14 fabulous survival uses of mouthwash

mouthwash a multiuse survival supply

Survival Uses of Mouthwash
Weird Survival Uses of mouthwash

Mouthwash helps prevent cavities and plaque buildup as it delivers its promise of
freshening breath (by decreasing the offending sulfur compounds responsible for
bad breath), but mouthwash has a multitude of uses for preppers!

Mouthwash contains alcohol and as such has many first aid applications as an

 (kills bacteria). Other brands of Mouthwash contain antiseptic (kills
bacteria, fungi, protozoa and viruses),  as well as a
disinfectant (destroys bacteria,
viruses and fungi).

Mouthwash is on the prepper's list of improvised tools and supplies! We've
"scoped" out a list of  weird survival uses of mouthwash...

14 Fabulous Survival Uses of Mouthwash
You know mouthwash can help you prevent cavities by helping to slow the buildup
of plaque. Mouthwash also helps you fight bad breath by reducing the sulphur
compounds in your mouth. While both are ideal uses for mouthwash, here are some
interesting and unusual uses of mouthwash for survival:

Mouthwash Survival Use #1: Acts as antiseptic first aid for cuts and
It's good to know that mouthwash has a second life as a prepper antiseptic for
minor cuts and scrapes. This is true of brands of antiseptic mouthwashes which
have a significant amount of alcohol, (about 25 percent alcohol). It may sting a little,
but you'll kill the bacteria, which is the job of an antiseptic. Look for a sugar-free,
antiseptic mouthwash to do the trick.

Mouthwash Survival Use #2: Cleans cookout equipment.
Did you know you can use mouthwash like bleach to sterilize your cooking
equipment? This information comes in handy, especially if you have cast iron
cookware. Soap can ruin the seasoning of your cast iron pan, so it it minimally or not
at all! Never use bleach on a cast iron pan either. This is where mouthwash can
help. Mouthwash can work in a pinch to sanitize your cast iron pan (or other cooking
equipment) in a camping or bugout scenario. Because it's safe for your mouth  
mouthwash is also safe to clean your
Lodge Cast Iron pans, and it has the benefit
of not stripping the seasoning coating. What's the best way to clean a cast iron
pan? Hot water. If you need abrasion, try scrubbing the pan with rock salt.

Mouthwash Survival Use #3: Combats lice infestation.
Listerine includes Thymol, which may have effects towards combating lice. Combing
through the nits will remove lice, but it is a painstaking process. In survival times,
you'll likely not have the resources to get a pharmaceutical cure for head lice, so it's
good to know that everyday Listerine has an ingredient also useful for lice!

Mouthwash Survival Use #4: Controls blemishes.
As a facial cleanser, the alcohol content of mouthwash acts like an astringent or
facial toner and the other ingredients help kill bacteria. A sideline benefit is that
your skin will smell minty fresh and awaken you for your survival duties! One caveat
is that alcohol has a drying effect, so you'll want to moisturize. Your teen prepper
will love knowing this. We'll call it teen survival!

Mouthwash Survival Use #5: Disinfects the Toilet.
In a situation where cleaning supplies are limited and you're concerned about
contagion, then you can pour some mouthwash into the toilet bowl to help disinfect
it.  Forget the mouthwash or the toilet cleaner altogether if you have a can of Coca
Cola! Contained in a Coke is phosphoric acid, which breaks down lime scum and
buildup in a toilet. You don't really want to drink that stuff, do you?

Mouthwash Survival Use #6: Heals blisters.
A splash of menthol mouthwash will numb the pain and simultaneously serve as an
antiseptic to keep your blister clean, which will help it to heal faster. Think of the
blisters on your feet! They will get the bonus of a refreshing menthol bath to kill the

Mouthwash Survival Use #7: Kills ticks.
It's a weird idea, but if you have a tick and you have mouthwash and nothing else,
give it a try: dab mouthwash with a cotton ball directly where the tick has
penetrated the skin to suffocate it. This procedure draws out the tick, and according
to Teresa Graedon, Ph.D., dropping a tick into
mouthwash should kill a tick. Why
drop the tick into the mouthwash? You'll want to save the tick to check for Lyme
disease. Look for an antiseptic mouthwash, such as Listerine Cool Mint antiseptic
mouthwash, pictured right. Best of all, this is an antiseptic mouthwash that's
fluoride-free. You'll kill germs that cause bad breath, plaque and gingivitis (along
with the annoying tick you found wedged in your skin).

