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The End of the World As We Know It

Teotwawki survival.
Teotwawki survival is about preparing for the inevitable. It's the
understanding that you must prepare for a total collapse of
society that could happen as a result of a
pandemic, a nuclear
war, disruptive elections, global financial collapse, a terrorist
attack, a natural catastrophe — anything!

How to Survive the End of the World as We Know It: Tactics,
Techniques, and Technologies for Uncertain Times is the classic
book by James Wesley Rawles and from it we get the acronym
"Teotwawki." Buy this book and add it to your
prepper library.

What supplies should you stockpile for teotwawki? Below is
your guide to surviving dangerous survival situations...

The End of the World As We Know It
As James Wesley Rawles points out, all it takes is one event to
disrupt the world as we know it. Preppers could face a myriad
serious problems from massive unemployment or food shortages
to a massive infrastructure failure that cuts off power and
water. If something terrible happens, you won't be able to rely
on government program support.

Preppers must take care of themselves! Wondering what to
stockpile for teotwawki? Below is a list to get you started...

Supplies to stockpile for Teotwawki:

#1: Water and water filtration.
The number one item to hoard for survival is water — because
you can live only three days without it. One of the best items
you can own to help ensure you have adequate water is a Big
Berkey Water filter. A Berkey water filter helps you secure
potable water from natural sources. It purifies your water
without the use of obnoxious chemicals like iodine or chlorine
that was the standard procedure. A Berkey removes chemicals,
bacteria, parasites and more.

  • Boil orders. Did you know that sometimes "Boil Orders"
    are issued to consumers advising that they boil tap water
    for drinking and human-consumption uses, including
    cooking, hand washing, and brushing teeth? With a Big
    Berkey, pictured right, you don't need to worry about the
    tap water you filter. Boil orders are warnings issued about
    concerns in the municipal supply of waterborne infectious
    agents, such as fecal matter or E. coli bacteria.

  • Removes Lead. The people of Flint Michigan could still use
    a Berkey! A Big Berkey filters out heavy metals, such as
    lead and mercury poisons our everyday tap water. Be lead-
    free with a Big Berkey.

  • Gets rid of Uranium and more. If you have well water,
    you'll be well equipped with a Big Berkey Water filter. A
    Big Berkey even zaps out the nukes, such as Uranium and
    radon 222 are no match for the Berkey Water Filtration
    system.  The Seychelle filter, pictured right, makes a great
    addition to the Berkey water filter to help you with
    radiological contaminants and ensure your water supply for
    a nuclear emergencies.

  • Filters natural water supplies. When the municipal water
    supplies no longer operate, you will need to get to natural
    water supplies to survive. The bacterium, Legionella
    pneumophilam can be detected in rivers, lakes, and
    streams. Legionella bacteria is deadly and about 5-30% of
    the cases reported are fatal

#2: Emergency Food.
Another obvious item to stockpile for Teotwawki is emergency
food. Today you have many
emergency food options, but the
best to stockpile for the end of the world as we know it is
without exception
freeze dried foods. The reason freeze-dried
foods are the most urgent stockpile is because this category of
food will last you 25 or more years.

While freeze dried food is imperative to stockpile, be sure that
you have enough foods for your family's health needs.

#3: Antibiotics.
There are a number of important medicines to stockpile among
them antibiotics. These include topical antibiotics like
Neosporin or Polysporin, as well as natural antibiotics, including
Manuka honey.

#4: Pain Medications.
Especially in preparation for Teotwawki, you'll need a stockpile
analgesics because with Teotwawki comes the end of
hospitals as we know them and no pharmacies as we know
them. Make sure you have enough pain medications to get you
through an emergency when the hospitals and pharmacies are
closed forever!

For these reasons you'll need to stockpile a variety of pain

#5: Baking Soda.
Preppers have many uses for baking soda, which go well beyond
baking applications.Stockpiling baking soda may seem an odd
item in preparation for Teotwawki, but when you look to history
you'll find that baking soda has been important to man since
antiquity and one of the most basic prepping supplies.

Stockpile baking soda the modern day equivalent of what our
ancestors stockpiled:
  • Egyptians used natron,
  • Settlers travelled hundreds of miles for saleratus
  • Sodium bicarbonate is another name for baking soda.

#6: Bleach.
You may think of bleach as a way to brighten your white
clothes. A
prepper favorite is bleach for purifying water but
there are a few things to know before you stockpile too much.

#7: Borax and laundry detergent.
Sure Borax deodorizes and freshens as an all natural laundry
booster, but it's also quite a handy thing to have in post
apocalyptic times. Learn the many
prepper uses of Borax.

Did you know you can make your own laundry detergent? Be
sure you know
how to make your own laundry detergent using
Zote Soap.

