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Survival Kitchen Tools
Handy manual machines and kitchen tools for preppers

Becoming a homestead honey, means setting up your kitchen the way your
grandmother or great grandmother did it: with plenty of manual (non-electric) kitchen
tools! And why not go vintage style for your survival with hand-powered kitchen

Turn back the time machine and enter a kitchen where you churn your own fresh
butter, beat your own eggs and chop without the aid of a Kitchenaid. Exert a little
muscle and give your food that home made taste you can only get from exerting a
little muscle.

Whether you set aside these essentials for an emergency or start using them today,
every prepper should consider owning hand-powered kitchen tools.

List of Manual Kitchen Tools for Preppers
Here is a list of hand-powered kitchen tools to buy while they are still available:

1. Wall mounted manual can opener:
Number one on the list of hand-powered kitchen tools for preppers is a can opener,
but not just any can opener, mind you, will do. Every Prepper's kitchen needs an
abundance of sturdy, manual can openers stored with the food supplies! Preppers
also need a military-style survival can opener for their bugout bag. And for their
kitchen, they need a sturdy and dependable wall-mounted can opener. Skip the
electric kind, which won't do you any good in an EMP or a minor power failure.

The heavy duty, wall mounted can opener, left, will prove immensely useful in the
days immediately following a disaster. The benefit of a wall-mounted unit is that you
always know where it is.

2. Manual egg beater.
Got eggs? If your "girls" are producing eggs, then surely you'll need a manual egg
beater. Sure, a whisk will do, but a manual egg beater is an essential for gourmet
cooks who want really fluffy eggs or egg whites. Now beat it and get that egg

3. Biscuit cutter set.
Your prepper kitchen wouldn't be complete without a biscuit cutter or two. The trio of
biscuit cutters, pictured left, cuts biscuits, cookies, cakes, and pastries. Biscuits are a
simple and essential prepper food made from simple ingredients. A basic Southern
biscuit recipe calls for flour, sugar, baking powder, salt, butter and milk -- all things
that should be in a prepper's pantry.  Baking from scratch is something to try now,
before the need arises. If you don't already know how to bake biscuits, get cracking
on it!

4. Wheat Grinder (grain mill, also for barley, oats, coffee and more).
High on the list of prepper kitchen items for the self-reliant homesteader is a grain
mill. Those who take emergency preparedness to the advanced level will appreciate
the affordable Victorio manual grain mill, pictured at the top left hand of the page.
The precision stainless steel milling cone is durable and makes fine bread quality
flour. (Makes about one half cup of fine flour per minute and more than twice that
amount on the coarse setting.) The compact design makes it easy to store.

This durable all-purpose manual grinder is ideal for wheat, corn, rice, and other
grains, like barley and oats. Use it to grind coffee beans, peppercorns, non-oily
seeds as well as spices. If you want a luxury manual grain mill, choose the
Wondermill Junior Grain mill for coffee or grinding flour, right.

  • You'll need a grain mill if you have buckets of emergency food such as hard
    wheat, which does not store well in the flour state. If you store hard wheat,
    be sure you know how to bake breads or pastas.

5. Sifter.
Didn't we just mention the grinder? If you're a prepper worth your weigh in salt,
you're grinding your own wheat into flour with your grain mill, and not purchasing a
sack of flour. With a sifter, you'll get fluffier breads and cakes. Left are two sifters.
One is hand crank model  -- just turn the crank handle to deploy the sifter inside. The
other has a lever to grip and pump the flour or sugar through the sifter. It holds
around 2-3/4 cups.

6. Kitchen timer (egg timer)!
Grandma didn't have a digital timer! She twisted something she called an "egg timer"
to the desired minutes and then waited for the buzzer. A kitchen timer is an
overlooked accessory for the prepper in an off grid world and makes a wonderful gift.
Right is a retro cool kitchen timer made of heavy duty steel, just like grandma had.

