Survive Breast Cancer Naturally

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Thyme oil has a strong cytotoxicity towards three human cancer cells, including human lung carcinoma. Of ten
essential oils studied, thyme oil showed effectiveness on human lung carcinoma, as well as for breast cancer and
prostate cancer.

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Survive Breast Cancer
Start your healing journey on the natural path to health

Breast cancer ~ natural cures!
There are natural cures for breast cancer, like lemongrass oil, but
your doctor doesn't want you to know about them because s/he
isn't licensed to tell you about them. By law your doctor may only
tell you about the legally prescribed treatments, which are
primarily radiation, chemotherapy and surgery.

Essential oils for breast cancer treatment are possible, below
learn how to use lemongrass oil and other essential for breast

How to Survive Breast Cancer Naturally
The American Cancer Society has it all wrong. Start with the
name: truth be told they should be the American Anti-Cancer
Society. They want cancer to thrive because it's big business.

Look at it this way, you don't need "breast cancer awareness,
everyone knows about breast cancer. They want your money and
not a cure. The only breast cancer "awareness" you need to know
is that they'll never find a cure because they simply aren't looking
for natural cures, and yet natural cures exist.

Below are the best breast cancer cures and preventative and
alternative treatments to try with clinical proof to backup efficacy:

#1 Breast Cancer Survival tool: Sandalwood.
IF you're looking for essential oils as an alternative breast cancer
treatment, consider Sandalwood.

Sandalwood contains monoterpene to help kill cancer. Loaded
with antioxidants, sandalwood is one of the most powerful ways
to help you heal from breast cancer whether you're looking
exclusively for natural treatments or you've already started a
conventional therapy. Sandalwood provides the answer for
balancing hormones, which is probably why it's an effective
natural treatment for breast cancer.

Here are the scientific abstracts, which prove that sandalwood is
an effective treatment alternative for breast cancer. For hw to use
lemongrass oil for cancer see the link below.

    If you're undergoing chemotherapy, sandalwood can help!
    Sandalwood has a variety of anticancer effects. According to
    a study published in the U.S. National Library of Medicine
    National Institutes of Health, sandalwood is an anti-
    inflammatory, antioxidant, antiviral and antibacterial. What's
    more it has chemo preventive effects. In other words, it
    helps you deal with the toxic side effects of chemotherapy.
    Ask your physician and reference the study.

A bonus is that sandalwood is a natural aphrodiasiac ~ it just
smells good and has sedative effects, so you can sleep easier!
What's more, sandalwood improves the appearance of acne, and
handles skin inflammation, dry skin and insect bites with aplomb!

#2 Breast Cancer Survival Tool: Thyme Oil.
Another of the top essential oils for breast cancer treatment is
thyme oil.
Thyme Oil is a natural anti-cancer remedy to help
survive breast cancer, as well as colon cancer and cervical cancer!
The U.S. National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health
published an abstract on the study.

#3: Breast Cancer Survival Tool: Lemongrass
Essential oil.
Try lemongrass oil for breast cancer! Lemongrass is a popular
ingredient of Thai cooking that's also available as an essential
oil. Eating lemongrass and applying
lemongrass essential oil
topically will provide anti-inflammatory properties essential to
outsmarting cancer.

One of the top essential oils for breast cancer treatment, it's easy
to use lemongrass oil for cancer. Just apply some directly to the
breast with a carrier oil if you are seeking natural alternatives.

Lemongrass really is a potent natural treatment. Specifically,
Cymbopogon citratus extract found in lemongrass stops breast
cancer from proliferating, according to an abstract published in
the U.S. National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of
Health. Ask your physician and reference the study.

#4 Breast Cancer Survival tool: Frankincense!
There's no need to pump your body with toxic medicines when
frankincense essential oil for cancer survival. Preppers
have been among the first users of frankincense essential oil,
recognizing its phenomenal healing powers to combat everything
cancer and inflammation, to indigestion and hemorrhoids;
brain function; skin and hair health; respiratory conditions, and
much more!

  • Frankincense essential oil is a liquid gold that comes from
    incisions in a special tree (Boswellia sacra, Boswellia Carteri
    or Boswella Serrata). This tree heals itself when its bark is
    cut! The brownish orange resin coveted as Frankincense is
    the start of Frankincense essential oil.

Frankincense has powerful
cancer fighting abilities that go beyond
helping to survive from brain cancer. Frankincense has anti-
neoplastic properties, which means it acts to halt development of
a neoplasm (a tumor). According to the BBC, Immunologist Dr.
Mahmoud Suhail has teamed with the University of Oklahoma to
uncover the
cancer healing powers of frankincense.
Frankincense has anti-neoplastic properties, which means it acts
to halt development of a neoplasm (a tumor), not only for brain
cancer, but for many other cancers, such as bladder cancer.