#8: BIC Lighters.
A BIC lighter truly is more valuable than a generator and it's the
firestarter of choice for many famous survivalists, including
Mykel Hawke. So go ahead and flick your BIC!

An anonymous survivor of the civil war in Bosnia wrote, "A
generator is good, but 1000 BIC lighters are better. A generator
will attract attention if there's any trouble, but 1000 BIC
lighters are compact, cheap and can always be traded."

#9: Can openers + Lid Openers.
You'll have a difficult time opening buckets and cans without
the proper tools. They will break eventually, so be sure to have
backups! Get
military can openers in bulk to keep with all your
canned goods. Be sure to load up on lots of extra can openers
know how to use a military can opener.

#10: Seasoned Wood, and tinder.
Wood needs time to age, and your stash might get wet. Adding
a few logs of commercial firewood to your prepping list will ease
your mind a bit about warmth in the coldest months. Stack up
on some Duraflame firestart.

Grab whatever available wood you can to fuel your fires. It
takes time to chop wood yourself, so you may need to start
with wood seasoned by someone else, especially if you're new
to prepping. Don't delay on getting yourself firewood.

#11: Charcoal and Lighter Fluid.
You'll need a variety of ways to cook your food and charcoal is
quite handy for cooking. Even if you don't have a fire pit or
charcoal grill, charcoal provides an easy storage answer. Store
charcoal in lidded buckets to keep them dry.

#12: Matches.
Matches are the perfect match for a prepper. The relationship
between a prepper and his or her firestarter is significant. The
two are inseparable, or at least hope to be. While the de facto
standard is a BIC lighter or ferrocerium rod, the humble match
has an important place in survival.

Stock up on the
many kinds of matches.

#13: Hard Soap.
You may not have given it much thought until now, but soap
can have a critical role in survival, because it helps you fight
infections and disease. Your hands pick up most of the
infectious material, so washing your hands with soap and water
is the best way to wash away the infectious material. Soap is
good to stockpile and learn how to make because of the many

#14: Supply to Hoard: Duct tape,
A prepper will find infinite uses for duct tape in crisis from
hemming clothing or patching up gear to medical uses and more.

#15: Supply to Hoard: Cable Ties.
Cable ties are an essential for your bugout bag to fasten
camping equipment.

You'll find cable / zip ties handy for automotive repair, too!Of
the many
creative uses for a cable tie, we've seen it used as a
hair fastener, tourniquet, kindling tie, food sealer.

#16: Supply to hoard: Super Glue.
Be a fix it prepper with super glue. Super Glue will repair shoes
and will help you fit together any piece of plastic. Discover the
many super and
surprising uses for Superglue in prepping.

#17: Supply to Hoard: Facial Tissues.
Preppers hoard toilet paper, but they often forget about facial
tissues, which are generally softer on the nose. You won't want
to rough it out on your nose during a cold or flu. Facial tissues
will provide comfort in uncertain times, but ultimately, they will
also help prevent the spread of sickness, which would be
particularly important during a pandemic.

#18: Supply to Hoard: Fever Reducer and
The single most urgent medicine in your prepper's medicine
cabinet to own is a fever reducer. Children's Advil suspension is
a fever reducer and pain reliever contains ibuprofen to
temporarily reduce fevers, relieve minor aches and pains due to
the common cold, flu, sore throat or headaches and toothaches;
however ibuprofen may cause a severe allergic reaction,
especially in people allergic to aspirin. Ask your doctor what
fever reducer is appropriate for you.

#19 Supply to Hoard: Freezer bags.
Freezer bags are stronger than ordinary plastic bags and have a
multitude of uses for preppers. Not that you'll be freezing in an
off the grid scenario, but freezer bags will help you preserve or
make new portions of food.

Imagine the luxury of having freezer bags if there's a great
depression or you have a personal job loss. Freezer bags are
expensive, but you can stock up when they go on sale.

In your bugout bag, these bags will keep your contents dry and
may even help you collect more food and water.

#20 Supply to Hoard: Garbage bags.
You'll be using garbage bags more often in uncertain times,
including sanitation of human wastes and even for use in
burying the dead. Costco and Home Depot carry large garbage
bags in bulk by the rolls and at very reasonable prices. Stock up
while they are still available.

#21: Supply to Hoard: Hand sanitizers.
Minimize water use in times of drought by keeping hand
sanitizers handy. Stocking up on hand sanitizers will help you
through pandemics, and for cleaning hands after meat handling.
Handy indeed. Fresh bath wipes are ideal also for cleansing.

#22 Supply to Hoard: Hydrogen peroxide.
Hydrogen peroxide is essential in first aid, but Hydrogen
Peroxide has so many other applications including water
purification and cleaning kitchen tools.

#23: Supply to Hoard: Lamp oil, Candle Wax and
Candle making and lamp making will be essential when the
lights go out permanently. You can "mind your own beeswax" by
stocking up on supplies.

