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99 Ways to spend a buck at the dollar stores
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Ten essential dollar store finds for Preppers

Have $10 to spare? Spare no time and head to the dollar store to buy something.
Get one of each of these items, or stock up on ten of them! We've gathered up the
best dollar store finds for survival in our top ten Preppers list. Consider this list of
dollar stores emergency supplies...

Short list (Ten Things to Buy at the Dollar Stores):

    1. Triple Antibiotic Ointment: Neosporin is the brand name from Johnson &
    Johnson that you probably stock in your cabinet for around $7-$8, while Triple
    Antibiotic Ointment is the generic equivalent available at the Dollar Tree
    stores for buck. Both contain three antibiotics (bacitracin, meomycin and
    polymyxin B). It's a great buy, provided you're not allergic to neomycin.
    Polysporin Ointment is the best alternative, because it doesn't contain the
    Neomycin Sulfate allergen. Your allergy will cost you, though! A three pack of
    Polysporin, left, is around $25 (and that's great deal on Amazon). The stuff
    sells for much more elsewhere.

  • Honey is an antibiotic! If you want a natural antibiotic, then pick up
    honey at the dollar stores. You can apply honey directly to a wound as
    a natural antibiotic dressing.

    2. Bandages and gauze: For just a buck you can get 100 bandages of varying
    sizes at the Dollar Tree. Supplementing your first aid kit with gauze is another
    inexpensive and important item for your medical provisions and so
    inexpensive and easily available for purchase at the dollar stores. Add cotton
    balls to your Dollar Tree store shopping list, too. They are made of real cotton,
    but available rather inconsistently.

    3. Manual Can opener: Already have a manual can opener? Save the quality
    can openers for your kitchen, but stock up on can openers for camping and
    survival preparedness. Stash a can opener directly with your of canned goods
    at each location! The dollar stores are a great place to stock up on them
    inexpensively. Buy ten today for $10! The good ones cost $10-$20 in the
    culinary stores. Remember, that electric can opener will do you no good when
    the power grid fails.

    4. Hydrogen peroxide. Your first aid cabinet is not complete without
    hydrogen peroxide! Hydrogen peroxide helps manage infections, among many
    other uses. With antibacterial qualities, hydrogen peroxide is an ideal first aid
    cleanser, but it's not antiseptic. It's available for about half the cost of grocery
    store sales at the dollar stores. It may also be used as an oral debriding
    agent. It can aid in removing phlegm, mucus or other secretions associated
    with a sore mouth.

  • NOTE: As a first aid essential, Hydrogen Peroxide can help prevent
    infection in minor cuts, scrapes and burns. More serious wounds require
    a wound care treatment solution prescribed by a doctor.

    5. Lip balms and lotions: Happy Preppers buy lip balms at the dollar store for
    half the price of the pharmacy or grocery store. Lip balms are comforting for
    immediate hydration of lips. Left, Chapstick is a pretty good deal on Amazon,
    though. You get two packs of three Chapstick lip balms for around $7.94 and
    your order is eligible for free shipping. It's just another reason why the Dollar
    Tree store is good for preppers!

    6. Petroleum jelly and cotton balls. Did you know petroleum jelly will help
    you make a home made fire starter? An old scouting trick, just dip cotton balls
    into petroleum jelly. This is highly flammable combo and ideal to start your
    fire. You don't need a name brand for Petroleum Jelly. It's the same stuff. Be
    on the lookout for cotton balls because they don't always stock them at the
    dollar stores and they go quickly.

    7. Toothbrushes. Happy Preppers stock up the Dollar Tree store with tooth
    brushes. You'll find a case of 72 Colgate soft bristle toothbrushes for $72.
    Imagine the savings! This would likely be a year supply for a family of four.
    (These would cost a few hundred dollars more if you bought them individually
    at the grocery store.)

    8. Extra socks. How good you'll feel to stock up on socks for the whole family!
    Don't wear them, instead stash them as part of your Prepper supplies. Fresh
    socks can offer a boost in morale and would also prove to be vital for long
    hikes that might be necessary in a catastrophe bug out situation. Dirty socks
    during long hikes can cause overheating, chilling or blistering, so put extra
    socks in your bug out bag (preferably, choose hiking socks). Good hiking
    socks can cost upwards of $10-$30.

    9. Gloves. Brand name latex gloves for dish washing are available at the
    Dollar Tree stores and at a great value. These gloves will protect your hands
    while working or cleaning. Happy Preppers know the value of preventing
    injuries during uncertain times and such latex gloves can help. Wearing a
    glove could prevent a cut or scrape; and therefore also an infection. And while
    you're at it, stock up on the surgical type cloves,which will be handy for
    disposing of sanitation buckets. Garden gloves are also a great value. Stock
    up for your home farming efforts.

