U.S. Department of
    Defense shows that Nanosilver 10ppm inactivates and
    neutralizes the Ebola virus.

  • Learn more about Ebola Preparedness!

What are your solutions for handling the Ebola threat? We're
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Above is the trailer for Hot Zone, which premiers on National Geographic.

How a Prepper Prepare's for Ebola
It's hard to believe that the big Ebola scare was in 2014 and that
the Ebola outbreak has not subsided. The reality is that it's in a
sort of hibernation pattern waiting to re-emerge.

Ebola hasn't gone away.
There are 50 simple Things You Can Do To Avoid Ebola. Of top
concern to preppers regarding Ebola is the protective equipment
necessary to deal sick individuals. To that end, here is a list of
personal protective equipment:
How to Prepare for Ebola
Ebola Preparedness in the United States

Another Ebola outbreak?
When news of the deadly Ebola Virus landed on American soil
back in 2014, preppers were quick to acquire
extra gas masks and
respirators. They also beefed up their water storage, water
filtration, emergency food and medical supplies. Guess what?
Ebola is back and this time it could come to the United States...

The Hot Zone is a National Geographic movie that will debut on
May 27, 2019. It tells the gripping story of when Ebola landed on
U.S. soil in 1989. Inspired by true events, a team of scientists
must race against time to stop the world’s deadliest killer from
getting out and infecting millions...
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