How to Buy Large Water Storage Tanks

How much water does a family of four need?
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Above, Lifestraw Community can purify between 70,000 -100,000 liters of
water, enough to serve community settings for several years.

Off grid water for a community.
Did you know the LifeStraw line of water purifiers has a gravity
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purify 18,000- 26,000 gallons of water (70,000-100,000 liters),
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Happy endings...

A family of four needs 270 gallons of water for a three month
supply, according to Utah State University. That's entirely too
many bottles of water to have in storage, which is why you need
to look at all your options for emergency water storage. Large
water storage tanks provide the answer to your family's water

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Large Water Storage Tanks
How to Buy Large Water Storage Tanks

Where to get large water storage tanks...
Large water storage tanks provide the answer to your family's
emergency water needs as a secondary source to the municipal
water supply. No matter where you live, having a secondary
supply of water is important.

Large water tanks, though, are especially important for preppers
who live in arid regions of the country, like Arizona, and they are
a "must have" for preppers who live off the grid. Even preppers
who rely on well-water will want to have a backup source of water.

How to buy Large Water Tanks
Having a large water tank is especially important for preppers,
but preppers should be sure to buy only BPA-free tanks. All the
water storage tanks on this page are food grade, and BPA-free.

It can be confusing as there are large water storage tanks for
sale that hold liquids, but they are not intended for potable water
storage. You may think you're getting a good deal when you see
a water tank that stores 275 gallons of water (but it's not food
grade). The plastics may leach harmful chemicals into your
drinking water. If you buy one by mistake, then use it for backup
water for the garden.

Here's where to get large water tanks to store potable water...

  • 55 gallon tank. A 55-gallon tank is good start for a family
    water storage plan. You'll need five of them to meet the
    water storage needs of a family of four. You see, a family of
    four needs a 270 gallon tank for a three month supply of
    water according to Utah State University. Here are some 55-
    gallon tanks:

    * Water preserver concentrate, siphon pump, bung wrench and tamper
    evident cap seals sold separately.

  • 260 gallon tank (Surewater). If you can afford it, a 260
    gallon tank is among the highest quality of preps you can
    provide your family or group to survive. SureWater, pictured
    right, is a water storage tank that's equal to five 55-gallon
    barrels! It's a tank practical enough to fit in the garage. The
    Surewater tank is around $599, which is affordable when
    compared to the Augason Farms Super Tanker that's 275
    gallons, but costs more than $1,000.

  • 275 gallons (Augason Farms Super Tanker). Constructed
    from FDA-approved food grade polyethylene, you can rest
    assured knowing the Augason Farms Super Tanker will allow
    you to safely store pure water free from chemical
    contamination. This 275-gallon water storage tank is
    designed to take up less floor space than average 55-gallon
    drums but holds more water. Its long thin design of the tank
    is made to fit through standard-sized doorways. What makes
    this large water tank unique is the innovative tank design
    that uses a gravity-fed system. This eliminates the need for
    expensive water pumps that don't work when the power goes
    out or hand pumps that require you to work harder. The two
    spigots on the water storage tank can be hooked up to a
    hose making it easy to dispense water even when the tank is
    full or when the water supply gets low.

  • 550 Gallon - Reservoir. The RomoTech Reservoir, pictured
    below is 550 gallons and suitable for storage of potable
    water. It's thick-walled and has a heavy duty design, yet it's
    translucent for easy visibility of water level.
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550 Gallon Reservoir
RomoTech 550 gallon Reservoir

What is a Cistern?
Cistern is literally the Greek word meaning "box." Generally a
cistern is a large tank for storing water that's usually associated
with supplying tap water or as part of a flushing toilet for off-grid
homes. Cisterns may also sometimes catch and store rainwater.
What makes a cistern used for rainwater different from a well is
the waterproof lining.

Books on water storage

  • The Complete Guide To Water Storage ~ Learn how to use
    gray water and rainwater systems, rain barrels, tanks and
    other water storage techniques for household and emergency

  • Water Storage: Tanks, Cisterns, Aquifers, and Ponds ~ This
    do-it-yourself guide is an invaluable resource for designing,
    building, and maintaining water tanks, cisterns, and ponds,
    and sustainable managing groundwater storage. It will assist
    you with handling your independent water system, fire
    protection setup, and disaster preparedness plan, while
    keeping costs low and incorporating ecologically sound
    designs. It also includes building instructions for several
    styles of ferro-cement water tanks.
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