  • Did you know beeswax candles burn with almost no smoke
    or scent and clean air by releasing negative ions?

#24: Supply to Hoard: Lip balm, Lotions and Creams.
Skin hydration will be key, particularly when water is at a
premium or when you reside in arid areas of the country as
Arizona. Don't overlook these inexpensive finds at the dollar
stores, including Blistex and Chapstick lip balms, cocoa butter
creams. The bonus of packing a petroleum based lip balm, such
as Chapstick is that the balm itself may be used as a firestarter.

#25: Supply to Hoard: Lysol.
You'll appreciate keeping cold and virus flus at bay with Lysol.
Having spray is also effective in combating lice, which may
spread rapidly in uncertain times. Lice is more of a nuisance
than a survival problem, but certainly you don't want to have
them around when SHTF.

#26: Supply to hoard: Shampoo.
Personal hygiene is important. You might not take as many
baths or showers as  you might in economically depressed times
or in a true survival situation, but having an adequate supply of
shampoo is a frugal idea. Stock up on inexpensive shampoo at
Dollar stores.

#27: Supply to Hoard: Paper cups, Paper Plates and
Paper Bowls and paper towels.
For your hot beverages (coffee, tea, cocoa), using paper cups
will save on the precious resource of water and is far more
healthy than drinking from Styrofoam. You'll likely need more
paper bowls than you think as they are ideal for soups, cereals
and chili, as well as freeze dried pasta and rice dishes. Get a
few sizes of paper plates to accommodate your meal size.

If you're short on space, consider Shop Towels. These strong,
absorbent towels are great for wiping hands and cleaning up
grease, oil, grime, and fluids. You'll need fewer than ordinary
paper towels, so it will take up less space.

#28: Supply to Hoard: Plastic Cups + Utensils.
Plastic cups will hold up better than paper cups. Mark plastic
cups with a Sharpie to ensure water glasses are used to their
full potential. Save your water in using disposable utensils as

#29: Supply to Hoard: Paracord.
Paracord is cordage crafted from parachute material. It's strong
and has many uses for preppers and survivalists. An essential
for your bugout bag, paracord will also provide entertainment.
It's a favorite pastime of military and a good
prepper skill to

#30: Supply to Hoard: Propane + Propane Tanks.
One of your most essential prepper fuels, stock up on the
propane for generators and cookstoves. Left, the Vocano stove
takes three kinds of fuel - propane, charcoal and wood.

#31: Supply to Hoard: Mouthwash, Shampoo, Soap
+ Deodorant.
In an off the grid scenario, like an EMP, there won't be much
opportunity for bathing unless you've made plans, such as a
solar shower or a galvanized tub. For an economic collapse;
however, you'll be glad you stocked up on shampoo, soaps, and
deodorants. You'll want your money spent acquiring fresh
meats, produce or other essentials.

#32: Supply to Hoard: Nails, Bolts, and Screws.
You will need to repair and rebuild at some point. Having the
necessary nuts and bolts will get you through the job.

#33: Supply to Hoard: Sewing Materials.
A survival sewing and repair kit is essential for a well packed
bugout bag. Tents tear, equipment may rip and clothes will
eventually wear. Make do with what you have by fixing it.

#34: Supply to Hoard Steel Wool.
Steel wool is an excellent supply to help you scrub pots, but did
you know that steel wool is an excellent fire starter? All you
need is a 9-volt battery and some steel wool.  

#35: Supply to Hoard: Toilet paper.
Preppers often find toilet paper high on their personal prepping
supply list! Proper sanitation, including adequate supply of
toilet paper is essential.

#36: Supply to Hoard: Toothbrushes + Toothpaste.
Buy one toothbrush per month for each family member and six
toothpaste tube per family member for a one-year supply.

Get toothbrushes and toothpaste cheaply
at the dollar stores.
Don't have a dollar store handy? No worries! You can get a
dozen Colgate medium bristle toothbrushes for just $7.99.
That's even cheaper than the dollar stores!

#37: Supply to Hoard: Vaseline (Petroleum jelly).
Vaseline or the generic equivalent is an ideal fuel when
combined with cotton balls as a
firestarter. Petroleum jelly
helps protect minor cuts, scrapes, and burns, and also protects
skin from wind burn and chapping. Use petroleum jelly as a lip
balm! To help heal chapped hands, load a generous portion on
hands, then cover hands in plastic bags to keep them
moistened for 20-minutes.

Above Sensible Prepper discusses how to bunker when teotwawki
sets in because that's where your supplies are.

Happy endings...
If you've read our guide on the 37 Foods to Hoard Before Crisis,
then you're halfway to Teotwawki survival! Plan ahead by stocking
these foods for survival and comfort.

Remember, this free list is what a prepper needs beyond beans and

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