7. French press coffee/tea press, or percolator coffee pot.
To some, coffee isn't just a luxury, it's a survival necessity! When the instant coffee
runs out, those who've prepared can enjoy the "perks" of a cup of fresh brewed
coffee if they have a percolator or French Press, coffee grinder and some coffee
beans stashed away in #10 cans or mylar bags.

The Bruntmor French Press, pictured left, Brews 1 liter (8 coffee cups), 34oz. of the
best rich tasting coffee. Carafe is made of durable, heat-resistant borosilicate glass
up to 200°F. All parts are BPA free. Pictured right in classic red, is an enamelware
percolator coffee pot, which you can place directly on a heated surface, making it
ideal for camping. (It comes also in blue.)  You get old-fashioned charm and campsite
convenience in one sturdy package. And finally, Legacy Foods offers an amazing
emergency bucket of coffee, pictured right, to include the French Press. This survival
Drink Mix set includes 350 cups of ground coffee, plus the manual French press.

8. Manual Coffee Grinder.
While you can purchase ground coffee, if you buy coffee that's green and roast it, or
if you buy coffee beans in bulk, you'll need a way to grind your coffee without
electricity. Certainly a grainmill can perform this task; however, coffee beans are very
oily and you'll likely want to have a tool for the specific purpose of grinding your
coffee so you don't have to clean the utensil with your daily cup of java.

9. Juice Press, citrus press and zester.
If you grow lemons, limes or other citrus fruits, then you'll need a citrus press to take
full advantage of the juice. A zester will help you extract the vitamins and flavor from
the skin, which is another worthwhile and inexpensive addition to a prepper kitchen.
When push comes to squeeze, preppers want a juice press! If you own citrus fruit
trees, then the Breville Juice Press, pictured right, is the one to own as it gets
unusually high ratings.

10. Lodge Cast Iron Cookware.
Cast iron provides fast, even heating, which is why it's a favorite with preppers. It's
healthy cooking because it enables a healthy portion of iron to release into your
food. Cast iron is inexpensive, and easy to clean. Just boil with hot water or scrape.
Then add a coat of grease or oil before you store it for the next meal. Look also for
footed varieties of
Lodge cookware made for camping.

11. Mortar and pestle set.
Crush, grind and powder natures healthiest eats with a mortar and pestle set.
Mortars and pestles have been around for thousands of years -- long before kitchens
existed they were already a classic utensil. They do the job of crushing, grinding and
powdering herbs, grains, spices, nuts, roots, teas for all kinds of healthy eats. This
style of grinding releases flavor best in seeds, herbs, spices and garlic. Mortars and
pestles are handy for crushing pills and supplements, too. This set of 3 mortars and
pestles have contoured bottoms & pestle head to hold the grindables in place.
Porcelain is easy to clean and won't absorb food odors or stain.

12. Peelers.  Apple peeler / Potato peeler.
Peel apples or pears, but you can also peel plenty of potatoes with hand crank apple
peeler just like Grandma used to have. A potato ricer is also handy for making
mashed potatoes or applesauce!

13. Slicers (Mandolin), Spiral Veggie Slicer
Enhance your off grid garden food by making interesting vegetables dishes. Get a
spiral mandolin slicer! Make zucchini spaghetti and spiral carrots into interesting
salads and pastas! A mandolin is an ideal accompaniment to a dehydrator, and if you
have a garden owning a mandolin is a must.
  • Shredder: creates long, spaghetti-like spiral strands
  • Chipper: creates long, thick spiral strands
  • Straight: creates long, ribbon-like strands

15. Butter Churn.
Imagine the luxury of making fresh butter in an off grid world! If you have milk, you
can churn your own butter. Don't have a cow or goat? Then here's some happy news
for you: it is entirely possible to
make butter from powdered milk! While the author
uses a food processor, you can use a butter churn. Pictured left, is the ultimate
butter churn made of glass.

14. Food Dehydrator (electric and non-electric).
The process of dehydrating removes water from the food and with the drying heat
you in turn minimize the enzyme and bacteria production to preserve food. It's well
and good to get an electric food dehydrator if you have a backup energy source, but
a non-electric dehydrator will serve you well in an off grid life.