It's important to note that the Federal Drug Administration does
not allow the natural treatment of frankincense to heal cancer.

#5: Chamomile Essential Oil and chamomile tea.
Chamomile has apigenin, a naturally occurring plant flavone
linked as a
promising molecule for cancer prevention. According to
the study published by the U.S. National Library of Medicine,
National Institutes of Health, a diet rich in apigenin has a
decreased risk of breast cancer and it's found in parsley, onions,
oranges and wheat sprouts in addition to chamomile.

Regarding chamomile as a therapy for breast cancer, there are
two viable ways to harness its anti-flammatory powers: you can
apply use as an essential oil or take it as tea.

  • Chamomile Essential Oil. Essential oil of chamomile triggers
    death of breast cancer cells. Apply Chamomile Essential Oil
    topically. A sideline benefit is that chamomile can soothe
    migraine headaches like no other and help alleviate a state
    of stress that having breast cancer can bring. For a
    heightened calming effect, mix chamomile essential oil with
    lavender essential oil.

  • Chamomile tea. Choose only organic products when dealing
    with cancer. Organic Chamomile tea can alleviate anxiety
    and depression, insomnia, and offer pain relief, as an anti-
    inflammatory. It's also even a potent anti-fungal to help you
    deal with a yeast infection, such as Candida.Chamomile tea
    can help prevent and induce aptosis (cancer cell death) of
    several kinds of cancers including prostate cancer in addition
    to breast cancer. Why is chamomile tea so healthy? Because
    it calms your nervous system, soothes and supports your
    digestion to promote overall well being.

Did you know that natural products by law are not intended to
diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease? Only man-made
drugs get to have that distinction. Why does man think he is
more powerful than nature? Trust your gut and go with nature.
Give chamomile a go!

#6: Make it Tea Tree Oil time!
For breast cancer many turn to chemotherapy without a question,
but then when it comes to something natural like tea tree oil they
wonder if it's safe to use! Man made chemicals are not safe. Give
nature a go! Tea tree oil is effective against breast cancer. It has
a potent cytotoxicity ~ meaning it's toxic to cancer cells!

Tea tree oil is commonly used for acne, athlete’s foot, lice, nail
fungus, cuts, and insect bites, so rest assured it's safe!

#7: Breast Cancer Survival tool: Bentonite.
Detoxification is an urgent area of discussion for surviving breast
cancer, and
using bentonite clay is an easy way to start the
detoxification process. volcanic ash used by ancient societies for
its miraculous healing powers.

A cancerous body needs to detoxify. Certain foods and herbs can
detoxify. For example, dandelions can help cancer patients build
their immune system and reduce inflammation. Drinking
root tea is an excellent detoxification method.

Food can also help detoxify. In particular, apples, broccoli, brussel
sprouts, collard greens, garlic, kale, onions and squash all help
detoxify your liver as well.

#8: Breast Cancer Survival tool: Plant-based diet.
It's important to feed your body  a plant-based diet.  Essential
oils will ward off cancerous cells and leave you with the healthy
cells, but you need to fuel your body to keep strong and overcome
the bad cells. Eating the right foods can do two important things
for the brain cancer patient. It can provide the nutritional answer
for the past deficiencies that in part caused the brain cancer, and
it can detoxify the body to enable the body to begin the healing
A cancerous body has deficiencies and there are powerful,
antioxidant rich foods you can get into your diet through juicing
and eating fruits and vegetables without cooking them. Choose
organic, which are a higher quality of vegetables and fruits (they
have more nutrients than conventional produce).

Excellent foods for detoxification include:
  • apples
  • broccoli
  • brussel sprouts
  • collard greens
  • garlic, kale
  • onions and
  • squash

#9: Breast Cancer Survival Tool: Vitamins.
It's always best to get your vitamins directly from foods, but for
those who can't or who want to make sure they get the proper
intake, vitamins can help. You could take a supplements to help
you ward off cancer. Selinium is a protocol and regimen for just
about any cancer. Selinium inhibits brain tumor growth in
particular, inducing cell-cancer aptosis (cell death).

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Be sure to consult your physician
    regarding dietary supplements as some vitamins and
    minerals may interact with medications.

#10: Breast cancer survival tool: Colloidal Silver.
An interesting study published by the U.S. National Library of
Medicine National Institutes of Health, disclosed the anti-tumor
activity of
colloidal silver on human breast cancer cells. In short,
colloidal silver induced apoptosis (cell death) in the MCF-7 breast
cancer cell line. The study suggests that "
colloidal silver might be
a potential alternative agent for human breast cancer therapy."
Certainly this is promising news to anyone with a breast cancer

#11: Breast  Cancer Survival Tool: Detoxification.
Detoxification helps you on the road to recovery! Most cancers
(around 95%) result from damaged DNA. This cell change comes
from free radicals, toxicity and poor nutrition. Frankincense seems
to allow the damaged cells to regenerate! Among the rare
documentations of Frankincense with monoterpenes, which

prevent the
carcinogenesis process of cancer is from the U.S.
National Library of Medicine, such as the monoterpenes in
Frankincense Bosweillia Frerena Essential Oil.  According to this
document, "Monoterpenes such as limonene and perillyl alcohol
have been shown to prevent mammary, liver, lung, and 'other

People are awakening to the concept that nature is more powerful
than man's medicines. There is power and potency in vegetation,
essential oils, clean water and a world without man-made toxins.