Mouthwash Survival Use #8: Lubricates your bike seat.
Certainly, this is a weird use of mouthwash, but in survival times it's good to know
that you can quiet a squeaky seat on your
bugout bike with mouthwash as a spray
lubricant. This is an old biker's trick. Pour mouthwash into a spray bottle and spray
the seat rails.

Mouthwash Survival Use #9: Minimizes body odor.
Not the preppers will ever need to control body odor for survival, but it's good to
know that mouthwash can double as a deodorant when it's not available. That's
because body odor comes from bacteria under the armpits and mouthwash kills the
bacteria. (Those around you will be able to "survive" your apocalyptic stench.)

Mouthwash Survival Use #10: Remedies nail fungus.
Mouthwash as a cure for Nail Fungus? Certainly this is an unusual way to use
mouthwash, but we have something better:
Tea Tree Oil (an essential oil used as
disinfectant and antiseptic for centuries). Funga Soap, pictured right is a better
alternative for help with nail fungus. This patented soap is enriched with tea tree
oil. FungaSoap cleansing wash helps relieve the discomfort of itching and dryness
associated with athlete's foot while it cleans and refreshes skin.

Mouthwash Survival Use #11: Sanitizes a toothbrush.
Oops! Did you accidentally use someone else's toothbrush or drop your own
toothbrush on the ground? No worries if you have some mouthwash. To remedy the
problem, dip the brush into a cap full of mouthwash and swish the toothbrush and
the toothbrush will be cleaner than before and free of bacteria! (And now you don't
need to get a replacement toothbrush.)

  • Here's another toothbrush tip: Brush your teeth with a dip of mouthwash on
    your toothbrush. It works like toothpaste!

Mouthwash Survival Use #12: Soothes rashes and bug bites.
Have an itchy rash or a mosquito bite, bee or wasp sting? As a first aid ointment,
mouthwash can soothe the inflammation and relieve itchiness of a mosquito bite or
a rash, such as poison ivy. The bonus is that mouthwash dries up the affected area
to speed the healing process. Listerine will provide relief for a bee sting.

Mouthwash Survival Use #13: Substitutes a hand sanitizer.
Mouthwash sanitizes your hands as well as it sanitizes your mouth! That's handy to
know should you run out of hand sanitizer. Why not keep a trial size mouthwash in
the car? The bonus is that you'll be minty fresh and ready for that job interview or

Mouthwash Survival Use #14: Treatment for athlete's foot
Mouthwash treats athlete's foot? Yes, and it leaves your stinky feet fresh, too!
Some say you can heal nail fungus too, but we have a better alternative for nail
fungus. For nail fungus, try Funga Soap, right. Fighting fungus is a serious issue.

While other prepper Web sites have wild claims about what mouthwash can really
do in survival times, we're a little skeptical about using mouthwash to numb
toothaches. Another idea is that mouthwash can cure dandruff. Yes, Listerine can
cure your dandruff, though you'll survive anything having dandruff just the same.

Mouthwash isn't the only item in your medicine cabinet that has a multitude of uses
for preppers: Read also the
survival uses of Dental Floss.

Ingredients of Antiseptic Mouthwash:
Mouthwash antiseptics include ingredients such as cetylpyridinium chloride,
chlorhexidine (available by prescription from your Dentist), or zinc chloride. Listerine
Cool Mint Antiseptic Mouthwash pictured top right, is, according to the manufacturer,
not only a germ killer but a people pleaser. It fights germs that cause plaque and

  • Listerine Cool Mint is available at Amazon Prime Pantry box, immediate right.
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  • Therabreath (alcohol-free mouthwash): Mouthwashes can neutralize sulfur-
    producing bacteria, even without alcohol. TheraBreath, pictured right includes
    OXYD-8, a patented version of CIO2, which neutralizes bacteria that live on
    the tongue and throat. This powerful oxygenating agent is effective and safe
    to use. This mouthwash also includes essential oil of peppermint, which aids
    with digestive problems, and also has antibiotic properties.

Didn't have time to stock up on mouthwash? No worries, just reach into the fridge.
In a pinch you can
gargle with apple cider vinegar as a mouthwash. Who knew
apple cider vinegar freshens breath.

Happy endings...
You thought mouthwash was only for fresh breath, didn't you? Now that you know
the benefits of mouthwash, you won't cringe at the bottle. You'll have a healthy
respect for how it might save your life, and your breath will be much better when
you perform CPR.

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