  • Want to know the best of the best of food dehydrators? Excalibur, pictured
    immediate right, is top of the line. It's electric.

16. Knife Sharpener.
Your tools will only stay sharp before so long! With continued use your knives would
otherwise become dull and useless.

17. Prepping tools for butchering.
Knives are an important part of prepping, and preppers who plan to hunt or survive
off their livestock, should acquire a butchering kit.  butchering knives will be essential
after the hunt, eating the chickens who don't produce eggs, and butchering the
rabbits.Other tools for meat handling would include:
  1. Butcher kit (pictured left)
  2. Meat hammer / tenderizer
  3. Meat thermometer
  4. Trussing needle
  5. Meat cuber
  6. Game sheer
  7. Butcher saw
  8. Slash resistent gloves
  9. Smokehouse: Note of warning on smoking meats: The smells of a meat smoke
    can linger for many miles. In extreme conditions, you won't want neighboring
    intruders. Avoid smoking meats in severe scenarios.

Other tools in Grandma's Kitchen
Bring some vintage into the kitchen with classic tools Grandma had! Here is a list of
other kitchen tools to buy now while they are still available:
  1. Joy of Cooking. Seventy-five years ago, a St. Louis widow named Irma
    Rombauer took her life savings and self-published a book called The Joy of
    Cooking. The rest is history. Of any cookbook, this is the one to own.
  2. Wooden spoons. Learn the art of whittling and you can make your own!
  3. Rolling pin.
  4. Kitchen scale. Say you have a recipe for Grandma's apple pie and it calls for 2
    pounds of apples? Use a small professional kitchen scale instead of guessing.
  5. Pasta equipment (if Grandma was Italian!)
  6. A tortilla press (if Grandma was of Hispanic descent)
  7. Cookstoves

Something not in Grandma's Kitchen (but is in the prepper's kitchen)
The tools in a prepper's kitchen are vastly different from tools in an ordinary kitchen.
Refrigerators, dishwashers and microwaves, are useless during a massive power
grid failure, and the same goes for electric can-openers, electronic food processors,
and electronic coffee makers. When all is said and done, the off grid kitchen tools
you'll need to acquire will amount to everything that your great grandma's kitchen
had. With a vital exception and here it is.

  • Bucket opener and gamma seal bucket lid. Two essential kitchen tools often
    overlooked by preppers are extra bucket openers and gamma seal bucket lids,
    pictured below. These are absolute necessities! Preppers will find the bucket
    opener will make the task of prying open the emergency foods buckets
    painless. If your preps include any five-gallon buckets, then you'll find the
    gamma seal bucket lid will make the chore of resealing your buckets much
    easier. The bonus is that the lid will also help you keep your preps fresher

  • Mason Jars and canning supplies. Mason jars are very fashionable today as
    people begin to realize the joys of canning.Of course canning comes to mind,
    but grandmas mason jars are ideal to store leftovers, bake breads, make an
    emergency candle or do crafts. We've gathered our favorite do-it-yourself
    mason jar projects.

  • Canning supplies and equipment. Absolutely an essential prepper
    skill, you'll find all the canning supplies for preppers, including, canning
    funnels, canning jars, canning lids, canning kits, Jar lifters, kitchen tongs,
    pressure canners, water bath canners,  and canning cookbooks. Be sure
    to get a manual vacuum sealer too. While you might have the electronic
    version for use in preparation of a catastrophe, the manual vacuum
    sealer will be invaluable after the grid goes down.

Now you have your shopping list of the essential hand-powered kitchen tools for
preppers. Manual tools for the kitchen from the ordinary, a can opener, to the
extraordinary (an excalibur dehydrator) will help you through uncertain times.

How will you set up your vintage kitchen? Tell us about your prepper's kitchen! We may
even link to your site. Please drop us a note on Twitter at HappyPreppers.

Remember, our family survival system is free! Learn how to store food, water, fuel sources,
survival medicines, plus get tips on  sanitation, self defense and more a happypreppers.
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