Cancer is a survival topic worthy of every prepper and yet it
somehow gets overlooked in prepper circles. If someone you love
has cancer, please share our article on the new healing options
Alternative Treatments for Curing Cancer Naturally. Survive
cancer naturally instead of with the traditional toxic
chemotherapy and radiation protocols.

Why would anyone want conventional therapies for
breast cancer?
The American Cancer Society always try to push the advances in
targeted treatments, such chemical hormonal therapies, toxic
chemotherapy, and immunologic approaches, as well as new
forms of surgery and radiation. They never push natural therapies.
If they did they'd be called the American Anti-Cancer Society.

You have the right to refuse chemotherapy, radiation or surgery!
Did you know that breast cancer survival rates have been
improving steadily over the years? Improvement in breast cancer
survival is likely because of an overdiagnosis, according to In other words, it's not likely the result of
advances in prevention or screening, since there's been no
improvement in advanced stage cancers. It could just be that the
patients didn't have cancer or were misdiagnosed.

There is no need to take conventional treatments and suffer hair
loss, nausea, and breast mutilation. Here is more reason why you
should consider natural options, instead of surgery, radiation or

  • Surgery: While surgery is the most viable of the three man
    made options, there are naturopathic doctors who suggest
    surgery actually may release cancerous cells throughout the
    body, worsening the cancer condition.

  • Radiation: Ionizing radiation from high dose x-rays can
    cause cell damage that leads to a tumor. Why would you
    undergo radiation for a problem caused by radiation? It
    doesn't seem to make sense,and yet doctors dangle an
    artificial hope by offering radiation. Aside from the damaging
    effects of radiation, the procedure causes the need for
    steroid drugs! Frankincense can help eliminate the need
    should you have already gone through the radiation process.

  • Chemotherapy: Cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy
    are prone to various side effects, including nausea and
    vomitingon top of the hair loss! Please read this information
    on refusing treatment published by Moshe Frenkel, an
    oncologist. In the example of a breast cancer patient
    (Suzanna Marcus ~ 6 months to live, 10 years later), the
    survival rate for doing chemotherapy was 32%, while the
    survival rate of doing nothing was 26%. That left only a 6%
    advantage for chemotherapy bundled with the unpleasantries
    of losing hair, vomiting and nausea, and side effects two
    pages long, the patient's choice was clear: no chemotherapy!
    A side effect no one talks about is that your toenails my fall
    off. It's really not a treatment if it causes your body so much

Stop fighting cancer, go with nature.
How can you prepare to survive an apocalypse if you're busy
fighting cancer with a loved one? The answer is you can't. Instead
of fighting, take a walk with nature ~ both literally and
figuratively. Look outside the hospital for a cure to breast cancer.
Lavender, for example, is beneficial in reducing the distress in
cancer patients.

For someone with breast cancer, it's hard to resist "the fight" or
"breast cancer awareness" in October, but the thing is that
everyone is already "aware" of breast cancer. The campaign for
awareness is not about being aware, its about being fearful. You
don't need to be fearful when you walk with nature.

While the mainstream pushes toxic chemotherapy, invasive
surgery and deadly radiation options, you can look to natural
cures if only you will succumb to what your intuition is telling you.
Nature provides the answer! Nature is perfect. As they say, soon
after the storm comes the rainbow.

Happy endings...
Remember this: after the storm comes the rainbow. Nature is
powerful healing. You can trust what you know from within to cure

Foods to indulge if you have breast cancer:
  • apples ~ excellent detoxifying food
  • broccoli ~ excellent detoxifying food
  • brussel sprouts ~ excellent detoxifying food
  • chamomile tea ~ contains apigenin
  • collard greens ~ excellent detoxifying food
  • kale ~ excellent detoxifying food
  • onions ~ excellent detoxifying food and contains apigenin
  • oranges ~ contains apigenin
  • garlic ~ excellent detoxifying food, loaded with kyolic for
    immune support
  • parsley ~ contains apigeni
  • squash ~ excellent detoxifying food
  • wheat sprouts ~ contains apigenin

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your physician. This information is intended for your general knowledge only and is not
a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment for specific medical conditions.
Never disregard or delay in seeking medical advice when available. As a reminder,
these statements about extracts have not been evaluated by the United States Food
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