    10. Canned foods + bottled water. Check the prices, because while most
    items are $1, at the Dollar Tree stores you'll find cans of brand name corn for
    just $.079 each. Campbell's soups are just a $1, so you'll wonder why you
    ever bought them anywhere else. You will find good deals on items with long
    lasting expiration dates, such as pineapple chunks as well. There are other
    great sources of canned foods at great prices, including Walmart. You can get
    freshly packed and quality spring water in brand names at the dollar stores.
    In certain states you will pay the redemption value of the water, so it's not
    really a buck, but buying water at the dollar stores is certainly a great deal.

Read the
full list of 99 preps to buy at the dollar store.

Ten things to AVOID buying at the dollar stores:
    While the dollar stores have many finds (in fact we suggest 99 items to buy
    for a buck) not every deal is a good deal. Here's a list of Prepper supplies not
    to buy at the dollar stores.

  1. Don't buy dollar store plastic bags. Preppers need plastic bags;
    however a simple check the quantities and you'll see it's better to buy
    the generic grocery store brands, stock up on deals at Costco or buy at
    the grocery store when there's a sale.
  2. Skip aluminium food containers. The cheap price is alluring, but the
    truth is that aluminium poses a threat to humans. It's not a metal,
    though it is found in minerals and ores. Go ahead and buy aluminum as
    an extra protection for items in your Faraday box.
  3. Avoid dollar store bleach. While the Dollar Tree stores do have brand
    names, such as Clorox, the bottles are smaller than what you can find
    at the grocery store, so it's not a good deal. Look instead for Clorox
    original bleach on sale at grocery store. Remember to buy only
    unscented bleach! Bleach with scents have contaminants not suitable
    for helping you keep your dishes clean and secure potable water. Skip
    the scented bleach anywhere you shop because the scents and
    contaminants will interfere with water purification, which is among the
    very reasons why Preppers use the bleach.
  4. Skip the dollar store aspirin and ibuprofen. The shelf life of these
    medications has gone under scrutiny of Consumer Reports. You can find
    generic versions elsewhere that are more reputable, and made in the
    United States.
  5. Don't get charged up about the low cost of batteries. The energizer
    bunny isn't doing back flips at the dollar stores when it comes to
    batteries. In other words, the juice is rather low. Consider instead solar
    charged batteries in preparation for a power grid failure.
  6. Skip the cheap plastic forks, knives and spoons. Happy Preppers
    know not to waste precious water cleaning up utensils and it would
    seem that the Dollar Tree stores is wonderful place to stock up on
    plastic forks, knives and spoons. One pack of utensils for $1 includes 48
    pieces (or enough for 16 place settings). It's a good deal, but BEWARE
    if you have children! Don't buy this potential choking hazard. The fork
    prongs may break off easily, for example. You'll do better with the
    highly rated Kirkland Crystal Clear Cutlery available at Costco or on
    Amazon, left.
  7. Avoid Styrofoam party supplies, like coffee cups. Styrofoam is brand
    name of polystyrene. Never buy polystyrene foam coffee cups, plates or
    bowls at the dollar stores or elsewhere. Your health is in danger if you
    use these products with hot foods. Read more about the chemical
    dangers of Styrofoam, and never taint your coffee again!
  8. Skip the dollar store paper plates, too. The paper plates are flimsy.
    You'll need several of the dollar store paper plates to make up the
    quality offered in such brands as Dixie. You may get only 10 plates for a
    dollar, which is .10 cents per plate. Look closely at the quantities
    offered, and buy bulk when you can. Do the math and you'll see that
    you get 12 packs of 48 heavy duty Dixie plates for  around $39.24 and
    with just $4.77 for shipping. That's around $44 for 576 plates or around
    .07 or .08 cents per plate.
  9. Bypass the chocolates with hydrogenated oils! Chocolates are an
    essential part of Prepper's supply list, but what's lurking in the
    chocolates at a lower price are partially hydrogenated oils. Keep this
    toxic trans fat from your Prepper's diet! You see, the fat found in cocoa
    butter is one of the good fats. The manufacturers want to save money.
    Read labels of all chocolates you buy whether or not at the dollar
    stores. While you're at it, read the contents of your favorite hot
    chocolate beverage, which may contain these toxins as well.
  10. Try not to buy from China! Most of the store is loaded with items from
    China, but you can find quality items made in America. Think twice if it's
    not made in the U.S.A.

BONUS TIP: Never use your credit card at the Dollar Tree Stores. Seriously, you
don't have a dollar? This is exactly what the credit card companies believe. Your
credit score will go down with your shopping habits. It's true! Heck, even if you use
your debit card, the credit reporting agencies know where you've shopped. Read
more below. Anything you buy at dollar tree for prepping should always be paid in

We're happy to hear your prepping ideas and link to your site. Please drop us a note on
Twitter at HappyPreppers and tell us why Dollar Tree store is good for preppers.

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